Russia turned its back on practically the only military partner

Russia turned its back on practically the only military partner

As reported online edition of the "Free Press", история cooperation between Russia and India in the defense sphere is calculated for decades, and a friendly platform was created during the USSR, but today something non-standard and beyond understanding is happening. A serious scandal arose between the ministries of defense of the Russian Federation and India. According to the statement of the Indian side, it was initiated by Moscow. Our state suddenly for partners refused to participate in the Indra-2011 bilateral exercises, which had been planned and planned for 2011 for the year, the newspaper The Times of India reported. With such a boorish refusal to conduct joint exercises, Moscow showed Delhi that it lives according to the laws of real gangster capitalism and it’s almost impossible to talk about any normal attitude.

Of course, this action of the Kremlin can be justified by assurances that, they say, the reason for the refusal is banal, the Russian side simply could not prepare properly for the exercises. Of course, one can also refer to weak financing, who can blame the state, which simply could not find money to participate in the maneuvers? With this in mind, the Indians could easily understand the Russians and only sympathize with them. But in this case, everything happened in a completely different way, and the form of refusal to participate in the exercises could well offend not only India, but any other state.

First of all, it should be noted that the Indra exercises have been conducted for many years and have even become traditional for our armies. Named after the Indian thunderer, military exercises are held annually, both at sea and on land, beginning in 2003. Their name is significant, Indra in the state honoring him is often referred to as the mighty god of rain and storms. The main weapons Indra is called the thunderbolt with which he killed the evil drought demon and spilled water from the clouds. But even the divine power of Indra was not enough to prevent the outrages of Russian-Indian relations.

Every year, the Indra exercises were conducted on a considerable scale. For example, in the 2009 year, the Peter the Great heavy nuclear-powered cruiser made the transition from the Russian Navy base in Severomorsk to the Indian Ocean to participate in maneuvers. The territory for the exercise is alternately provided by each country. In mid-October, 2010, bilateral land-based military maneuvers were conducted in Uttarakhand, India. This year, the Indra-2011 military exercise was to be adopted by Russia. In particular, in the middle of June it was planned to conduct exercises of land units near Pskov. Marine in April was supposed to take Vladivostok. In order to finally approve the plan for future maneuvers, at the end of 2010, General of the Army Nikolai Makarov, Chief of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces, made an official visit to Delhi. Everything passed as in the past years, and it seemed that everything would pass without failures.

As planned, at the end of April, India sent a whole flotilla to Vladivostok. Tanker Jioti, missile destroyers Delhi, Ranvijay and Ranvir, and corvette Kirch moored at the Russian moorings. But the Indian side was disappointed. The Russian side, despite the documents previously signed by General Makarov, did not plan to conduct exercises. The most annoying for the Indian military who arrived in Vladivostok was the announcement of the cancellation of the exercises, which they received not in their own country, but already in Russia. The passage of the squadron was meaningless. The Russian side explained its position on the abolition of military exercises by the fact that, in connection with the tragedy in Japan, they are preparing to assist in the aftermath. This excuse looks extremely ridiculous, since the Japanese are unlikely to agree to call the Russian military into their territory. In general, the Russian side pointed out the door to the Indians.

Having been refused, the Indians silently sent their ships back. But the Russian side didn’t limit itself to just one refusal in frank mockery. Of course, it’s not known how India’s press service of the Russian Pacific Fleet responded to India, but you cannot call it any other than a frank mockery: “With great success in the Vladivostok Fleet Officers' House, a joint solemn concert of the Song and Dance Ensemble of the Indian Naval Forces was held, but also Russian Indian dance performers. The grandiose concert was organized by the military band of the Indian Navy in the central square of the city ”.

Further more. As soon as the Indian ships left the territory of the Russian port, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation decides on the start of its own naval exercises. According to The Times of India, in India, such brazenness and rudeness caused a real shock. Yes, and how differently can be regarded this act.

All these events occurred a month ago, and the Indians who showed a pattern of tolerance did not raise a scandal and come up with accusations in favor of Russia for disrupting previously scheduled exercises. Yes, and whether, in their opinion, it was worthwhile to raise the butt when the summer approaches and, accordingly, the joint exercises of ground forces planned for June near Pskov. But how wrong were the representatives of the Ministry of Defense of India in their Russian colleagues? Already in full readiness to send their military units, the Indians received a message about the cancellation of the conduct of land exercises. As an excuse, the Russian side indicated that they received a message about the exercise too late and there was practically no time to prepare. But what kind of nonsense? After all, the Chief of the General Staff, General Makarov, flew in Delhi with an official visit, and it was he who signed the documents on the dates of the exercises, and that was more than six months ago.

The reasons for such a boorish attitude shown by Moscow to its long-term partner, Delhi, were named on The Times of India pages: “Russian anti-Indian steps followed after Delhi selected as final applicants for the conclusion of a contract for the supply of fighters to the country in the amount of 10,4 billion dollars two European companies (Dassault Rafale and Eurofighter Typhoon). During the competition, not only the Russian MiG-35, but including the American F / A-18 Super Hornet and F-16 Fighting Falcon, and the Swedish Gripen were excluded from the list of applicants. It should be noted that to hear "no", and even more so from the Hindus in this matter, Russia was not used to. For many years, the cooperation of our states in the supply of weapons and military equipment continues, and the total amount exceeds 40 billion dollars. In connection with the refusal it is obvious that a hysterics began in Moscow. The Indians decided to teach a lesson and nothing better than to cancel the Indra-2011 exercises, the representatives of the Russian Ministry of Defense did not come up with.
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