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USA is a "rotten tree"

The United States of America seems to people "unshakable and mighty", their military spending and the army inspire awe. Huge cities, powerful industry, the ability to print virtually a world currency. The position of the sole superpower and the "world gendarme."

USA is a "rotten tree"

But if you look at the residents of the superpower themselves, at least the vast majority of them, it becomes clear that this is a huge “bubble”. Even the US military campaigns are not victories in fierce battles, as Russia-the USSR has always run, or Germany, this is a pogrom of obviously weaker opponents - Aboriginal people, inferior in number and armament; the decrepit colonial empires, which no longer had the opportunity to defend their colonies; these are operations on buying, killing politicians, military; This is psychological pressure and information war, when the enemy can fight, but surrenders.

Enormous forces are involved in creating the image of a “military superpower” - the media, TV, and Hollywood. Analyze their films, the same fantasy, the US military is always perfectly armed and trained, always find the right solutions, always win. But in reality, their soldiers are no longer warriors, not fighters. Even before the cultural revolution of the 60s, they were militarily weak - until the First World War the States were in the second row of military powers. When they arrived at the front, they tried to put them on secondary sites or in the second line. In World War II, they did not have to experience real battles, like the Stalingrad, or withstand the blow on the Kursk Bulge, such a battle, where hundreds of thousands of fighters, thousands tanks and airplanes. Even the strike on the Ardennes, where the Wehrmacht had already hit, at best, half-heartedly, since there were not enough reserves, fuel for tanks, Soviet troops were advancing from the East, almost led the Anglo-Saxons to disaster.

But then the Americans were still different - farmers, farmers, workers, people of creative professions, not spoiled for decades of increased decomposition.

At the present time, the Americans practically killed (and everywhere in the West, in Russia they also implemented this system) male education, turned men into “plants” for which there is “freedom” in choosing the path of degradation: Satanism, sodomy, masochism, shopping , beer drunkenness, teledependence, strip bars (to even look at the female body, after all the victory of feminism) and so on. They are cuddled, accustomed to comfort so much that even in the army give them toilets, deodorants, the Internet, delicious grub.

They are brought up in the spirit of egoism, individualism, their commandments: "take care of your ass", "take care of health". Therefore, they simply can not stand the real war. That is why the American army is a huge and expensive “toy,” with its guise of gallant marines, aircraft carriers must scare the enemy so that he himself throws out the white flag, plus the CIA will work, buy who it is necessary. The same American marines train well, but these well-fed, trained, well-armed guys are not ready to die! And always the one who is ready to pay the maximum price wins - to die, but to win. Russians were always ready to pay this price - to die, but not to retreat.

It is doubtful that the American, and almost all of the European armies, can withstand the level of losses above 5%, that is, relatively speaking, if you knock down NATO planes from 100 during a raid of 5 machines, and even hang pilots captured in the square, without any bastard other people's rules of humanity (who thought up to fit us into their game), then others simply will not fly, they will be frightened for their dear asses. An interesting Russian writer Y. Nikitin showed this perfectly in his “Russians go” cycle.

That is why the Russian army will be reformed until it can cause even minimal damage to NATO, so that they simply enter and occupy the territory without resistance.

Only a few catastrophes in the USA (New York without electricity, the catastrophe in New Orleans) showed that they still have no people, all unity, their patriotism are soap bubbles. All unity rests on the printing press of the Fed, the police on the streets and a working "zomboyaschik", if this is not, will be a disaster. US rot and collapse at any moment - this was shown by the events of September 11 and 2001: only two skyscrapers fell, several thousand people died, for a superpower from 300-million. the population is not even a pinprick. But people were completely demoralized, embraced by animals, panicked horror. They do not have the Spirit ...

See how Russians are dying: they are calm, many are even enlightened, their Spirit is waking up; Of course, the processes of corpse decomposition are running on our land. But thousands of years of patrimonial memory do not kill ...

The United States is not ready for a real war, they are completely demoralized already before the war ... Russians do not have to create huge arsenals weaponsto win, it is enough to keep them at the minimum necessary level and be ready to answer in full. Remember the frames, like a small Soviet ship (SKR Ave. 1135 "Selfless") is crowded by a large American (cruiser URO "Yorktown"), who dared to enter our territorial waters ?! The Russian Spirit gives invincibility when Russians can be killed, but you cannot win ...

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  1. alseek
    alseek 30 May 2011 09: 20
    But do not underestimate the enemy! Many paid for it. "Hats" have already been thrown.
    The Americans are perfectly aware of their weaknesses not fools, and therefore they are now betting on combat robots, fighting remotely — cruise missiles, aircraft, and only then infantry, when nothing is left of the enemy. So we’ll fight with a gun against cyborgs ...
  2. Rashid
    Rashid 30 May 2011 09: 23
    Unfortunately, over 20 years, a generation of "office plankton" has grown up, guys who cannot even take a step without their mother. Western "values" are implanted everywhere: all for the "loot", for the benefit. The next generation (already the kids are running around in the yards) will be even weaker, even more delicate.
    1. Ildar
      Ildar 31 May 2011 16: 57
      Today's Russia was built not by the young generation, but by those who are now 40-60 years old. It was under them that Gorbachev, Yeltsin, Chubais, etc. came to power. Russia is being destroyed by people from the older generation. Now "at the top" there is not a single 20-25 year old person. And people of the older generations have implanted "Western" values ​​"in the young: all for the" loot ", for the benefit." Office plankton did not grow, it was raised. And now many believe that all the troubles of Russia are due to the "wrong" young generation, choosing the wrong professions and worshiping the wrong values. So why do many older people think their generation is better than the next?
  3. Joker
    Joker 30 May 2011 09: 32
    Scatter electro-magnetic bombs, and all this cyber-electronics will fly to hell with a dog.

    People fight and conquer, and here the strength of the spirit is important. We have it.
    1. viktor_ui
      viktor_ui 30 May 2011 19: 07
      here you go and pour wink
    2. Script editor
      Script editor 31 May 2011 18: 06
      Quote: Joker
      Scatter electro-magnetic bombs, and all this cyber-electronics will fly to hell with a dog.

      Something I doubt that these bombs exist anywhere except in the pictures and on the rollers.
  4. Draz
    Draz 30 May 2011 09: 52
    Even if people go to fight, the Americans have a completely contract army, with the exception of the National Guard; in a real war, all these specialists will quickly take their places in cemeteries, and there is no one to replace. As for the weakness of the generation ... ... they are like they are brought up and what they teach. Children are not to blame for the mistakes of their parents, it is enough for the current "weak" generation to raise their children normally and everything will start to improve.
  5. DAGESTAN333
    DAGESTAN333 30 May 2011 10: 09
    Money and greed are the main caliber of Americans.
  6. Stavr
    Stavr 30 May 2011 10: 42
    America is the center of world Evil!
  7. Helmut
    Helmut 30 May 2011 10: 53
    There are good thoughts in the article. But if the Spirit of Russia is strengthened with the latest weapons and well financed (decent salaries for the military and social). Then for sure vsem pizdets. For the USSR rested on patriotism, and collapsed like a house of cards because of a bunch of corrupt bastards. Therefore, you need to develop a market economy but do not forget about the principles of ancestors.
  8. ald
    ald 30 May 2011 11: 12
    In order to bring to its knees a modern industrial (or post-industrial) state like the countries of Europe or Russia, where 70-80% of the population lives in cities, with a significant part in megacities, there is no need to occupy it and show miracles of heroism. To do this, it is enough to destroy the main components of its economic and military infrastructure. For example, the destruction of the electric power industry will lead to the shutdown of factories and plants, the cessation of water supply and heating, television and the Internet will stop working, and there will be interruptions in supply. Life in the cities will stop completely; hunger and cold will begin. The country will be like a medieval city besieged by a stronger opponent, which has two possibilities - either surrender to the mercy of the winner or die. For poor agrarian countries, such a scenario will not work, there is nothing to destroy there, they need to be occupied, but the more advanced and technologically advanced the economy is, the more complex this mechanism will be to disable. Unfortunately, now it is the United States that has the opportunity to destroy the enemy with impunity, without receiving resistance. And for this, the United States does not need to have military heroes. Having technological and military superiority, it is enough to have a well-trained "bespectacled man" who knows how to press buttons. If I am not mistaken, Russia's lagging behind NATO in the military field only intensifies over time. The only thing that can guarantee our inviolability so far is to give confidence that the fate of Serbia or Iraq will not befall us - the presence of nuclear weapons.
    1. PSih2097
      PSih2097 30 May 2011 17: 37
      Are you sure that they will have time to press the button or will it be enough to give such an order?
    2. Script editor
      Script editor 31 May 2011 18: 12
      It's funny ... But it turns out from your words that America is the most unprotected country, because it is highly dependent on technology. And what should we grow a bespectacled man?))
  9. Escander
    Escander 30 May 2011 13: 23
    --- "If I'm not mistaken, Russia's lagging behind NATO in the military field only intensifies over time."

    The latest, one-of-a-kind English destroyer in the exercises was refused by a supercomputer and ALL detection and armament systems ... Command actions - "go to binoculars ..."
    And it is on a PLACE!
    No need to fill in about “bespectacles who know how to click buttons” and cyborgs.
    Most of the information that you Pindos merge - crap.
  10. snek
    snek 30 May 2011 14: 08
    A funny article is that kind of reflection on one of the main themes of the film (by the way of the Shtatovsky) fighting club - a generation grown by women.
    They finished off the destruction of the author: "Even the US military campaigns are not victories in fierce battles, this is how Russia-the USSR, or Germany always ran, this is a pogrom of obviously weaker opponents - Aborigines, inferior in number and weapons; decrepit colonial empires that no longer had opportunities to defend their colonies; these are bribery operations, murder of politicians, the military; this is psychological pressure and information war, when the enemy can fight, but surrenders "
    In general, war is just the same trick, meanness, deceit, bribery, etc. If there was a way to defeat the enemy with a cavity with less casualties, but the commander chose a fair fight, then he is either -removed or a traitor.
    1. Joker
      Joker 30 May 2011 14: 22

      As I understand it, the idea is not that winning is not worth it (politics is a dirty business), but that they don’t know how to win otherwise, they don’t know how to fight, the most striking example is the Ardenes in 1944, they are pretty crap, although they attacked They are much less powerful.
      1. snek
        snek 30 May 2011 15: 19
        Ardenes, in my opinion, are more likely an example of inexperience. The Americans then greatly underestimated the Germans, whose real experience then was at an incredible level. If we take the Second World War as a whole, then although the states made a minimal contribution to the victory, their soldiers showed themselves well (for comparison, you can take Italians).
        Now the Americans are a different people, just like, for example, the Japanese or us. Probably, they really don't know how to fight in "honest" battle now. But they don't need it.
        By the way, I was at a couple of their forums - they whine that the times are not the same, the economy is not the same. And all this is a conspiracy of Jews, the IMF and globalists. Funny people are shorter
        1. viktor_ui
          viktor_ui 30 May 2011 19: 09
          snek - hit the mark - bonus
    2. viktor_ui
      viktor_ui 31 May 2011 08: 38
      "but the commander chose a fair fight, then he is either - removed - or a traitor ... OR THE HIGHEST PROS OF HIS WORK - there was in the old days such a warrior in our country, who, before piling on the adversary in full, sent a letter -" I AM GOING FOR YOU " - well, all the letter is there, but there is no adversary. Who will remember the name of this prince? I warn you right away that this is not Suvorov (but he also drank from the pros and blood of Europe, some people still have an enemy of the nation)
  11. jamert
    jamert 30 May 2011 15: 11
    What the Russians will never refuse is bragging, self-aggrandizement and ostentatious "coolness". Napoleon, Hitler, Charles the Twelfth ... And the Crimean War? And the Russian-Japanese? And the First World War? In the history of any country there have been victories and defeats, but it is the Russians who deny others heroism, leaving it only to themselves.
    1. DAGESTAN333
      DAGESTAN333 30 May 2011 15: 38
      And what else, except for the Russians, you will not refuse - so this is meanness! Those. it is in Russian, less than in the rest, which is intensely silent.
      1. jamert
        jamert 30 May 2011 15: 44
        Well, yes ... you won’t praise yourself - you go around all day as an obsolete ...
        1. DAGESTAN333
          DAGESTAN333 30 May 2011 16: 01
          jamert i watch you are pretty angry guy. But the problem is that they try not to praise themselves, but to protect themselves from various impurities. I think you won’t like it when they’re throwing mud at you.
          1. jamert
            jamert 30 May 2011 19: 52
            I'm kind ... and about praising that "her [meanness] among the Russians, less than the rest," - this, in your opinion, is not a boast, and nothing is justified? Somewhere in vile Germany, the burgomaster of a dying city can afford such a luxury as his not vile Ukrainian and Russian colleagues? Or in rotten states for hitting a person in a drunken state is just as easy to excuse themselves as in our country? In Russia, as I heard, you have the same x ... nya?
            1. DAGESTAN333
              DAGESTAN333 30 May 2011 22: 24
              Okay jamert, let's think - how many times did the Russians have the gentlemen of the category: Napoleon, Hitler, Karl XII? How many times has a Russian proclaimed himself a superior race and built the world order as brazenly and naturally as a European? but there were opportunities to realize all this. And one more oddity in my opinion ... - how did the Russians ("eternally backward" in comparison with Europe) find themselves on such a vast and rich territory with such a number? I answer - this "paradox" (which they cannot fix in any way) is explained by the fact that the Russian is less than the rest "walked over the bones", the fact that the Russian is not able, like your most decent burgher, suddenly, having become an absolutely terrible person, to burn other people's villages. God keeps just such. Here is my rationale.
              1. jamert
                jamert 30 May 2011 23: 22
                Has Charles 12 declared himself the highest race? Played a war boy? The fact that Russian textbooks do not write about the burnt villages of conquered peoples does not mean that they were not there. Or do you think that the peoples of Siberia met Ermak Timofeevich with bread and salt? Or Ermolov in the Caucasus conquered the mountaineers with affection? I am generally silent about the conquest of Bukhara and Kokand.
                War is always violence and cruelty. and there is no need to dress some in white clothes, and others - to dress in the minions of world evil, and even claim that they are weak ...
                1. DAGESTAN333
                  DAGESTAN333 31 May 2011 01: 28
                  jamert, let's not cut out uncomfortable moments from the text for the sake of justice, I agree, Karl XII just wanted to conquer as much as possible (what a modest guy), but Napoleon and Hitler will not look in any children's fairy tale, admit. Siberia probably did not take offense at the tsar's treasury much later. Ermolov .... it is strongly said, it feels like you have accumulated knowledge about all the pain points of all the peoples of the world ... as if by chance. "War is always violence and cruelty" - here your truth, I do not wish anyone. There are no completely fluffy whites. There are those who dream of absolute power, so people here do not like them. And in general jamert, learn to forgive.
                2. Rustam
                  Rustam 31 May 2011 11: 23
                  > Karl 12 declared himself a superior race?

                  Have you tried reading books, buddy? Well, these are rectangular things with paper sheets inside, and letters on the sheets? You see, I suppose, or at school you missed this moment? So read the memoirs of Karl's contemporaries, you will understand a lot. The softest (sic!) Epithet in relation to the Russians and Poles on the part of Karl was "savages unworthy to take a place in the sun." This is despite the fact that the Russian "savages" led by Tsar Peter quickly gave him and his modern experienced army sides, but the next Swedish superman Karl did not change his opinion about the Slavic peoples. Doesn't it look like anything? Hitler, for example?
      2. viktor_ui
        viktor_ui 30 May 2011 19: 13
        DAGESTAN333 - it seems that this annoying flaw (low meanness) will soon be corrected to international standards, all the more so since, as they began to merge their allies with Yugoslavia, this trend continues to this day.
        1. DAGESTAN333
          DAGESTAN333 30 May 2011 22: 38
          viktor_ui don't worry, the "international standards" for the last 1000 years have been doing nothing but "correct" Russia, but to no avail.
          1. jamert
            jamert 30 May 2011 23: 24
            And who was it that "corrected" Russia in 1011? Or in 1169 when Andrey Bogolyubsky plundered Kiev?
            1. Rustam
              Rustam 31 May 2011 11: 02
              And what is the attitude of the internal squabbles of the Slavs to what the Dagestani said? I can also say - there, the British, in the process of fencing the land, destroyed their own citizens, first driving the peasants off the land, and then hanging them in the thousands for forced vagrancy (real historical events, by the way). The senseless mass murder of their own breadwinners, about which the English supermen somehow do not like to remember, and even more so they do not try to make films about it. But what does these long-standing internal problems of one people have to do with the fact that the Bank of England generously financed Hitler's party, and the top political leadership of England was frank in front of the Poles that they would do their best to get the USSR involved in a war with Germany? Note, my friend - not the Russians financed the fascists, but the valiant British. And somehow constantly in human history it turns out that among the Russians, for some reason, monsters of the scale of Hitler and Napoleon never appear, organizing campaigns of conquest because of racial superiority, and among Western "civilizations" they appear with enviable regularity. An interesting pattern, isn't it? As for Yermolov, he, our dear friend, actually defended the peasants from the raids of the Caucasian bandit gangs, from which not only the Russians but also many local Caucasian peoples (Ossetians, for example) suffered seriously. The methods are cruel, of course, but Yeromolov was an intelligent man, and he understood that there was no point in playing nobility with bandits - this is well reflected in Krylov's famous fable about a wolf in a kennel. Have you read Krylov's fables at least once in your life, home-grown logician? If you are unable to distinguish between the concepts of "campaign of conquest for the glory of the Aryan race" and "mopping up bandit formations to protect your population," then I can advise you to go to school again, and put your brain in order a little, having learned the logic. In general, the drain is counted, dude.
        2. Rustam
          Rustam 31 May 2011 11: 10
          Dashing liberal, you have spread the meanness of Russia's top liberal leadership to the entire Russian people. How old are you, thinker?
    2. werr17
      werr17 6 January 2012 09: 48
      Uncle, where did you study history ?! the young Soviet republic itself made peace with Germany, and we fought very well in this war, given that there were three hundred German shots per one Russian ... and the same Crimean war, when the whole world took up arms against the Russian Empire ...
  12. Helmut
    Helmut 30 May 2011 15: 21
    In fairness, it should be noted that during the time of Vietnam, the American army did well. Units suffered losses of 50% or more, but they remained operational. Naturally, the modern Pendos army is not like the old one torn apart by the reviving jungle.
    1. Joker
      Joker 30 May 2011 15: 36
      If I’m not mistaken, that army was draft and not contract ..
    2. Port
      Port 31 May 2011 11: 28
      Well, what about Vietnam? The valiant American warriors won the war, or did they end up with shame, as is clearly seen in newsreels?
  13. Max
    Max 30 May 2011 15: 24
    This American is not a desire to die on the battlefield and forces them to shed robotic equipment, which is not a pity to lose. Already now the American army during the battle is like a big computer game. Operators sit and lead aircraft and rockets, ships and tanks ... But the Russian spirit goes to cannon fodder, because before death it’s * enlightened *. It seems that the author of the article is close to Allah, like they need to die for faith, then you lived not in vain and you will go to heaven.
  14. Helmut
    Helmut 30 May 2011 15: 59
    American no desire to die on the battlefield

    wink Well, tell me who wants to die on the battlefield?
    American no desire to die on the battlefield
    Rather, the reluctance of the leadership to send tens of thousands of their guys to slaughter. And it is right.

    the army was conscripted and not contracted ..
    Naturally, but there were also contractors. I just wrote that the US Army is not the same ...

    No spirit will help against China, just physically not enough heroes, stupid mathematics will not allow. Therefore, the hope of technology and tactics. Only in this way and nothing else. And in lokalka everything should be paid for because modern lokalka are usually conducted in the end for economic interests.
    1. Joker
      Joker 31 May 2011 10: 40
      If we take China, there are nuclear weapons for deterrence, as well as the Grad and Hurricane systems, but this is so, by the way.
  15. Max79
    Max79 30 May 2011 16: 30
    Why didn’t any American accomplish a feat? Because he didn’t have it in his contract! They won’t go to war without a glass of juice and toilet paper.
    1. jamert
      jamert 30 May 2011 23: 25
      And you probably about America, only by the nonsense of Zadornov judge?
      1. Max79
        Max79 31 May 2011 11: 03
        No, of course, what does Zadornov have to do with it? I read Russian news, not Western ones. And believe Russian ones are more reliable than Western ones. Not because they are Russian, but because they reveal the truth more real.
        In the American media, as in American action movies. They are alone strong, soaked everyone, they are right, the rest are all in shit. What is wrong?
        1. PSih2097
          PSih2097 1 June 2011 11: 48
          In ours the same as in the western. Something about Libya, we generally were silent, except for showing the tandem and quoting the western channels.
    2. antidivanii expert
      antidivanii expert 2 June 2011 12: 49
      comment worthy of a patriot! read better this: http: //
  16. mitrich
    mitrich 30 May 2011 17: 26
    They already had such a war with 5%. In 1993, in Somalia, where Clinton threw the elite forces of the US Army - the Marines, Rangers, SEALs, even the Delta. Does anyone remember how it ended? Correctly, a complete and categorical failure of the operation, the stated goals were not achieved, and American losses were much less than 5%.
    Somehow my and-no-friend Viktorom_ui and I had already argued about the merits and demerits of NATO servicemen (he was then in favor of the "blue"). In general, it is difficult for me to imagine a war between the United States and the Russian Federation, with all our far from ideal military reforms (at the same time, it is not worthwhile to automatically record the country's leadership, including the Minister of Defense, as agents of the CIA or Mossad). I can imagine a war in the air, missiles - yes, but combined arms combat is difficult. Yes, the ammunition of the Pindos is well thought out, the small arms are not bad, dry rations are generally envious, but the morale is weak. The war waged by the United States in Afghanistan is a clear example of this. Although there is nothing wrong with the command of any army taking care of its soldiers. Pay attention to how ours began to fight in the North. The Caucasus? They blocked the "forest" ones in the household, surrounded them, and offered to surrender. No answer? They shot the house from armored personnel carriers along with all the "contents" without risking the lives of the soldiers. And it is right.
    So don’t worry, citizens. In the short term, war with the United States, I think, is not expected.
    1. viktor_ui
      viktor_ui 30 May 2011 19: 58
      mitrich - Americans were inundated in cactus thickets (I vaguely remember the chronicle of those years) they couldn’t be evacuated, killed, even sales ... I remember a posing hefty monkey in a shirt and a Kalash against the background of charred corpses and debris. In general, it was already at that time the territory of pirates, and what the hell did the amers suffer, only Allah knows and Mohammed is his prophet.
      A video of the direct clash of amers with the Palizans in Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. enough - they fight like everyone else and sales in shorts and in a helmet.
  17. Sergey M.
    Sergey M. 30 May 2011 17: 33
    Guys, who are interested in the photo, about the real events of the "displacement" of amers from the Black Sea here. ›cgi / veil / data / zavtra / 05/592 / 41.html
    1. viktor_ui
      viktor_ui 30 May 2011 20: 15
      there is a real video shot by americos in a collision - if only to watch it
      1. Sergey M.
        Sergey M. 31 May 2011 00: 07
        There is a small piece of video that allows you to estimate the difference in the displacement of the ships.

        And if our politicians gave the order - to lay! It’s that these wouldn’t pop into our bodies anymore. Well, this is my personal opinion. It’s just that if you go past the punks every day, and they give you a shot at the passage, then who are you? ›mail / kirkefir / _myvideo
  18. just vova
    just vova 30 May 2011 18: 56
    Commissioner Mehlis, log in!
  19. figwam
    figwam 30 May 2011 21: 45
    To be with these Pindos, if we had left them face to face with the Germans in the Ardennes, they would have been thrown back into the sea.
    1. PSih2097
      PSih2097 1 June 2011 11: 49
      they would have grabbed all of Europe and probably would have walked around piccadilly.
  20. Kostya
    Kostya 30 May 2011 23: 48
    Thanks to Stalin for nuclear weapons
  21. Sergey M.
    Sergey M. 31 May 2011 04: 23
    This is the story of our warship.

    “UNTENDED”: [s / n 14]. June 4.06.1973, 28.05.1976 was added to the lists of ships of the Navy and May 7.05.1977, 30.12.1977 was laid on the slipway of the Gulf Shipyard in Kerch; launched on 17.02.1978/10/13.08.1979; entered into operation on 26/31.03.1987/12.02.1988 and 1988/14.07.1997/1.08.1997 included in the CCF; On 134–8.09.1997 he paid a visit to Varna (Bulgaria) and on XNUMX-XNUMX/XNUMX/XNUMX to Istanbul (Turkey); XNUMX/XNUMX/XNUMX ousted the US Navy “Yorktown” that entered the territorial waters of the USSR off the coast of Crimea; in XNUMX he won the Navy Civil Defense Prize (as part of the KPUG); July XNUMX, XNUMX was disbanded; XNUMX transferred to the Ukrainian Navy and renamed to UXNUMX Dnipropetrovsk; September XNUMX, XNUMX was expelled from the Russian Navy.
  22. mitrich
    mitrich 31 May 2011 10: 13
    to your "fight like everyone else, and even in shorts and a helmet."
    When you served, did you compose a "demobilization" album? If yes, then I will not be mistaken that you are there with the AGS, and with the KPVT, and against the background of the tank, and in an embrace with the howitzer.
    So it is here. All this Pindossian video is nothing more than messages from the heroes to their beloved wives and familiar heifers, so that they do not forget to "give" when they return from the war.
    But seriously, the best indicator of the quality of the war in Afghanistan, sadly enough, is the martyrology of the losses of American and NATO troops, especially in comparison with our sample 1979-1989. Have you ever wondered why the losses of the NATO coalition troops since 2001 are on the whole comparable to the losses of the SA in 1985 alone? Do they fight better? Not at all. The battles we have lost in Afghanistan can be counted on the fingers of one hand. It's just that we REALLY Fought in Afghanistan all these 9 years, and the Pindos sit in garrisons and guard themselves, suffering combat losses mainly when escorting convoys, mainly due to the mining of roads by "spirits".
    Such is the arithmetic.
    1. Joker
      Joker 31 May 2011 10: 43
      Their task, in addition to protecting themselves, also includes monitoring the oil pipe, and helping farmers, poppies ..
    2. viktor_ui
      viktor_ui 1 June 2011 15: 40
      hi smile - you won’t believe it, but I didn’t do a demobilization album, I didn’t make a parade and when I said goodbye to the cap and got all the docks for the demobilization, I spent about 6 hours walking around the barracks (I was waiting for my younger brother from the shooting range, who, together with the cap, was taken from the assembly point and taken out with the docks : Well, I had such an opportunity and I took it under a demobilization in the company). Only 3 photos left with the army bully and one of them is about the oath.
      Well, people, they are like everyone else, shove in difficult conditions and at the exit you will get from him who he really is. We Afghans are the most worthy adversary ... well, amers are more worried about profit from the war ... but they know how to fight and their battle control system is to my liking - I like to see the whole theater on the display like in Google planets, only real time and resolution is an order of magnitude higher.
      Good luck.
  23. Al3XxBK
    Al3XxBK 31 May 2011 13: 48
    American society may be rotten, but ordinary people are not abandoned so-called. "state" to their own devices, and their standard of living is much better than ours. And you say to fight. And For whom? ready for family and loved ones! And for the bastards in power who are free "in choosing the path of degradation: Satanism, sodomy, masochism, shopping, sorry, of course I'm not ready (I'm not an idiot).
    So, let's conclude one before declaring that someone is rotten, let's understand that our country is not very fragrant either!
    1. Che
      Che 21 September 2012 15: 39
      Quote: Al3XxBK
      But if you look at the residents of the superpower themselves, at least the vast majority of them, it becomes clear that this is a huge “bubble”. Even the US military campaigns are not victories in fierce battles, as Russia-the USSR has always run, or Germany, this is a pogrom of obviously weaker opponents - Aboriginal people, inferior in number and armament; the decrepit colonial empires, which no longer had the opportunity to defend their colonies; these are operations on buying, killing politicians, military; This is psychological pressure and information war, when the enemy can fight, but surrenders.

      Here she is a homespun truth, no where can I get away from her.
  24. Igor
    Igor 31 May 2011 16: 40
    "See how Russians die:"
    In the shit, in poverty, realizing that nobody cares about them. And first of all, the state does not care. The Russian is hoped for nothing and no one - this is the main difference between the Russian and the American. Amer, in order to find a downed pilot in Yugoslavia, a marine battalion was landed behind enemy lines ....
    But about the Russian war:
    “The troops went on the attack, driven by horror. The meeting with the Germans, with their machine guns and tanks, the fiery meat grinder of bombing and artillery shelling, was terrible. No less horror was caused by the inexorable threat of shooting. They grabbed some frail goners or those who blurted out something, or random deserters, which were always enough. They formed a division with the letter "P" and finished off the unfortunate without talking. This preventive political work resulted in a greater fear of the NKVD and commissars. than before the Germans. And in the offensive, if you turn back, you get a bullet from the detachment. Fear forced the soldiers to go to death. This was what our wise party, the leader and organizer of our victories counted on. Of course, they were shot after an unsuccessful battle. so that the detachments mowed down the retreating regiments without an order from machine guns. Hence the combat effectiveness of our valiant troops ... "
  25. figwam
    figwam 31 May 2011 16: 54
    Nonsense is complete!
  26. Maj.
    Maj. 31 May 2011 17: 09
    Do not read all crap. My grandfather, an ordinary infantry, crawled from Moscow to Stalingrad and back to Budapest. He talked about one shooting. Near Budapest, the sergeant raped the Hungarian. They brought out before the ranks, took off medals and orders and shot.
    I didn’t tell about other horror stories.
    Your quote is scum, watering not even us, but our grandfathers who fought.
  27. solovei
    solovei 31 May 2011 17: 35
    In my opinion, the article is complete nonsense ... nothing at all .. something like that was said before the Second World War ... the Germans are type weaklings .. they don’t know how to fight .. yes we will fight with them .. yes we will fight only on someone else’s territory .. yes we are the Russian spirit and all that .. and then with rifles and tanks ... and the number of prisoners is more than killed .. It’s much better to fight with a well-dressed and dressed shoe using modern technology, which is enough and does not break down thirty times a day .. when you were trained in military affairs by military officers and not peeling potatoes and pacing on the parade ground all day .. There is not one spirit here ... Today, the American army is the best in the world ... unfortunately ..
  28. mitrich
    mitrich 31 May 2011 17: 39
    Man, where did you get the script for Burnt by the Sun 2: The Citadel? Let me read.
    1. Smirnov Vadim
      Smirnov Vadim 1 June 2011 10: 43
      More shit here will not. You will not follow all of them, report about such figures.
  29. Igor
    Igor 1 June 2011 10: 16
    How do Russians die?
    - Like the Maykop brigade. Dying, preparing with their lives a gift for the DR another prince or holiday of the country!
    - Like forgotten by all Afghans and Chernobyl paralyzed in their own urine.
    - Like the post-war disabled people sent out of sight.
    - What else in the world would you call a country that took hostages of the families of its soldiers?

    Learn the story. His own. Not according to Soviet books, not 12 times edited memoirs of the murderer Zhukov, but according to documents not memorialized by propaganda.

    But in general it is strange to read such a jingoistic patriotic delirium after after a shameful defeat in the Crimean War, after Tsushima and Port Arthur, after the First World War, after the Second World War ...

    Only technological development can bring victory in a war.
  30. mitrich
    mitrich 1 June 2011 10: 27
    you're just a provocateur and scum. VadimIS, this reptile would be better to swear. It is necessary to remove the comments of such reptiles.
  31. mitrich
    mitrich 1 June 2011 10: 46
    did you bastard have a war in your biography? So I represent the liberal pederast at the computer. All shit - from Zhukov to the veterans of our day.
  32. Igor
    Igor 1 June 2011 11: 15
    Oh, how it is in Russian: "to snitch"!
    However, it doesn’t matter. A couple of quotes:
    “There was a stupid, senseless murder of our soldiers. One must think that this selection of the Russian people is a time bomb: it will explode in several generations, in the XNUMXst or XNUMXnd century, when the mass of scum selected and cherished by the Bolsheviks will give rise to new generations of their own kind ...
    Nikolay Nikulin "Memories of the War"

    Okay, another source, this same site:
    "The Russians have always been famous for their contempt for death; the communist regime has further developed this quality, and now the massed attacks of the Russians are more effective than ever before. The twice undertaken attack will be repeated for the third and fourth time, regardless of the losses incurred, and the third and the fourth attacks will be carried out with the same stubbornness and composure.
    Until the very end of the war, the Russians, not paying attention to the enormous losses, threw infantry into the attack in almost closed formations. Due to the superiority in numbers, this method has made it possible to achieve many major successes ....
    The Russian divisions, which had a very large composition, attacked, as a rule, on a narrow front. The area in front of the defenders in an instant suddenly filled with Russians. They appeared as if from the ground, and it seemed impossible to restrain the approaching avalanche. Huge gaps from our fire were immediately filled; waves of infantry rolled one after another, and only when human reserves were exhausted could they roll back ....
  33. PSih2097
    PSih2097 1 June 2011 12: 18
    The United States is not ready for a real war, it is completely demoralized before the war ... The Russians do not have to create huge arsenals of weapons to win, it is enough to maintain them at the minimum necessary level and be ready to respond in full.

    the fact of the matter is that they are almost ready, they have to do a missile defense, and there will be a complete ambition, come and take what you want, especially with such a state policy that external that internal. it’s good that at the time of the union mob warehouses were made if they had not yet been sold and stolen, if we were to arm them.
  34. antidivanii expert
    antidivanii expert 1 June 2011 16: 24
    very weak article! in fact, stupidly hitting the usa, where old myths that Americans cannot fight without dry closets (Iraq showed something completely different) are stupid! such an article can be written by any "expert" from any postureotic forum! the author called American patriotism soap bubble! what if American patriotism is soapy, what can we say about Russian patriotism!
  35. antidivanii expert
    antidivanii expert 2 June 2011 12: 59
    it’s immediately clear that the author of the article has never been to the United States! The author tells us that the United States fought only with the weak! The author apparently doesn’t know the story well if he believes that imperialist Japan is weak! Yes, and in Korea, the USA fought fatally immediately against 3 countries (USSR, China, North Korea), and you can’t call the war in Vietnam a war against a weak adversary! After all, the USSR supplied the North Vietnam with the most modern weapons (the Mig-21 aircraft and the Americans didn’t have an air defense system) so I’m very weak and absolutely not reflects reality! on the Forbes website this phenomenon was given a very good definition: the provincialism of the intellectual elite
  36. antidivanii expert
    antidivanii expert 2 June 2011 13: 24
    about Americans lacking male upbringing: US President Barack Obama will award the Medal of Honor to Sergeant Leroy Arthur Petry, who lost his arm rescuing his colleagues in Afghanistan. This was reported by the press service of the White House.

    The award ceremony will take place on July 12. The 31-year-old Petri will be the second living recipient of the highest military award of the United States since the Vietnam War. At the end of 2010, Sergeant Salvatore Giunta received the first in vivo medal of honor after Vietnam.

    Leroy Arthur Petri, a fighter of the second battalion of the elite 75th ranger regiment, will receive a reward from the president’s hands for the courage shown during the clash with the Taliban in the Afghan province of Paktia on May 26, 2008. Then, as MSNBC recalls, he, along with another ranger, was ambushed while combing the terrain. Petri was injured in both legs, his colleague was also injured. When other soldiers arrived to help, the militants threw a grenade at them. Seeing the ammunition arriving, the sergeant grabbed it and tried to throw it away, but did not have time - the grenade exploded in his right hand.

    As a result, Petri lost an arm and has been using a prosthesis ever since. In that clash, one ranger was killed, but the rest, thanks to Petri's actions, managed to survive. "If not for Sergeant Petri, we would have been seriously wounded or even killed," one of the rangers is sure.

    Leroy Arthur Petri is from Santa Fe, New Mexico. He has been in the army since 1999. He is now stationed at a military base in Washington State, where he serves as the operator of a center that distributes rangers wounded in hostilities.

    Petri is the owner of many military awards, including the Bronze Star, Purple Heart and others.
    source: http: //
    1. Passing
      Passing 20 June 2011 14: 58
      Petri is certainly a brave man, but still there is a fundamental difference between trying to throw a grenade to save himself and his comrades, or without options to sacrifice his life for his comrades. This is to say that in the USSR and present-day Russia, cases when a person lays on a grenade to save those around them amounts to dozens, if not hundreds. Even in my city, about fifteen years ago, the military instructor at the training camp covered a grenade to save schoolchildren. Unfortunately, the Heroes of Russia (the Soviet Union) were not given to everyone for this feat.
  37. Maj.
    Maj. 2 June 2011 13: 40
    Script editor
    There are cluster bombs and shells that lay out jamming transmitters along their flight path.
    And as a radio signalman, I can say that trusting only in electronics is crazy. She is needed, but for display by the Supreme. To be incapacitated at times by radio-electronic warfare.
    So in a modern war, only people will work, and all radio-controlled toys will remain idle.
    If not suppressed by interference, then each radio-controlled system will emit a signal. No one canceled telecontrols and telemetry. So they can be destroyed by radio beam.
    So we are winning. Our troops are trained to fight without newfangled toys and with limited communications. But they are not.
  38. Roman 75
    Roman 75 3 June 2011 13: 53
    So they can be destroyed by radio beam.
    So we are winning. Our troops are trained to fight without newfangled toys and with limited communications. But they are not.

    I remember that the Iraqis have already told how they jammed and deceived the Tomahawk's targeting systems using microwaves ... And Apache was shot down from hunting double-barreled guns ...
    Result to remind?
  39. Fighter
    Fighter 6 June 2011 21: 43
    jamert, my friend you have big problems with knowing the history. Learn, study and study again. lol
  40. Eltoro
    Eltoro 8 June 2011 15: 52
    Yes ... USA is a rotten tree. Smerd s. But Mother Russia is a purely pink bush. And the sea is spilled. Our prices are not rising. The chief does not order. And taxes are falling. I walk straight and squint.
  41. frame5
    frame5 14 June 2011 13: 40
    Complete nonsense.
    This Alexander Samsonov articles how to bake pies. And everywhere the same thing.
  42. Kacha
    Kacha 20 June 2011 11: 56
    Ot etih durachkov ura patriotov v Rossii byl vsegda odin tol'ko vred. Chitaesh 'etu chus' i divu daesh'sya kak glupye lyudi sudyat o veschach v kotoryh oni nichego ne smyslyat. U etih balvanov predstavlenie o voine na osnove sovkovskih filmov. Eti duraki smogut ponyat 'segodnyashnyuyu Ameriku let cherez 50 no togdashnyaya Amerika budet uzhe drugoi opyat' dlya nih neponyatnoy. I tak iz pokoleniya v pokolenie. da i na samom dele ves' etot patriotizm i ne patreotizm a prostoi komplex nepolnotsennosti.
  43. Sanya
    Sanya 22 June 2011 18: 05
    I think the author did not fully disclose the topic, because the American lackeys pounced on him with their "arguments and facts."
    In battle, brawl, and argument, not the one who is stronger wins, but the one who has higher fortitude. Ask yourself who are you afraid of: power, bandits or psychopaths? Of course psychopaths, because they do not care. But the authorities and bandits want to live, therefore they compromise, they have mistresses, children, money, they want to enjoy life. Crazies don’t do that, they don’t care. Psychos do not compromise, they have the most important idea.
    The battle is won by someone who is able to go beyond you. It doesn’t matter how strong he is, the main desire. Hussein would have had a wish; he would have spent his billions of dollars on the purchase of weapons of mass destruction and would be the first piz da zero for the Americans. Then no one touched him, because with a madman it is better to lose part than to lose everything. Milosovic had to kill the United States at all costs with weapons of mass destruction, he would have survived. The same applies to Gaddafi and others. The Koreans have a little thing and they are not touched yet. The winner is the one who is able to sacrifice big and go to the end. The Americans were never capable of this, do not believe read the story. Vtnam is not an argument, they fought with a weak country, and not with the USSR. Remember the Caribbean crisis, the crisis off the coast of North Korea in 1973, they constantly gave in when you would have to wave yourself, and this is with a huge advantage in armaments. As for robots, so long as they are invented and tuned, so all Americans will die. Example, Japan, the country is as robotic as possible, that I did not hear that the robots saved their atomic stagnation, but, God forbid, the working radiation was picked up.
  44. Miron
    Miron 24 June 2011 22: 03
    Sanya June 22, 2011 18:05
    If you are a crazy nut, then you don’t have to expose all Russians like that. I would like to die on your face if I met on a dark road one on one with a Chechen, that's who are strong in spirit. Hussein needed weapons of mass destruction for the Americans? And in response, that sausages would fly? Hussein is not shifted like you and thought, unlike you.
    Even the Caribbean crisis has dragged on, ignorant. On the night of this very crisis, Kennedy called Dobrynin to himself and declared that if the ships on the roadstead near Cuba move to her, the USA declare war on the USSR. That night, Dobrynin informed Khrushchev about this and he ordered the ships to urgently return. Although he was tapping a shoe on the UN rostrum, he understood what this meant. I doubt that you are strong in spirit, you are strong in sobbing. Strong does not talk about it.
  45. Putinoid
    Putinoid 29 June 2011 20: 16
    Oh god-like MedvedoPut, everything happened as you predicted in 2008, and your great predecessors predicted earlier. The fiend of the USA has disintegrated into many states, there is a civil war, no one needs a dollar, they wipe their bottom with paper, Americans stand in huge queues to leave for the Russian Federation, an example of calm and with a rising GDP of 20% per year. The whole world begs Russia to sell nanotanks, nanoplanes, nanoships and connect to the GLONASS system. The wooden ruble has become the main world reserve currency, the central bank works in three shifts and still does not have time to print new bills. Oil and gas remained only in the Russian Federation, the Europeans crawl on their knees to Maskva to get 1000000 rubles each. (world currency) for a bucket to buy at least a couple, while they are ready to sell their children and soul. We look at all these "gentlemen", banging their heads on the floor, from high and let them kiss their dirty shoes. The Japanese use only the Vorkuta 5000 PC and the Kolyma 2010 operating system. The film "Burnt by the Sun-2" is canonized all over the world, the Zulu have been watching it three times a day for two months. Garison Ford runs for vodka for Nikita Mikhalkov, Angelina Jolie fills his pipe, black Hollywood actors do not let him touch the ground, they wear him in a golden stretcher. Naive, they can't play in Nikita's films, this rabble is too primitive and drinks little vodka. The Amazonian Indians became exclusively Russian-speaking and profess the canonical Orthodoxy of the Moscow Patriarchate (beards have to be glued). Liberal capitalism collapsed, the triumph of sovereign democracy began (your forerunners were right about the incomparable - the collapse of capitalism is inevitable). Haila Putin. Haile Stalin. Haile Rashism-Moskvofascism.