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Poroshenko snapped up. He is run in here and there by the world press. They are interviewing, competing in politically correct nicknames: “billionaire businessman”, “got rich in chocolate production”, “single candidate from the people” - which jokers will write. They remember how he was offended in Russia by cutting off the export caramel and chocolate flow. It seems like a plus to karma - you see, Russia Poroshenko does not like caramel, it means our man. With the Russian journalist "Kommersant" Andrei Kolesnikov Poroshenko long, nervously and emotionally talks about decentralization as a patriotic alternative to federalization (which, he claims, is out of the question).

"...Because decentralization is when we, on the one hand, leave powers to a strong center, but, on the other hand, we transfer the right to regions, the right of communities to solve an absolute majority of the problems of people's current life so that these problems would not need to be addressed to the center. ” .

Poroshenko’s further thoughts are not very convincing either. It is about the opportunity to put a monument to the beloved hero in a small town square, regionally to shout in everyday language, to celebrate familiar home holidays and so on. All these cozy joys of the regions will receive from decentralization for nothing, but what else do they need? “...Someone will protest against the monument of Gastello, and someone will protest against the monument to Bandera. Well, let a monument to Bandera be erected in Lviv, and in Donetsk let them put a monument to Gastello. And this is not the business of Lvov, to whom a monument is erected in Donetsk. This is a big deal. So she decided ... What festivals to hold, what songs to sing - it can not be a reason to stab the country. ”

There are not a word in this interview about personal budgets for the regions for their own reforms, modernization of the road infrastructure, housing stock. But without five minutes the president talks with a journalist about the greed and lack of principle of Russia, about Putin’s isolation in the world, about Ukrainian exemplary democracy. Then comes a completely unmatched dialogue.

“Democracy is a procedure. If someone believes that something is wrong in the country, submit to the Constitutional Court. Citizen Yanukovych can submit to the Constitutional Court, and the decision of the Constitutional Court will be final and not subject to appeal.

- So why? He is the legitimate president!
- Who told him that he is the legitimate president?
- Because there is no reason for him to be different! None of the four reasons why he can be removed from power does not work.
“You think so.”
- Well, how? This was written in your own, if I’m not mistaken, constitution.
- And who gave you the right to interpret my constitution? You, dear Andrei, or you, dear Vladimir Vladimirovich, who gave you the right to interpret our constitution?
- Can I at least read it?
- Read. It is impossible to interpret. And read - read.
- And the opinion in a democracy can be expressed?
“Your opinion does not interest me, Andrei ...”

Picturesque, right?

In European and American media Poroshenko shines - wanting to please. From the bands, The Washington Post is asking the United States for direct technical and consulting assistance in the framework of alternative military security alliances with the United States and Europe. In an interview for Bild, he promises to respond to the occupation of the Crimea and continue the antiterrorist operation in the east until the complete elimination of the separatists - not a physical one, Poroshenko immediately corrects himself: “We want terrorist leaders to be arrested and brought to justice. But it is also clear that if militants armed to the teeth shoot at our soldiers, then we must fight back. ”

Poroshenko told what will happen to the captured militia. Freshly President continues the rhetoric of the loser-rival, calling on the world to respond with sanctions on Putin’s antics. "I will certainly talk with Putin to stabilize the situation. However, we must continue to use all the tools to put pressure on Russia, this also includes additional sanctions. ”. On the prospects of Euro-Association, too, prefers not to spread. Moreover, today there was a rumor that was not good for euromaidan people: Poroshenko did almost Yanukovych-feint and asked the European Union to postpone the signing of the agreement (as if the European Union was in too much of a hurry). Information leaked through overly talkative European officials.

While the candied president is getting used to the role, his admirer, oligarch Firtash from Austria, continues to steer his assets and keep an eye on the Ukrainian “where-bad-lies”. For example, to the agricultural sector, which for Poroshenko is also not a stranger. “The agrarian market is now the subject of great discussions at our strategic level. We started to look at him late, it was worth it before. Still, working in Ukraine and not being represented on the agrarian market is wrong, ”complain the Group DF Firtashish and promise to correct this mistake.

On the local site of the Ukrainian democracy, too, the redistribution occurred. In the last cynic, he pitifully pinches his nose at the sight of tents, lonely blown away by skinny folds. Useless trunks they are laid on the Kreschatik paving stones, surrounded by former tenants. Who is in sorrow, who is in growing rage. By their faces, figures, clothes it is already difficult to understand who they are and who they were before. Now it is the last homeless of the failed “revolution of dignity”, which the new mayor is not very worthily throwing out of his temporary home in a prestigious place in the city center. Sending the veterans of the revolution to rest, to their provincial killed apartments and huts with housing conditions are no better than tents, the new owners of Kiev promise that the heroes will not remain in oblivion. Memorial and Museum of the Revolution - at least. Here we will only deal with the abusive relatives of the Heavenly Hundred, who were generously promised to pay all the compensation before the elections, and as a result only 15 families benefited.

Klitschko hinted that it would be nice to free the city council rooms from dirty blankets. Still, in Kiev - a healthy mayor, who now has nowhere to work hooks and jabs. So, get out, comrades. “I turned to the self-defenders who live there, vacate the premises and allow the mayor’s office to start work. Ukrainians have chosen a president, Kievites - mayor and city council. And we need Kiev and the country to return to peaceful life and begin to carry out reforms. Long communicated, answered all questions. I think I found understanding. ”

This is unlikely.

«Maidan is not going to disperse, but its territory will be reorganized "- They minted in response to Klitschko's persuasion in the civil platform "New Country". Religious activists comment on the reluctance to leave perches: “None of the requirements of the Maidan was not fulfilled ". And here I would applaud, but no. The Ukrainian model of a public activist came out with a wedding. Such an activist, as a rule, confuses form and content, so vigorous attention is not paid to a powerful new social protest (after all, Euromaidan presented Ukraine on a silver platter not to the people, but to oligarchs and compatriots and foreign lenders).

Public organizations are planning to hold an architectural competition for the best arrangement of the Maidan. So, in the center of the capital will soon appear the largest in its stories MAF. With sales of patented Ukrainian revolutionary dignity, kaplychkami, sunbeds for sunbathing, a small ritual cemetery, crosses, icons. Especially since soon, according to activists, they are waiting for replenishment: from the east of the country, long-awaited patriotic volunteers will return to Kiev Maidan, who also need to live and eat somewhere, and this is the return of militants who have shot at peaceful people of the southeast and those who have known the blood will certainly return the order "to the limits of Maidan".

Does such a migration of Klitschko and Poroshenko - a rhetorical question. Very soon land surveyors with topographers will get stuck around Kiev, arrange instruments on tripods, measure the capital in height and width for new shopping centers, underground parking lots, embroidery shops laundering someone else, who the hell knows where the money went. Kiev will be sold by a square meter - and residential squares for revolutionaries in this dynamic of the capital’s development are not provided. Just imagine that the pro-presidential majority in the new city council will be in time, even if Bondarenko’s father’s baton, who lost the election, managed to unsubscribe the Obolonsky prospect for the shopping center, restaurant and multi-storey parking on the very next day after Yanukovych’s relatives. This is how tightly these enemies entwined themselves in mortal embraces. To control friends of enemies and enemies of friends there is no one. The main counter-parties, which in their minority could at times shame the snickering majority, did not make it to the Kyiv City Council. Another asset of the revolution is dignity: those who are unworthy are seated in armchairs, decent ones are crumpled behind a closed door, trying to restore a good name in courts with a well-deserved tick in bulletins fabricated under “Udarovtsy”.

Another oligarch who had come to Kiev, who became famous for the “Donbass Gudge”, completely failed a piece of the capital under the ground. This is not a figure of speech. The failure of the road was formed next to the Akhmetovsky object being built by TsUM. That is, destroyed. But Akhmetov's company ESTA Holding has already disowned on its own website: our contractors found out in time, we warned, they did not listen to us, and in general, TsUM has nothing to do with it.

LLC Stolichny TSUM acts as an investor in the project of laying water supply networks for the office building of the Ministry of Coal Industry (located next to the Central Department Store) - in accordance with the obligations imposed on the company by the Kievvodokanal company. There, everything collapsed. "... However, no measures were taken to prevent the accident. The leakage pipe flow was detected early last week, but there was no reaction. For the rapid elimination of the consequences of the accident, all resources are involved. The company hopes that the acute problem of the deterioration of the drainage systems of the city of Kiev will be solved, which will allow to avoid similar emergencies in the future. ”

To control what is actually happening is also no one. The community activists rummaging on Euromaidan hid who were in their tight grant hiding places, some in the new, but also close, “cabinets in the cabinets in the cabinets”.

At one time, it was precisely public activists who skillfully otzobkovkuyutsya on various lobby-groups of building scandals, helped Akhmetov to establish himself in the role of "negotiable" and "pro-European" (that's what they called him) builder-philanthropist-businessman. This unique Caucasoid oligarch won the hearts of Kiev passionaries with promises to include them in public groups at their sites to listen to their practical advice. Activists, crazed from being close to a multi-billion dollar body, hung their ears and pockets. Their indignant voices are now heard less and less. On Facebook they post photos from working sessions - you must have seen these: abstruse ideological faces, luminous "poppies" on the table with "visualizations" and "presentations", the atmosphere of a homely intertwinker with a pleasant veil of sincerity, coffee cookies. Fate is arranged. And here, please - the external shell of the shell remains from TsUM, the roads are full of other historical basement measurements, developers and activists no longer even report on sites and tapes about the construction reforms of Podil.

The information source from the Crimea occupied by Putin does not dry up either. It is not excluded that soon the Crimean refugees, who were so invited to Kiev, will also set up their own tents on Euro Maidan, annexing its part to fit their needs and protests. Since June 1 temporary housing six hundred former Crimeans, paid for by the Red Cross and local authorities, there is no one to pay. The precious Crimean patriots who did not agree with the annexation did not allocate permanent housing and did not help with the work. Of the 10-14 claimed, thousands of Crimeans who fled to Ukraine (two thousand arrived in Kiev), most do not have basic amenities.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine sacks tens of thousands of Ukrainian police in the Crimea, cities of the Southeast and even Western Ukraine for “desertion.” For some reason, they don’t rush to defend the new government, which is so generously well-worn. “We are faced with a tremendous betrayal of employees of the Ministry of the Interior. Today, I can state that we are talking not about a thousand, but about tens of thousands ”, - complained to the Interior Ministry.

In the meantime, everyone willingly offers to knead the separatist east without continuing to talk with him, on the website of BP appears project №4950 “About the need to introduce a superb camp at Donetska and Lugansk areas, ” Initiated by Rudkovsky. By the way, the new cannon fodder has already ripened. Since yesterday, a call for urgent military service has been underway in Kiev, the press service of the KSCA informed. Kiev is obliged to give into military slavery 1 thousand 308 young guys who will have to leave their girls, skates and compacts of "Boombox" at home. Renewal of the all-Ukrainian call for military service from 1 in May is another undoubted sign of the Maidan. Dali Bude.
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  1. +8
    29 May 2014
    "I will certainly speak with Putin to stabilize the situation. However, we must continue to use all the tools to put pressure on Russia, this also includes additional sanctions."

    Self-confident. Let's see if Putin will talk to the American "chocolate spill" jackal.
    1. BYV
      29 May 2014
      Well comrades, we bet: Will Porosenko stay until winter? I bet that NO! laughing
      1. +11
        29 May 2014
        Yesterday, Churkin issued a verdict at the UN Security Council - SLAPPING))))
        1. +1
          29 May 2014
          What a "handsome" Piglet, if, even by eye, estimate its weight, it's time to drag it to the slaughterhouse to cut the legs, otherwise God forbid it will become overripe.
        2. +1
          29 May 2014
          Chocolate Hitler, ..
    2. +1
      29 May 2014
      First you need to make Poroshenko understand what kind of ass he is in terms of economics, then marinate a month or two, and then you can take it already (on your own terms).
    3. -1
      29 May 2014
      "There will be no more reports, comrades. There are reasons for that. One thing I can say - they are shelling. In the afternoon - the city, now they are hammering Semyonovka with howitzers ... for a long time ... for two hours already. And they don't care if we shoot or don't They believed that Russia would not intervene. Hence the confidence in impunity. "
      The Kremlin slept in an embrace with the Abramovichs, and sleeps. It is not the Russian world that protects the path, but the feudal allotment inherited from the bogeyman. And "effective managers" of this allotment.
      The Russian world is wider, albeit less powerful, if without taking into account Putin's statehood.

      Banderization processes can be started. But others will complete them.

      In Abkhazia, not only Abkhazians rose against the fascists of Georgians. And the ratio was 4 to 1 in favor of the Georgians. The Kremlin didn’t help. The Abkhazians had a super-leader - Ardzinba. And the Abkhazians were supported by the inhabitants of the North Caucasus. How it ended - we know.

      I would like less blood of course ... ... but we should not retreat before the fascists. This story will bury Putin Vekselberg. Igor Strelkov on the way to immortality, as Ardzinba once walked.
      Do not completely break with calls to the Russian people via the Internet, Igor Vsevolodovich. There are still Russian people. Some of them spit in the Kremlin. You write for us, not for Putin ...
      1. +2
        29 May 2014
        Why are you, the "Russian people", still not in Slavyansk, not next to Strelkov?
        To whistle - not toss bags?
        1. -3
          29 May 2014
          Quote: Flinky
          Why are you, the "Russian people", still not in Slavyansk, not next to Strelkov?

          And then, to hell with us, the army in general, so that tank biathlon, and show ostentatious maneuvers near the borders?
      2. -2
        29 May 2014
        Russian citizens turned to President Putin V.V. with the proposal for the immediate recognition of the Donetsk People’s Republic and the Lugansk People’s Republic! This will help defeat fascism!
        We ask you, Russians, to support this appeal with your appeal to the President of the Russian Federation.
        The fastest way to appeal is to the website of the President of Russia
        In Ukraine, the masses joined politics. Many still hope that the Nazis will leave them alone, will not shoot unarmed, protest. But more and more of those who realized that fascism would have to be destroyed and took up arms.
        In these conditions, Russia, the successor of the USSR, the winner of fascism, is obliged to recognize referendums and recognize the Donetsk People’s Republic and the Lugansk People’s Republic, recognize New Russia, whose people are selflessly fighting against fascism. Especially after such an unprecedented in the history of the referendum - millions of citizens contrary to fear of punishers came to the referendum, tens of thousands of citizens worked for free at polling stations, almost all are drawn to Russia.
        It is necessary to recognize the DPR and LPR and conclude agreements with them on mutual assistance, including in the military sphere. It is necessary to help with equipment, defense organization, army, open a diplomatic "umbrella" over them, help equip the borders with Ukraine, help with gas and oil tariffs, establish economic ties, financial system and social security system. Since the DPR and LPR border on Russia, they are in much better conditions for recognition and interaction with Russia than Transnistria, which has been courageously and stoically holding on to the western borders for 23 years.
        There are at least as many reasons for Russia to recognize the DPR and LPR as that of Abkhazia and South Ossetia.
        Since the Nazis can be influenced only by force or the threat of force, Russia's recognition of the DPR and LPR and the conclusion of an alliance agreement will create conditions for ending the bloodshed, save the thousands of lives of our compatriots, and prevent a large-scale war on the territory of the fraternal people.
        Long live the new allies of Russia in the fight against fascism - the Donetsk People's Republic and the Luhansk People's Republic!
      3. +2
        29 May 2014
        vezunchik, you first figure it out, and then yapping. We are the people, those who write here, etc. votes for one or the other. With such calls you need to consult with Makarevich, he is better at it than at your place.
        1. +1
          29 May 2014
          Quote: diff
          vezunchik, you figure it out first, and then yapping

          You gruff. On the border with Russia, civilians are being destroyed with impunity, and Russia is silent. Where is the convocation of the UN Security Council on the situation in Ukraine? Or is Syria more important than the Russian population of Ukraine? Where is the political and economic pressure on Kiev?
          Once again, the Kremlin merges its own, as Transnistria and Abkhazia were merged in the 90s. Or is Putin afraid that Ukrainians will not return money for gas? The oligarchs have in mind only their own mercantile interests, do not care about the people.
          1. 0
            29 May 2014
            What hurt? So it’s the words that always hurt me when Russia always owes something to someone. We don’t owe anything to anyone. we paid off with everyone. Your words "The path is not protected by the Russian world, but by the feudal allotment he inherited from the bum. And the" effective managers "of this allotment.
            The Russian world is wider, albeit less powerful, if without taking into account Putin's statehood. "I was very touched. I don't know who the WAY is. So you ask him for help, but don't mix Putin with some kind of dirt. By and large, you insult President, in one article and immediately ask him for help.This is overly cynicism !!!
          2. The comment was deleted.
    4. +5
      29 May 2014
      I will cease to respect Putin if he recognizes the elections in Ukraine as legitimate and allows himself an official meeting with Poroshenko. No formal meetings even at the level of foreign ministers. Only relationships at the level of technical specialists.
  2. +4
    29 May 2014
    For some reason, involuntarily, his surname is pronounced through "A" - PARAshenko with an emphasis on the second "A".
    1. 0
      29 May 2014
      Quite a simple explanation - he himself is from there and so his "name" - PARAShenko! laughing "Your place is at the bucket!" laughing
      1. 0
        29 May 2014
        What are the Gogol surnames of all Ukrainian officials: sold, Yatsenyuk, now also "president". laughing
  3. Khalmamed
    29 May 2014
    ..... Poroshenko, evil spirits, dajjal !, for what you are doing in Slavic you are damned.
  4. +2
    29 May 2014
    so I don’t understand in any way)))) - if they couldn’t do ANYTHING with Putin, they couldn’t do anything with Putin, vying sanctions))), then that this "donut" in chocolate can, so - a terrible storm in the toilet ...
    1. 0
      29 May 2014
      Quote: Sergey Sitnikov
      what this "donut" in chocolate can do is a terrible storm in the toilet

      And the fact that the Baltic states is that he is to demolish monuments, erase the memory of the past and of course MORE CHOCOLATE fellow
  5. +3
    29 May 2014
    We, the people of the Donetsk People’s Republic and the Luhansk People’s Republic, at this critical moment call on the world community for immediate assistance and an adequate response to what is happening on our land - in connection with the threat of destruction over us by the Nazi forces used by the regime Ukraine.
    1. +2
      29 May 2014
      We, the people of the Donetsk People’s Republic and the Luhansk People’s Republic, at this critical moment call on the world community for immediate assistance and an adequate response to what is happening on our land - in connection with the threat of destruction over us by the Nazi forces used by the regime Ukraine.

      Eugene, I feel that you know better than others that this call is useless
      As well as all appeals to the world community
      No such thing already
      It’s good if the new Strelkovs hear you from us.
      But for the most part, Russia lives its worldly little things
      Apart from some rare emotional outbursts that are enough for chatting
      In recent months I have been living with reports from SE.
      Weak hope for Putin, for some reason melts every day
      Hold on
  6. +5
    29 May 2014
    He was buried in the globe of the earth, but he was only a soldier ...
    Sasha Morozov was one of them, from the conscientious ...
    A message came about the death of Alexander Morozov. In Donesk. He died fighting against fascism. He died in battle, as befits a soldier. He died for our Orthodox faith, for a united Russia.
    Many years ago in Abkhazia, the commissioner of the brigade asked me:
    - Did you notice who was the first to attack and the last to leave the battle?
    And he himself answered:
    - The most conscientious.
    Sasha Morozov was one of the conscientious. Holy warrior Orthodox Alexander. Like Alexander Nevsky, who blocked Russia from the Teutons. Like Alexander Matrosov, who covered with his body, no, with his heart, the embrasure of the fascist bunker. Now the descendants of the unfinished fascist henchmen killed the grandson of the winner, as if taking revenge for the last defeat. They killed not just the Russian guy - they killed their future, because they will no longer have it. And we will take care of it.
    The clan of the Kalugan Morozov broke off - the last man was taken by the war. For souls naked by conscience, the holy war is already at the near approaches to Moscow. And although the huge country had not yet risen to a mortal battle, but her sons and daughters stood up. This war - not fratricidal - the fascists are not our brothers. She is the reorganization of our people, the cleansing of our souls from the scale of indifference, greed, philistinism. Let’s go through purgatory, stand and not break Russia. And perk up. We get passionarity and then we can’t stop us. Silence - and our streets are stained with blood.
    We believe that the blood of our friend spilled battle is not in vain. Accept, Lord, his soul, warrior of the army of Christ. Eternal memory to the servant of God the warrior Alexander.
  7. +1
    29 May 2014
    Spiders in the bank, by golly! wassat A bunch of downs! PARAShenko contradicts himself, it seems - another "talking head"! However, they did not expect anything else from him! Oligarch, under the "guise" robbing already plundered! Klitschko, "poor fellow", does not know what to do with the Maidan ?! And what do you want, a huge mass of people are already accustomed to the "freebie", no need to work, think about their daily bread! What for? The gardens are sown, the chickens are rushing, the pigs are getting fat! If dispersed - home again, to problems, to unemployment ?! NO! We do not agree, today we have only claims to the dill authorities, tomorrow we will come up with something else! Over the "attempts" of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the dill, it is just right "to shed an abundant tear - they do not obey, they do not want ...! In short, a" menagerie "of some kind with a heap of negative characters! Only one thing unites this whole crowd - Russia is to blame for our problems! laughing
  8. Dbnfkmtdbx
    29 May 2014
    He generally understands what he climbed into, that there’s nothing to steal there anymore, but we don’t control the people there, what’s wrong is the point and the scenario is the same and it seems like a long time crying
  9. 0
    29 May 2014
    We must wait until June 3 and it will be seen what kind of "president" he is.
  10. 0
    29 May 2014
    In connection with the events in Ukraine, various security measures are being considered related to the protection of civilians from attacks. One of these methods is the so-called "no-fly zone" over a particular region. The editor-in-chief of the National Security magazine, military expert Igor Korotchenko believes that the Russian Federation can independently create such a zone over the Donbass in order to avoid casualties from the population. This will be, he explains, a serious political step that will cause serious resonance.

    “Yes, this is one of the mechanisms of real influence on the situation, but I think that such a decision will not pass in the UN Security Council. I think that from a political point of view, this issue should be raised before the Security Council. For this, in particular, it is necessary to show documentary footage the destruction of civilians by the aviation of Ukraine. Alternatively, Russia can go on the introduction of such a zone on its own. To do this, it is enough to bring an air defense force grouping to the Russian-Ukrainian border, which will reliably prevent the conduct of hostilities. This is a strong political move that will cause serious resonance and I believe that within the framework of the decision that was given by the Federation Council, such a scenario may well be. But this is an extreme scenario. This is not the introduction of troops, but this step may be followed by a further wave of sanctions and aggravation of contradictions between Russia and the West, " - Igor Korotchenko explained to Nakanune.RU.

    At the same time, the expert confidently says that there will be no international military conflict. "There will be no international conflict over Ukraine. The country is not a member of NATO. Even if Russia brought troops into the territory of eastern Ukraine, it would not cause any military conflict. The alliance has neither the desire nor the legal ability to respond. I have more than once said that the alliance assesses the risks. What is the risk of real military action between Russia and NATO? This is the risk of multiple nuclear strikes on deployed forces that will take military action against Russia. Why would they take such a risk? Of course, they will not take such a risk. Therefore, I completely exclude the scenario of internationalization, so to speak, a conflict. Let me remind you that the same principle applies to Poroshenko that was formed by Washington in relation to the Nicaraguan dictator Somoz. Then it was literally said: "Of course, this is a son of a bitch, but he is our bitch son. "Poroshenko is a product of American politics, so he will receive all kinds of support. In addition, they will be blocked by torture of Russia or other countries in one way or another to resist him. In particular, we are talking about a punitive operation in the east of the country, "the expert noted. At the same time, he specified that the countries that have the right to vote in NATO will unequivocally reject the decision to introduce a no-fly zone and no arguments will work on them.
    1. +1
      29 May 2014
      vezunchik, why are you so restless! You believe everyone, but not the obvious facts. All this massacre is needed for the entry of US troops to Ukraine. PARAShenka himself personally invites the US Armed Forces to Ukraine (because the Russian Federation has not yet made a decision on the deployment of its troops). This is the main goal of the United States. And if this happens, then they will squeeze everything and everyone and everyone there.
  11. 0
    29 May 2014
    In the end, any bucket is flushed into the toilet. Not long he will last with such statements.
  12. 0
    29 May 2014
    I will certainly speak with Putin to stabilize the situation.

    I would answer:

    And we, as Christians, according to the Christian tradition, exhort with humility and do not want to fight with you, because to you to fight with me is honor, and to me to fight with you is dishonor.

    from the message of Ivan the Terrible Polish King Stefan Batory 1579 of the Year

    In general, I would fully quote. Read.
  13. 0
    29 May 2014
    This six is ​​American! He feels my heart, he will shed not a wine roof in the near future. am
  14. 0
    29 May 2014
    “Barimore, what's the bunch?”
    - a geyparad, sir.
    - Yes? Why are they so noisy?
    - pid ... you sir.
  15. +1
    29 May 2014
    Now these are the last homeless people of the failed “revolution of dignity” that the new mayor is not very worthy of throwing out of a temporary home in a prestigious place in the city center. When sending veterans of the revolution to their provincial slaughtered apartments and huts with living conditions no better than tents, the new owners of Kiev promise that the “heroes” will not remain in oblivion.

    Many more will be seized by self-styled people from the junta that did not create anything, but only brought Ukraine to the bottom of the economy. There will be no pensions or decent salaries for a very long time. The youth will be drafted in the civil war. And all this, as para.sha said, "... with God's kindness and help." Ukrosomali some.
  16. +1
    29 May 2014
    Why did the United States choose Poroshenko as the "beloved wife"? For what such services to the Americans? I think he is the most manageable and predictable. Or was it blackmail for some dark deeds?
    It would be better if I were engaged in my sweet business, because for him it could end very badly! Now he is extreme, and will be responsible for all the evil done!
  17. 0
    29 May 2014
    Well, really, these Ukrainian leaders, the oligarchs, naively believe that they may have some future. As it is, they do not objectively evaluate the situation both in Ukraine and in the world, they don’t see trends.
  18. 0
    29 May 2014
    It will be interesting to see how the junta will now disperse the Maidan. After all, they themselves are not going to diverge.
  19. 0
    29 May 2014
    In general, of course, Putin's inactivity and silence in relation to the DPR and LPR causes great bewilderment. Moreover, even the Russian troops were withdrawn from the Russian-Ukrainian border, which the punishers took advantage of, fearlessly using artillery and aircraft against civilians. Is he so afraid of sanctions? Or did these sanctions affect him personally? After all, there is information about the promise of arrest by the West of his personal accounts in Swiss banks. Scared for your "candy wrappers"? Or did the domestic oligarchs put pressure on him? Then the question arises, why is the border with Russia still not open? Is it difficult to "remove" these unfortunate border barriers? This would greatly facilitate the situation of the fighting, feeding them with Russian weapons and at least volunteers. The border must be opened as soon as possible: there is information about the plans of the Kiev authorities to create a "special" zone saturated with troops on the borders with Russia. Then it will be much more difficult to break through the border. And in general, from the rhetoric of Lavrov and the events of the last week, one gets the impression that the Russian government is going to throw Novorossia at the mercy of punishers. In this regard, the question arises about the role of the Russian people? Where are the rallies in Moscow and other cities demanding immediate help to Novorossiya? And it’s time for Putin to understand that he will not be able to sit behind the Kremlin wall. Clashes at the level of the armed forces can no longer be avoided if Russia wants to remain at least in its former positions in the world, or after the bloody suppression of the Russian uprising in eastern Ukraine, NATO will come close to the borders of Russia in a couple of years. Then the question to the Russian FSB? Why did the rebellion in Tskhinvali get pummeled? What does it do in general? Do not cope - drive the leadership in the th-th mother.
    1. Sagittarius
      29 May 2014
      I got lost because of ignorance of the geography and political map of the North Caucasus region. Tskhinval is the capital of South Ossetia (republic). And protests against the authorities took place in the city of Sukhum - the capital of Abkhazia (republic). As for Putin's silence, a person invested with such a measure of responsibility must weigh all the pros and cons in the development of a particular situation and make the only correct choice. I emphasize: the only correct one. Having succumbed to the emotions and pressure of public opinion, the demands of the environment and make an ill-considered and unweighted move, which at first glance is correct, you can get the situation developing according to the worst scenario.
    2. The comment was deleted.

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