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Donetsk Mayor: the situation in the city remains steadily tense

According to RIA "News", the mayor of Donetsk, Alexander Lukianchenko, addressed the townspeople on local television, urging them to show “restraint and organization”.

“The situation in the city of Donetsk remains steadily tense. On the territory of Donetsk today there are fighting clashes between the army units of Ukraine and supporters of the Donetsk People's Republic. There are civilian casualties. The Donetsk airport does not work completely, the station works intermittently, ”he said. - Refrain from traveling to the airport and railway station area. Keep track of where your children are. Try not to leave the house unnecessarily. ”

Representatives of the press service of the Donetsk Regional State Administration reported that as a result of the shooting near the Donetsk railway station, one person was killed and two were injured.

“One man died, two were injured by shrapnel. One of the victims is a child, he was hurt easily, he was bandaged and allowed to go home, ”the press service said.

Representatives of the militia headquarters also reported on the battle near the regional military registration and enlistment office, where the militia "garrison" is located.

“The battle takes place at the crossroads of Kiev avenue and Buslaev street. The military registration and enlistment office is located there, ”they said.

According to the "Russian Spring", with reference to local residents, in the village of Oktyabrsky, behind the railway station, the military bombed out and set on fire two high-rise residential buildings. In the area the lights go out, there is almost no cellular communication. In all hospitals of the city continue to receive the wounded.

The Chairman of the Supreme Council of the DPR Denis Pushilin appealed to the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, saying that “Donetsk and its environs can be on the threshold of a humanitarian catastrophe as soon as possible.”

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  1. JoylyRoger
    JoylyRoger 27 May 2014 07: 23
    Hold on!
  2. AleksPol
    AleksPol 27 May 2014 07: 25
    A humanitarian catastrophe is evident. Where are these dol.B.any human rights defenders, what are ours, what are Western. Work only at the direction of the State Department?
    1. asar
      asar 27 May 2014 07: 35
      And where were these "dol. Bath" human rights activists during the massacre in Odessa, Mariupol ?!
      1. AleksPol
        AleksPol 27 May 2014 07: 38
        They protect only enemies, remember the Chechen company, how many squeals and saliva were.
    2. NOMADE
      NOMADE 27 May 2014 07: 41
      Yeah .. Only from helicopters with UN inscriptions, they carry "humanitarian" aid and crap. (This is when the ukrovoyaks fired from these turntables, the UN for some reason already forgot about this "outrageous incident".)
  3. urii
    urii 27 May 2014 07: 31
    new video of Igor Strelkov's interview for May 26.05
  4. asar
    asar 27 May 2014 07: 33
    Hold on, Donbass! Just hold on!
  5. VNP1958PVN
    VNP1958PVN 27 May 2014 08: 01
    But for this, we allotted troops to get a debt for gas?
  6. Aslan
    Aslan 27 May 2014 08: 01
    PARAShenko will not compromise, the conversation is only from a position of strength, I think the militia will have an acute issue with armaments.
  7. Evgeniy31
    Evgeniy31 27 May 2014 08: 04
    Unfortunately the appeal will not change anything. RF will remain silent. sad
    Meanwhile, 100 militias died yesterday.
    1. Kazanec
      Kazanec 27 May 2014 08: 12
      Where does infa come from? Is there evidence that 100 militias died?
      1. Ace in the sleeve
        Ace in the sleeve 27 May 2014 11: 03
        Where does infa come from? Is there evidence that 100 militias died?

        Russia 24 just handed over - 150 killed only from the DPR, and in an interview with fighters they say that there are hundreds
    2. mamont5
      mamont5 27 May 2014 09: 16
      Quote: Evgeniy31
      Unfortunately the appeal will not change anything. RF will remain silent. sad
      Meanwhile, 100 militias died yesterday.

    3. yushch
      yushch 27 May 2014 13: 59
      It’s kind of together with the peaceful.
  8. saag
    saag 27 May 2014 08: 05
    Quote: VNP1958PVN
    But for this, we allotted troops to get a debt for gas?

    Well, yes, capitalism is all, money is all, if you had told the Russian leadership that they would be waiting for 5 billion dollars in the South-East, then everything would have been different there :-)
  9. Evgeniy31
    Evgeniy31 27 May 2014 08: 15
    Quote: Kazanets

    On the first channel they said, but I hope that this is not so.
    News from 8 o’clock in the morning which.
  10. mackonya
    mackonya 27 May 2014 08: 16
    I foolishly thought that V.V. Putin made concessions at a meeting with the OSCE chairman, only for the sake of the OSCE immediately supporting Russia in organizing humanitarian aid to the South-East. But if by the end of the week there is no news of at least the beginning of the first stage of humanitarian aid to the South-East, then my faith in the wisdom of Putin's "team" will not be so significant
  11. targitai
    targitai 27 May 2014 08: 20
    In Syria, the west openly supplies militants with weapons, and why can’t Russia help the militia of the SE to do the same?
    1. Gecko
      Gecko 27 May 2014 08: 24
      Because they will immediately impose sanctions, now with every sneeze they will poke us in sanctions.
      1. targitai
        targitai 27 May 2014 08: 26
        Duck may need to "sneeze" harder, so that they would no longer want to impose sanctions
  12. urii
    urii 27 May 2014 08: 25

    An Euromaidan activist sits in Donetsk and leaks information to "ancient ukram"! We urgently need to find this scum and neutralize it.
  13. Rusin Dima
    Rusin Dima 27 May 2014 08: 31
    I don’t understand what’s going on? Why is there no reaction? What all languages ​​stuck in their aces, what else do you need for a Russian reaction?
  14. vovan50
    vovan50 27 May 2014 08: 33
    Nearby our people are killed, and our air darts, biathlon and other games are held. Is this aggravation of the situation connected with the fact that Russia would intervene and there would be an excuse not to pay these lard for gas? Guys, is it the real bestial muzzle of capitalism and we are building it, is that what we are striving for? Like okay, let them kill someone there, but grandmothers, they’ll be in your pocket.
  15. cerbuk6155
    cerbuk6155 27 May 2014 09: 12
    A humanitarian catastrophe is evident. Urgently need to provide military-economic assistance. Where is the general mobilization. Do not sleep. We must take power into our own circles. Knock out enemies from your republic. soldier
  16. narn
    narn 27 May 2014 09: 39
    how everything is changing rapidly ... just a couple of days ago everyone here admired the wisdom and foresight of our leadership, and how the point of view on what happened yesterday ... and judging by the statements, this disappointment is only growing ...
  17. Leshka
    Leshka 27 May 2014 13: 41
    why we don’t do anything; why people die there and we only collect all sorts of UN advice;
  18. The comment was deleted.