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Russian defense industry showed Europeans a "long-range" stun gun, striking from 10 meters

Russian defense industry showed Europeans a "long-range" stun gun, striking from 10 metersIn St. Petersburg, specialists from Europe were shown in action a non-lethal remote-acting electroshock device called the "Stunner", Interfax reported, citing a representative of the Scientific and Production Association of Special Materials (NPO SM) where the meeting took place.

The stun gun was shown in action during a meeting of the members of the European working group on non-lethal arms. Speaking to the participants of the meeting, the General Director of the Scientific Production Association SM Mikhail Silnikov said that the “Paralyser” had passed the full range of medical tests and received appropriate approval.

The device has the maximum permitted by Russian regulatory documents capacity. The target is hit at a distance of up to ten meters, the striking electrical discharge is transmitted through the wires fired from the cartridge. The principal difference from foreign models lies in the fact that a person affected by the “Stunner” will not be able to take active response actions within a few minutes, an NGO noted.

Russian experts emphasize that the stopping effect of the “Stunner” is achieved in the time of exposure three to five times less than that of the existing Russian and best foreign models. This was achieved by optimizing the shape of the electric pulse.

According to a representative of the NGO SM, defense engineers from the association will soon "complete the development of a multiply-charged device of a similar type."

Ingo Weiser, Managing Director of the International Security Center from Austria, stated during the meeting that "with proper marketing and showing all the advantages of this type of non-lethal weapon, a good way is being developed to equip law enforcement agencies not only in Russia but also in European countries."

The European Working Group on Non-lethal Arms includes the representatives of Austria, Great Britain, Germany, Holland, Italy, Russia, France, the Czech Republic, Switzerland and Sweden. The delegation of the European Working Group is headed by Klaus Dieter Thiel from the German Fraunhofer Institute of Chemical Technology. Russia in this international organization is represented by Victor Selivanov, a professor at Moscow Bauman State Technical University.
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  1. cat Rusich
    cat Rusich 20 January 2019 21: 53
    TaserX26 good . NPO SM invented - a bicycle fellow . Law No. 150, On Weapons, expressly prohibits the import and sale of any electroshock devices on the territory of the Russian Federation; the ban has been in force since 1996 stop .