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Hitler's War Machine - Armored Troops


Colonel-General Heinz Guderian entered the military history as the creator of the legendary Panzerwaffe - tank divisions of the Third Reich. The triumphant victories from which the Second World War began for Germany became possible only thanks to the presence of armored forces, which Guderian created and trained, and his bold command of these troops, despite the caution of the higher command. Armored Troops - Hitler's elite tank corps were the steel fist of his army. Armored vehicles paving their way deep into enemy positions were distinguished by speed and power. Experience the unprecedented power of German cutting-edge technology: tracks and heavy fire. A documentary from the series "Hitler's War Machine" will tell about the importance of tank forces in World War II - the main striking power of the ground forces of the Hitlerite army in various operations in all theaters of military operations in 1939-1945.

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