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"Master class" of internal troops

To meet the challenges of security, highly qualified specialists are required.

“Military Industrial Courier” offers the readers an interview with General of the Army Nikolai ROGOZHKIN. As Deputy Minister of the Interior - Commander-in-Chief of the Interior Troops of the Ministry of the Interior of Russia, he spoke about the tasks facing the personnel and how to solve them. While the issue was being prepared for publication, Nikolai Rogozhkin was appointed plenipotentiary representative of the Russian president in the Siberian Federal District, and the first deputy minister of the interior was Viktor Zolotov, commander-in-chief of the internal troops of the Interior Ministry.

- Nikolai Evgenievich, in December last year in an interview with our newspaper you said that the operational training activities regularly deal with the recruitment of internal troops with contract soldiers. In particular, it is known that recently an instructional gathering was held in Moscow with the sergeant staff of the Russian Interior Ministry troops. What is the reason for such close attention to this topic, what are the results of the work?

- The troops are currently solving extremely important tasks of ensuring security both at the international and at the domestic level. The main condition for their successful implementation is high professionalism and moral and psychological readiness of the personnel. Achieve the required performance is possible only in the process of long-term education and training. Therefore, we pin special hopes on the staffing of the internal troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation mainly based on the contract method. By the end of 2015, we hope to have at least 80 thousands of military personnel serving under contract as soldiers and sergeants. Already today, more than 70 percent of these posts are staffed.

In the spring of 2013, legislation was amended to give commanders the right to independently accept candidates for service under the contract, bypassing the military commissariat. This not only had a positive effect on the time of admission, but also allowed managers to choose from several applicants on a competitive basis.

- Who is now connecting his life with military service? What are the quantitative and qualitative characteristics of military personnel serving under contract for non-commissioned and non-commissioned positions in the military?

- These are mainly young people of 23 – 30 years — both men and women. Most of them have a secondary vocational education, about 15 percent - graduates of higher educational institutions. About eight thousand have received additional education or are studying.

Over 35 thousands of soldiers and sergeants entered into a contract for a second, third time. Given that about half of them are married and raise children, we can conclude: people continue to serve consciously, feeling confident in the future. They know that they can keep their families at a decent level.

- As we see, the internal troops have done a great job in moving to a contract. What problems are revealed and how are you going to solve them?

- The first experiments on the recruitment of professionals were carried out since the mid 90-s. So we have experience in this business. We are well aware that staffing units is only half the solution of the problem. The main thing in this work is the organization of comprehensive training of selected military personnel, the arrangement of their life and life, the provision of all conditions for effective service and combat activities.

In order to determine the ways to solve these tasks, a training and methodological gathering with sergeants and foremen serving under contract was held at the main command of the internal troops from 22 to 24 in April.

- Could you tell us more about it?

- For the first time we conducted such an educational-methodical gathering at the scale of troops. It was attended by more than 250 sergeants and petty officers, including from the composition of the formed military units stationed in the Crimean Federal District.

"Master class" of internal troopsOn the first day of the gathering, the participants were divided into groups depending on the military specialty. Together with the heads of departments of the main command of the troops, a round table was held in each group, at which officers and sergeants discussed issues of service and combat activities, peculiarities of money, housing, food and medical care, social protection, and talked about pressing problems.

The next day, the sergeants as part of their groups went to classes in the Special Operations Division, a training regiment located in Elektrostal, and a training center for the protection of important state-owned facilities in Lunevo near Moscow. The participants in the collection not only familiarized themselves with new approaches in the organization of combat training, daily and service-combat activities, but also saw new models of weapons, military and special equipment.

For example, for special forces and intelligence officers, their colleagues from the Separate Operational Division organized demonstration classes in high-altitude and special tactical training, presented modern unmanned aerial vehicles, sights and engineering reconnaissance equipment, and also shared experience in conducting training in firing training. And at the end of the lesson, each sergeant had the opportunity to go to the firing line and, in practice, work out the material presented by the instructor.

The scientific-practical conference on the subject of “Recruiting military posts of units of internal troops with contract servicemen and passing military service by them” became the logical conclusion of the training-methodical collection with the non-commissioned officers. Problems and solutions. ”

Colonel General Sergei Bunin, Chief of the General Staff of the Interior Forces of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, made a report on the results of manning under the contract and the prospects for career growth of military personnel. He noted that the increase in the level of combat training of a contract sergeant is directly connected with the ability of military units to perform service and combat missions for their intended purpose. In turn, his professional growth is matched with the dynamics of the socio-economic situation. On average, in the predicted conditions, it is expected to form a high-class specialist within six years, the cash content of which will be more than doubled during this time. At the same time, he will be able to get permanent housing through the military mortgage system.

On the problems of strengthening the rule of law and law and order in the internal troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, the Chief of the Chief Military Prosecutor’s Office, Major General of Justice Alexander Nikitin, spoke on the issue. At the conference, speeches were made by other officials of the main command of the internal troops, as well as sergeants and petty officers. We proceeded from the fact that everyone can express their opinions, share experiences. This made it possible to look at pressing problems not only through the eyes of the command, but also from the position of rank-and-file soldiers and sergeants. We talked about the consolidation of contractors, service load, housing.

When discussing the question of monetary allowances, an example was considered of the private soldier who arrived to undergo military service under the contract. His initial salary is 18 750 rubles. Already by the end of the first year of service, subject to the successful development of the military specialty, he can be recommended for appointment to the post of section commander with the rank of "Junior Sergeant" and be given the opportunity to pass the qualification test "Class III Specialist". In this case, his salary will be increased by about one and a half times. By the end of the third year of service, becoming a class II specialist, a person will start earning more than 32 thousands. In addition, will receive the right to study at the university. Upon completion of the sixth year of service, having the title of senior sergeant and being a specialist of class I, the contractor will be able to receive almost 40 thousand rubles.

And this is not the limit. After nine years, he can get a class qualification "Master", will increase the premium for long service and, accordingly, cash. And if he has an appropriate education, he may be appointed to military posts replaced by officers and warrant officers.

Thus, during this time, a high-class specialist will grow up in the army, the cash content of which will more than double, besides having his own housing.

In the speeches of sergeants at the scientific-practical conference were raised questions of their getting higher education, both civilian and military. We explained that today there is such an opportunity. To obtain higher military education by contract soldiers, whose age exceeds 23 of the year, this year the faculty of correspondence education was opened on the basis of the Saratov military institute of internal troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia.

- You mentioned housing. Today it is especially relevant. Often, military units do not have enough service housing, and the funds paid for renting apartments are below market in many regions. Did this problem come up at the assembly?

- Practically in each group this question was touched. In recent years, the housing stock of the troops has increased significantly, but, unfortunately, we cannot yet give each a service apartment.

Only a soldier or a sergeant who has entered into a second contract for service can become a member of the accumulative mortgage system. The High Command proposed to amend the current legislation so that this right appeared already during the period of the first contract. Another bill proposes to allow maternity capital to be added to military mortgage funds.

It should be noted that now the substitution for the purchase of housing or construction comes to replace the military mortgage. According to preliminary forecasts, the size of a one-time social benefit will be sufficient to purchase an apartment or house in almost all regions.

Agree, in 25 years to have a normal income and own housing - a weighty argument in favor of the service contract.

- Of course. But a reliable rear for a fighter is not only his own apartment. You mentioned that half of the contract military personnel from among sergeants and privates are family people. Is it planned to introduce additional benefits for wives and children of this category of military personnel?

“Today, only families of officers and warrant officers are serviced at departmental clinics and hospitals. Now the issue of introducing amendments to the federal law “On the status of military personnel”, which will allow family members of professional soldiers and sergeants to receive medical assistance there, is being worked out.

I want to draw attention to another planned innovation. Many units of internal troops are located in the so-called privileged areas. This is the North Caucasus, the Far East, the Far North. The legislation establishes the terms of continuous service in these territories, after which the military should be transferred to other regions. In the near future, planned replacement will fully extend to this category of military personnel.

- Judging by what you said, a powerful sergeant corps is really being created in the internal troops. Will junior commanders have any additional rights?

- At the educational-methodical assembly and the conference they spoke about such an organization as the council of sergeants of a military unit. According to the participants, often these bodies either do not exist or function only on paper, since their influence is insignificant. Therefore, it was suggested that the sergeants board be given additional authority. Thus, the council may receive the right to petition the commander to apply such serious disciplinary sanctions to servicemen as a reduction in military position or dismissal from service. Decisions made at the sergeants' council will be taken into account at the meetings of the attestation commissions when sending military personnel to universities and advancing to higher positions. In our opinion, this will positively affect the moral climate in the units.

- How do you assess the results of the collection?

- Addressing the participants at the beginning of the event, we asked them to speak not only about successes, but also about difficulties. And we really got a constructive dialogue. We plan to make such charges regular and to carry out not only at the level of the main command, but also in regional formations.
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  1. Baikal
    Baikal 28 May 2014 18: 27
    Wisdom and success to our Ministry of Internal Affairs.
    Nevertheless, the situation continues to improve. Especially remembering the hopeless darkness of 90's.
    Still, bribe-takers and sawmills should be etched away by returning the good old ones "for treason to the motherland"And"the sentence is carried out"...
    1. Wels75
      Wels75 28 May 2014 18: 33
      ... “Unfortunately, Mr. Poroshenko is now demonstrating exactly the opposite intentions. He calls on the military to escalate the violence. According to the information we receive, Poroshenko ordered the operation to be completed on May 29-30 at any cost, including the use of aviation, bombers, and heavy artillery against the cities and citizens of Donbass, "Glazyev added ...."
      Imagine if Parashenko declared this, then this is the most full-scale attack with the Grads and Dryers in the cities of Donbass !!!
      Sorry that is not the topic of the article, but just just dig

      Source Russian Spring:
      1. VNP1958PVN
        VNP1958PVN 29 May 2014 04: 23
        So this leadership type was legalized, but the tasks of the State Department did not change
    2. Wels75
      Wels75 28 May 2014 18: 38
      Hmm, such a monetary content and provision of special. equipment and the same form (polite little men) we never dreamed of in the distant 98! Himself gave VV a year of life. soldier
    3. Palladium900
      Palladium900 28 May 2014 18: 39
      returning the good old "for treason" and "the sentence was carried out" ...
      I would add: "with confiscation of property" ..
      1. Baikal
        Baikal 28 May 2014 18: 46
        and with "removal of internal organs".
    4. armageddon
      armageddon 28 May 2014 18: 50
      Return the concept of ENEMIES OF THE PEOPLE !!! And to name another language will not turn ... And, accordingly, PUNISH !!!
    5. The comment was deleted.
  2. gunter_laux
    gunter_laux 28 May 2014 18: 31
    Difficulties in the training and education of personnel at all times were enough. Here, not only modern weapons and increased d \ content, but also the morale of the l \ composition. hi
  3. Oml
    Oml 28 May 2014 18: 38
    Still, the generals would restore order. And then, as in the proverb - who is bolder and more cunning. In VV, probably, as elsewhere - mostly fiction, paperwork, a lot of unnecessary, etc. But nonetheless, VV is one of the most combat-ready combat arms.
  4. marder4
    marder4 28 May 2014 18: 42
    in the foreseeable future, the likelihood that internal troops can be quite in demand in the Crimea is quite large - the tension in the region is too great, the strength of one people's militia may not be enough ...
  5. Giant thought
    Giant thought 28 May 2014 19: 04
    The main thing is that internal troops protect the people from terrorists, and not oligarchs from the people, as is the case in Ukraine.
    1. Serbor
      Serbor 29 May 2014 01: 37
      They were created specifically to protect the authorities from their own people. Therefore, do not be surprised when you will be drunk with batons and watered with water jets if you don’t like something and you will go out with a poster. Know that the guys do it for the kind of money that you, as a doctor or teacher, will never earn in your life, even if you get tired of your work.
    2. Serbor
      Serbor 29 May 2014 01: 37
      They were created specifically to protect the authorities from their own people. Therefore, do not be surprised when you will be drunk with batons and watered with water jets if you don’t like something and you will go out with a poster. Know that the guys do it for the kind of money that you, as a doctor or teacher, will never earn in your life, even if you get tired of your work.
  6. Oprychnik
    Oprychnik 28 May 2014 19: 42
    I think that a large number of BB specialists have invaluable experience. In my last 23 years, in my opinion, not a single year has been sitting without work. Perhaps there are no peers in the world in terms of combat experience to our specialists. I looked at Wikipedia specifically. According to it, the Russian Armed Forces are not part of the structure of the Russian Armed Forces. According to In 2013, the number of explosives was 170000 people. It’s more than the average European army. By the way, it’s better equipped than all the Baltic paramilitary forces to scare away ravens (like, army) combined. I would very much like to have less practice. But ... It is unlikely in the coming years.
  7. Fedor Bolts
    Fedor Bolts 28 May 2014 19: 48
    Chatter is continuous. My son is in special forces. Uniform and other ammunition, taxiways, unloading, berets, maskhalats, sleeping bags. etc. , all for the money. There are no conscripts, so half the time, instead of combat training, economic work. On the second contract, no one thinks to give a military mortgage. They only put it in an undetermined time frame. So all this is the usual general yula-blah blah.
    1. Des10
      Des10 28 May 2014 20: 21
      Additional equipment is possible for their own, and so - the norms. There are practically no conscripts - the transition to a contract is 100%. Nobody canceled combat training - especially among specialists. But economic work and other things - in bulk. Including outfits in the kitchen for contract soldiers (they don’t put in \ words of conscription, and most of them are from the Caucasus).
      Mortgage - no problem at all for everyone who has served the due time.
      But papers and spit (due to rotation - temporary workers, and also not for special.) - much more.
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. Massik
      Massik 28 May 2014 22: 31
      Uniform and other ammunition, taxiway, unloading, berets, maskhalaty, sleeping bags. etc. , all for the money.
      Everything is issued charter, not the first class and not even the third, but you can use. Then when the skill and skill appear, you can buy better
      There are no conscripts, so half the time, instead of combat training, economic work.
      when you come on a business trip, household work does not go anywhere, and this is almost combat conditions "in the field" we live, no one will do these household works for us. You propose to hire technicians, locksmiths, etc., etc., for this there are GMOs and TRPs.
      On the second contract, no one thinks to give a military mortgage.
      What's the point? It’s easier to rent a house, carefully read the conditions of the mortgage, only after 15 years you will pay in full. If God forbid you hurt, you decide or leave before you decide, pay the rest or free the living space, and denyushki bye-bye. Those responsible for this whole thing explained to us so.
      He served in OSPN VV 2010-2013
  8. sv68
    sv68 28 May 2014 20: 55
    if only everything that has been said is also put into practice, then there will be a reason for victorious statements.
  9. Max40
    Max40 28 May 2014 21: 56
    VV very strong troops
  10. Massik
    Massik 28 May 2014 22: 55
    The picture is quite contradictory, according to personal impressions there is as much mess in the explosives as there is order) On the emergency they fired 2 times a month for 15-30 cartridges, compared to other troops, this is not bad, physical training is not in **** not in the Red Army as well as tactics, before the army was not so hot, a sportsman on the urgent was completely decomposed. Morning exercises 1 km warm-up and everything, all the planned physical activities were devoured by the "order-order". I switched to a contract instead of 12 to the army, I was only able to pull myself up to 5, on the contract I accordingly "lit" the first 3-4 months. The main function was to go on guard at the entrance city checkpoint every 2 days. The very state of the month before the 10th is like a squirrel in a wheel, you don't have to think for you already, they will always find something to do for a soldier and it must be done as quickly as possible.
    Now I work as a household contractor in one of the parts of the Moscow region. At first, my eyes widened when I saw the army of the "new" format. The soldiers are cleaning their weapons and at the same time watching TV a huge plasma under the ceiling, there is a sports room right in the barracks, but I have never seen anyone doing it. Complete freedom with phones, even chatting in the ranks, there are too many differences) The impression of communication, as if all only KMB go through, do not fumble at anything, slow, they calmly send each other through 3 letters, although we fought for this right away. Very soft and frivolous as in a civilian resort.
  11. nomad74
    nomad74 28 May 2014 23: 55
    Quote: Marssik
    The picture is rather controversial, according to personal impressions of the mess in the explosives as much as the order) On the urgent shot 2 times a month for 15-30 rounds, compared to other troops this is not bad, physical training is not in **** not in the Red Army as well as tactics are soft and frivolous as in a resort-citizen.

    served in the URSN motorized rifle regiment of the VV in 93 no outfits and guards, one training! like in a university 3 pairs before lunch after lunch, self-training, there was a strong cult of sports, and the usual motorized rifle companies, of course, didn’t get into guards and outfits if not on the road, so it was different everywhere!
  12. Serbor
    Serbor 29 May 2014 01: 48
    I can not understand the rejoicing idiots about the internal troops. These troops are formed by the government (any) to protect themselves from their own people. To protect against external threats, there are the Navy, Air Force, Air Defense and others. If there is a development of explosives, and not armed forces, then the authorities are more afraid of their own people, rather than external enemies.
    1. tasha
      tasha 29 May 2014 05: 58
      Almost agree with Serbor. BB needed. The whole question is, in what form and for what.
      I recommend that you get acquainted with the opinion of S. Kozlov about BB.
  13. Des10
    Des10 29 May 2014 06: 06
    Tascha and Serbor in BB only five tasks - read.
    The following tasks are assigned to internal troops:
    -participation together with the Internal Affairs Bodies in the protection of public order, ensuring public safety and the state of emergency;
    -participation in the fight against terrorism and ensuring the legal regime of the counter-terrorism operation;
    -protection of important state facilities, special cargoes and facilities on communications;
    -participation in the territorial defense of the Russian Federation;
    - assistance to the border authorities of the federal security service (border agencies) in the protection of the state border of the Russian Federation.

    Other tasks may be assigned to internal troops by federal laws.

    Additional tasks.
    In addition to performing their immediate functions, internal troops can be involved in the following tasks:
    - during wartime, participation in hostilities together with the Armed Forces as combined arms units and formations,
    - rendering assistance to the border troops in guarding the state border in the event of a border conflict or complicating the operational situation at the border,
    - rendering assistance to the military rescue units of the EMERCOM of Russia and local authorities in the course of eliminating the consequences of a natural disaster, or a man-made disaster.
    1. tasha
      tasha 29 May 2014 07: 12
      Your Wikipedia link has been noted.
      1. Des10
        Des10 29 May 2014 22: 05
        Yeah, where it was closer - there he took it, and so - in more detail in the Federal Law of February 6, 1997 N 27-FZ "On the Internal Troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation" (with amendments and additions). )
      2. The comment was deleted.