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ILA flight program on weekday

There are few signatures, but a lot of pictures.

2. Gripen.

3. A lot of trains pass over Berlin, the picture is much more interesting with them - the main thing is to catch them.

4. Climb higher - removed from the balcony Airbus.

5. But below is more interesting.

6. Extra-300 diverged quite far apart. I sort of stood in the center, but for whom the planes worked, it was not clear.



9. On weekdays, there are not many people, the first three days are considered days for specialists and the flight program is average.

10. Admission ticket for adults is 22 euro. Children go for 14.

11. Imitation of air combat with Tornado.


13. Ice cream - from 2 euro.

14. Spectators on the background of a chancellery helicopter.

15. Nimble Eurofighter with a small aviation.

16. Tiger.

17. And who is this? CH-53.

18. Lynx.

19. Tigers accompany Hercules takeoff.

20. I am writing in the evening, stupid and asking - is this exactly Hercules? And no. This is C-160. And now let's see how many people will write in the comments that I incorrectly signed the 19 picture.




24. Formations of Tornado, Eurofighter and A310.

25. How to get here, I do not know. Has anyone tried?

26. Lynx & Tiger

27. Tigers are not striped.

28. Sometimes A380 on echelon.

29. Again the glider.

30. That's what happens if you lie on the grass and take a picture of lying.

31. Sometimes something sits outside the flight traffic.

32. E-fan

33. The most environmentally friendly mode of transport, but enough of his flight just an hour. And if the aerobatics to twist, then 20 minutes.

34. Tribune for the press in Zhemir the very end of statics. By the time you reach, you will remember twenty times with a kind word from the organizers who make fotiks to cut 2 km on foot to the place. By the way, write about the organization? Something I did not like much compared to previous salons.

35. The most striking performance was the pilotage of the Turkish F-16.

36. He came off smoothly and walked for a long time over the strip.

37. And then 15 minutes of vigorous music.


39. Periodically shot back, making a barrel.

40. Flying up a tum!

41. And back.



44. The fumes, along with the shooting look great!


ILA flight program on weekday


47. I like this picture.








55. Whew!

56. Pretty boy!

57. And at this time we are being watched.

58. Show turntables. 145 Eurocopter?

59. NH90.

60. A rather difficult task is to catch a sharp turntable and smear the screws on the 1 / 60 shutter speed at a focal length of 800 mm. 1 photo comes from 30.

61. This time it turned out two things more or less sharp.


63. Again Eurocopter released parachutists.


65. Graceful forms.


67. L-159 Aero Vodochody.


69. Zipper back and forth and up and down. Boredom))

70. Only echelons rescue aerobatics.

71. Three Texan pilots - with limited mobility. Handsome men in general!

72. Here afirsov wrote about them.



75. Little birds want to be big planes too!


77. That is such a beauty!


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  1. KuigoroZHIK
    KuigoroZHIK 28 May 2014 10: 31
    good Thanks to the author for these pictures!
  2. inkass_98
    inkass_98 28 May 2014 10: 52
    The author, as always, well done! Both beautiful and interesting. hi
  3. svyach74
    svyach74 28 May 2014 11: 01
    wink Yes, you rarely meet a girl who loves aviation, and who knows it, the more pleasant it is to watch these photos! Thank you so much!
  4. AVV
    AVV 28 May 2014 11: 05
    Without our planes, it’s boring and not bright, there isn’t the core that would adorn the air show !!! And the photos themselves are good!
  5. igor64
    igor64 28 May 2014 11: 06
    thanks to the author for the report, wonderful photos and a sense of humor
  6. Free wind
    Free wind 28 May 2014 14: 29
    Ma'am, you are just lovely !!!!!!
  7. mr.Man
    mr.Man 28 May 2014 17: 41
    Thank you! fellow
    Cool photos...
    1st, 53rd and 54th good
  8. Boomer
    Boomer 28 May 2014 22: 17
    Beauty! But our aircraft will be more reliable!
  9. Peacemaker
    Peacemaker 30 May 2014 16: 33
    I would say: our planes are more impressive, one kind of thrill, and aerobatics - admiration!
  10. Peacemaker
    Peacemaker 30 May 2014 16: 34
    The smoke looks beautiful
  11. Peacemaker
    Peacemaker 30 May 2014 16: 37
    I can imagine how hard it was to turn a long and heavy lens! Thank.