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Results of the week. “He who does not regret the collapse of the Soviet Union, has no heart; who wants to recreate it in its previous form, he has no head "

National Guard back

In the city of Aleksandrovsk, Lugansk region, on Thursday evening, 29, a battle broke out between representatives of the national militia and Ukrainian security forces. The battle was going on at one of the military units in which the unit of the National Guard of Ukraine is located. The shooting led to the detonation of ammunition located in the territory of the military unit. After the explosion of ammunition, the fight stopped.

Results of the week. “He who does not regret the collapse of the Soviet Union, has no heart; who wants to recreate it in its previous form, he has no head "

The week was marked by militia battles in southeastern Ukraine (or the former Ukraine) with punitive detachments in Kiev. That is why most News somehow resembled real front-line reports. One of the cities of the southeast, to which the full-fledged phase of the battles spread, was Lugansk Aleksandrovsk. In this small settlement, militia units attacked a military unit in which the so-called national guards were stationed, who, as recent events show, are not at all inclined to fight, so to speak, in an open format. Here to inflict a “shot” from around the corner, to stab in the back — for the Nazi Guard — that’s it. And if it comes to the battle with a trained opponent who has correctly taken up positions, then the Nazi Guard may differ only in five-sparkling. Then the command has to come up with the most amazing fables, to the extent that it was not an escape, but almost an offensive "in the opposite direction ..."

Comments from our readers:

And after all, the ancient and mighty invaders are blown away! With such a pace, the militia will soon advance on all fronts. In general, the accession of Kiev to Novorossia is BE !!!

The militiamen are dying for the MOTHERLAND, for their families, and the National Guard under militants for the "interests" of the United States, for the "values" of the Fascist Banderers and for sending Slavery to death.

Do not take away the pepper to the southeast, do not take it! The hotel is blown away .... In Kiev, excitement about the death of people begins, the chocolate hare is no longer happy for the "luck", the second chocolate hare overseas pushes itself to Europe, Europe is quiet before a possible gas throw ..... Something The guys have pissed off, for a long time this slough will be eaten.


Representatives of the so-called National Guard of Ukraine "corrected" information about the losses caused by the crash of a helicopter of the Ukrainian Air Force, shot down by the DPR militia. If acting The “president” Turchinov claimed that 14 soldiers were killed, then the national guardsmen counted the 12 dead. At the same time, the death of General Sergei Kulchitsky - the head of the department of combat and special training of the National Guard - is confirmed.

General Kulchitsky loved to take pictures with a contented smile in a combat helicopter in full outfit and automatic, aimed at compatriots. Such a typical Ukrainian national guard who decided that his brave appearance is the main component of the “success” of the punitive operation. However, the general and his “guard” clearly forgotten that while photographing “here,” someone uncovers MANPADS “there.”

In the March issue of the magazine "Expert" There was an article in which Kulchitsky was interviewed incognito. The following words are:

It is difficult to say which tactics we choose. In war, any good. If only our soldiers remained alive, and yours died. At the duel, we are not going to fight for sure, but we will wet you in the toilet. And on your territory too. All means will be put into operation. Your stations will be torn.

A general for whom a duel is unacceptable and terror against a civilian population is a suitable thing is a template of a heel. Was ...

Comments from our readers:

This “clown” studied in the Ussuriysk IED, then served on the Far East in the Marine Corps. It seems to be brought up by the old school, but he turned out to be a traitor and a murderer of the people whom he vowed to protect. How many more such officers-Judas in the army of Ukraine?

So you write "How many more such Judas officers are in the Ukrainian army?" Yes, unfortunately, there is this far from last! But the only question is in "Ukraine"? Yes, there are Judas everywhere, including in Russia! Let's remember 1993, and how TANKS shot the Supreme Soviet of the USSR in the very center of MOSCOW! Whoever did this was an unequivocal JUDAH, and with their help, JUDA YELTSIN reigned on the throne, bringing Russia a lot of grief ... So the "Judas" are found not only in dill ...

The Cossacks von Panwitz, too, were not on the barricade, such as they were passing by chance, they confused the door. So this was Natsyk in the shower. He still had someone to shoot at, the main thing is CAREER!

First he betrayed Russia when he took the oath to Ukraine. Then he betrayed President Yanukovych (whatever, but the president did not kill his people). And then he began to kill Russians and Ukrainians for their choice. Yes, not a fascist, worse - a traitor Vlasovite.

Non-inauguration and non-aerated "president"

The newly-minted, but uninitiated, "president" of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko announced that Ukraine was refusing to continue buying gas from Russia. The reason for the demarche is the high price that does not suit Poroshenko. Between the lines in this statement of the extraordinary Ukrainian chapter, you can read the following: we refuse further purchases of gas from Russia, but not theft, because a reasonable Europe is not going to refuse to buy blue fuel from Gazprom.

First you need to decide on who Poroshenko is. Well, this is such a fighter with the Ukrainian oligarchy in the status of the main oligarch. He is the ex-secretary of the National Security and Defense Council, he is also the ex-minister of foreign affairs, he is the ex-minister of economic development and trade, he is the ex-chairman of the board of the Ukrainian National Bank. And now to the heap - a representative of the "glorious" bird-three Ukrainian presidents (Yanukovych, Turchinov, Poroshenko), who in the final protocol in the column "A Gift from a Friend of Barak" CEC drew 54,7%.

So this same Poroshenko announced this week that Ukraine does not need Russian gas at a contract price. Well, here obviously Petr Alekseevich did not agree: Ukraine does not need gas at all at any price. Ukraine needs free gas, and therefore it is stupid to enter into contracts, because the Square still gets into the pipe and pumps itself to gas as much as is needed - because Europe regularly supplies gas to Europe. And Ukraine spat on Hungarians, Bulgarians, Macedonians, Slovaks and other Young Europeans who find residual zilch at their ends of gas pipes ... But as if only this spit would not return to the "newly-elected" ...

If we had a radio, then for Pyotr Alekseevich, at the request of Gazprom, the song “Winter, Cold, Lonely Houses ...” would surely be heard. And in this song Peter Alekseevich would especially like slightly rehashed lines:
Do you hear footsteps? - this is the tread of winter ...

Yes, winter is not coming soon, but after all, Gazprom’s dreams always come true ...

Comments from our readers:

Edinoukraintsam soon have to learn the subtleties of cooking on dung and wood. Now there will be a common bonfire in each yard, where the neighbors will jointly cook dinner. And in the winter everyone will sleep in the same room and bask in exercise.

1. No one will provide Ukraine with reverse gas. This is a beaten Maidan dream. The same dreamy and Maidan, as the entry into Europe.
2. Reducing consumption is just wonderful. For a cow to give more milk and eat less, you need to milk it more and feed less.
3. Shale gas extraction is the death of ecology. It is clear that Poroshenko and his American owners do not care about the health of Ukrainian natives and the future of their children. No wonder the Americans every year more and more tense over the production of shale gas on its territory, but they love to develop it in the indigenous countries. And the most interesting thing is that the main deposits of shale gas are located in the Donbass, in Slavyansk, and in fact it no longer belongs to Ukraine.
4. Arrangements with American partners ... I remember that the Euromaidouns were waiting for American cruisers and aircraft carriers in the Black Sea, when Crimea was waving a palm. And where is the Crimea now? And where are the promises of American partners? And the construction of a liquefied gas terminal is two years. And it will be cold in winter.

It's a shame for Russia! Once again, we are ready to return to negotiations on discounts! Well, how much can you ???? Maybe it makes sense to solve this issue once and for all? Cut this knot !!! There is loot - there is gas! Well, if not, then no! We ourselves dill provoke such behavior alluding to possible discounts! Why the hell ???? Comes to the point that we start to persuade them! Just take it. And they are waiting for that! FOR POWER OFFICIAL !!!

Gas had to shut off 23 February. As soon as a coup was committed in Kiev, he supported him.

What is the national guard fighting for?

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine said that a detachment of supporters of federalization was able to penetrate the territory of one of the military units of the National Guard under Lugansk and during the battle seized the arsenal weapons. At the same time, the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine claims that the national guard soldiers “destroyed several attackers” and themselves suffered minimal losses - one soldier of the national guard was injured.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine declares that the National Guardsmen had to retreat only because the “terrorists” deliberately damaged the gas pipeline, preparing to undermine the entire military unit.

The National Guard is truly unique power units, which, according to ukroSMI, literally daily show examples of heroism and courage, but after demonstrating this very “heroism” for some reason, they often run away, hiding in the surrounding “folds”, leaving positions weapons, equipment.

It is a pity that today in this national guard there are still a lot of conscripts of the Internal Troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, whom Kiev is in no hurry to let go home, although the service life of the soldiers has long expired. Motivates this by saying that you need to make war for your Motherland. The term “for the Motherland” in translation from Novo-Ukrainian means “For new oligarchs instead of old ones”, “For the profitable business of Biden Junior”.

Comments from our readers:

Nah! It was all wrong. "As a result of the successful ATO phase, in the course of a successful fight, destroying the terrorists who had broken through - Chechens and local accomplices from among the local homeless, the survivors of the National Guardian Army, replenished with 200 and 300 fighters, successfully and quickly retreated to previously prepared positions, leaving extra weapon that hindered successful, rapid movement. Some of the Gadeyans plunged into a helicopter and heroically blew themselves up in the air, thus confirming the high Great-Ukrainian spirit, the whole brutal nature of terrorists and separatists for the world community. SALA remaining heroes on the position! And then the lads are starving, the local population, freed from terrorists by mortar shelling their houses, for some reason does not want to feed them and even buy Parashen chocolate.

Natsik in vain took the name "Guard" for the name of their formations. Only disgrace the concept of elite troops. More suitable name "National gang."

natskucha sounds great

Courage to tell the truth

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree awarding journalists of Russia Today and LifeNews TV channels Fyodor Zavaleykov, Oleg Sidyakin and Marat Saychenko with orders of courage "for courage and bravery shown in the performance of professional duty."

It is worth recalling that 9 in May, a freelance correspondent for Russia Today TV channel, Fedor Zavaleykov, received a heavy gunshot wound to the abdominal cavity during a firefight in Mariupol. Marat Saychenko and Oleg Sidyakin were captured by representatives of the SBU, thrown into a pit and threatened with execution "for coordinating the actions of the separatists." On the night of May 26, the journalists were released.

Some of our readers undertook a heated discussion on the topic of whether journalists are worthy of orders. They say, well, they arrived in Ukraine, well, “they took something”, “they took pictures of someone”, well, the SBU fell and spent a week in the dungeons or were injured - is there an order for it ...

Of course, it is nothing but telling the whole world the truth about what is happening in Ukraine today, presenting facts. The utter nonsense is to be at the epicenter of events, and not to sit on the couch with a beer and think about how “I would put everything perfectly on the shelves and put the caps of the Ukrainian army”. The utmost nonsense - to fulfill their professional duty, and not to look for a reason to withdraw.

Yes, of course, and Marat, and Oleg, and Fedor could work in their bright and well-equipped studios (offices) - and their employers, and their relatives would be calmer. But they did their duty.

Thanks to their reports and reports of their colleagues, the world sees the footage of today's Ukrainian reality: helicopters used by the Ukrainian army with UN symbols, shelling of the National Guard from artillery guns and mortars of housing estates, Ukrainian politicians lie that no referendum in the southeast made up 10 %

They went to the regions covered by the civil war not exactly for orders and medals, they just did their job - they did it professionally and effectively. Or courage is only automatic gunfire and RPG shots? .. Courage is also the ability to speak the truth in those conditions when they try to put the overwhelming interests of the Big Star Brother on the throat of this truth.

Comments from our readers:

... personally, journalists have not yet reported anything to me, I hardly watch TV, I do not read newspapers. But with the previous authors about the corruption of the profession I agree completely.

The work of these guys causes the deepest respect. Thanks to them.

Ukrainian Iron Curtain

Nikolay Litvin, who heads the State Border Service of Ukraine, said that Kiev plans to introduce a reliable defense system on the eastern borders of the country. Lytvyn noted that this is not at all about the final closure of the border between Ukraine and Russia, but about creating a buffer zone.

Website offers “beware of false Russian news”
The text in small print: “Putin’s media is provoking a conflict between the West and the East in order to kindle a full-scale war in Ukraine. The population of Ukraine, on the contrary, demonstrates a high civic consciousness and resolutely rejects Russian myths about two different peoples in the country who are ready to fight with each other. Ukrainians are one nation, and it doesn't matter what language they speak and which regions they live in. ”

Ukraine, fenced off with a wall of mass anti-Russian hysteria and die-hardness, is seeking opportunities to establish additional elements of alienation from Russia.

And why, by the way, only the buffer zone? You can also think about the "Great Ukrainian Wall", which will isolate the state, aspiring to Europe, from "scoops", "vatnikov", "putinoids" and other "uncivilized". On top of the wall hold 54 (by the number of percent of Ukrainians who voted, entered into the final protocol of Poroshenko) barbed wire lines with voltage 3,5 billion volts (according to the approximate level of Ukrainian debt for gas) each. On the wall depict a graffiti in the form of a smile, and set the scarecrow in the form of rag Tymoshenko. Border arable land mined, cut down forests and also mine. Here it will be serious! Here it is, brothers, separatist!

Comments from our readers:

Angle ditch along the border?

The ditch will fill with water and crocodiles will make it!

And why make a fuss on the Dnieper excellent border. To drown there pravosekov tyskyonok - why not crocodiles ?!

And they do not realize, not far, that they themselves have long served as a buffer zone. And soon they will also become a strict regime zone.

Donetsk. Gateway to the sky

This week Donetsk airport turned into one of the hottest spots on the planet. Reports that the militia took the international aviation hub of Donetsk, began to come an avalanche along the lines of various news agencies. Within a few days, the airport passed from hand to hand, with the number of casualties on both sides estimated at least in dozens. There are a lot of civilians among the dead and wounded.

During the battle for the airport, Ukrainian security forces used Aviation, which, in fact, decided the outcome of the confrontation. At the first stage, the militia was located on the roofs of the airport terminals and took active steps to prevent Ukrainian combat aircraft and helicopters from launching missile and bomb attacks.

Donetsk airport has become a place of war crimes by the Ukrainian army. The military and the Nazi guards struck literally everyone who moves near the airport building. On May 28, several Orthodox believers came to the airport and began a procession to try to reconcile the warring parties. However, an air strike claimed the lives of peaceful citizens of Donetsk. Ukrainian military shot and funeral procession, which was located a few hundred meters from the airport. According to doctors, no less than 40 people died at the Donetsk airport. According to the unofficial version of the dead is going to hundreds.

Now Donetsk airport is under the control of Ukrainian security officials, however, representatives of the DPR declare that “the battle is not over yet”. At the same time, the same representatives of the DPR, for the first time at the official level, confirmed that on the side of the Donbas militia against the Ukrainian punitive and foreign accomplices of Kiev, Russian volunteers are also fighting. In the battles for the airport killed 33 Russians. Reportedly, their identities are established.

Until June 6, bans on flights through the Donetsk aviation hub remain in place.

Comments from our readers:

The junta that came to power remains the junta.

The chocolate monkey is rushing the black monkey!

Full swing civil war. Donetsk people - courage and military victories! Hold on guys!

Welcome to the USSR 2.0!

29 May - historical day. Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan signed a long-awaited agreement in Astana on the establishment of the Eurasian Economic Union. According to V. Putin, the three countries agreed to pursue a coordinated policy in the energy sector, industry, agriculture, and transport. There were many controversial issues, but, nevertheless, mutual understanding was found.

“Today we are together creating a powerful, attractive center of economic development, a large regional market that brings together more than 170 million people. Our Union has vast reserves of natural resources, including energy. It accounts for one-fifth of the world's gas reserves and almost 15 percent for oil. The troika countries at the same time have developed industrial, industrial base, powerful personnel, intellectual, cultural potential. The geographical position allows us to create transport and logistics routes not only of regional, but also of global importance, to tie up the large-scale trade flows of Europe and Asia, ”- quotes "First channel" Vladimir Putin.

Two other states, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan, have already been asked to enter the Union. Most likely, they will be adopted in the current year, since the EAEU will start functioning already from 1 in January 2015.

Welcome to life, EAEU! It is still early to celebrate the birthday - it will be January 1. But the fact that 29 May is now a historical date, and the State Department has already gnawed all the fingernails, no doubt.

Comments from our readers:

Cheers, comrades !!!

St Petrov
I think this is the biggest event after the collapse of the USSR. Nazarbayev, separately, of course, handsome. Realized his dream. Guys are great. All three

SRC P-15
Puzzle is going to slowly!


Well, now we have the answer to "Curzon", I mean, Obama. In the capital of Kazakhstan, Astana, an agreement was signed on the creation of a Eurasian Economic Union. This is 170 million population and 2,5 trillion dollars combined annual GDP.
Obama's sanctions are ridiculous.
The Eurasian Economic Union, in principle, is able to live and work SELF-CLOSED (by type of autarky: own production ensures its own consumption), moreover, with a fairly HIGH standard of living. It is enough to go to Belarus and make sure that there is no longer a “Soviet village”, but Europe, one in one, comparable to Poland, at least in terms of standard of living.
It is also very characteristic that the Eurasian Union is not even looking at the "underdeveloped Kyrgyzstan", but Israel is eyeing it (!!!) and starting next year it is possible to consider the membership of India.

They are afraid of the sound of water

The recent rejection of compromises during negotiations with the authorities of the Palestinian Authority has brought Israel problems in the military sphere. In particular, difficulties arose with Germany in the matter of obtaining subsidies for the purchase of new German weapons, and also with the United States in the matter of exporting Israeli missile defense systems.

The US administration has refused to allow the Israeli company Rafael to negotiate with Poland, South Korea and India on the supply of missile defense systems David's Sling and Iron Dome. Companies need to coordinate this issue with the Americans due to the fact that the US allocated 500 millions of dollars to develop the Iron Dome system, and the development of the David's Sling complex was carried out jointly with the American concern Raytheon.

Both systems are designed to intercept mid-range and short-range missiles of the Qassam type, which are used by the Palestinian Jihad and Hamas movements to attack South Israel.

And further. Berlin canceled subsidies for the purchase by Israel of four MEKO A200 corvettes from ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems. It was planned that they should cover about 30% of the total value of the contract - about 300 million dollars.

But this is not the last problem of Israel.

Under such a European affair, the leader of Hezbollah, Sheikh Nasrallah, made a video message. He stated that the "Israeli enemy" is alarmed and even scared.

On May 25, Nasrallah’s appeal was broadcast through large screens during a rally in Bint Jubail, where 20 lives for thousands of people. The named settlement is located within walking distance of the Israeli border. The appeal was recorded on the occasion of the 14 anniversary of the withdrawal of Israeli troops from southern Lebanon.

Nasrallah's words quotes Israeli "9 channel": “Our policy of deterrence is the only thing that can protect the Lebanese land, the Lebanese people, the institutions of power, the resources, the honor and the future of the country. We are improving our deterrent strength day and night, and this is worrying the Israeli enemy. We used to be afraid, but now those who are on the Israeli side are afraid. Now even the sound of water scares the Israeli soldiers. So don't be afraid of the enemy. ”

This, of course, is only a loud statement in a propaganda spirit typical of the East. However, as we see, the week for Israel was not the most pleasant.

Comments from our readers:

DMB 1995
The division of the jointly acquired has begun, the candy-bouquet period has ended ...

Business taxis politicians. He used to think that Americans were dancing to the Israeli tune.

Americans are dancing to the tune of the business elite, and that - the Jews. The project of the middle of the 20 century "Israel" is slipping somewhere, that's correct.

He began to slip because there is already 40% of the Russian-speaking population.

Afghanistan is not interested in a show with Obama

The unexpected visit to Afghanistan by the President of the United States led to even more unexpected consequences.

Representatives of the so-called press pool at the White House were provided with a list of invitees to participate in a secret briefing at the Bagram military base. And in this list was ... the name of the CIA resident in Afghanistan.

Later, the press service of the White House, which had failed, attempted to correct the mistake retroactively and spread the “corrected” version.

And one more thing was done in retrospective America in retrospect.

In Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai refused to meet with Obama. He stated that he was ready to accept the President of the United States in his palace, but he was not going to leave for the US military base.

Subsequently, the American side, trying to save face, said that it was just in Obama’s plans that there was no meeting with Karzai.

Well, the United States continues to amuse the whole world with its incompetence and stupidity. Soon Washington will not have a single case on the first attempt.

"Military Review" proposes the White House to have a cine entourage. And from now on, every political event (speech, trip, etc.), in which the president or minister plays the main role, should be numbered as during the shooting: “1 take,” “2 take,” and so on, until finally as you want the director.

Comments from our readers:

Now let felled resident))))

This is pure shame. According to the failed meeting - a vivid example of clicking on the nose for snobbery and stupidity. The navel of the Planet of All came, and he was stupidly sent ...

Yes, all his presidency - one shame! From Afghanistan now let them fly to Slavyansk and look at their shitty, maybe they'll get a banana! Or a bullet in the forehead ...

Permissiveness relaxes, then leads to mistakes, and ultimately to death! Need control (at least in the form of fear or threats from another state), or self-control.

Syria will speak Russian

Sergei Stepashin, who today holds the post of head of the international cooperation association, says that all Syrian schools have officially switched to studying Russian as an obligatory element of the school curriculum (starting from the middle classes). At the same time, Sergei Stepashin said that the government of Syria adopted such a decision after the country was visited by representatives of the Russian delegation headed by Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin.

Previously, Syrian schoolchildren could learn Russian only as a second foreign language after compulsory English.

Speaking about strengthening the fraternal ties of Russia with Syria, it should be noted that this year Syria will receive from Russia 240 million euros. This money is the help that the Syrian state will direct to the solution of many social problems.

Comments from our readers:

That's right: from studying the “great and mighty” no one has become more stupid yet!

Keep your nose in the wind, so to speak. Well done Syrians, understood whose star goes back in world politics.

Russia has replenished with one more brotherly people!

I noticed that if a person knows Russian, he is much smarter than one who does not know.

Convict Thailand

On May 26, the King of Thailand appointed General Prayut Chan-Ochu Head of the National Council for Peace and Order.

According to the RIA News" With reference to the Nation newspaper, the revolutionaries issued a statement through the military attaches in all Thai embassies abroad, explaining the reasons for the coup. As pointed out by the deputy spokesman for the Ministry of Defense of Thailand Vinnay Suvari, there are three reasons why the military decided to take power.


“1. The political environment and political environment in Thailand are very different from those in other countries. 2. The military authorities in Thailand have irrefutable evidence and compelling reasons for the coup, and are going to soon demonstrate this evidence and cause to the international community. 3. Democratic rule in Thailand has led to many human sacrifices. ”

For these reasons, Colonel Suvari added something else. He explained that the proponents of democratic rights in Thailand "switched to the use of firearms, attacking the homes of citizens in the capital of the country."

It is still difficult to judge what the coup will lead to. One thing is clear - the United States and the EU are dissatisfied with the actions of the military.

According to "BBC", The United States suspended the allocation of military aid to Thailand in the amount of $ 3,5 million (of the total package of $ 10,5 million). Washington urged the military to restore civilian rule in the country. The White House also appealed to tourists, urging them to refuse to travel to Thailand. Finally, the US administration canceled non-essential visits to the kingdom of US officials.

US Secretary of State John Kerry said that "there is no excuse for what happened." France, Germany and a number of other states condemned.

Recall that after the presidential election of 2012, Mr. Obama made his first trip to Thailand, focusing on the Asian political situation on issues of the political situation, democracy and human rights.

B. H. Obama put it very clearly then, pointing out that Asia is his first trip after the presidential election. “And the first stop on this trip was Thailand,” Obama said further. - This fact is not an accident. As I have said many times, the United States is and remains a Pacific state. The Asia-Pacific region is the fastest growing region in the world. In this capacity, this region is of great importance in this century for our security and welfare, for the creation of new jobs and opportunities for the American people. "

That is why the United States so want "democracy" in Thailand. The American people must have “opportunities” in the region.

A few years ago, the White House chose the Asia-Pacific region as a strategic point of reference, where China is considered the unofficial adversary. Partly for this reason, Obama made a tour of Asia in November 2012, negotiating with "partners" and "allies."

And if some partner, instead of democracy, easily controlled from the White House, is shining a typical autocracy for Asians, the White House immediately threatens to freeze, sanctions and starts yelling about the infringement of human rights. And the White House immediately begins to sing along with a whole choir from Western Europe.

And now we will re-read paragraph 2 from Colonel Suvari: “The Thai military authorities have irrefutable evidence and compelling reasons for the coup and are going to demonstrate this evidence and the reasons to the international community in the near future.”

Do not go to the fortuneteller here: in the protests of the last ten months, one way or another, the unsightly role of the United States will be highlighted.

Comments from our readers:

_my opinion
Frankly, when I learned about the actions of the military in Thailand, there was no unequivocal understanding of how good or bad it was. But, as soon as the Amersky authorities began to squeal, he immediately concluded that the military did the right thing. See, amer pressed there tail, otherwise they would not squeal.

In the country every 3-4, a military coup ... And if not to hell with them? After the end of World War II, this is already 18. Maybe this is just such a way to transfer power in Thailand?

The key phrase: "Democratic rule ... led to a multitude of human sacrifices."
The king "appointed", but he would try to blather against anything.
Citizens of Russia need to abate these regularities. I hint at the consolidation in the Constitution of a “non-democratic” government of the country, but without a monarch. True, will the Russian security forces be able, if necessary, to throw off a lazy or stoned ruler?

It seems to me (IMHO) that Putin came to power in this way ... Or does someone believe that Borka himself voluntarily refused the presidency and appointed a random figure?

Abkhazian opposition seemed to have little integration with Russia

In Abkhazia, restless. This week, the opposition, without meeting any resistance, took control of the administration of President Alexander Ankvab in Sukhumi. The incumbent has already agreed to dismiss the cabinet. But this is not enough opposition: she believes that Ankvab himself should give up power. And he does not refuse.

The talks with the president are being held by the chairman of the opposition “Forum of National Unity” Raul Khadzhimba and the head of the public organization of veterans of the Georgian-Abkhaz war “Aruaa” Vitaly Gabniya.

Ankvab gave the following description of what happened: “Legally, of course, this is an attempt to seize power by force by force”.

According to, the opposition accuses the president of avoiding negotiations. He is also blamed for the fact that he allegedly alone makes decisions on the distribution of budget funds that come mainly from Russia.

“There can be no sovereign country with two-thirds of the budget filled by subsidies from another state,” says Vitaly Gabnia. - The system of sole decision making led the country to bankruptcy, led to default. And it was at the time when Russia allocated 900 million dollars to support the statehood of Abkhazia, which were mastered at stadiums, in swimming pools and houses of culture according to the personal whim of the president. ”

In turn, supporters of the president note that there can be no talk of spending Russian funds at the whim of Abkhaz leaders: after all, the facilities for which Russian economic aid is spent are included in the plan agreed at the level of the intergovernmental commission on socio-economic cooperation.

Poet Vladimir Zantaria, one of the opposition leaders, explained Interfax the essence of the demands: “We are trying to bring order to our home, but I want to emphasize that relations between Abkhazia and Russia are sacred for us”.

“On the contrary, we blame, and this was said at the rally today, the current authorities of Abkhazia of insufficient integration with Russia,” he said.

And now - a few career facts from the biography of the central opposition leader Khadzhimba.

October 3 2004 was the year in Abkhazia, a presidential election was held in which Khajimba lost with a bang. Most of the votes were received by his rival Sergey Bagapsh. Khajimba did not recognize the election results and arranged a butch accompanied by the seizure of administrative buildings. In Abkhazia, they even decided to hold elections again. True, law enforcement agencies supported Bagapsh and the Council of Elders of Abkhazia. There was an opposition, which almost resulted in a civil war. Everything was settled in December 2004 using Russian mediators V. Kolesnikov and S. Baburin. Repeated presidential elections were held in January 2005. As a result, Bagapsh became president, Khadzhimba - vice-president.

On this high, but not the first, chair, our hero sat until 2009, until he himself announced his resignation. He created an opposition initiative group (FNE), and in the same year 2009 participated in the new presidential elections, which again lost to the same Bagapsh.

In May, 2011. Bagapsh died.

In August 2011, presidential elections were held. And Khadzhimba ... lost again! He scored less than twenty percent of the vote. Ankvab was declared President of Abkhazia, having received almost 55% of the vote.

Probably, Khadjimba will not calm down until he becomes president.

Comments from our readers:

Alexander Romanov
I did not understand anything, it is clear about corruption, about pools, too, everything is clear, but what do they want? For whom the opposition and against whom, if the relationship with the Russian Federation are sacred. A ball in a madhouse of some kind.

Yes, everything seems to be clear))) Abkhazia wants to go to Mother Russia. Well, or closer cooperation, which is not very close now (as the opposition thinks so). Well, here we can help them with exactly nothing, we have to figure it out ourselves.

... Abkhazia is now an absolutely criminalized territory, by the way, at the suggestion of Russian “sawmen”. Such a black hole, into which Russian billions are pouring in, and at the output - the same tangerines, is no longer anywhere. Ankvab delivered the same groups. Now, probably, will remove it: money loves silence. Especially the stolen money ... Or Putin's hands will reach - he will disperse the sawmen at last. The claps have already been removed from the Caucasus - they have set up evil VVshnikov, so there are chances.

Republican project "Transparent Russia"

The United States decided to start a “Maidan” in Russia, for which purpose they are actively discussing in the Congress an initiative on the allocation of as much as thirty million dollars to democratization of the Volga, Siberian, Far Eastern and other spaces. With this money, America is going to build democracy in Russia by the 2017 year, that is, until the end of the reign of Mr. Putin. The media and blogs are already writing about the "overthrow of Putin."

Indeed, the so-called “Russian Aggression Prevention Act 2014” was recently introduced to the US Congress, which means “The Act of Preventing Aggression by Russia from 2014 of the Year”. If we turn to this quite official document, it will become clear: a whole range of sanctions is planned against the Russian Federation, and even the deployment of additional US troops on the borders with Russia. In addition, large-scale military exercises of NATO troops are expected - again, in the regions bordering the territory of our country.

Well, to frighten the teachings and the presence of the military near the borders - this has already become a habit among the powerful and is called "muscle play".

The main thing in the text of the initiative of the Republicans (among whom not the last place is occupied by the famous Mr. McCain) is not the teachings, but money. Money for the democratization of Russia.

In the “Russian Aggression Prevention Act 2014” financial resources were pledged: for 10, millions of dollars will be sent towards Russia in 2015-2017. on the “development of democratic processes”.

According to the draft, the state secretary should “step up efforts” to democratize Russia either by himself or “through non-governmental organizations. And then the list lists what should be spent 30 million dollars.

These, in general, fairly modest amounts should go to “improving democratic governance”, transparency, responsibility, rule of law, fighting corruption, strengthening the role of democratic institutions, political organizations and civil society organizations, US support for “independent media” in Russia , strengthening the activities of educational and cultural exchanges in the territories of the countries of the former USSR, expanding the technical possibilities for the Internet without censorship, etc.

Some representatives of civil society are probably already drooling. And representatives of democratic institutions are about to line up for millions in a lively queue. With the numbers ...

The bill, advanced by Republicans, has passed two readings and is already under consideration by the Congress Committee on International Relations. Meanwhile, the chances that the president will not sign him are quite large. First, in the US financial crisis. Secondly, Republicans to Barack Obama are not brothers of political faith. And McCain, one of the co-authors of the project, is indeed Obama’s constant critic and almost his enemy.

On the other hand, you can print millions. To allocate money to create a zone of chaos in the world - in our time for some people, this means strengthening the national currency. The dollar - after all, it’s not only the oil one, its second security is military force. This is spelled out in treaties with the Saudis and other Arabs, who in the 1970-ies. promised to sell their oil only for dollars, but in exchange for military protection.

By the way, the American president in recent days has become belligerent - almost more than ever. He quite seriously voiced American aspirations for peacekeeping and even threatened the “aggressors” with an army. And he began not from China, which has long been sharpening a tooth, but from Russia.

“A regional aggression that goes unpunished — in the south of Ukraine, in the South China Sea, or anywhere else in the world — will ultimately affect our allies and could draw our army in,” said Obama

In short, Barack Hussein Obama and the “hawks” from Congress once again made it clear to the world community who the hosts are on the planet.

Comments from our readers:

Judging by the way people came to the last Maidan, arranged in Moscow via the Internet, or rather, no one came, the Americans would stupidly lower money. Late Russia brainwashed, Mr. McCain.

For which many thanks to the Ukrainian Maidan. How many foolish ones have enlightened and opened their eyes.

Alexander Romanov
... As for Russia, it was here that our belolentochniki recently gathered a meeting, it was 200 journalists and 200 OMON fighters, they stood, smoked and left. Nobody came to the rally for democracy.

Democracy in Russian. Grandmas drank with such speed that they forgot to postpone the purchase of extras.

Already in the next world he is put off by absenteeism, but he is still there, maydanschik ...

Europe will warm Russia with gas

Recently, a supernova has been lit in the sky of American political neznak. In her light, the stars named George W. Bush and B. H. Obama quickly faded.

Jennifer Psaki (Jennifer Psaki, 1978 b.) Has been involved in politics since her early years - from 23 years. In the 2004 year, 26 years old, she had already replaced the spokeswoman in the election campaign of John Kerry. It would seem that there is where to take and experience, and competence. But Lev Tolstoy, who had read, according to Bunin's calculations, 14.000 books, and who dealt with kings and tyrants, for good reason believed that the most bad people were striving for power. To this we can add that the higher to power, the more stupid you will see. Today’s United States is a brilliant example.

Psaki is the public face of the Department of State, a figure personifying all of American foreign policy and reporting about it at frequent briefings to journalists from leading world media.

What does psaki report to the world? Why did it come to the fact that this lady in Russia was called “the princess of the circus” and Channel One? exaggerates the topic of the transfer of the 6th fleet Is the US “to the shores of Belarus” (sic), since Lukashenko, supposedly according to Psaki, is about to invade independent Ukraine?

"On the Internet - already a series of jokes:" As stated psaki ". Such as: "If Belarus invades Ukraine, the US Sixth Fleet will be immediately deployed to the shores of Belarus." The fact that Belarus has no coast, the State Department does not bother. As stated psaki ... "

Recently, speaking of referendums in the Luhansk and Donetsk regions, Jen Psaki explained to the assembled journalists: “The voting methodology raises strong suspicions, there are reports of electoral roundabouts, pre-filled ballots.” She also told about “voting children” and “voting for the absent”. Correspondent Matthew Lee ("The Associated Press") asked: "Excuse my ignorance, but what is an" electoral carousel "?" He received the answer: "I must admit that I just read this text."

Further Psaki noticed, slightly blushing: “I myself do not know what it is. I will check with my colleagues ... "

They asked at a briefing about a market economy in which Russia and Ukraine are participating. As is known, the first sells the second gas, and the second does not pay for it. The picture for the market economy is abnormal.

“The Russians say that they want to get money for the gas that they have already supplied to Ukraine,” said M. Lee said. “You agree that this is the basis of normal commodity-money relations?”

Trying to evade a direct answer, but having suffered in that fiasco, Psaki said: “Matt, I’ll be happy to figure this out when I return to my office.”

But a much more interesting statement psaki, which quoted Channel One:

“We want Ukraine to have additional access to gas volumes, if they are required. As you all know, natural gas is transported via a gas pipeline from Western Europe through Ukraine to Russia ... ”

As you can see, one of the mottos, invented by the brilliant seer Orwell for a dark totalitarian future, in 2014, psaki was successfully implemented. “Ignorance is power”!

It's time to ask the question: why are these monstrously incompetent people running politics in the US and voicing it, not being embarrassed?

But the fact is that a career is contraindicated for an intelligent person. This is not a guess. This has long been proven by scientists. Half a century ago, the psychologist Edwin Giselli empirically proved that the most significant results in management are achieved not by people with the highest level of intellectual development, but by owners of average intellectual abilities.

Other, more recent, research, usually correlated with the so-called theory of human capital, found that wealth is not combined with the mind. It turned out that the family-economic background (that is, relationships, kinship and family status), as well as the duration of training associated with the above-mentioned “background” (with no money at Harvard or the oldest college of Wilhelm and Mary) you can’t stop, and without a crust of a prestigious university, they are unlikely to be allowed into the White House). As to their intellectual abilities, they, according to the researchers, had the least impact on the amount of individual income.

So do not be surprised at what psaki says. Both “background” and “average intellectual abilities” are affected.

What remains clever in this life?

Right. Woe And poverty.

Comments from our readers:

It's time to enter a coefficient or scale of dullness, the opposite of IQ, called "Psac." Psaki take for 100% standard of stupidity.

Maybe we do not know what? What if Belarus will soon have the coast! Old Man - a man decisive. A little patience, and we will see the Atlantic fleet of Belarus.

He still has enough of the Baltic Fleet with the main base in Gdansk.

The most protected country from the United States is Mongolia, because it is squeezed between Russia and China. The Mongols can make any statements against the United States, even declare war if desired. Because neither swim nor reach, even a rocket does not fly to Mongolia: Russia and China will not miss anyone and nothing!

Psaki The 6 fleet will be thrown right into the middle of Mongolia, so you won't hide from Psaki anywhere.

Yellowstone Volcano is the open gateway to Mongolia, through the center of the earth. Superman is already digging a tunnel.

* Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin: “He who does not regret the disintegration of the Soviet Union does not have a heart; who wants to recreate it in its previous form, he has no head. "
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  1. Andrenaline
    Andrenaline 1 June 2014 07: 44
    We will wait for other countries in the union hi
    1. Vitaly Anisimov
      Vitaly Anisimov 1 June 2014 07: 58
      The week was marked by militia battles in southeastern Ukraine (or the former Ukraine) with punitive detachments in Kiev. That is why most of the news one way or another was like real front-line reports.

      I still don’t believe it will come to this .. Most interesting Western media are silent UN Security Council yawns at meetings "All is well beautiful marquis ..?" The masks have been dropped as they say .. We draw conclusions ..
      1. Anton-sed
        Anton-sed 1 June 2014 09: 00
        What's the point? Did you just find out the truth about politics? It was necessary to create a strait between Canada and Mexico earlier. The troubles of the whole world from AI
      2. 1812 1945
        1812 1945 1 June 2014 12: 37
        Quote: MIKHAN
        I still don’t believe it will come to this .. Most interesting Western media are silent UN Security Council yawns at meetings "All is well beautiful marquis ..?" The masks have been dropped as they say .. We draw conclusions ..

        I have no doubt that you MIKHAN (1), made the right conclusions. But the main thing is that the Kremlin should come to such conclusions, and NOBODY would prevent them from being translated into action! The course of negotiations with the U.K.R.A. on gas demonstrates not the desire to provide Europe with gas, but the readiness to play the game started by the United States. Let the lard be fried on "Molotov cocktails" in Kiev! Problems on the border of the Russian Federation and the DPR and LPR should not occur in principle! And so on .... It's time, gentlemen - comrades! And there - it will be seen ... Our response to aggression by all means ................................... Yes ! Thanks to Alexey and Oleg - the review with comments cheered up!
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. cat 1970
      cat 1970 1 June 2014 10: 42
      Piss hit the head. In general, it’s a shame how it was possible to get through this kind of education system. I do not care about all sorts of Euroclasses, at the institute I actually received two education. One civil where people remember
      .and the second military .... Guys DON'T NEED to yell, ATTACK silently, like a cake (l
      times and city measures). And you know that in RUSSIA they call Klitschko - a small cake, why, a bad bird. Kulicek - not even ....
      1. Sid.74
        Sid.74 1 June 2014 14: 08
        Good review! hi Here's more news to laugh ... How "Ukrainian scientists" shot down a Russian UAV laughing

        From the blog: http: //
        1. 76rtbr
          76rtbr 2 June 2014 08: 08
          the air defense troops were thrown at the core and he severely tore the UAV !!!!
  2. Vitaly Anisimov
    Vitaly Anisimov 1 June 2014 08: 05
    Such countries are already half the world ..! Russia is at the forefront.!
    1. SRC P-15
      SRC P-15 1 June 2014 08: 55
      Quote: MIKHAN
      Such countries are already half the world ..! Russia is at the forefront.!

      The time will come when Russia will already ask the United States of the 20s:
      1. Vitaly Anisimov
        Vitaly Anisimov 1 June 2014 11: 19
        Quote: SRC P-15
        Quote: MIKHAN
        Such countries are already half the world ..! Russia is at the forefront.!

        The time will come when Russia will already ask the United States of the 20s:

        Then the USA will not be ...! There will be Indians ...! Chinkachkuk (sharp eye) We played in childhood and read books .. bully
        And instead of the Capitol, "Uncle Tom's hut" ...
        1. mr.Man
          mr.Man 1 June 2014 12: 58
          Chingachgook is the Great Serpent, and is Uncle Tom’s hut not a White Hut now? laughing
          1. marshes
            marshes 1 June 2014 13: 01
            Quote: mr.Man
            Chingachgook is the Great Serpent, and is Uncle Tom’s hut not a White Hut now?

            There is Barack Obama. smile
        2. alone
          alone 1 June 2014 13: 12
          I have heard this for 40 years. laughing
  3. Free wind
    Free wind 1 June 2014 08: 10
    And I want to return the USSR! not only geographically, with brothers Georgians, Lithuanians, but socially. What kind of coup can be talked about in Thailand, especially about the role of the United States, when the king of Thailand appointed the general responsible for maintaining peace and order. During the coups, I understand that both kings and kings fly to tartarars, and here it’s just a transfer of power in the spirit of folk traditions.
    1. sleepy
      sleepy 1 June 2014 15: 40
      Poems about the USSR from the Internet.

      "You can't run away from yourself: millions of invisible bonds
      They will not allow us to forget childhood, even to those who are poher.
      Today I guys dreamed about the Soviet Union,
      And I think we too quickly said goodbye to the era.

      Let the "TV" lie that the pores have never been freezing,
      That from the signs of the Masonic eaves were breaking over us -
      I mean that in our yard there were many friends,
      And that we went to our neighbors without a visa.

      Someone built and lived, someone stupidly looked at the fence,
      Someone was quietly oily, stuffing mattresses with currency,
      But from the distant overseas everyone heard the angelic choir,
      Although they explained to us that it is sung.

      It’s not that we wanted to leave - we just went outside,
      And she led into darkness, a curve path ran.
      I don’t know when the traitor and the thief appeared -
      It was visible among us, but until the time he stole a little,

      Left alone, he loomed through the window with a candle -
      And while we fought, obsessed with our own tongues,
      The enemy entered the waddle, pouring urine on the shrine,
      And he sat down on the throne, swinging on undetails.

      Having smoked the kingsays of "the chosen ones of the EL EM world",
      After winding gigabytes of porn on advertising meters,
      We returned to ourselves, only not enough space was available to everyone ...
      We have fucked up such a country - excuse me, mom! .. "
      1. SAG
        SAG 2 June 2014 00: 51
        Hurried plus to put ... there are ambiguous phrases in the verse. Someone poke on minus plz (zero like)
  4. old.raketnik
    old.raketnik 1 June 2014 08: 13
    Republican project "Transparent Russia" -------------- I AM MOSCOW MILITARY, DAUGHTER OF Perestroika, WE DO NOT HAVE EVERYTHING UNIVERSALLY ......
  5. DMB3000
    DMB3000 1 June 2014 08: 35
    Vovke to increase the time!)
  6. uzer 13
    uzer 13 1 June 2014 08: 35
    [quote] [Well, now we also have an answer to "Curzon", that is, to Obama.]

    We are not afraid of bourgeois ringing, we will answer Curzon's ultimatum.
    Something has begun to declare a lot of ultimatums lately, either in Kiev or in Washington. Putin imagines them everywhere ...
  7. Name
    Name 1 June 2014 08: 36
    The newly made, but uninaugated, “president” of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko announced that Ukraine is refusing further purchases of gas from Russia.- yeah, on the Maidan there is enough manure from pigs.

    Welcome to the USSR 2.0!- It’s just an economic union, and amid congratulations from Nazarbayev, an interesting situation is generally:"Nazarbayev congratulated Poroshenko on winning the elections"
    ... The President of Kazakhstan noted that the results of the elections indicate broad support for Poroshenko’s election program, aimed at solving pressing socio-economic problems, achieving domestic political stability and consolidating society.

    "Nursultan Nazarbayev wished Poroshenko success in his responsible activities, and peace, stability and prosperity to the brotherly Ukrainian people," the message says.

    see http: //
    a-poroshenko-s-izbraniem-na-post-prezidenta-ukrainy /
    1. shaman-25rus
      shaman-25rus 1 June 2014 09: 26
      Yes, Nazarbayev is simply joking over parashenko. the irony goes off scale. good luck to you, parashenko,)))))))
    2. Zymran
      Zymran 1 June 2014 13: 25
      Well, what’s wrong with that? Kazakhstan will cooperate with the new authorities of Ukraine. Nazarbayev was always on good terms with Saakashvili.
      1. marshes
        marshes 1 June 2014 13: 35
        Business is a business. smile And the rest is for the electorate. smile
  8. D.V.
    D.V. 1 June 2014 08: 40
    Great and interesting review. I read it with pleasure. Thank!
    1. dorz
      dorz 1 June 2014 09: 48
      US Ambassador to Ukraine J. payette during
      meetings with the elected president of Ukraine
      Petro Poroshenko informed him about
      us state department position on building
      Kiev politics in the Russian direction.
      American emphasized that politics in
      against Russia should wear hard
      uncompromising nature, above all
      on the issues of Crimea and the gas crisis
      In addition, he indicated the need
      comprehensive measures to eliminate
      "Separatists" in the southeast and
      meaninglessness of negotiations with them.
      During the conversation, j. payette promised Kiev
      international support and financial assistance,
      and also stated that the price of gas should
      determined by Kiev, not Moscow.
  9. Name
    Name 1 June 2014 08: 42
    Syria will speak Russian- hey in Kiev wake up ... fool Soon the whole world will speak the Great language: The language that the Russian state commands a great part of the world, by its power, has natural abundance, beauty and strength, which is not inferior to any European language. And for that there is no doubt that the Russian word could not be brought to such perfection, which we are surprised at in others.
    M.V. Lomonosov
    1. Onotollah
      Onotollah 1 June 2014 09: 11
      Quote: name
      Syria speaks Russian-hey in Kiev wake up ...

      Correctly noticed by a colleague.
      I think that Assad will be democratizing bearded monkeys in his country and Syria is ready to join the EAEU. Especially know the language.
      Syrian region of the Southern Federal District.
      Maybe soon we will hear something like: "The harvesting season in the Syrian region is in full swing. This year the harvest has achieved unprecedented results. Noble Stakhanovite orange growers promise to give the Motherland 30%
      products in excess of the plan "
  10. asar
    asar 1 June 2014 08: 44
    "OUR answer to Chamberlain! We will not be" crushed ", not" split "like Yugoslavia !!!" services "of dentists in the states are expensive !!! Do you" want "this ?!
  11. cat 1970
    cat 1970 1 June 2014 08: 45
    Specification, this person, who received the rank of general, studied at the DVOK, the Amur region, the city of Blagoveshchensk. The school has a very good tradition to track the fate of its graduates .... For the uninitiated, this is the Rokosovsky Higher Command School. There is a stand in the school where there are photographs of graduates who died in the line of duty, residents of the city of Blagoveshchensk have a question: "Do you need a photo of this general on this stand, even if he died, guilty of the deaths of hundreds of civilians ...." Personally, I think NO.
  12. Anton-sed
    Anton-sed 1 June 2014 09: 06
    Correctly, that the journalists were awarded. Few people risk their heads and realize the full degree of responsibility assigned to you by society. Not from the ambiguous videos from YouTube to draw information.
  13. Lunic
    Lunic 1 June 2014 09: 10
    Article + Plus! Well and in detail there are several related topics!
    Smiled humor about Psaki! :) A girl seems to have been in politics for over a decade, but all the same Psaki ...
  14. Gray 43
    Gray 43 1 June 2014 09: 21
    General Dill violated the copyright of Russia, since the phrase "we will soak them in the toilet" is associated with Putin and the elimination of banditry in Chechnya. Putin then surprised everyone with a flight on a fighter plane, the Ukrop plagiarist was unlucky with a helicopter, it also happens. The resilience of the Donbass militias commands respect, and the losses of corrupt fighters are natural
  15. horoh
    horoh 1 June 2014 09: 22
    Good review, I read it with pleasure !!!
  16. Ivan 63
    Ivan 63 1 June 2014 09: 24
    America and Europe had a historic chance to extend their existence - not to crap and collaborate, but ambitions outweighed, and very soon, by historical, and perhaps everyday, standards, they would have to pay for their policies and aplomb, I believe that this is inevitable. But Russia will become a leader and, unfortunately, as usual, it will forgive its enemies, but I am sure that it should not forgive the traitors - this is not permissible.
  17. PRN
    PRN 1 June 2014 09: 27
    70 years ago, fascism was shaken by 10 Stalinist blows, and this week the fourth Putin strike (Olympics, Crimea, agreement with China and the Eurasian Economic Union) was dealt to fascism! Keep it up! Give Fashington !!
  18. nvv
    nvv 1 June 2014 09: 32
    Quote: name
    Welcome to the USSR 2.0! - just an economic union, and against the background of congratulations from Nazarbayev, there is an interesting situation: "Nazarbayev congratulated Poroshenko on his victory in the elections."
    ... The President of Kazakhstan noted that the results of the elections indicate broad support for Poroshenko’s election program, aimed at solving pressing socio-economic problems, achieving domestic political stability and consolidating society.

    So what? Vaughn Vladimirych calls them partners. And only Russian understands that with this word he sends three letters. Politics brother.
    1. Name
      Name 1 June 2014 09: 48
      Quote: nvv
      Vaughn Vladimirych calls them partners. And only Russian understands that with this word he sends three letters. Politics brother.

      That's it! That's just politics, politics is different! I have not heard from Putin either the recognition of the Pastor, or congratulations to the chocolate, however, unlike the allies in the economic bloc. recourse
      1. marshes
        marshes 1 June 2014 13: 15
        Quote: name
        That's it! That's just politics, politics is different! I didn’t hear from Putin either a confession of the Pastor or congratulations to the chocolate, however, unlike the allies in the economic bloc

        Until fig invested in the economy of Ukraine, but a lot of interesting things you can buy.
        But humanly, they recognized. Maybe everything will calm down.
        The southeast, as a state, is not recognized, and if it becomes part of Russia, then it will be necessary to revise all agreements, economic - it turns out that coal smuggling was other goods, and political.
        By the way, the "evil" Minds predict if the KAZAKHs will fight, toughly. With the involvement of all the international "rabble" -finances allow it. This is so that it would dispel illusions. to help.
        1. The comment was deleted.
  19. saag
    saag 1 June 2014 09: 38
    “He who does not regret the collapse of the Soviet Union has no heart; he who wants to recreate it in its former form has no head ”

    And if you recreate it in a modified form, does it mean that everything is in order with the head? :-)
    1. mr.Man
      mr.Man 1 June 2014 14: 38
      The USSR version 2.0 will not and will not work (like the Russian Empire in. 2.0) .., no matter how the union / association / community of peoples is called, but not to turn the "rivers back" and not do what it was like to whom it was did not want to repeat ...
      At one time there was the EEC, then the EU .., which now actually became the EAC (European American Colonies), geographical Europe has not been able to unite into a United Europe, Europe is now infected with the virus of "American freedom and democracy".
      I hope the EAEU will not become what the EEC has become in the end ...
  20. vladsolo56
    vladsolo56 1 June 2014 09: 41
    the main thing for me is the headline, a quote from Putin’s speech. So the one who claims that socialism cannot be revived is lying and lying impudently. Life has shown that socialism is fairer and more stable than capitalism. I always give the simplest and most affordable example: If socialism were so unviable, why do the capitalists spend a huge amount of money to discredit it, why immediately after the collapse of the USSR and still a huge amount of dirt and lies is poured on it. The most recent example: Ukraine, the oligarchs do not care about the people, in a critical situation they are ready to destroy everyone who simply does not agree with them. And look why the east wants to build a republic, but a people's republic, without monopolies and oligarchs.
    1. Apollo
      Apollo 1 June 2014 10: 39
      To the topic Welcome to the USSR 2.0!

      Well done Nazarbayev my respect and respectgood Upon joining the CU, Armenia will enter only without NK. The President of Kazakhstan made it clear.No one objected !!!

      Oleg hi results as always on top good and plus.
      1. Vitaly Anisimov
        Vitaly Anisimov 1 June 2014 11: 37
        Quote: Apollon
        Well done Nazarbayev my respect and respect

        Nazarbayev is a wise and competent leader (he had foreseen everything in the 90s) .. I hope he is preparing the same replacement for himself ..
      2. The comment was deleted.
      3. saag
        saag 1 June 2014 12: 07
        Valentin Katasonov from 41m. 40sec "... a society that sets economic goals as the highest goal is doomed ... an idea is needed" and here I agree with him, without an idea, i.e. where and how society should develop, and even better what kind of society to build, everything will be as it was
      4. marshes
        marshes 1 June 2014 12: 42
        And I think that in the Armenian press the hype began and Serge predicted the resignation.
    2. siberalt
      siberalt 1 June 2014 13: 46
      Under socialism, too, everything was laughing Joke!
    3. The comment was deleted.
  21. Boa kaa
    Boa kaa 1 June 2014 10: 39
    That Barak Husseinich will not sign a check for 30 lemons for the democratization of Russia (well, there is no gold reserve for the Old Man-shit !!!) - ento understand ...
    But the fact that over the 3 year before the presidential election, USers began to itch - says a lot. At least about the seriousness of intentions to change course and undermine the legally elected government. And the moment picked up the very one: elections-democracy-freedom of opinion-media outburst. Try to "clamp" - they will immediately raise a howl about human rights, clamping down on democracy, persecution of dissidents ... freedom of speech, and so on.
    therefore need in advance like Lukashenko: clean up (not to be confused with "clean up"!)fifth column curly-hagged so that the State Department recognizes (as in Belarus) the social base and organized opposition in the country - NO! Then there will be no revolutions and Maidan. It will be possible to live and work quietly. We need to mount the EAEU,
    The repetition of 90's is by no means allowed!
  22. Palladium900
    Palladium900 1 June 2014 10: 55
    May 29 is a historic day. Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan signed in Astana the long-awaited agreement on the establishment of the Eurasian Economic Union
    And it is especially pleasing that in the territory of the EurAsEC there is an opportunity to create a truly INDEPENDENT emission center! New! Supranational! Whose emission will not be tied to the amount of dollars in "gold and foreign exchange reserves", but will be determined by the needs of the economy. As it is in the United States and the European Union. If this is so (and this is apparently so), then this is a terrible blow to all our "partners" and sworn friends .. drinks
    1. marshes
      marshes 1 June 2014 12: 45
      Quote: Palladium900
      And it is especially pleasing that on the territory of the EurAsEC there is an opportunity to create a truly INDEPENDENT emission center!

      Ahh .. center, in Almaty-Rothschild center like that, those for gold. By the way, gold mining companies are merging there.
  23. Vlad Gore
    Vlad Gore 1 June 2014 10: 58
    Now is not the time to nostalgia. What was then passed. But learning from the past is very necessary. And one of the lessons is to be proactive. We very often in our history made decisions late. Therefore, Russia was supposed to recognize the referendums of the Southeast yesterday. And start helping. First of all, military. Russia is only forward. To .op all who pull back, to .op all liberals. angry
  24. tyras85
    tyras85 1 June 2014 11: 00
    Tyras85 TO THE TOPIC OF GAS. It's time to shut off the tap. Trade only at market prices. Set international accountants to control the passage of gas to Europe. And the Nazis in Ukraine, let bamboo smoke. No concessions and gas! Let Europe and America supply gas to Ukraine for free, and we will see how it will look. IT IS NECESSARY TO PAY FOR EVERYTHING.
  25. rauffg
    rauffg 1 June 2014 11: 31
    well said
    good good good good
  26. Vitaly Anisimov
    Vitaly Anisimov 1 June 2014 11: 31
    Here you have to deal with this ..
  27. aleks700
    aleks700 1 June 2014 11: 33
    General Kulchitsky loved to take pictures with a happy smile in a combat helicopter in full gear and with a machine gun aimed at his compatriots.
    Ukrainian general, and he aimed not at compatriots, but at the inhabitants of the Donetsk People’s Republic. If the Governments did not recognize the Donetsk People's Republic, then the people of Russia recognized.
  28. Vitaly Anisimov
    Vitaly Anisimov 1 June 2014 11: 45
    Here it is the dream of the maydauns and their owners .. They put Yu-V on knives .. (and, possibly, Russia soon)
    1. alone
      alone 1 June 2014 13: 14
      This photo on the left has nothing to do with what's happening right now in the Donbass. I advise you to carefully check the information, photos before posting on the site. And it looks like misinformation.
  29. vladimirvn
    vladimirvn 1 June 2014 12: 01
    For information.
    "Russia headed the UN Security Council.
    Russia takes on Sunday, June 1, the chairmanship of the UN Security Council.
    So, it will take over the baton from South Korea, which headed the work of the main structure of the world organization in May, and will hand it over to Rwanda in a month. "According to V. Churkin, on June 11, Russia will organize an open debate on new trends in UN peacekeeping." It is about such new moments as the emergence of "force" mandates in many peacekeeping operations, the expansion of the practice of using new technologies, including unarmed unmanned aerial vehicles, and the general complication of the mandates of UN missions. All this requires collective comprehension and systematization on the part of the member states, "V. Churkin said.
    In addition to scheduled meetings, each member of the Security Council has the right to request a Security Council meeting in any situation that, in his opinion, may pose a threat to international peace and security. "So no surprises are not ruled out here," concluded UN Security Council Chairman for June Vitaly Churkin.
    RIA Novosti

  30. Vitaly Anisimov
    Vitaly Anisimov 1 June 2014 12: 09
    Quote: vladimirvn
    It seems to me that during this period our people will take active steps in Ukraine.

    It is unlikely ... the UN is not deciding anything! If you simply troll these sleeping worms to start moving, that's all ... bully
    1. riko
      riko 2 June 2014 17: 38
      UN troops stood like a peacekeeping force in Abkhazia. History is like that. History Properties - Repeat
  31. Anchonsha
    Anchonsha 1 June 2014 12: 12
    The most positive news was the emergence of a new association in the territory of the post-Soviet space of the Eurasian Economic Community. A single economic space brings nations and countries together, will contribute to the development of the economy, and hence the standard of living throughout the space. If only they had not sucked new ones joining the union from Russia.
  32. mamont5
    mamont5 1 June 2014 12: 22
    "Well, the United States continues to amuse the whole world with its incompetence and stupidity. Soon Washington will not get a single job on the first try."

    The most interesting thing is that with the second and third attempts, too, no fig comes out.

    "$ 10 million will be sent to Russia in 2015-2017 for the" development of democratic processes. "

    Wow, how much granny will be sawed.
    1. Apollo
      Apollo 1 June 2014 12: 33
      From June 1, Russia will head the UN Security Council
      1. Carlos
        Carlos 1 June 2014 23: 58
        Churkin’s seniority should be considered like in a war: day after three. Dealing with such degradants is not enough health.
  33. marshes
    marshes 1 June 2014 12: 55
    Well, let’s say, they are united by economies, there the market is prophesying fucking. The truth is that in Kazakhstan the parliaments will only approve in September and much can happen in three months.
    Rejoice or cry, but the devil knows him, but the currency must be bought up smile , they will also take and drop the tenge. Although it is fraught with turmoil. So the fellow countrymen buy up the currency, they will keep it until January 1, 2015. The Council survived three devaluations and did not lose much.
    1. Zymran
      Zymran 1 June 2014 13: 02
      Yeah. In general, it would be necessary to rash a golden coin. laughing
      1. marshes
        marshes 1 June 2014 13: 22
        Quote: Zymran
        Yeah. In general, it would be necessary to rash a golden coin.

        I collect fifty dollars, small but heavy 9999 laughing
        I am collecting Australian and New Zealand dollars, I want to buy coins with Sherlock Holmes and ...
  34. Vitaly Anisimov
    Vitaly Anisimov 1 June 2014 13: 07
    Today is Children's Day ..! When will we start to protect ... men?
  35. dmitrij.blyuz
    dmitrij.blyuz 1 June 2014 13: 35
    The story will remain. Although it’s funny, it’s worth considering.
  36. cdrt
    cdrt 1 June 2014 13: 36
    About the autonomy of the EAEU delivered. Well, if the Kazakhs do not see such enchanting nonsense, they will be surprised.
    Even the USSR, having CMEA, could not live as an author ...
    1. marshes
      marshes 1 June 2014 13: 42
      Quote: cdrt
      Well, if the Kazakhs do not see such enchanting nonsense, they will be surprised.

      Why should we be surprised laughingAutocracies smileWe ourselves are surprised how they did not turn into neighbors, although they are still ahead.
  37. Mestny
    Mestny 1 June 2014 14: 39
    Quote: name
    "Nursultan Nazarbayev wished Poroshenko success in his responsible activities, and peace, stability and prosperity to the brotherly Ukrainian people," the message says.

    No matter what he says, it’s important what he does.
  38. sounddoc
    sounddoc 1 June 2014 15: 18
    America steers ??? The opinion of authoritative people ...
  39. sounddoc
    sounddoc 1 June 2014 15: 24
    Grandfather and grandmother waited for news from the granddaughter of Lamb Obama ... However, the big man became!
  40. tehnoluks
    tehnoluks 1 June 2014 16: 15
    Ukraine: milestones of recent history

    Petro Poroshenko - we are waiting, from the results
  41. Tatarus
    Tatarus 1 June 2014 18: 08
    From Russia to Ukraine

    Ukraine, Ukraine.
    What are you doing, sister?
    Well, you fool allowed?
    Already in the blood you yourself are all.

    Didn’t I guard you?
    Didn’t I protect you?
    Why is my love suddenly not enough?
    Why not a relative?

    Remember the blood we poured together?
    Protecting the father's house.
    Together they loved the Motherland.
    What did you do then?

    Betrayed and spitting in the soul,
    You look at the western sodom.
    Having pecked at the bait of money,
    You turned into a madhouse.

    Letting the pawn bearers
    Burn your fields at home.
    Sing along to homosexuals.
    And do you think you're right?

    I won’t leave you anyway.
    I will not give it to a brothel.
    For me dear, good
    You will be tomorrow and then.

    Well, I'll wash away the dirt from you.
    Let her as a krovochka.
    I, Russia, will complete the house.
    For family and friends.

    Cavalier puppeteer
    What is sitting in the west.
    I’ll knock out my teeth to all the freak
    And then God forgive.

    Do you want to come back?
    I'm like an older sister.
    I forbid us to say goodbye.
    You are dear forever.

    Tatarus 01,06,2014
    1. Tatarus
      Tatarus 1 June 2014 18: 13
      I apologize for punctuation. I forgot. repeat
      1. marshes
        marshes 1 June 2014 18: 26
        Quote: Tatarus
        I apologize for punctuation.

        The question is not so big-Tatar, by nickname?
        So also, my relatives in Kharkov are Russians. They absolutely nevermind, but the main thing is that they would not have a war. It’s still quiet. The prospect that if they enter the Russian Federation will not be very attractive, they will lose them in pensions and social benefits. I’ll lose them I understand that they don’t want to go to KZ, they will look at them sideways. In Russia, they honestly do not need pensions and social benefits, mostly pensioners and in Germany, through my channels, no one will accept.
        1. Tatarus
          Tatarus 1 June 2014 19: 29
          Great-grandfather's name was Salah (Tatar), paternal line. Maternal grandfather Mordvin.
        2. Tatarus
          Tatarus 1 June 2014 19: 32
          Quote: marshes
          The prospect that if they enter the Russian Federation, it doesn’t matter, in pensions and social benefits I’ll lose

          Something I probably do not understand. But it seems that in Ukraine soon there will be no pensions or payments. But it seems to be gone. If you are worried about relatives, get it to you. And the fact that Ukraine is better than nonsense and misinformation in Russia. Do you know something and give the numbers?
        3. Tatarus
          Tatarus 1 June 2014 19: 33
          Quote: Tatarus
          The question is not so big-Tatar, by nickname?

          Yes, and Tatarus sounds better than Rustata. laughing
          1. marshes
            marshes 1 June 2014 20: 14
            Quote: Tatarus
            Something I probably do not understand. But it seems that in Ukraine soon there will be no pensions or payments.

            They pay a little. Cousin he is a pensioner, at 36 he came out, he gets a flyer, and even for teaching. In the Russian Federation they will tell him what they say, figurines or serve him or figs he knows. My aunt gets an added pension, my uncle, died in the same school taught , a pensioner, there are their own accruals. The sister does not work with two, her husband was under investigation, now a federalist. Before that, not a penny and now "blown away by the wind."
            Quote: Tatarus
            Maternal grandfather Mordvin.

            I have MOM MARY.
            So I’m chewing on relatives, if I punish you, it’s not a joke, there are some channels. But I ran into any channels, only if I can pull them out to the edge through our Ministry of Emergencies.
            And so maybe 10 lyam fellow citizens will be for the Russian Federation, but how many senior citizens?
            Your economy can drag and we have Men in 63 women 58 and now we are in a common bond ... in short, troubles can be short.
  42. 12423 student
    12423 student 1 June 2014 21: 07
    Baabai well done looks cool, an Internet star lol
  43. The comment was deleted.
  44. 12423 student
    12423 student 1 June 2014 21: 16
    I regret the Soviet Union
  45. Azaat
    Azaat 1 June 2014 23: 47
    And I regret that I wouldn’t be the boss.
  46. Azaat
    Azaat 1 June 2014 23: 50
    Quote: Azaat
    And I regret that I wouldn’t be the boss.
  47. LCA
    LCA 27 June 2014 23: 23
    For a thousand years now, the globalization process has been going on in the world arena (a chessboard according to Z. Brzezinski) - a global culture that is now emerging, which will unite all of humanity in a historical perspective.
    The economic component of globalization throughout history has dominated other aspects and is a process of integrating productive forces (the population of different regions of the planet and their resources) into a single system of humanity ...; and this is an objective process (i.e. it does not depend on the desire of people whether they understand it or not).
    Globalization - the process in the history of mankind is inevitable - objective, but it has been controlled for a long time by subjective arbitrariness.

    In essence, the issue of managing the course of globalization is a twofold question:
    - Its first aspect is goal-setting in relation to the completion of globalization (the vector of goals in managing globalization sets a certain character of culture in which all of humanity should unite over time).
    - His second aspect is a conceptual one that defines the ways and means of achieving the intended goals.

    The concept of globalization - the concept of managing the global historical process.
    So, for now, the management of globalization is arbitrarily immoral - according to the biblical satanic concept.

    And the merit of Russia (Russian civilization) lies in the fact that for the first time in the world we proposed the management of globalization according to moral arbitrariness, and according to God - BER (concepts of public safety).
    On the site information about BER (Public Safety Concepts).
    This is an alternative - comprehensive sociological doctrine of a global level of significance to the biblical project and the crowd - "elitism" in its other modifications, developed by a public initiative calling itself the USSR VP (USSR Internal Predictor).
    Or in other words - the Big Idea that everyone is talking about, talking about ... and doing nothing. But it has already been developed and is being distributed. But the media ignore her. In short, what is the Idea: it's time to become human.
    More about this, and not only on the website
    20.11.2013/XNUMX/XNUMX President V.V. Putin approved the BER (Public Security Concept) in the Russian Federation.
    The preparation and holding of the parliamentary hearings of the BER in the Duma was still November 28.11.1995, XNUMX, and only now the President approved it, although it can be more likely to be called only as it was announced (to be filled with content).

    When the development of Russian civilization follows the BER (Public Safety Concept), as a result of which the ship Russia will change the course prescribed by Western navigators to a different one, then many countries of the European Union and not only, but also the countries of Asia and America will be asked for us. , Africa - and Russian civilization will expand to the whole planet Earth !!!

    And the immediate prospect is the expansion of the Eurasian Economic Union (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan) to the borders of the former USSR and more ...
    And when the economic crisis presses the European Union, they will be nice to join the Eurasian Economic Union under our concept (BER), and not vice versa, as they now amuse themselves with illusions (dismember us and attach to themselves under their biblical concept).
    And China, too, will become part of Russian civilization - everything has its time (Russian Chinese, Russian Finns, etc.).