"Strong old man"

Captain Vrungel was going to be the first in an international regatta on a yacht, called, of course, "Victory".

But the rock of natural elements tore off the first two letters, and the sailboat named "Trouble" set off for the world race.

As a result, the Russian "trouble", having undergone many incredible adventures, all won. So win?

"Strong old man"

Everyone is afraid, this is "Buratino"!

Military equipment must personify power not only with its combat characteristics, but also with proper names. In the Middle Ages, even the guns were called loudly: "Unicorn" or "Tsar", for example. The Russian Ilya Muromets became the first heavy bomber in the world.

And the mentioned captain was right three times when he said: “How you call a yacht, it will sail. Call the ship Hercules or Bogatyr - the ice will part before it, and try calling your ship Trough — it will sail, like a trough, and will certainly turn over somewhere in the very quiet weather. "

When a certain military development is launched, a secret numeric or alphanumeric cipher is assigned to the tactical and technical assignment for development work. For a more open correspondence, the topic may be called some name. In our country, the ROC on the military theme is traditionally called so that no enemy would ever guess by name what is being projected.

Well, who would have thought that under the name "Dwarf" in Kolomna Engineering Bureau, a mobile strategic complex was created that surpassed Topol in its stated characteristics? By the way, about the latter. How can you relate the tree is not the best breed with the pride of the Russian Strategic Missile Forces? No Just as no one could have imagined that the powerful names “Acacia”, “Carnation” or “Tulip” hide the most powerful self-propelled artillery and mortar installations. You can remember and quite cool combat name - "Buratino". This is not a wooden doll, but a heavy flamethrower system, most terrible in its destructive possibilities.

It was believed and it is believed that the more awkward and even sillier the name, the better. In one of the Nizhny Novgorod research institutes created a unique combat system - a silent mortar. Everyone probably knows that there are pistols with silencers of the sound of a shot. There are even completely silent and flameless pistols for saboteurs, where the bullet is pushed as it were by a piston, and not by a stream of powder gases. But in order to create a silent, flameless and smokeless 82-mm mortar ... Before that, no one in the world thought of it, and if he had thought of it, he would hardly have done so. But in Nizhny Novgorod, they thought of it and did it.

And as it was called Russian miracleweapon? Bright and menacing: 2B25. With such a "poor" name, a silent mortar appeared on the world arms market. Do not read in our military department wise instructions of captain Vrungel.

"Black Shark" against "Tiger"

But in the West, military equipment has always been called so that the enemy has goosebumps running. If the bombers, the "Flying Fortress" and even "Super Fortress." If the helicopters, the formidable "Indians": "Iroquois", "Apache", "Comanche", in extreme cases, "Tiger" or "Black Hawk Down". Fighters, of course, the ghostly and almost elusive “Phantoms” and “Mirages”, attack aircraft - all sweeping away “Tornado”. The best tanks, of course, "Leopards".

In our country, too, they tried to give military technology names that corresponded to their power. It was in 1980. And I must say that, really, as the yacht was called, so she sailed. One of the best multipurpose nuclear submarines in the world were the Soviet "Barracuda" and "Barca". The most formidable strategic missile to this day remains the "Voivode". The best for its time tank T-72 name was quite appropriate - "Ural".

At the tank factory in Nizhny Tagil, they completed the creation and conducted the entire cycle of state tests of a world-wide tank support vehicle - BMPT. And for a long time they mocked up, trying to attach their unique in characteristics fighter of enemy infantry and armored vehicles to their homeland Armed Forces, or at least sell it to someone abroad. Not attracted to dry abbreviation. Finally, this year the BMPT was named the Terminator. And immediately there was interest in the car. Undoubtedly, the Russian "Terminator" will soon become a star of international arms salons, and there you see - and it will stand up in its army.

However, the bulk of the work was carried out and conducted under the faceless names: "Bakhcha", "Vodnik", "Sprout", "Palma" and even "Dad". By the way, none of the topics listed in the serial models was embodied, it did not reach the troops in full. The exception is the BMD-4 "Bakhcha", the fate of which, however, is very vague.

At the beginning of 1990, nuclear strategic missile carriers were laid, they were named by pompous names: "Yuri Dolgoruky", "Vladimir Monomakh", "Alexander Nevsky". The princes were glorious feudal lords, but they had nothing to do with the sea. Even the orthodox prince Alexander Nevsky fought on land. Well, where are our underwater missile submarines with their Bulavami rocket clubs? For some reason they cannot become a storm of the seas and oceans.

"The power of the old man"

Anecdotal situation has arisen with the terms of reference for the development of new types of armored vehicles. The Ministry of Defense refused to finance further work on a "promising tank", called the "195 object". Did not like the BTR-90 "Sprout". For one reason - he has a rear engine. We decided to order a new tank and a new BTR. Without hesitation, the topic on which work is already underway on the Russian supertank, assigned the name "Armata". They say the name of the project was originally "Armada". Terrible and sonorous. But in the process of various approvals and reprints of the TTZ, someone pressed the wrong letter on the computer keyboard, a spelling error crept in that no one noticed, and it turned out what happened. But symbolic.

The word "Armata" has two semantic meanings - European and Turkic. For a Eurasian country is quite suitable. So what's the point? “Arm” - strength, weapon and “ata” - old man. “Old weapons”, “old man’s strength” or, if you will, “strong old man” - this is what the future main striking force of the Russian Ground Forces will be called? I suspect that the "senile might" will not cause shock and trepidation in the enemy. But the word "Armata" fully reveals the essence of the combat vehicle.

According to information from informed sources, this project should be implemented those developments that have already been obtained during the work on the "195 object" and even on the Omsk concept project of the Black Eagle tank. That is, everything new in the tank of the future will not yet be forgotten by the past of domestic tank building.

It is clear why the Ministry of Defense is confident that in 2015, the designers will present a completely finished sample of the “new” machine. It will simply be assembled from ready-made parts, like a Lego children's toy.

In addition to the tank, the military department ordered the industry to design a new armored personnel carrier that would fully meet its requirements. Namely: the engine should be in front, and the entrance-exit for the landing - behind. The name of the future Russian BTR gave the appropriate - "Boomerang". Equalize in creating the weapons of the future not only to the advanced West, but also to the aborigines of Australia! The main thing now is to successfully launch this “Boomerang” so that it does not return and inadvertently zashib.

Recall the adventures of Captain Vrungel. And the yacht he turned out "bedovoy", and the crew was stupid-thieving. But “Trouble” came first, and not a yacht with the corresponding “prize-winning” name! So maybe we should not despair? We will believe that our designers will be able to create a real wonder-weapon under their joke's names.
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