On tests in Thailand, the Ukrainian BTR-3EX1 confirmed their high performance.

A demonstration of the technical and combat capabilities of the first batch of BTR-3X1 armored personnel carriers took place at the Sa Keo (Thailand) training ground in the presence of the country's top military leaders, the press service of Ukrspetsexport reported.

This party was delivered to the Thai army as part of the contract concluded between Ukrspetsexport and the Thai military.

All 12 machines of the first batch were involved in the show. Managed by Thai crews, the BTR-3Е1 demonstrated high-speed movement over rough terrain, successfully overcame land and water obstacles, and maneuvered afloat. Separately, live firing at training targets from cannons and machine guns of the BM-3M “Sturm” combat module from firing lines and on the move, as well as missile launches from the Barrier anti-tank missile system.

During the firing, the weapons and fire control systems of the BTR-3Е1 worked flawlessly, all training objectives were hit with an "excellent" grade.

As a result of the demonstration, the Thai military leadership expressed satisfaction with the tactical, technical and operational characteristics of the Ukrainian armored personnel carriers.

“Ensuring high performance and reliability of the specified batch of BTR-3Е1 became possible thanks to the professional actions of the Ukroboronprom group of companies, which carried out a number of effective measures to improve the quality of exported products and timely fulfill the additional requirements of the customer,” Ukrspecexport GC reports.
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  1. ukevak
    ukevak 2 June 2011 17: 13 New
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    Who would doubt that! Soon to the Thais and "Bastions" will go. Kharkovites are the best!
  2. frame5 2 June 2011 21: 28 New
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    Trash on wheels, like the BTR-80.
    All the advanced countries go out of their way to increase the protection of their cars, and these "geniuses" simply put a new tower and engine on a cardboard armored vehicle.
    1. PSih2097 2 June 2011 21: 44 New
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      suggest you buy from Italians? An armored personnel carrier is not a tank or a bunker, and a shot from an RPG or ATGM will not withstand any of the above
  3. frame5 2 June 2011 22: 11 New
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    I suggest already starting to make a new car that meets new requirements, and not rape this coffin on wheels, in which soldiers are afraid to ride.
    The fact that in Chechnya they were hung with reinforcing bars, tracks and sandbags speaks for itself.
    The priority for such machines is the protection and survival of the crew.
  4. Oleg
    Oleg 2 June 2011 22: 37 New
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    frame5, you yourself say that these have already learned to modify.
    And with new still have to suffer.
  5. encr
    encr 3 June 2011 10: 23 New
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    Well, armored personnel carriers are not the first line technology. Their goal is to deliver personnel to the battlefield. The machine of such a class should not withstand shelling from RPGs or ATGMs. That is already a completely different technique. Losses of armored personnel carriers often occur not from its poor qualities, but from improper use and illiterate command. In the current conditions, any armored vehicles must hide behind the air. What to say about RPGs, if 60 ton Abrams were burning from them.
  6. mishan
    mishan 3 June 2011 19: 22 New
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    Something similar to the BTR-90, but ours is still better.
  7. Ivan Tarasov 9 September 2011 17: 02 New
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    A promising wheeled armored personnel carrier (8x8) should have a mass of about 25t., A diesel of 600 hp.
    What Ukraine offers is an anachronism.