“Popular Front” named after V.Putin or how to defeat his people

6 of May 2011 of the year Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin proposed the creation of the All-Russian People’s Front, whose goal was to breathe new ideas and political programs into the United Russia party. Vladimir Putin put forward a proposal for the participation of all interested people in the work of his party:
Not only party members, but also non-partisan supporters of United Russia, all who, through the possibilities of United Russia in the State Duma, would like to directly influence the shaping of our state’s policy, should participate in the candidate selection procedures.

From these fundamental theses, it becomes clear that the leader of the United Russia party, Vladimir Putin, is seeking, through the proclamation of the Popular Front, to involve other organizations and movements in the party, as well as individuals who are not only supporters of the party’s policy, but are also ready to to cooperate in many areas of this anti-people party. Further, VV Putin explains:
This is a tool to unite the closest political forces. All political structures should be absolutely equal in this structure - both United Russia, trade unions, and youth organizations. And everything - what is important - could have the opportunity and the right not only to formulate their ideas and proposals on the most optimal and effective ways of developing Russia, but also to offer their candidates.

The main emphasis in this passage is on the equality of all political forces entering the All-Russian People's Front on the basis of United Russia, and here the main thing is hidden, for which such a large-scale political action was launched - to make a clone of the United Russia party on an all-Russian scale. If various political organizations and movements, individual representatives of the “progressively thinking” intelligentsia, will join the Popular Front, the United Russia party will become the party of the people of the Russian Federation, expressing its aspirations and sentiments. At the same time, it doesn’t matter that the people were again not asked that the public reception offices of Vladimir Putin would coordinate the work of the Popular Front, that the “father of the nation” campaign headquarters was actually transferred to the Popular Front. Vladimir Putin created the All-Russian People's Front named after himself, named after Vladimir Putin, from this Front he will run in the presidential elections of the Russian Federation, this Front will occupy the overwhelming majority of seats in parliament. Officials and deputies, journalists and writers will speak on behalf of the Popular Front, and they will be able to tell any lies, because they are speaking on behalf of the all-Russian Russian Front, which includes all segments of the Russian population.

In confirmation of this, the Women's Union of Russia, the Federation of Independent Trade Unions, the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, the Association of Peasant Farms and Agricultural Cooperatives, Young Guard and others expressed their desire to join the Popular Front, and this movement is gaining momentum every day. In addition to the administrative resource, which forces many “independent” organizations and political movements to integrate into the Popular Front, all sorts of leaders of non-profit organizations and associations have a very great desire to get to the State Duma according to the lists of the “United Russia” or the Popular Front, depending on which of these Putin’s organizations will be more successful.

Before proceeding to the consideration of all aspects of the new political adventures of Vladimir Putin, it is necessary to understand what the concept of the Popular Front is. Here is how the Popular Front describes the Great Soviet Encyclopedia:
The Popular Front is being created in order to rally the masses to fight against the fascist threat, for democracy, social progress and national independence, as well as to protect the economic interests of the working people. The principles of creating the Popular Front were developed by V. I. Lenin and finally formulated by the Communist International.

Here it’s time to ask the leader of United Russia and the All-Russian People’s Front, against whom this movement is being created, what are the goals, other than nomination of Vladimir Putin for the presidency of the Russian Federation and a crushing victory in the parliamentary elections?

  1. Rallying the masses to fight fascism. It has long become clear that any Russian patriotic movement or protest is immediately declared an extremist act and punished with the utmost severity of an 282 article of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. The Kremlin’s fight against Russian “fascism,” and this is how any Russian defense of their rights is interpreted, is carried out with the harshness of all the forces of coercion of the Russian Federation, including “independent” courts. It is clear that one of the goals of the creation of the Popular Front is the final victory of the forces of the anti-people ruling elite over the Russian people, their will and freedom of conscience.
  2. For democracy, social progress and national independence. There is no point in discussing democracy, since the very concept of the rule of the people in Russia simply does not exist, and the autocratic method of governance is in place. Social progress or modernization according to Dmitry A. Medvedev has long been stalled, I. Yu. Yurgens, and together with him, Mikhail A. Fedotov, found out that the Russian people, the memory of Joseph Stalin and Orthodox faith. Without these three components, modernization could be carried out even now, but the Russian people are resisting, unwilling to betray the memory of their ancestors, to destroy all that is dear to the heart of the common man - salt of the Russian land. At the same time, the loss of national independence, in the form of accession to the WTO, NATO and participation in the US missile defense system, is an obvious fact. The sale of mineral deposits, industrial enterprises to the Rothschild clan, the best black earth lands to the citizens of Israel, the export of the wealth of Russia and the Russian people to offshore banks and banks of the United States, Britain, Germany and France by homegrown oligarchs indicates the closest and final loss of state independence of the Russian Federation.
  3. Protecting the economic interests of workers. The constant growth of utility tariffs, the total closure of industrial enterprises, agricultural associations, raider seizures and the conversion of scientific complexes do not at all contribute to caring for the economic interests of the workers. Inflationary processes constantly devalue the savings of citizens, their real wages, inconceivable taxes and exactions force entrepreneurs either to go into the shadow business, or to close their enterprises and immigrate to other countries. The majority of the working population is not engaged in the production sector, but in servicing, trading, and rendering all kinds of mediation services. Because of this, the professional level of workers is constantly decreasing, science and education, medicine and culture are not developing.

From the listing of these items, you can go to the main point, the fourth. V. I. Lenin and the Communist International, as the inspirations of the Popular Front, its ideological leaders, were mentioned not for nothing. Vladimir Putin, as a continuer of the cause of the International, fully embodied the idea of ​​creating the All-Russian Popular Front, putting them not at the service of the world behind the scenes - the Rothschild clan, seeking the destruction of Russian statehood and independence, violating the interests of the Russian people, suppressing the will to resist the genocide in it, destroying the foundations and culture of Russia.

The ideological leader and political ally of V.Putin Russia's Chief Rabbi Berel Lazar says this about V.Putin:
Never has a single leader of Russia or the USSR done so much for Jews like Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. In every way. Unprecedented.

These goals of world Zionism for the destruction of Russia are served by Vladimir Putin, embodying the ideas of Leonid Trotsky on dismantling the Russian statehood. For these purposes more and more people are attracted - the Popular Front is being created. In order to make it truly “popular”, the worst representatives of the people of Russia, greedy for power and money, are involved in the plunder and tearing of the great country. Judas and traitors of all stripes, pushing each other with their elbows, run to the next feeding trough, trying to pay their respects to the executioners of Russia and the Russian people. Berl Lazar does not hide his joy about the activities that the envoy of the Judeo - fascist sect Chabad - Lyubavich V. Putin has deployed in Russia:
Russia knew quite a few revolutions, but the most peaceful, the most quiet and the most effective was the revolution that was created by the Chabad envoys.

As a result of this quiet and peaceful revolution, Chabad-Lubavich, and the Rothschild clan seized the myriad treasures of Russia, trampled and subjected to genocide the Russian people - the salt of the Russian land, its foundation and bondage. A.Gluksman writes in the Italian newspaper Carriere Della Sera about the current situation in Russia since the time of Vladimir Putin:
Kremlin companies are enriching themselves behind the backs of the Russian people, whose mortality is 20 times higher than ours. Perhaps this is the stability of the cemeteries?

It was this stability of the cemeteries that Russia prepared for the world behind the scenes in the face of the Rothschild clan and their minions, HBD. It’s this stability that the United Russia party has been trying to achieve for many years, and now the All-Russian Popular Front, which is receiving the legitimacy of the people's organization. The plans of the Popular Front are not only victory in the elections to the State Duma, not only the victory of Vladimir Putin in the presidential elections of the Russian Federation, but also a victory over Russia and the Russian people. In creating the Popular Front, Vladimir Putin does not allow not only deviations from the general line, but also any competition:
We need a bright enough political palette. This is in the first place. And secondly, everyone who does something later is a copy, a copy of the original, and it cannot be better than the original. It is always a copy of some serious movement.

With this statement, Vladimir Putin not only warned others against creating such popular fronts, but also staked out the right to the All-Russian Popular Front, the right to speak on behalf of the whole people, on behalf of all parties and associations, each person individually. It turns out that any other words and political appeals are not only not legitimate, but simply not legitimate. This is the true face of democracy according to Vladimir Putin, the democracy of the cemeteries and the stability of the oligarchy — thieves and executioners of Russia and the Russian people.

Vladimir Putin needs to be reminded of a simple truth - the path of usurping the will of the Russian people, Russia, this is the road to nowhere, this is a deadly path for all who want to enjoy the untold riches of Russia without the Russian people who created these riches. The path of the genocide of the Russian people is the path of the speedy departure from the political arena of the oppressors of Russia and their oblivion, as oppressors and executioners, thieves and molesters of the land of our ancestors - Russia. Obtrusion of the citizens of a great country by creating the All-Russian Popular Front will not lead to the death of our people and country, but to the expulsion of the fascist sects and Trotskyist shortages, who hate Russia and the Russian people. We are stronger than ever; any action against the people, against their will, only rallies us and makes our hearts beat in unison, igniting a fire of protest and hatred towards the ruling Kremlin elite throughout the country.
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