Some considerations from past wars. Information for the command of the DNI and LC

Some considerations from past wars. Information for the command of the DNI and LC

The site editorial RUSSIAN DOSOR received the following letter from reader Vyacheslav:

Good day! If you have the opportunity to bring the following information to the command of the DNR and the LC, I will be grateful to you. The following are some of the considerations for the experience of past wars.

In view of the lack of a large number of armored vehicles and the nature of the Donbass area in the army of Novorossia, it would be wise to adopt the tactics of the Chadian-Libyan conflict and the Libyan war, namely the massive use of civilian vehicles: pickups or any off-road vehicles equipped with them. Preference is given to frame off-road vehicles with large internal volume and good maintainability (for example, “UAZ-patriot”). The cars are completely cut off the top to improve the view and sector of fire, all windows, except for the frontal ones, are removed; whenever possible, the driver’s seat (door, car forehead) is reinforced with armor cut from broken armored vehicles and screwed onto M12 bolts… .16, or plates of body armor. In the absence of the latter, in front of the bumper and on the front doors a thick sheet of iron with a thickness of at least 5 mm must be strengthened. Boards can also be additionally booked or enhanced with iron sheets, depending on engine power and suspension stiffness. The machine is installed on the floor and is welded to the supporting elements of the welded frame, made of pipes or angle; can be used and regular turrets and machines, which are mounted weapons. These can be machine guns "Cliff", "Kord", KPV (T) (in the case of using KPVT, the machine gun is being developed by installing handles and sighting devices), various anti-aircraft guns. In addition to machine-guns, the machines can be equipped with launchers of unguided missiles (NURS) on self-made guides. According to the experience of using NURS in Libya, even regular blocks of NURS helicopters can be used for this purpose. Various recoilless guns, launchers, mortars can also be installed. And, of course, they can be installed Igr-type air defense systems, turning the car into a kind of anti-aircraft complex, which has high mobility. The experience of recent wars has shown that machines equipped in this way have a significant advantage over even Hummers or their counterparts due to their mobility, maintainability and versatility of the tasks to be solved. For the same purposes, a loaf, any small trucks and their chassis can also be used. The tactics of using techniques prepared in this way are based on the guerrilla tactics of “hit-run” - the fastest possible advancement of several vehicles (or two or three groups with mutual cover from different directions), possibly with troops, to enemy checkpoints / positions under the cover of “green stuff” and terrain folds; powerful shelling from on-board armaments and the withdrawal of attacking groups under cover of their positions in the task of “raid” and complete destruction and cleansing of enemy positions with troops in the task of destroying the group or positions of the enemy. The combat experience of using such vehicles shows that with their massive and active use, the enemy’s advantage in manpower (especially when it is poorly prepared) and armored vehicles is leveled. aviation and just as quickly change their location after shelling air targets. In addition, such machines are extremely effective when firing NURSs in areas, because they have the ability to quickly and covertly advance to positions, and after firing - quickly leave their positions.

Quite frequent cases of the death of fighters as a result of the shelling of unarmored trucks also require additional reinforcement, as shown, in particular, by Chechnya and Afghanistan. Below is a variant of the improvised rework and amplification of the truck used in Chechnya. First of all, it is necessary to alter the body. Boards and awning should remain as they were. The boards themselves are strengthened as follows: a corner is welded to the floor of the tailgate body so that a rim ten centimeters high is formed. Through the same corner of the floor in the car is divided into equal squares approximately 100 * 100, see these cells are covered with clean sand. From above - a metal sheet with a thickness of at least 5 mm. This should protect against small fragments, ricochets from below, and mines from below. The boards at a distance of 8-10 cm are also reinforced by a sheet of steel with a thickness of at least 5mm. The gap is also filled with clean fine sand without impregnations of stone and pebbles. The top of the board can be edged with a channel. The tailgate should also be reinforced with a cast iron with a thickness of at least 5 mm, and its height should be higher than the standard board on the 30-40 cm, which will provide good protection from behind. Regular constipation should also be removed and replaced with reinforced, opening from the inside. This is necessary in order for the tailgate to be quickly deployed, and the landing party to leave the body. The loopholes can also be made in the sides, so that the landing force can fire along the vehicle without having to lean out of the side, without leaving the body, if this is not necessary. In addition, in the body can be installed additional tanks for fuel to increase the range of the truck without additional refueling. For this, tanks are equipped with taps to drain fuel into the main tank. The tent itself must also be redone. For this, all fastening loops are cut (or bent), the wire is sewn into the bottom of the awning along its entire length. Each 30-40 cm in the bottom of the tent in the hole is sealed eye. For every two eyes, a check is made of steel wire with a ring under the arm, which passes into a hole in the board. Four plates are welded on a stand-arc in two places under an awning. The spring fixed to the cover is attached to the eye in the center of the arc through the hole in the awning, the plates under the awning are not allowed to come off. If necessary, the bottom of the tent can be dramatically pulled out. Under the action of the spring awning sharply bulging on the roof of the body, providing a full overview. Alteration of the awning of this kind is necessary not only for quick cleaning of the awning, but also to disguise any truck under the usual "civilian" transport. When the machine approaches the target, or it catches up any single vehicle of the enemy, the awning rises abruptly and the landing force unexpectedly attacks from the body, using the surprise factor, thus providing a kind of “mobile ambush”.

Due to the fact that the enemy began to actively use aviation, the movement of large forces requires the dispersal of troops on several vehicles, while it is more desirable to use pick-ups, "natural" or self-made, than large trucks.
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  1. +17
    29 May 2014 07: 36
    In the army of New Russia, too, not wild Makhnovists are unorganized:
    1. The city of Anthracite and its environs is controlled by a detachment that maintains the highest possible level of discipline for irregular voluntary formation. Discipline is supported by the forces at the level of a suitable belligerent regular army. With me, the daily headquarters received a terrible dispersal for leaving the post for a minute without passing it to anyone. With me, two fighters were crucified as children because they left their personal weapons unattended for several seconds. Seeing the assault rifles attached to the wall, the senior comrades immediately tidied them up and sent the unlucky warriors to the authorities for a brainstorm.

    2. The command of the detachment in the army is centralized, with the involvement of the local population, the rear and economic support are perfectly adjusted. Fighters receive hot food several times a day, have the opportunity to relax and sleep well after being on duty at the posts. Even the distribution of washing between local residents has been established. The fighters are not threatened to get tired and bored.

    3. The detachment, so far at least, enjoys the full confidence and support of the population. People come to the headquarters and ask how they can help. They bring money, food, change clothes, and other household appliances. For some time I stood at the entrance, waiting for a reception from my superiors, and redirected the people who were approaching me to the side of the militia unit.

    4. The detachment is constantly replenished with local residents, mainly those who have already served in the army. During the day, more than a dozen of only those whom I saw myself signed up and received weapons. This is really a squad of volunteers. The uniforms and equipment of the fighters are just the same pirduha of the voentorgs of all Russia of the last twenty years. Gorki, all kinds of ours and NATO camouflage, which are also loose ankle boots. Surprisingly little newfangled "polite" number. The body kit - from the old Soviet model of the PM holster to fashionable unloading platforms on the MOLLE. For some, freshly purchased sets of pouches of sandy colors look very shocking on a dark "forest" camouflage. But people are not checkers, people need to go. I was finally struck by the classic 10-shot "unloading" seen on one of the fighters to the GP25 with straps rewound with tape. People are very happy to go. People for the most part are laconic, stern middle-aged men, many, if not most, are local. (How did I determine? So I was there on the 11th, I saw how many people approached the ballot box.)

    5. The most important thing. The detachment is constantly and centrally engaged in combat training. Nobody distributes weapons just like that, for appearance. Classes are constantly being conducted with people who are not on duty. They master perfectly the whole range of available infantry weapons - assault rifles, RPK and PKM machine guns, sniper rifles, and anti-tank infantry weapons. Classes are taught by instructors from the Soviet school, relying on the most modern experience. When I was there, they made out the receipt of several RPGs from the warehouse with shots for the _next_ such occupation. Once again, who did not understand. People "stream" skilled grenade launcher crews. And snipers. Draw conclusions. Well, yes, all weapons and ammunition are on the strictest record. To whom, where, how much. There is no "spread of weapons around the huts."
    1. +2
      29 May 2014 09: 17
      Like a balm for the soul. It’s very nice to hear that the Donbass army isn’t drunk ... and it’s quite professional and disciplined
  2. +6
    29 May 2014 07: 38
    Although the situation is certainly very difficult ...

    Subtotal - 3 ...

    May 28, 2014 at 11:22 PM

    Yesterday was a hard day. In all senses. There was no strength or mood to write anything ...

    First they called from Slavyansk, from the detachment to which we collect the cargo. They have big losses.

    Then he called the Stakhanovites, and in the middle of the conversation - "We have an alarm! ... I'll call you back!" A man, grabbing a machine gun, runs away to the checkpoint, and you sit, wondering - what happened there? will everyone come back?

    In the evening they already called from Lugansk: "Damn, guys, we have an ass here! The armored column cuts us off from the border, crumbles everything in its path - raise up the authorities, we urgently need help! Otherwise, in two days we will only need coffins." After all, they sincerely believe that there are some "bosses" behind my back, and behind my back there are only a couple of hundred strangers who have transferred money to them for equipment. :-(

    From the good: they managed to throw the last tranche into Stakhanov, in total they have 20 MNT on their hands. Today it was reported that the first batch of "musical instruments" has already been paid for.
    1. 0
      29 May 2014 08: 32
      Well, at least something, and then on Bandera resources, there is generally a pipe business. hi
  3. Alexey N
    29 May 2014 07: 39
    Applicable, subject to suppression ukrovvs.
    And according to Strelkov:
    "according to not fully verified information, the junta equips its helicopters with the ADROS system (designed to actively protect helicopters from guided missiles with infrared homing heads of various types), which may be due to the fact that, despite the shelling, not a single helicopter was shot down . "
    1. +1
      29 May 2014 07: 51
      Quote: Alexey N
      Applicable, subject to suppression ukrovvs.

      This is possible only if the Russian Air Force begins to suppress them ... So the guys need to rely only on their fast legs.
      1. Alexey N
        29 May 2014 08: 17
        Accuracy and lead are also useful
  4. +2
    29 May 2014 07: 41
    Interesting information. They are fighting in Syria. Moreover, the Assad Syrian army is also engaged in remaking civilian equipment under armored carriers of airborne weapons. And moreover, they are effectively used.
    1. +4
      29 May 2014 08: 29
      It is very correct and timely, and given the industrial potential of Donbass, this does not pose any particular problems at all. The militia of the South-East - you can arm yourself with your own hands. As for the equipment of dill aviation with means of protection against MANPADS with infrared homing heads, then there is a way out - remove weapons from the dill lined with armor and make your own mobile equipment! My friend served in Afghanistan (commanded the autobat) and when the spirits got his columns, he solved the issue very simply and effectively: he removed the turret with a padded BMP, his craftsmen installed it in the back of a KAMAZ, pulled a mask on top of the arcs and made a connection to the cockpit. technicians, spirits see that there are only "barbukhaikas" in the column, and here they are surprised. Everyone is happy, everyone laughs (except for the bearded ones). Guys, you have a wide field for imagination - go for it and God help you!
  5. +8
    29 May 2014 07: 44
    I’ll add from myself: landmines in the directions of movement of mechanized fascist groups and traps of false groups for aviation (helicopters - I see they fly on roofs in general) 2 RPG (one in the forehead, the other in the tail or two frontal shots)
    And more! - strict prohibition! - vodka kills in a war quickly !!!!
  6. talnax7
    29 May 2014 07: 51
    There are metallurgical factories' people who know how to hold the cutter correctly So soon we will see hand-made armored vehicles
  7. Alex_Popovson
    29 May 2014 07: 52
    How tired these advisers are. Let that one who advises it, here goes to DNR and does.
    1. +3
      29 May 2014 08: 41
      What are you waiting for! Citizen "grumbler", I would have been at least forty years old, I would have been in Donbass for a long time. And who needs, as the German Volkssturmists used to say: "Neie waffe-wier alten affen"! (New weapons are we old monkeys) And advice sometimes it is also useful to give, especially from those who somewhere and once participated ... It's a pity that our leaders do not want to repay for our pilots shot down in South Ossetia by mercenaries from Ukraine, you yourself do not want to - give the militia the latest MANPADS, from which will "land" all who want to earn on the blood of civilians.
  8. Dbnfkmtdbx
    29 May 2014 07: 53
    Now I watched Avakov’s speeches on YouTube where he didn’t spit on everyone after Kadyrov’s speech, I didn’t understand even he didn’t give a damn about Kadyrov’s words wassat Avakov seems to have imagined that he is eternal or something I don’t understand. He needs to suggest that these guys with beards do not have a sense of humor more carefully, otherwise the spit will go to Chechnya angry
  9. +4
    29 May 2014 07: 59
    Almost everything said in the article has the right to life, with some adaptation for the presence of one or another weapon.
    Metal in the Donbass VALOM, productions capable of modifying at a high technical level is the same ...
    The thing is small, you need to START ...
    1. The comment was deleted.
  10. +1
    29 May 2014 08: 10
    Article minus. Counselors and strategists divan divorced. Strelkov himself knows how to fight them. It would be better if the strategists went and helped on the spot. There you need fighters, not advice.
    1. vedross
      29 May 2014 09: 01
      The young Russian republics need to help everyone, including and good advice !!!
    2. 0
      29 May 2014 11: 19
      Quote: woron333444
      There you need fighters, not advice.

      That's right, yes, there are more "tools" for fighters ... Bows against armored personnel carriers are not weapons, but KPVT or a howitzer at home will not be welded.
    3. 0
      29 May 2014 13: 17
      Quote: woron333444
      Counselors and strategists divan divorced. Strelkov himself knows how to fight them.

      Strelkov certainly knows, only you give him mobile armored vehicles, let him make homemade ones, then things will go more fun. And this can very well be done by metalworkers.
      In Kramatorsk, there is a metal plant and a bunch of machine-building plants. And with such a mat base, the DPR army is without armor.
  11. -1
    29 May 2014 08: 11
    I think that the Novorossia’s command has enough military experience and knowledge to work out the tactics of actions and equipping detachments. We have a joke on the forum: Why can’t you have a woman on a flower bed? Taki for ..... ut tips! wassat
  12. ed65b
    29 May 2014 08: 22
    It is necessary to attract instructors from Chechnya from the "former" and move on to a mine war. Lay land mines and blow up columns.
    1. +2
      29 May 2014 08: 44
      Quote: ed65b
      It is necessary to attract instructors from Chechnya from the "former" and move on to a mine war. Lay land mines and blow up columns.
      And it had to be done "the day before yesterday".
      For almost a month (!), The leadership of the DPR "drove the Murka", instead of preventing the transfer of troops and heavy weapons of the Nazis along the regional railways.
      Now Alas, "the enemy is at the gates", it is necessary to "invent" a different tactic ...
  13. 0
    29 May 2014 08: 33
    It is often heard at the forum: "If Russia does not send troops, then at least let it help with weapons."
    And such thoughts arise. Oh well. The militia "cut through" a window on the border. They drove from Russia ... well, not an echelon, but a convoy of vehicles with weapons. And then what? It will not be possible to disperse it immediately, if you believe that strict accounting has been established. This means that somewhere it should be centrally stored, at least for some time. The Kiev junta will surely learn about this. Then a massive attack on the warehouse. The militia has enough strength to wage a guerrilla war, dashing attacks, followed by a withdrawal. Positionally defending - certain death - will be mixed with the ground by artillery and aviation. Who gets the weapon in the end? ..
  14. +7
    29 May 2014 08: 34
    I read the note and already grunted ...
    Well, it seems that there’s nothing to blame the author for, he is trying to help and at the same time, the level of “advisers” is already going through the roof - articles are already written in the name of the militias ...
    Well, not Chad here, and not Libya ... Well, for that matter, at least the experience of Afghanistan and the Czech Republic should be used, EXPERIENCE.

    Until now, they have been quite effective mobile and active defense. Now voiced the formation of sabotage groups.
    And the technique?

    And the technique appears that which will be necessary, based on the STRATEGY, OPERATIONAL SITUATION AND THE TACTICS OF THE COMBATING ACTION.

    It's just that with the current domination of aviation, these "African cars" will be the main target of the hunt - pilots don't even need to think about who is in front of them ...

    Guys know better.
    1. +2
      29 May 2014 08: 49
      Quote: Aleks tv
      Guys know better.
      What do you think, it would hurt to strengthen the protection of the car carrying the militia, in this case the fighters of the Donetsk battalion "Vostok"?
      1. 0
        29 May 2014 09: 20
        Quote: Corsair
        Would it hurt to strengthen the protection of the vehicle carrying the militia, in this case the fighters of the Donetsk Vostok battalion?

        For transporting fighters?
        Corsair, of course, doesn’t hurt. Definitely.
        All that is at hand is at least the same logs as we did.
        But do not do it with paranoia (upgrade in the garage for several days) - if it is a car for transportation ...

        But if TACTICS change and "Cars" will be required ... there the car needs to be scalded ON THE MASK. There is nothing to say ...
        1. +1
          29 May 2014 09: 27
          Quote: Aleks tv
          But if TACTICS changes and "Cars" are required ... there the car needs to be scalded ON THE MASK. There is nothing to say ...

          Exactly - when required...
          For example with complete dominance from the air the carts were well protected, maneuverable and showed high combat effectiveness.

          Photo: Urus-Martan Rabochie Horses (not Kamaz) ... beams and steel sheets.
          I still remember them with warmth.
          Eheh ...
  15. -1
    29 May 2014 08: 46
    I do not evaluate the article. In my opinion, giving advice over the Internet is at least stupid. There should be local professional instructors, not articles by Internet experts. Since there is a confrontation between the militia and the regular army, then the advice should come from professionals who were taught sabotage war, as well as guerrilla and counter-guerrilla warfare.
  16. sensey
    29 May 2014 08: 52
    It is necessary to develop a scheme of improvised anti-aircraft systems, kinematics tied to a web camera.
    because At the moment, the air behind the junta is the simplest image processing program for tracking targets in the air and aiming machine guns using electric motors for these purposes.
    so that it would be possible to assemble on a knee to connect to a computer, to hit targets. Where can smart guys give us such TK?
  17. 0
    29 May 2014 09: 02
    Even though we had a country of Soviets in general, it was a very good country. I do not agree that everything that is advised on the site is unnecessary. It's just that comrades from the South-East can use something, and something not based on the situation. There is a civil war, the forms and methods of this are constantly changing. I can advise, for my part, you can use "garlic" against armored personnel carriers and other wheeled vehicles, these are five sharpened pieces of reinforcement welded together, as you do not throw one always looks up. Scattered along the road, let them go. Can be combined with the installation of stretch marks. Well, to press pilots on the air, try to suppress negotiations with aircraft controllers, if there is no moral pressure, they have a database. Sugar in fuels and lubricants, etc. A civil war with a shortage of everything and everything among the militias always forces them to invent something. God help them.
  18. +1
    29 May 2014 09: 33
    In war, all means are good, even sugar in the tank. While the Ukrainian guard wanders in search of craps and booze, it is quite possible to pour sweet as a gift. Even if at least one unit is disabled in this way there will already be a plus.
  19. komrad.klim
    29 May 2014 10: 19
    Yes! I agree. With some comments. Guerrilla warfare. Echelons downhill. Experience of grandfathers is. Even in the deep rear of the enemy. It is necessary to create specials. detachments. War! Here or you and you!
  20. 0
    30 May 2014 10: 28

    "Russian Orthodox": Donetsk militia rap

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