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Less than a month ago we celebrated the greatest and holy holiday of our people - Victory Day.

Unfortunately, it was overshadowed by the events taking place in the once brotherly country - Ukraine. Including on this holy day, the governor of the Kherson region, Yuri Odarchenko, called Adolf Hitler "the liberator from the communist yoke" and "Stalin's tyranny." One of the women present (minus our journalists: the names Nuland, Novodvorskaya or Psaki do not leave the printed and electronic pages, and the name of this courageous woman is globally silenced by all media) snatched the microphone out of his hands and threw it away, having done it boldly and fairly.

Apparently, the governor does not know stories. Neither the Nazi plan “Ost”, according to which all Slavic peoples were declared to be an inferior race to be totally annihilated, nor the composition of the coalition that fought against the “liberator” of Hitler. And in addition to the USSR, it included Britain, the USA and France.

That is, imputing a military confrontation with Nazism to the Soviet people, this infantile broiler, having said “a”, should, according to this logic, also accuse the people of these countries, led by their governments, in the “crime” voiced. Including calling the criminals who organized the suppression of the “freedom” of Svidomo Ukrainians, their leaders: Roosevelt, Churchill and de Gaulle.

Thus, it turns out that today practically the entire civilized world that defeated Nazism is the enemy of the freedom-loving Ukrainian people.

However, there is another contradiction in this logic, namely, the indisputable fact that all the Ukrainian people fought selflessly as part of the Soviet people against the “liberator” Hitler.

The exception was only a small part of the traitors who entered the service of the fascist geeks and played the role of executioners of their own people. A striking illustration of this criminal role is the fate of the Belarusian Khatyn. Therefore, the speech of the Kherson chief testifies that he had in mind the freedom of precisely this part of the degraded representatives of the Ukrainian people. Freedom to kill, burn alive and destroy everyone who does not share their position. What was recently again demonstrated in Odessa - Khatyn-2.

The trouble is that this, previously insignificant part of the Ukrainian people (and in the family - not without a freak), seized power in the country and began to actively reformat the Ukrainian people according to its model. As in American horror films about zombies, where the bite of a person affected by a healthy person leads to its transformation into a zombie. As before, this nation is called the Ukrainians, but in fact it is completely different - its opposite. Therefore, in order to correctly understand the situation and make the right decisions, it is necessary to clearly distinguish between these two different people. And in order to distinguish, it is necessary to call them by different names.

The people who for centuries linked their fate with the entire Russian people should, apparently, continue to be called Ukrainians. That reborn part of it, which in the Russian people began to see its main and only enemy, must be identified by a different name. It is most logical, apparently, to call them Bandera, because they call themselves that and at the same time are not at all ashamed of it.

Then everything falls into place and we begin to understand that we are not dealing with the former Ukrainians, our only brothers, but with an alien and hostile neighbor, who sees the main purpose of its existence in us or our children. on Gilyaku. They have no other ideas uniting this new people.

The results of the recent elections show the deep moral flooding of this nation. If in Zaporizhzhya Sich they impaled for sodomy without any talk, and the hot steppe wind played for a long time with the bones of the fallen in sin, now a tenth of those who came to the polling stations voted for the homosexual openly haggard distress. And the mayor of Kiev elected another pervert, known through the pages of a magazine.

Therefore, the Bandera slogans: “Glory to Ukraine” and “Glory of the Nation” are Freud reservations.

What “fame” can a nation have for perverts, sadists, executioners and murderers of defenseless civilians - the elderly, women and children?

What kind of "glory" can a country have that has betrayed its history, the glory of its ancestors, who defeated fascism and declared traitors and murderers to be heroes?

Such a nation and its state is only a SHAME, nationwide and indelible.

Therefore, the country inhabited by the new people also needs to be called in a new way. Following all the same logic - Banderina.

Then we will be able to objectively evaluate everything that happens in this country, and we will see that the authorities there as a result of an illegal and bloody coup have seized a handful of impostors who started the war to destroy the indigenous Ukrainian people.

This KHUNTA is a kind of COLLECTIVE UKRAINIAN FLOOR. For some evil mysticism, even their names testify to this.

Look at their names: Turchinov, Yatsenyuk, Poroshenko, Klitschko, Avakov. The abbreviation of these surnames will be the TYPKA, that is, the Ukrainian name of the Khmer hoe, by means of which the half-poets, smashing heads to defenseless people, organized a genocide (up to 3,5 million) of the Cambodian people. And let today's scale not confuse anyone: everything is still ahead. Collective Pol Pot is extremely determined, as announced by the new leader, Poroshenko, who was appointed by the Americans as president of Banderina six weeks before the election.

Therefore, the position of all decent people of Banderina who ignored these ELECTIONS WITHOUT ELECTION is quite understandable.

The whole West is still boast of the rule of law and its respect in its territories. The English even have a well-known saying: “Low from Low” (the law is the law), which stops the discussion about the possibility of any actions inconsistent with the law. And it remains only to regret once again that respect for the law in the West also has double standards. Otherwise, no presidential elections in Ukraine, given the presence of a legitimate (albeit far from perfect) president, would not have been recognized by European admirers of the law.

The very first statements of the new pseudo-president Banderina about intensifying the war against the people in the South-East irrefutably testify that a dishonestly elected leader will conduct a dishonest domestic and foreign policy and cannot be recognized in any way. Any negotiations, including on gas, can be conducted only with the legally elected president. And for that, he must be returned to Kiev, and power must be returned to him, as was the case before February 22 of this year. This peace agreement was signed at the time not only by the opposition, but by European guarantors - Germany, France and Poland. To the leaders of these countries, in order not to look like liars in the eyes of the world community, it is necessary to ensure the restoration of legality in Ukraine, at least to the extent that it was before the mentioned date.

If they cannot do it themselves, ask for assistance from Russia. But not the United States. They are not concerned.

And only after the restoration of legitimate authority, no matter how hard this process will be, any negotiations, including on gas, will be possible. With people who, in the most shameless and cynical way, break their promises, to conclude any new treaties is the height of not only political, but also the most ordinary, everyday, naivety.

But the most fundamental way out of this situation will be to reconsider the division of the Soviet Union, for the preservation of which in a national referendum voted over 70% of the population.

At the same time, not to rush to the other extreme and not to include those people who do not wish forcibly into the common state.

The founding documents of the UN recognize the right to secession of PEOPLES, and not TERRITORIES. The USSR was deliberately destroyed not by the borders of the peoples living, but by administrative ones. As a result, Ukraine, contrary to popular opinion, was first cut off from Russia, and then captured by the creeping occupation of Bandera and today is de facto an occupied territory.

Therefore, ideally, in order to prevent a bloody fratricidal war in Ukraine, it is necessary to organize a peaceful referendum, according to the results of which the right to be granted to the population of the oblasts wishing to return to Russia.

Those areas that do not want to return to Russia, let them create their own Bandera. Only under the law of justice, they must pay for the 23-year occupation of the Russian lands and their natural wealth. (But this is another question.)

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  1. siberko
    siberko 29 May 2014 08: 51
    That's when Bendery will affect Europe in their countries; then we'll see how they-bastards will sing
    1. MOISEY
      MOISEY 29 May 2014 08: 55
      Yes, they themselves already understood everything, but now they can’t stop Natsik. Gentlemen began to play undercover games and the situation got out of control.
      1. cucun
        cucun 29 May 2014 09: 36
        Alas, they didn’t understand anything ... They only began to guess a little (Kiev)
    2. persei
      persei 29 May 2014 09: 43
      need help with this
  2. silverwolf88
    silverwolf88 29 May 2014 08: 53
    The new Ukraine ... requires its ideology ... they need to build their hatred for the people of Russia on something ... to justify their stupid policies.
    1. persei
      persei 29 May 2014 09: 49
      the trouble is that 80% of the population is "lying on the couch," ordinary people, ists ... it's too early for them ... and the rest are equally Westerners in western Ukraine and Russian-speaking in the South-East
  3. Standard Oil
    Standard Oil 29 May 2014 08: 56
    Only no one defeated Nazism, only his physical embodiment, the Third Reich, prevailed, and the idea crawled away, temporarily, into a quiet, warm, damp place and was quietly restored there, I must say, not without support from some countries, and now it crawled out to the light and feels good.
  4. svskor80
    svskor80 29 May 2014 09: 05
    The people who for centuries have linked their destiny with the whole Russian people

    In general, I agree with the article, but against the isolation of the Little Russians from the Russian people, we are a single people and should live only together. In the texts this must be emphasized.
    1. Penzyac
      Penzyac 29 May 2014 12: 58
      Quote: svskor80
      The people who for centuries have linked their destiny with the whole Russian people

      In general, I agree with the article, but against the isolation of the Little Russians from the Russian people, we are a single people and should live only together. In the texts this must be emphasized.

      Therefore, the referendum now, even if it could be held, could not be recognized as honest under the conditions of continuous long-term zombie of the population by Ukrainian propaganda through the so-called media.
      First, it is necessary to restore freedom of speech and criminal liability in Ukraine for deliberate misinformation and propaganda of Nazism and perversions, as well as law and order, to denazify the media and government.
      Then, no earlier than a year later, it is possible to hold elections and referenda.
      1. DNR
        DNR 29 May 2014 13: 27
        Not in a year, but in 20 years, when a new generation will grow up, less poisoned by Nazism.
  5. Fantazer911
    Fantazer911 29 May 2014 09: 11
    That's when a free Ukraine will join the EU and then the whole of Europe will howl and the United States (BastardsShakalyAfrost) will dance on their bones rejoicing in success in zombie Ukraine and the collapse of all of Europe in general, although this ogony as a death wall, the states themselves will soon fall apart and fall into sins.
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. siberalt
      siberalt 29 May 2014 11: 55
      And who is going to accept Ukraine into the EU? Associate membership is not yet involved.
      1. Penzyac
        Penzyac 29 May 2014 13: 04
        Quote: siberalt
        And who is going to accept Ukraine into the EU? Associate membership is not yet involved.

        EU Ukraine is needed only as a colony, but not as a full member. "Old Europe" with already accepted "Young Europeans" does not know what to do.
  6. Berkut-UA
    Berkut-UA 29 May 2014 09: 28
    Everything seemed to be right ... until
    Any negotiations, including on gas, can only be conducted with a legally elected president. And for this, he must be returned to Kiev, and the power should be returned to him, as it was before February 22 this year. This peace agreement was signed at one time not only by the opposition, but by European guarantors - Germany, France and Poland. The leaders of these countries, in order not to look like bullies in the eyes of the world community, must ensure the restoration of law in Ukraine, at least to the extent that it was before the mentioned date.

    All the guarantors did not give a damn about their own signature. And they do not consider themselves "liars",
    they are from shitty countries.
    And who will put ALL unloved Yanyka, even if it is a lesser evil ....
  7. Gagarin
    Gagarin 29 May 2014 09: 34
    I just can’t wait for the western earnings season to open and the seriously tuned maidanuts will flood into Geyropa ...
  8. Monster_Fat
    Monster_Fat 29 May 2014 10: 23
    Oh, how all of many "couch" "poztreotov" are simply to blame for everything, you see: Ukrainian "fascists", "Bendera", oligarchs are coming out and other "enemies". And if you "open your eyes" and look at the problem of the loss of Ukraine, honestly, without bias? Russia lost the "battle for Ukraine" back in 93, when the popularly elected parliament was shot and instead of a parliamentary republic began to build a tsarist-oligarchic system, which was slyly called the "presidential republic." Here they write primitively that the "European" choice of Ukraine is, they say, the choice between gays, lesbians and other perverts and normal people, that this is the loss of sovereignty, enslavement, etc. In fact, the "European" choice of Ukraine is it is primarily a choice between equality of all before the law, and not, as in Russia, nepotism, the priority of confidants, relatives, "servants", "friends", etc. The "European" choice is, first of all, clear and fair rules of doing business and labor rules, and not like we have in Russia, everything is "in terms of" and "as the master said, it will be so", corruption, etc. "European" choice is an honest and fair court, not "Basmanny" , as in Russia. "European" choice is a decent wage and working conditions, not "gray" wages and slave, powerless labor, as in Russia. And so on and so forth. In addition, “being with Russia” means constantly being at the forefront of criticism from the West, constantly taking “slaps in the face” with it from the United States and the West, etc. So that it is possible and necessary to understand Ukrainians. And it is not necessary to blame everything on the "Bendera", "fascists" and others, the enemies who pushed Ukraine away from Russia are in our country. For all the time after the collapse of the USSR, we have stood and built a society that has no attraction for any of the normal people, so you shouldn't be surprised at the "European" choice of Ukrainians.
    1. revnagan
      revnagan 29 May 2014 11: 12
      Quote: Monster_Fat
      The "European" choice is an honest and fair court, not a "Basmanny" one, as in Russia.

      Forgive me, I don’t want to offend you, but how did you, being so naive, pass natural selection? Take at least the court that you admire. Which side did this court take when dividing the Black Sea shelf near Zmeiny Island? By all laws, most of this is the shelf should belong to Ukraine. But ... "the fairest court in the world" recognized O. Zmeiny as Ukrainian territory, but the shelf around him was Romanian. Learn - the spitting of professionals. Ukraine has worn out, but why, the European vector of development has been chosen, the court too European, everything is “fair.” And after that you: “so big, but you’re in the shoes!” Well, well.
      1. Monster_Fat
        Monster_Fat 29 May 2014 11: 49
        Serpentine, say ... Well, as far as I know, the International Court of Justice has taken into account the views of both parties and made a compromise decision on which both sides signed both Ukraine and Romania. Here is information about this: That is there OPINION OF BOTH PARTIES was taken into account and a COMPROMISE decision was made.
        And, here is information about how this happens in Russia (a gift to China):

        And, here's how the "sweet couple" gave the Norwegians a huge part of our shelf

        om-more /
        Few? Well, then here's another one:
        Maybe also, recall how many billions of dollars the "sweet couple" "forgave" our debtors around the world, but "rested and in any way" does not want to help those whom you all call "brothers", "one people", etc.?
    2. Bormental
      Bormental 29 May 2014 12: 14
      Whatever system Russia builds, Ukraine is its initial betrayal by definition.
      1. Penzyac
        Penzyac 29 May 2014 13: 14
        Quote: Bormental
        Whatever system Russia builds, Ukraine is its initial betrayal by definition.

        I didn’t understand who betrayed whom: Ukraine, Russia, Russia, Ukraine or each other mutually?
    3. MIA1978
      MIA1978 29 May 2014 12: 21
      It is not annoying that a coup took place in Ukraine, but the fact that the Nazis bred there, and those with whom my grandfathers fought ...
      It seems that not everyone was killed (((
    4. The comment was deleted.
    5. VNP1958PVN
      VNP1958PVN 29 May 2014 12: 42
      It was from the excesses of freedom that they told you - you and rushed to destroy your own people!
    6. DNR
      DNR 29 May 2014 13: 42
      Nobody argues with the European "choice".
      They want to go to Europe - let them go. For 23 years, where could you not enter? Even, probably, in the league of African natives :).
      But they want to enter Europe at the expense of hatred of Russia (they simply don’t accept it differently, otherwise it will work) !!! And while there are still discounts on energy resources, preferences on industrial contracts, agricultural. On what basis?
      Since Europe - so, excuse me, Europe.
      Hence the hatred - there was no need to support this "freebie". You look - and there would be no hatred if the conditions of interaction were European?
  9. Giant thought
    Giant thought 29 May 2014 10: 29
    First of all, it is necessary to take away our Russian lands, which they unfairly presented to Ukraine, even if it will not be quite beautiful, but we will take away our gifts. And you, gentlemen, Ukrainians, stay with what you had originally.
  10. VD chauvinist
    VD chauvinist 29 May 2014 11: 17
    This territory should be designated something like this:

    Ya_tsenyuk (Yarosh)
    T__imoshenko (Turchinov, Tyagnibok)
    K__Lomoisky (Klitschko)
    They have freaks on two of them typed.
  11. 3vs
    3vs 29 May 2014 11: 33
    I was indignant in this video that a woman with a child pulled out a microphone,
    and standing behind this "governor" military, decorated with orders stood and stupidly silent!
    This c ~ dragger simply had to be kicked off the rostrum for such words.
    1. Bormental
      Bormental 29 May 2014 12: 16
      At GlavRadioOnline, Misha Yuryev clearly noted that people who are not afraid of machine guns are often afraid of "bosses".
  12. Semenov
    Semenov 29 May 2014 11: 53
    For the USSR to appear again, a new Stalin is needed and an idea for which you can lay your life (or powerful propaganda). And a single history textbook with class teachers, so that "velikoukry" and "liberators of Hitler with Bandera" do not appear!
  13. Saturn43
    Saturn43 29 May 2014 13: 04
    If you want to defeat the enemy, raise his children (Eastern wisdom)

    She found the highest level of development in the Ottoman Empire. The Janissaries of the Guard of the Sultan are fearless and merciless. For this purpose, Slavic children were specially caught in the Balkans and taught: 1 Military valor 2 Love for the Sultan. those who did not show due zeal were demonstrably ruthlessly destroyed

    Today, a whole generation of Russophobes has grown in Ukraine. Although the older generation still holds them back (except for the Banderlog estates - Galicia), it is already becoming clear that without Russian intervention we will get 40 Russophobes in 000 years. If today the people of Russia will ignore the Ukrainian events, then our children will have to pay for everything and a lot of blood
  14. Turk
    Turk 29 May 2014 13: 25
    Quote: MIA1978
    It is not annoying that a coup took place in Ukraine, but the fact that the Nazis bred there, and those with whom my grandfathers fought ...
    It seems that not everyone was killed (((

    Remaining to the doctor ....
  15. Elena Pavlova
    Elena Pavlova 29 May 2014 13: 42
    Thanks to the author. And here is the name of the woman who selected the microphone is not necessary to sound, demoniac missing.
  16. Palladium900
    Palladium900 29 May 2014 13: 59
    Apparently, the governor does not know history at all ..
    Yes, he knows everything, he just feeds people shit, but people really like it and he asks for a bigger spoon .. Even those who were normal became Svidomo. This is what the uncontrolled (anti-state) work of the west-controlled (enemy) media is. And generally the fifth column ...