How to solve the national question in the Russian Federation? National problem: reality, power attitude

How to solve the national question in Russia?

- continue the course of globalization in Russian, return the Idea to the nation - 501 (49.7%)
- to build a mono-ethnic Russian state, dropping “ballast” in the form of all national suburbs - 89 (8.83%)
- to build a state together with Ukraine and Belarus, dropping "ballast" in the form of all national suburbs - 218 (21.63%)
- to give the North Caucasus freedom and all national autonomies, while trying to save the Urals, Siberia and the Far East - 59 (5.85%)
- try to build a confederation, where all subjects will be independent in domestic policy, while maintaining a common foreign policy and defensive alliance - 54 (5.36%)
- to recognize that the Russian project is completely failed, the Russian people no longer have the strength and capabilities to hold it, to request external management from the US, the European Union and China, while maintaining the “fundamental rights and freedoms” of citizens of the Russian Federation - 46 (4.56%)
- a different opinion (write in the comments) - 41 (4.07%)

The essence of the national problem: reality

In the past few years, the central government has attended to a national issue. Prior to this, it was not particularly affected at this level, although the problem was acutely faced by the 80s of the 20 century, in the 90s it became acute until the regional wars. And do not think that the problem is only in the "Chechen issue", Chechnya is just one of the manifestations of the disease.

The “Kondopoga” problem (there in September 2006 of the year, local residents, driven by the actions of immigrants from Chechnya and Dagestan and the inaction of the authorities, raised a real insurgency in order to oust the “Caucasians” from the city) - this is already a problem "Rounds" are ripening in the countryside. It will acquire an even larger scale if the federal and local authorities begin to fulfill the plan of mass resettlement of representatives of the Caucasian peoples in Russia. In principle, it has already begun to perform. The essence of this problem:

- the statistics of offenses is such that throughout Russia most of the crimes are committed by alien ones - people from other regions of the Russian Federation and migrants from Central Asia and other countries.

- aliens, overwhelmingly, representatives of other nations than those who traditionally lived or lived for a long time (for several generations) in this territory. They are “outsiders” in terms of consciousness, religion, behavior. Local peoples, for example, Mari, Tatars, Russians in Mari El already live together for centuries, they are “relatives” for each other, including in the direct sense of the word. Representatives of the new national communities are “outsiders”. If they are single, separate families, there are no problems, they are assimilated, but when cohesive communities are immediately created, a lot of problems arise - from economic to criminal ones.

- corruption of local authorities, they want to receive income from the diasporas and the ethno-mafia they have created, so they are beginning to "turn a blind eye" to their actions to seize a profitable business, including "black" and "gray." If only they paid on time.

- since the collapse of the Soviet Union, there have been changes in the staff of local bureaucrats and law enforcement agencies, the proportion of representatives of the communities that came to the region has increased dramatically. Naturally, by virtue of their upbringing, they are involved in oppressing the local population and covering up the crimes and violations of their “countrymen”.

- the resistance of the local population to these processes is almost always emotional and episodic in nature, and not meaningful-willed (strategic) character. In simple terms, the Russians and friendly small nations do not create open and underground organized structures such as the Chinese “triads”, the Italian “cosa nostra”, which could create a link between the local authorities and the people, protecting the local population from aggressive “newcomers”.

Why are diasporas so aggressive?

- Russian culture in recent decades has been largely replaced by Russian-speaking culture. There is very little Russianness left - there are almost no Russian films, Russian cartoons, Russian fairy tales, Russian martial arts are not honored, Russian holidays are forgotten (do not confuse them with Christian ones, although Christian holidays have absorbed a lot of Russianness coming from the depths of thousands of years, for example, Christian Christmas markets and Christmas is Kolyada), the tradition of Russian clothes, Russian behavior (for example, chastity) is forgotten, there are almost no Russian songs and dances on TV screens (“Play accordion” is a rare exception that does not affect the mass of Russian-born children) and so yes it.

But it was precisely Russian culture that was a system-forming for Ancient Rus-Russia, the Russian Empire and the Red Empire. It was she who united with the Russian language dozens and hundreds of ethnic groups and clans. I made the Rus-Rus strong, intelligent, believing in their Truth, such Russians were respected and feared by all nations, including the farthest. Representatives of other nations wanted to see their friends, brothers, and allies in Russian-Rus. Even the Chinese, representatives of the great Chinese civilization, called us "elder brothers."

Then the Rus-Rus were the masters of the state and built their own Order, which could become the main on the whole planet, becoming an alternative to the Western order. And in many plans our Russian order was more Just, it gave the opportunity to survive and raise its level of development to all nations, and not to exploit the world around us, considers everyone to be "elected" and nobody to be "subhuman", as the Western world does.

Currently, the majority of Russians are weak, underclassified, have lost most of their memory, their roots, they cannot protect their children and women, whom tens of thousands sell and export every year to the West and the East. How to respect these? For their past? What matters is who you are now, and not in the past. This is true not only for an individual person - and great sinners, it happened, repented, started the right way, it is true for nations and powers. It is impossible to live by the illusions of the Great Past, if not to be strong and great at the present time, they will erase and indeed the Great Past.

Often there are news in the news about how the groups of “Caucasians” beat, kill one or several Russians or other Russians - and why shouldn't they be beaten to “answer”. If you are attacked, be Russ-Rus, like your ancestors - take as many enemies with you as possible to the next world, go away to the retinue of Perun-George the Victorious, warrior. They carry knives and injuries, and you carry a knife too (even a nail). Watch your women - let them not look like moths, but like normal women. Do not thump, but train, harden the body and the Spirit - you are a warrior, all Russians are from the birth of the Warriors, you will not kill the patrimonial memory with several decades of decomposition, it is thousands of years old. You yourself must protect yourself, your family, your settlement, your Homeland. You should not hope for power, it was flooded with decomposition and outright traitors. This is your duty - the protection of the family, the motherland. Are they organized? What prevents you from creating your own organization, a community? Together to train, create plans for possible joint activities to protect families, the settlement, buy instead of booze and the next "cars" of some equipment.

- Naturally, the government has also degraded, as well as the population; it is based on careerists, servants, whose activity is not Serving the People, but solving purely selfish tasks - the growth of one’s own and family welfare, entertainment, the seizure of new sources of income. Such power is not able to protect the people, it itself largely exploits it, together with the diasporas. Representatives of the diasporas see this very well and use it for their own purposes.

That is why the representatives of ethno-criminal groups, the youth of the diasporas commit such arrogant antics and behave so "frostbitten". Representatives of the peoples of the Caucasus lead in this, followed by the crimes of migrants from Central Asia, the Chinese, Koreans and other Asians are more “calm” (perhaps only for now), busy mostly with “affairs” within their communities. Just one example of actual blasphemy - on the night of October 12 2010, a MGIMO student Surkho Taramov drove into the Alexander Garden by jeep and drove up to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier by car. He got off fine! For the blasphemy, which before almost all nations was considered the most terrible crime and punishable by death!

But they still see that Russia did not “respond” to the insane antics of the Baltic Nazis, to the art of Saakashvili - demolished the sacred relic, the Glory Memorial in Kutaisi, Georgia was not punished for attacking our peacekeepers, for regular arrests and beating our officers, soldiers. Although Moscow has a lot of leverage to “punish” such “neighbors,” it's not necessary to immediately bomb. You can worsen their socio-economic life so much that Georgians, Estonians and others will recall the “friendship of nations.”

Since it is possible to “lower” the Russian Federation in the international arena, why it is impossible to “lower” the Russians inside ?!

Power position

How to solve the national question in the Russian Federation? National problem: reality, power attitude

The central government seems to have preoccupied with national policy, so 27 December 2010, at a meeting of the State Council, Dmitry Medvedev said that "the main national priority" is "maintaining civil peace, interethnic and interfaith harmony in our country." He acknowledged the president and the most important basis of this “consent”, that “Russia is a truly unique country with invaluable and, perhaps, unique experience. This experience consists in the fact that, unlike many other countries, from many other federations, the peoples of our country have largely preserved customs, language, and their religion. And at the same time they gained political and cultural unity as part of one of the most powerful states in the world. ”

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin also acknowledged that there were no such problems in the USSR, it was possible to maintain inter-ethnic and interfaith peace there. Putin named several reasons for this: the first is the Idea, the socialist idea; the second is the creation of a new community of people - “the Soviet people”. The authorities of the Russian Federation also tried to form a "Russian people", "Russians", but so far has not come out. Putin acknowledged that in Russia they could not find an equivalent to what they did in the USSR.

In his opinion, the experience of the Soviet Union can be replaced by only one thing - “all-Russian patriotism”. Putin: "We simply do not use it, do not develop this idea, and sometimes even shy of it ... It is necessary that everyone should be proud of his country and understand that the success of the whole country depends on the success of each and vice versa."

True, this raises a number of questions to the leaders of our state, and the main one - how we can be proud of the regime and the oligarchs, who have been supporting economic disruption for two decades, actually carry out an economic genocide of the population. So, according to the Federal State Statistics Service of the Russian Federation for 2010 a year, incomes of the Russian population are distributed as follows:

- In extreme poverty live 13,4% of the population with incomes lower than 3422 ruble per month.
- In poverty live 27,8% of the population with income from 3422 rubles to 7400 rubles per month.
- In poverty live 38,8% of the population with income from 7400 rubles to 17000 rubles per month.
- “Rich among the poor” 10,9% of the population with income from 17000 rubles to 25000 rubles per month.
- At the level of average income, 7,3% of the population live with an income from 25000 rubles to 50000 rubles per month.
- The wealthy are citizens with income from 50000 rubles to 75000 rubles per month. Their number is 1,1% of the population of Russia.
- The so-called rich make up 0,7% of the population. Their income is estimated over 75000 rubles per month.

That is 80% of the population of the Russian Federation - the poor of different categories. D. Medvedev is interesting to such data - he is busy with “generating signals”, believes that his task is to identify problems that officials should then solve at a high professional level. And how can they solve them if there is no Idea in the state, except for the idea of ​​enrichment, the “golden calf”. The corps of officials in Russia since the times of the Russian Empire did not shine with high professionalism, but then there was an Idea - “For Faith, Tsar and Fatherland”, then they built socialism, communism. This held back the decomposition of the management body. When Eden was gone, enrichment became the meaning of managerial life.
Therefore, the “patriotism” that the poor ordinary people and the managerial elite rallied in front of the general threat of dismemberment of the Russian Federation is all words, without Idea they are dead and are replaced at all levels by “patriotic” window dressing.

Therefore, Medvedev’s rather true words, told by 17 on January 2011 of the year at a meeting with the leadership of the Federal Assembly, that “special attention should be paid to Russian culture. This is the basis, it is the backbone of the development of all our multinational culture ”, absolutely empty without real action to revive the Russian culture, the Russianness of the people.

Therefore, the Stalinist question arises: our central authority is the enemy of the people, or are there fools sitting there ?! The national question can be solved only in the wake of the well-being concept of living arrangement in the Russian Federation, from the very top, the revival of Russianness and Russian culture. When the Russian people will be strong, healthy, smart, continue the process of globalization in Russian, will again become a respected "elder brother" for small nations, will immediately "put in place" external and internal enemies, everything will fall into place, the problem will be resolved.

Advice to representatives of Caucasian communities, its youth - do not humiliate even weak Russians, better help them to become strong, support them in difficult years. Otherwise, when the Russo-Rusy wake up from the confusion, during the revival of the empire, a lot of blood will be shed ...

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  1. DAGESTAN333 30 May 2011 14: 49 New
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    Association: They beat a bear lying, laughing, let go of unflattering jokes about a bear, it was decided to finish off - but then !, the bear woke up from a dream .........
  2. Owl
    Owl 30 May 2011 18: 43 New
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    Revive patriotic education; quietly neutralize screamers about the autonomy of individual regions; toughen the punishment for fanning ethnic hatred (not only Russian) and severely punish for real crimes committed on ethnic grounds (evictions, dismissals, beatings, murders); toughen penalties for corruption; to destroy the ramblers and traitors of Russia from among the ruling and presidential apparatus
  3. Nicholas
    Nicholas 30 May 2011 20: 19 New
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    You can talk for a long time, but you need things to fix the situation: to encourage and develop what works to strengthen the state and ruthlessly pinpoint what destroys it. Simply put: you need a powerful economy - pay well for productive labor, and not a miserable 10-15% of profit. Stimulate fertility in productive regions, and not cause problems by encouraging parasites. Systematically destroy crime that discredits power. Everything is simple and obvious! The only question is whether our government needs it.
  4. mitrich
    mitrich 4 June 2011 19: 03 New
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    I voted for No. 1, although I disagree with the wording. What is the "Russian Idea" and the Great State in Russian? To bless all around, the whole world for words of gratitude and devotion? I do not agree.
    My Homeland: my city, my mother, my brother, my son. My Homeland is DAGESTAN333, if the truth is written about our identity with him, and other brothers in the forum who share the same views. No "idea" is needed at the same time.