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During the special operation killed more than 50 security forces

According to the Ukrainian TV channel "1 + 1", half of the dead were in the service of the armed forces of Ukraine. So, under Volnovakha, 17 fighters of the 51 th mechanized brigade were killed. Another six died near Kramatorsk, being ambushed, reports RIA News.

During the special operation killed more than 50 security forces

During the special operation in eastern Ukraine, more than 50 Ukrainian security forces died - the military, law enforcement officers and soldiers of the Donbass voluntary self-defense battalion, the Television Service reported on Friday News Ukrainian television channel "1 + 1".

According to the channel, half of the dead were in the service of the armed forces of Ukraine. So, under Volnovakha, 17 fighters of the 51 th mechanized brigade were killed. Six more died near Kramatorsk, having been ambushed.

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine does not report the exact number of victims.

The Ministry of the Interior has lost about 30 its fighters. 12 of them died on Thursday in a helicopter, which militiamen shot down near Slavyansk.

Five representatives of the Donbass volunteer self-defense battalion also died.

There are among the Ukrainian military and missing. According to those who have already returned from captivity alive, dozens of security officials are in captivity with the militias of the self-proclaimed Donetsk Republic.

Since mid-April, the Kiev authorities have carried out a special operation in eastern Ukraine in order to suppress the protest movement, which arose as a reaction to the coup d'etat that occurred in the country 22 in February after many days of clashes in the center of Kiev. Active hostilities were suspended during the May 12 presidential election of 25. However, 26 may have resumed.

Petro Poroshenko, who won the last presidential election in May 25, demanded that security officials hold a “sweep” of the territories of Donetsk and Lugansk regions before his inauguration, where in early April the creation of “people's republics” was announced that declared their independence on the results of 11 referendums in May.

In Moscow, a force special operation in the east of Ukraine was called punitive and urged Kiev to immediately stop it.
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  1. AleksPol
    AleksPol 31 May 2014 05: 59
    Ukrainian media cannot be trusted. more dead. Nefig was about to start a war with his people. And how many civilians died at the hands of punishers?
    1. Hariva
      Hariva 31 May 2014 06: 07
      Quote: AleksPol
      Ukrainian media cannot be trusted. more dead. Nefig was about to start a war with his people.

      You know, they didn't lie right now. The fact is that the phrase "more than 50 people" means absolutely any number of victims, starting with the number 51.
  2. juneart
    juneart 31 May 2014 06: 07
    And what is not 5 people? ... TOTAL ... WOUNDED ... EASY ... and only !!! So they agree to the point that the National Guard of the militia kills by thought ... directly from Kiev. Or verbally on the walkie-talkie.
    I remember from school: The alignment is far from in favor of the attackers. Our historian "asserted" about 1: 3, I admit that they meant war with the use of smooth barrels ... But now ?! With automatic weapons and a frantic rate of fire, everything is 1: 5 ... or even 6!
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. armageddon
      armageddon 31 May 2014 06: 39
      Hmm ... They shot their own ... WHAT on ... 51? The Maidan IDIOTISM amazes ... !!! PPC in one word !!!
    3. Russian jacket
      Russian jacket 31 May 2014 17: 23
      In the 80s, the army had the same proportion ... hi
  3. Andrey Yuryevich
    Andrey Yuryevich 31 May 2014 06: 10
    no one knows the exact amount, there they are felling and burying their own at ukrov, what the hell is going on, what kind of statistics ...
  4. mig31
    mig31 31 May 2014 06: 11
    We must multiply by five to get the reliable search, and so nonsense ...
    1. Maximusnot
      Maximusnot 31 May 2014 06: 18
      At five - this is at best. It is not known for certain how many National Guard guards put soldiers for refusing to shoot at civilians.
      We are waiting for Avakov with his Facebook arithmetic.
  5. siberalt
    siberalt 31 May 2014 06: 14
    Something dill dark with their statistics. Five helicopters were shot down, not counting the burnt armored vehicles.
    1. Egoza
      Egoza 31 May 2014 06: 23
      Quote: siberalt
      Something dill dark with their statistics.

      What does "darken" mean? just the unforgivable negligence of the military censorship! Vaughn registered a bill in BP, which is proposed to prohibit the participation in the anti-terrorist operation of military personnel who are called up for military service for mobilization, if they have not reached the age of 20.
      In particular, it is proposed to prohibit the involvement in the ATO of those who have not reached the age of 20 at the time of the call, as well as those who have 2 or more children under 16 years of age who are raising a child under 14 or a disabled child without one of the spouses. “The bill was created with the aim of narrowing the circle of military personnel who may be involved in anti-terrorist operations.
      The bill’s objective is to reduce social tension in society associated with a significant number of youth who died without proper military training and men who had to support young children during the anti-terrorist operation in Donetsk and Lugansk regions, ”the explanatory note to the bill says. Recall The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine claims the death of more than 20 soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine since the beginning of the anti-terrorist operation (ATO) in the eastern regions of Ukraine.

      Once the MO said "a little more than 20, so how can you write more than 50? !! wassat
  6. ambiorix
    ambiorix 31 May 2014 06: 21
    Another Svidomo nonsense

    Merged for a round amount from the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

    The quantitative composition of the dead, who died in hospitals, hospitals and missing persons in the regions of Ukraine. Preparing for the distribution of agendas. At the National Security and Defense Council, it was decided not to publish and not inform relatives, since the number of deserters is difficult to count because of the concealment of the figures by the commanders of the units.

    By regions: Lutsk (reg.) - 19; Lviv - 53; Uzhhorod -36; Chernivtsi -58; Ternopil - 94: Exactly - 76; Khmelnitsky -122; Zhytomyr - 39; Vinnitsa - 81; Kiev - 141; Chernihiv - 66; Sumy - 44; Poltava - 52; Cherkasy-90: Kharkov -38; Kirovograd - -61; Dnepropetrovsk - 89; Nikolaev - 34; Odessa -117; Kherson -22: Zaporizhia -91. Total - 1423 person. Lugansk and Donetsk are not given. Decided not to consider.

    According to the Kharkov city morgue, 604 corpses were cremated during the period of hostilities. Data on 27.05.2014 today is much more.
  7. ambiorix
    ambiorix 31 May 2014 06: 23
    They only have 24 two-hundredths at a single checkpoint at Novotroitsky May 36, 61 three hundredth. 3 BMP-2 and 1 T-64B. The militias have 2 two hundredths and 4 three hundredths.
  8. ambiorix
    ambiorix 31 May 2014 06: 24
    Updated Banderlog Losses - as of 28/05/2014.
    Killed and wounded prisoners:
    min 925 people
    Of them:
    - min. 533 extremists of the "Right Sector", mostly included in the National Guard (according to some sources, by order of the Junta, about 200 of them were buried secretly in pits specially dug by excavators in the vicinity of Slavyansk to hide losses from the population of Western and Central Ukraine)
    - min. 74 Ukrainian mercenaries (special battalions of Kolomoisky "Dnepr" and "Azov"). In Mariupol, the leaders of Kolomoisky's mercenaries Demidenko and Bereza were killed.
    - min. 39 employees of the SBU of Ukraine (Sumy "Alpha" was completely destroyed. Kiev, Poltava, Ternopil, Ivano-Frankivsk, Lvov, Rivne, Vinnitsa, Zhitomir "Alpha" suffered heavy losses, etc.)
    - min 24 foreign mercenaries: (Polish PMC ASBS Othago, American PMC Greystone, American PMC Asademi (known as Blackwater until 2009).
    - min 187 servicemen of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine (basically - 95 airmobile Zhytomyr brigades - at least 87 people and 53 people killed by PSs of the 51st mechanized brigade);
    - min 14 CIA and FBI employees (13 killed, 1 wounded, MI-17 shot down)
    - min 54 employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Border Service.
  9. The comment was deleted.
  10. mamont5
    mamont5 31 May 2014 07: 04
    "Poroshenko, in an ultimatum, demanded that the security forces carry out a" clean-up "of the territories of Donetsk and Luhansk regions before his inauguration,"

    He wants to be clean and white. But figs you gibberish.
  11. sv68
    sv68 31 May 2014 08: 15
    the logic of Kiev is my corpses, as I want and I think fool apparently more than 50 security officers, this is not about the chantrop of the law enforcement officers, but about the officers wa, then you can still think that the digit looks like the truth, but, all this is just a lie-killed obviously many times more and the true figure will not be told, because when you know the truth the army will go home ... fool
  12. komrad.klim
    komrad.klim 31 May 2014 09: 45
    Ukraine issued bonds in support of its army. UKRO MUTANTS buy these securities - obviously do not hide their heads with a hole.
  13. grigor727
    grigor727 31 May 2014 09: 50
    Here you can add 50 people over the past day
  14. nomad74
    nomad74 31 May 2014 12: 05
    Yes, another three months with such losses and the soldiers will scatter themselves! Militias well done!
  15. Grigorievich
    Grigorievich 31 May 2014 14: 14
    Goebels is resting, compared to the media.
    It’s a pity that the comets of our opponents are removed, to read their nonsense. The same as on the censor?
  16. cerbuk6155
    cerbuk6155 31 May 2014 16: 01
    UKRAINIAN-AMERICAN-EUROPEAN MEDIA, is there anything else more filthy and corrupt than this purely anti-human media. They kill people and say that they are themselves. This is how the media killers.
  17. pvv113
    pvv113 31 May 2014 19: 33
    During the special operation in eastern Ukraine, more than 50 Ukrainian security officials died
    Natsik and pravoseki in the list of security officials are not included, so as not to spoil the statistics hi