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Is Russian defense a myth?

Is Russian defense a myth?

In the past few weeks, a wave of reports about the punishment of generals from the defense industry is rolling in the media. Here and there the names of people “of whom we have never heard of them” “shine”. Well, of course! Three Yak-130 late arrived in the troops. What? Three whole ?! How much was released before? And now three. But still they entered service. And last year, the Russian army did not receive three nuclear submarines at all, a 20380 corvette, six aircraft did not happen, the 76 BMP-3, and five spacecraft were lost somewhere. As a result, the state defense order in 2010 was almost broken by 30%. Vice-Premier S.Ivanov reports to the president about punishment, removal from office.

One of the big designers of the defense plant tells about the visits of S.Ivanov himself to their plant. Been there S.Ivanov 2 times. Logged something. But there were no protocols left, but all the questions that were raised remained unresolved. There is only a picture on the TV. And now the picture of the punishments. The analysts are right - no decisions about dismissals will affect the situation. There is a pure imitation of the solution of questions. What and where is wrong?

Here are the words of one of the participants of the forums on the Internet, Oleg Lunin: “I myself have been working for more than 30 for years at a defense plant, and although our plant is state-owned, we have not updated equipment for more than 20 for years. The machines are old, skilled workers retired, and young people do not go. If 15 worked thousands of workers, now there are about a thousand. And to whom to fulfill the state order, and on what? And if tomorrow is war? ”.

The Russian Defense Industrial Complex is quite voluminous and is an extensive network of almost 1200 manufacturing enterprises and design offices. And the geography of their location is very extensive. One of the main features of all these enterprises is that people still work there for the idea. But I want to eat. Therefore, many defense companies are looking for foreign customers. The state does not seem to mind. However, according to the biggest designer, there are a lot of questions. Their enterprise received $ 600 million from a foreign company for future orders. High-precision machines were brought to $ 100 million. And then the officials ask questions about the rest of the money. Moreover, the state itself did not allocate money for the modernization of this plant. Guess at one time why officials are interested in the balance of money.

For the modernization of enterprises, the machine park of which is practically worn out by 80%, the chairman of the government proposes to increase the profitability of defense enterprises to 15%. But here comes the dilemma. Over the past 5 years, government spending on defense orders has increased significantly. At the same time, they do not give much increase in prices - they include an anti-monopoly committee. Those. the allocated amounts increased, while prices remained almost at the old level. Where does the difference go? That's right - goes on the chain. As a result, defense enterprises work with 2-3% profitability. What kind of modernization can be discussed in these conditions? On the other hand, almost all defense enterprises are engaged in international contracts. Yes, there is a lot of money. But for some reason this money does not reach modernization projects. Former (up to 2000) head of the Armed Forces Armed Forces, deputy head of the RSPP Commission for the military-industrial complex, retired Colonel-General Anatoly SITNOV, in an interview with the Arguments of the Week, announced an approximate number of kickbacks to officials - 23 trillion rubles! The chief military prosecutor agrees that every fifth ruble from the state defense order disappears into the pockets of officials. And still the market, inquisitive mind worked out such a wage scheme at state enterprises that 70% of income is a bonus. And give her superiors based on the personal contribution of each employee. Guess who makes the greatest contribution? The award is given every six months, and in these six months a person SUCH humiliation suffers that the serfs never dreamed of. And then it turns out that with the amount they give out, we must also give the cash to the head denyushku (so as not to spoil the statistics). As a result, for example, the Novosibirsk defense industry (NPO Luch and NPO Sibselmash) are preparing to reduce the number of jobs, which could lead to strikes. In the same Novosibirsk, at the factory, where they produce an excellent Su-34 aircraft, qualified engineers, technicians, technologists receive a salary of 2-3-4 times less than at other plants.

Here another question arises: “And who will work on those very high-precision machines of the year in 3, and in 7 in years?”. Polytechnic education in our very simplified. The leadership of the Moscow Aviation Institute, for example, has given up on the preparation of engines for the defense industry, arguing that most of the best graduates are leaving for America, Israel. All the rest receive a diploma only because of the prestigious brand. Those. for whom to keep a high bar of training. It turns out now that there are no good specialists to wait for the influx into the defense industry. The PTU system was practically buried. And who among the youth will go into the unknown? Everyone wants easy money immediately.

And people on the Internet say: “We still have nuclear bombers on the go, do not perish. Our kerosene, our aluminum. Plutonium is also ours. One such airplane is enough for the whole of Europe. Years 15-20 will extend on what is ". So everything is simple! We will bury the defense, but we will keep the airplane. It becomes a shame for such our people. After all, always in our stories, and not only ours, the defense industry was the engine of progress. It was in the defense developed the most courageous solutions. It was in defense that polished the minds of great scientists.

It is in the defense industry a lot of really high-quality jobs. The country's leadership understands the importance of defense for the country. It is not by chance that the president and the prime minister have said a lot lately about improving the state defense order. However, without systemic measures to modernize the defense industry, the situation cannot be rectified. Just need to remember the story. How was it possible to reduce the apparatus of the chief of armament of the Defense Ministry with its specialists and entrust the arming of the army to the woman? I want to believe that this problem will be solved.

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  1. datur
    datur 28 May 2011 11: 50
    how this tkburetkin with his gop company got it.
  2. mitrich
    mitrich 28 May 2011 12: 11
    The Russian military-industrial complex is not yet a myth, but it is already seriously ill. V.E. Pikul (not a relative of the famous writer?) On the whole correctly identified the problems of the defense industry.
    President Medvedev announced "modernization". Does he understand this word correctly? I mainly hear on TV about the "modernization" of the existing political system, legal proceedings, at best the "Skolkovo project" (as if there are few existing "science cities" in Russia). And for me, a simple and, if you like, stupid Russian man in the street, modernization (without quotes) consists in re-equipping the production facilities of enterprises with new (even imported) equipment and attracting young specialists to research institutes and factories (there is money, after all, Pikul also writes about this). That is, modernization according to mitrich is a state of technocrats, and not of all lawyers and managers who are sick and tired.
    Why is the author surprised by the 3rd Yak-130? Because the Ministry of Defense ordered not a thousand? The needs of the army must be self-sufficient, you need 3 - give 3, you need 100 - give out a hundred. And then I have seen in my time whole "cemeteries" of military equipment, inherited from Soviet times.
    Further. It is impossible to be the first always and everywhere, including in the military-industrial complex. Therefore, I think, the main stake should be placed on those areas of the defense industry where we are really strong or can restore the former potential. Space, aircraft construction, nuclear submarines, rocketry, tank construction (this is not an exhaustive list) - i.e. where we are really strong. And if we can't and don't know how to do it anymore, we have to buy it, like the same Mistrals. Otherwise, you can, after all, kick your ass, as the USSR economy did.
    A responsibility. One of the most painful places. By God, it's funny to hear how the next director, a millionaire, was "removed from his post". Is this a responsibility? Chickens laughing. This is how it appears as he "heals" a trauma in the Dominican Republic.
    The trouble with the modern military-industrial complex, in my opinion, is not in the absence of funds. Briefly described (on top-down issues), these are: people (or rather, their absence) - responsibility - intermediaries - corruption - equipment.
    I look forward to interesting feedback, especially from those working in this industry sector.
    1. huginn
      huginn 28 May 2011 13: 16
      Medvedev correctly understands the word modernization, it's like a new iPhone firmware!
    2. viktor_ui
      viktor_ui 28 May 2011 19: 03
      mitrich - our presidents, starting with Gorbach, constantly chat about "modernization" (perestroika, modernization and innovation are synonymous words)
      About the Union, I can only say one thing - HER DESTROYED ECONOMICALLY at the very beginning of a new technological round? Examples that were in full view of everyone: ANTI-ALCOHOLIC company that made a very big hole in the domestic budget of the country, DESTRUCTION of vineyards, CRISIS OF THE AVAILABILITY OF DETERGENTS (after all, some high-ranking bastard closed most of the factories producing detergent powders by his decree) and the GANDRINA crisis (their absence in pharmacies and reflections in the press about how many factories we need to build to meet the country's needs for this crap), the great and mighty housing issue of Gorbach until 2000 for everyone in a new apartment (he solved it - we all live according to the NATIONAL apartments (well, or at his suggestion, because he created all the prerequisites for this (the Belovezhsky agreement) ... in short, I got tired of listing the stages of the collapse of a wonderful country with rotten "managers" from the authorities. Let Medvedev calculate how many Perdukov killed in the military the Skolkovs line from the USSR (one of the disbanded Irkutsk IVATU was worth it).
      Your statement - "modernization according to mitrich is a state of technocrats, and not all lawyers and managers who are bored, it's a balm. wink
      I don’t agree with you about deliveries of 3 Yak-130s - this is a combat training vehicle and their deliveries to the troops should be measured in thousands (but Perdyuk and others like him do not need it and as a result there are 3 of them, and since they can the dough does not need anything, then we have and deliveries of everything to the army - piece or so)
      Russia is now an extremely pale shadow in the fields of science, technology, the army, etc. from the USSR - it’s very unfortunate, but so far I don’t see the lumen and I don’t look through the hint.
      Good luck.
      1. East
        East 28 May 2011 20: 16
        I love however to consider! Calculate how much we have left from the time of the Union of only Czech UBS? They will tell me old stuff - what is the resource of these airplanes? How many training aircraft are there? How many pilots do we need, and not the flight crew, that is, navigators, gunners, and others? How many new pilots do we need in return for retiring? According to various sources, we have from 2000 to 3000 military aircraft, without helicopters. Consequently, the pilots are unlikely to be more than 5000. They serve an average of 15 years, that is, they fly. Replacement requires a maximum of 350 pilots annually for all parts. For preparation, as a first approximation, as a rule, 1 aircraft is required for 8-10 cadets. This means that the total number of aircraft requires about 100-150. As the unforgettable Sir Winston Churchill, the Duke of Marlborough used to say, in the first year, drop by drop, in the second in a spoon, in the third it is enough, in the fourth a lot, in the fifth too much. This is not a computer game in arcade mode, once the button is pressed and you have everything. Start of production of 3 aircraft, and then like Churchill.
        My diagnosis is a very serious suspicion that it is very beneficial for someone to fan the hysteria around a patient with a military-industrial complex. Yet they write - this is a lot of money. Now imagine - everyone around knows that the military-industrial complex is in perfect health, who will give the money? As for military orders - yes, the USSR built 2500-3000 tanks a year. So what, however, broke up. Or MIG. How many years does he have no serious orders from the Army? And he lives and makes new planes for export. He did not die, and the failure of the Indian order did not kill the company.
        Question - why there are no large orders for military equipment? And how many years can you ride a tank? Forever, just change the engines, the gun, and the stuffing! The aircraft certainly wears out, unlike the tank, but the declared resource is 20-30 years according to the glider. Deliver a hundred per year - there will be a fleet of 2000 - 3000. Of course, the military wants more, but this is their profession, ask for more will give less.
  3. Valery
    Valery 28 May 2011 19: 49
    Praz and Prime Selling! if Putin said that they give money to the defense industry, the next day they will definitely close a couple of three defense plants. All that they do is prepare old people for surrender without a fight
    1. cabin boy
      cabin boy 28 May 2011 21: 21
      Why is it so complicated? It was possible in August 2008 to surrender Tskhinval without a fight, after which the country would be pulled into sovereignty in a week. Who prevented the surrender of the country?
  4. DAGESTAN333
    DAGESTAN333 28 May 2011 20: 34
    Those who leave the country, because they "cannot earn a living" here, simply do not respect their country, justifying themselves by the fact that the country does not respect them either, while the country is we ourselves! The problem begins when there is a desire to live better than a neighbor and work colleague, better than the "rabble", when we begin to "selfish". But there is also a positive in the fact that the "clever" go abroad - let the TRAITING essences go away.
    1. East
      East 28 May 2011 23: 09
      The problem ends when there is a desire to live better than a neighbor and work colleague, and to leave the "rabble", and if the desire and the search for an opportunity to earn more is "selfishness", then we will definitely not achieve anything. Better to be rich and healthy, go in for sports, and if you really drink, then expensive and high-quality alcohol. Children will not study on an empty stomach, and all the more, their health from poverty will not increase.
      And all the lamenting that the other earns more is an indicator of simple unwillingness to work hard.
      1. DAGESTAN333
        DAGESTAN333 29 May 2011 01: 12
        Ost lamenting just about the fact that some have no desire to work hard FOR THEIR STATE, to create an intellectual product FOR YOUR STATE, to pay taxes to YOUR STATE. And "selfishness" is when you cease to care about EVERYTHING that is outside your apartment, when it is inexpedient to help out a friend from an economic point of view, when no matter how (ie honest or not honest) you earn. In order for [WE] to achieve something, it is necessary TOGETHER and support each other. And one more thing ... - there is no "rabble", there is a state that is going through relatively bad times, God will not give it long.
        1. East
          East 29 May 2011 13: 26
          For any state, the basis is the human factor. The task of the state is to formulate the idea of ​​its being so that a person accepts this idea and is ready to live in the state and for the state. Otherwise, the person ceases to support the state and it perishes. It is clear that the ideas are formulated by the elite, and often the interests of the elite do not coincide with the interests of most citizens of the country. But it is an indisputable fact that elites shape society. And it wasn’t invented by me that each nation is worthy of its ruler, and the retinue, that is, the elite, makes the ruler. We are a society, and unfortunately I am not an elite, but I really want to be. We must either accept the ideas of our state as they are, or change them, changing the elite, or destroy our state. That’s the whole choice.
          And we will root for each other again only when the majority of society accepts this idea, but as you know, the road to hell is lined with good intentions, and even my foreman of the company used to say - do not do good to people - you will not get evil from them.
          And our state is, unfortunately, two or three steps from the peak of its power. Why "Unfortunately? We can fall into the abyss and fall very high, and after any ascent, there always follows a descent. And two or three steps in the historical process is 50-150 years.
          1. DAGESTAN333
            DAGESTAN333 29 May 2011 16: 48
            Ost I wish you to become an elite, and to be responsible, and so that you manage to improve society at least a little.
  5. cabin boy
    cabin boy 28 May 2011 23: 02
    If we are talking about the Yak-130, let's listen to what the general director of the enterprise, Alexander Karezin, told reporters.
    “According to him, the main reason for the delay was the underfunding of the State Defense Order, which amounted to about 476 million rubles.” To fulfill the state order, the amount of which was known, in March 2010 the company took out a commercial loan for this money, which was enough to manufacture 5 Yak-130 aircraft ", - said Karezin.
    The company was waiting for 3 months for the funds needed to build more 9 machines. Having received money to pay for the order at the end of December last year, Sokol purchased components and settled with suppliers. Currently, Karezin noted, one of the three aircraft is ready for dispatch to the customer, the second has already passed flight tests, and the third Yak-130 is at the factory airfield for pre-flight training. "In June, albeit with a delay of six months, we plan to finish work on this contact," said the general director of the aircraft factory.
    Karezin also noted that the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation has not yet announced a competition for the production of the Yak-130 for this year "

    The defense financing system is built in such a way that it is not profitable for the Russian Armed Forces to produce weapons in Russia. Even more, after the liberal reforms in Russia, it is only profitable to extract and drive raw materials to the west. It was with the help of the raw material lobby that the world financial oligarchy managed to plunge the USSR into a severe economic crisis, which made it possible to impose liberal reforms that led to the disintegration of my Motherland, but what is most terrible, to the loss of financial sovereignty. Neither the finance minister nor the chairman of the Central Bank of Russia is pursuing a policy in Russia's interests. The financial probe team is doing everything to financially strangle any processing industry in Russia. They may object to me, well, they made YAKs. Yes, but not thanks to, but in spite of. Because for the last eleven years there has been an invisible war, a war for the return of financial sovereignty to Russia, so that Russian finances would work for the good of our country, and not for the "uncle from across the ocean."
  6. figwam
    figwam 28 May 2011 23: 54
    And why didn’t the Ministry of Defense order new helmets this year, what should be taken from the enemy in battle?
  7. viktor_ui
    viktor_ui 29 May 2011 09: 32
    Ost - I counted correctly, but there is a concept as "product execution technology", for the 70s it was one, for the 80s it was different, and so on. The talk that the glider can fly for about 30 years, and we like to change the stuffing and supposedly get a modern aircraft on the exhaust - smells of slyness, because the muternization of what was done in a shaggy year clearly does not provide for the creation of a fundamentally new full-fledged technical chain based on technologies of the 21st century - in other words, the Su-27 will never make a full-fledged flyer of the 5th or 6th generation, and from the T-72 we will not be able to make a full-fledged ARMATA or Merkava-4. Comparison that the USSR collapsed due to the fact that it produced a lot of military products and from this died - your delusion. Then there were a lot of tanks, but there were enough trained tankers for them, and everyone was absolutely sure that the tank fists of that time would roll NATO in 4 days. But now more than a quarter of a century has passed and we now have a fuss about the problem of supplying the troops with as many as 3 training Yaks, which will never be a full-fledged combat vehicle - at best it will be a light attack aircraft (this is a product of the last century in terms of design ). I do not want to fly forever on PO-2, which has a place in a museum (even if LCD displays are installed in it) smile ).
    1. East
      East 29 May 2011 12: 23
      Just do not distort, we are not talking about the SU-27 and combat aircraft, but only about combat training aircraft. How many years have Europeans been flying Alpha Jets? In what year did they enter service? And the L-39 of the same years? And for the Yak-130 combat use is an absolutely secondary task. Albatrosses develop their resources, and it is not for our country that they have their own UBS.
      Another beautiful misconception about trained tankers. Where were the best crews of tanks SA? Right in the GSVG. And who were the members of these crews? Stupid question? No, the crew members were - commanders - officers, the rest of the conscripts. There was not a large percentage of conscripts, but the main composition was super conscripts. Directly contract soldiers, as they would be called now. But the rest of the tankers, as you call them, in the territory of the Union went on their tanks once a year to the firing range, and fired with two or three shells. And they could not be worthy adversaries to anyone, if only to the Chinese at that time. By the way, the vast majority of tanks were relatively new. And it’s far from the fact that new tanks will be much better, isn’t that why now, no country in the world plans to create and adopt fundamentally new tanks. And Merkava-4 is a continuation of the line of the first Merkavs, as the T-90 is the heir to the T-72. I really hope that our new tank will be a revelation in the current tank building industry, and foreign buyers, and not just us, will vote for it, and not just any Merkav!
      And in general, of course, the USSR economy did not collapse due to the amount of BT, but because of the need to maintain it. It’s like a passenger car, in addition to its price there is the cost of its ownership. And if you have a network and a personal driver, plus a mechanic, plus a garage, plus a security guard, and all this multiplied by two, the real cost of a passenger car will be an order of magnitude more expensive than the price tag. So it is in the USSR. They didn’t modernize the equipment, but bought a new one, so that the plants would not stand. Well, yes, purchased. Simplified of course, there were many more other factors, however.
      As for the aircraft of the 5th generation, compared to the 4th generation, it is far from obvious that the former are better in everything. And even more so in terms of price / efficiency ratio. The same states continue to buy F-18s, although in theory they should have waited for the F-35. The simple question is why the vaunted Raptors were not used in Libya? And why did they abandon their further production? Why did you refuse export deliveries? It reminds of the "Star Wars" program, there was a lot of noise, the USSR bought it and paid in full. Maybe that's why our specialists are in no hurry with the 5th generation? And suddenly, too many countries announced plans to create such aircraft, even Indonesia and Korea, which have not created a single full-fledged combat aircraft!
      1. viktor_ui
        viktor_ui 29 May 2011 18: 27
        Ost - Europe flies on Alpha-Jets for a long time, only from the first prototypes they differ in internal stuffing, engines and general integration like heaven and earth - on this one can and should undergo initial training. Well, about the F-18 - look at the letters after the numbers and it will have machines that are completely different in capabilities (F / A-18E / F - a good bird, which is clearly used in today's technology)
        Well, don't tell me a fairy tale about tank training in the mid-80s - "ONCE A YEAR and 2-3 shells" - at that time I served in ZABVO and the tankers of our division did not climb out of the range. Can you beguiled today and then? Okay, let's not argue whose eggs are cooler ... Merkava -4 is no longer Merkava-3 sales ... the use of a regular hyper-ammunition is only one thing, but it has these advantages + a cart and a small cart. The economy of the USSR collapsed not from the maintenance of its own army, but collapsed from satellites-parasites with very rare exceptions, and + a quickly repainted nomenclature that simply merged the country with the entire population.
        And what is the Raptor to do in Libya? The last version of the F-18 in the performance of electronic warfare did a wonderful job there. It is - there is no air defense. The Americans refused to make the F-22 due to new solutions and new opportunities in aviation (it is possible that it will be much better and relatively cheaper, and most importantly, that the technology will be applied already in the 21st century).
        Regarding the L-39 - my friend flew such a school, so already in 1985 he said that it was an old machine and it was necessary to change it to a new type (and they were going to change it to the ill-fated Yak-130)
  8. Justme
    Justme 29 May 2011 09: 51
    It is difficult to talk about the entire defense industry complex, but where I work - one might say - this is a "reserve", as it was formed in the 60s - such rules exist here.
    First, a handful of "boys" -founders were divided into clans, zones of influence, secretaries, etc.
    I remember the phrase - "..Yes - your boss is a talented person, he created actually the best direction ... but ... he is not included in any group here, .. he is a stranger ..." (.. and later he was kicked ..)
    Now we have a young director from Muscovites, new clans, an official stake on the young, and the feeling of all this is a feeling of a wild waste of money, emptiness of results (with empty brains) and emptiness of perspective ...

    In fact, having the largest budget in the region (more than 1 billion rubles), this office drives outright hack-work (take any result on the subject of "Renaissance" or on PAK FA and double-check with normal specialists) ..
  9. mitrich
    mitrich 29 May 2011 10: 31
    so who is the culprit of the trouble - the old "fart" or the young "ignorant" - did not understand from your comment?
  10. imo
    imo 29 May 2011 11: 03
    How many copies bend and break in disputes. But there are not so many problems in Russia. cc Putin is the main and main problem of Russia. not as an individual, but as the main performer of the collapse of Russia.
    If WE are the whole people of Russia, and above all the Russians, we will not change power, then soon the power will change us, for example, to the Chinese, Kyrgyz, Tajiks and rhinos. Moreover, the process of our replacement is already underway.
  11. APASUS
    APASUS 29 May 2011 12: 47
    mitrich and viktor_ui
    You didn’t ever think WHY 3 YAK-130?
    Order now the Ministry of Defense 1000 Yaks they won’t receive them !!!! They won’t receive them because the factories began to produce piece goods. There are no personnel, no equipment and workshops turned into a desert. The factories survived as best they could, reduced everything they could, sold to metal machines and cases. Those who had export contracts, those few survived. And now get the factory an order for a billion, he will not fulfill it - there is simply no way. The question now must be posed not about modernization, but about construction again.
    My opinion is based on harsh reality. Now in the shops of the plant that produces the basis of polymer thermal protection for Buran, they produce garages.
    1. viktor_ui
      viktor_ui 29 May 2011 18: 03
      APASUS - Yes, we know that they will not receive the required number of any military equipment due not only to the small number of specialists, but also due to the fact (for the MAIN reason) that it’s not profitable to sell weapons and relocation to the domestic market in our country question-answer, that almost the entire defense industry becomes private seized possession of those at the helm. In fact, we are all talking about one thing, only the faces are different.
      1. APASUS
        APASUS 29 May 2011 18: 36
        Well, here the questions are more to the Ministry of Stool Industry. Why the tank for export costs $ 5m. And the Taburetkins for the army allocate only $ 3m to the domestic market. Despite the fact that at all times export weapons had lower performance characteristics than for their army. All over the world private companies produce weapons
        The trouble here is rather that Taburetkin feels more like a master of defense, and not a minister of defense.
  12. Cynic
    Cynic 29 May 2011 16: 59
    Sometimes in the morning at the end of the month I meet several grandfathers-pensioners going to work.
    They are going to finish the PRODUCTS!
    Poorly poorly made parts. How can they collected. And to earn money, you need to call grandfathers.
    There is nobody else besides them!
    These are the days of our military-industrial complex.
  13. SashaRU.BY
    SashaRU.BY 30 May 2011 01: 12
    It is funny and bitter to watch your opinions .... Endless curses of the "Stool" and other nameless bureaucrats. Not a single stool, not two, not five are capable of anything themselves. They are APPOINTED according to their competence with clearly defined goals. As long as they firmly and accurately fulfill these goals, they will remain in their places. And create destruction. Only they are all puppets - unquestioning executors of the plan, project, orders and decrees. And if some ... person, so to speak, from their company continues his fruitful activity, then he meets all the requirements of his position, and the responsibilities assigned to him from above.
    Stop it. If the military-industrial complex collapses, this is the plan. If the Army is Collapsing - this is the plan. If the Fleet has dissolved, this is the plan. If people die in peacetime more than soldiers in Afghanistan, this is the plan. AND NOTHING IS DONE BY ITSELF
    And to destroy was always easier and faster. And again to become a Great Power, to rebuild, and just to get up on its knees on a state scale - this takes decades and centuries. And by the way, rarely is anyone given a second chance
  14. Justme
    Justme 30 May 2011 09: 37
    "... so who is the culprit of the trouble - the old" fart "or the young" ignorant "- did not understand from your comment?"

    The old "guys" have basically done their job.
    In the 80s, in our laboratory, we made proactive prototypes that surpassed the surrounding ones by 2-3 times in key parameters. For some reason I drew attention to the fact - "yes, we can easily replace half of the research institute, and the quality of our projects is conscientious."
    According to the rules of the game, such a laboratory did not fit into those realities and ultimately was not needed.

    Modernity is curious enough
    The youth that we now have no serious understanding of the theoretical basis of modern technology, (To this group of knowledge I include, first of all, the theory of linear time-invariant systems and its budding in the Fourier and Laplace transforms ..)
    If now we ask someone to calculate manually the dynamics of an electrical circuit or a mechanical part - this is useless.
    That is - understanding - no.
    And it still comes around.
  15. vanip1
    vanip1 11 July 2011 18: 13
    I read about 5 percent here. Here they complain about worn-out machines, etc. You don’t have to believe everything. I will not go into the technical characteristics of machine tools - quite accurate by definition. The people who have to think should let them try to think, the people at all and at all times there will not be enough workflow. Damn, of course, the salaries are small
  16. vanip1
    vanip1 11 July 2011 18: 39
    I read about your troubles and tribulations. Yes hammer. Go village to pick up if there is nowhere to put the brains. Understand all type of diploma and desires
    corresponds well to a discount of 10 percent. I think even less. Someone now can set a task that we will not kill in 5 minutes.