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Azerbaijan is interested in the Russian coastal missile complex "Bal-E"

According to RIA "News", The Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan interested in coastal missile system "Bal-E", send a request to his purchase of the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation (FSMTC).

Azerbaijan's interest in products of the corporation "Tactical Missiles" has confirmed its general director Boris Obnosov. “We offer them almost the entire range of products, including the Bal-E coastal missile system,” he told the newspaper Kommersant, Noting that "in this system there is a demand in almost all countries with access to the sea." According to the head of the corporation, the presentation was held at the exhibition complex of military equipment and arms KADEX 2014 in Astana.

As noted by Kommersant, Director of the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation Alexander Fomin said that "negotiations will begin later", but we already know that the "Azerbaijani colleagues are counting on the acquisition of a division of the complex."

"Bal-E" is an export version of the coastal missile complex "Ball", which was put into service in the 2008 year. Its development was carried out by the specialists of the Moscow OJSC “Machine Building Design Bureau”. It includes self-propelled command centers of communication and control, self-propelled launchers of anti-ship missiles Kh-35E, as well as transport and handling machines. The main purpose of the complex - the protection of territorial waters, the protection of military bases, marine communications and infrastructure on the coast. The total ammunition of the complex is 64 missiles, and the range of destruction reaches 120 kilometers.

As the newspaper notes, Azerbaijan has long been interested in missile systems, which are able to cover the coastal areas of the Caspian Sea.
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  1. JoylyRoger
    JoylyRoger 26 May 2014 10: 21
    And who would doubt that our weapons are the best?
    1. Afinogen
      Afinogen 26 May 2014 10: 24
      Quote: JoylyRoger
      And who would doubt that our weapons are the best?

      The fact that it is the best no one doubts, the question is different against whom in the Caspian they are going to use it?
      1. tilovaykrisa
        tilovaykrisa 26 May 2014 10: 27
        Good question, at first glance Iran begs.
        1. hrapon
          hrapon 26 May 2014 13: 59
          Rather, the question is, are they not going to resell it to Iran?
          1. TURKISH
            TURKISH 26 May 2014 14: 10
            So we do not get along with Iran.
        2. Lelek
          Lelek 26 May 2014 17: 41
          I don’t know how others are, but I don’t have confidence in Aliyev. Muddy type with three faces. But dad was a decent man and president. what
      2. bulvas
        bulvas 26 May 2014 10: 31
        Quote: Athenogen
        The fact that it is the best no one doubts, the question is different against whom in the Caspian they are going to use it?

        Somewhere recently I read how Azerbaijani analysts describe a possible blockade of the coast by Russian ships.

        On the other hand, we will not sell - others will gladly sell
      3. armageddon
        armageddon 26 May 2014 10: 46
        Hmm ... Everyone is WAITING FOR WAR !!!
      4. The comment was deleted.
      5. Sterlya
        Sterlya 26 May 2014 13: 46
        Quote: Athenogen
        Quote: JoylyRoger
        And who would doubt that our weapons are the best?

        The fact that it is the best no one doubts, the question is different against whom in the Caspian they are going to use it?

        So nevermind wassat Let them buy, it will be seen there. Russia is not going to attack them, right? If you were going, then it would not be worth selling laughing
      6. yushch
        yushch 26 May 2014 13: 51
        In this case. I think there is provided for a small secret chip.)
    2. Siberian German
      Siberian German 26 May 2014 10: 43
      as if these missiles didn’t fly back to us — judge for yourself Iran — a strategic partner, Kazakhstan — an ally, Turkmenistan — well, poorly poorly, too, we are cooperating — the question is who they are against, but there are a lot of questions with Azerbaijan itself
    3. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 26 May 2014 11: 54
      Quote: JoylyRoger
      And who would doubt that our weapons are the best?

      Saakashvilli, when he presented a Georgian-made drone, which he said was better than our SU 25 laughing
    MOISEY 26 May 2014 10: 22
    The countries of the former socialist camp need to stick together both in the economic zone and militarily.
  3. from punk
    from punk 26 May 2014 10: 22
    and why would they "BAL" are they waiting for an attack from the Caspian Sea? an interesting situation for all in the Caspian states Russian weapons hi
    1. svp67
      svp67 26 May 2014 10: 25
      Quote: punk
      and why would they "BAL" they are waiting for an attack from the Caspian?
      They cover their oil areas. As long as there is money, they are trying in every possible way to secure the oil production areas ...
      1. The comment was deleted.
        1. alone
          alone 26 May 2014 19: 15
          Quote: Lelek
          Well, the oil in the bins of Baku has a maximum of 5 years.

          They themselves thought or how, just for the sake of scribble blurt out?
  4. andj61
    andj61 26 May 2014 10: 25
    There are only five countries with access to the Caspian Sea: Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Iran and Azerbaijan. From whom will this complex "cover" the coast? Apparently - from the Russian fleet.
    We need it?
    1. from punk
      from punk 26 May 2014 10: 30
      Quote: andj61
      We need it?

      the system "friend or foe" has not been canceled
  5. kodxnumx
    kodxnumx 26 May 2014 10: 26
    I think Azerbaijan will nevertheless be in our orbit of influence, temboley now!
  6. Giant thought
    Giant thought 26 May 2014 10: 26
    But with the sale of "Bala-E" it is better not to rush, or even not to sell to Azerbaijan at all, because this weapon can be used against the ships of the Caspian flotilla, on the other hand, if you stick bugs there so that they cannot use them against us, then there are options.
    1. Lindon
      Lindon 26 May 2014 10: 59
      The French at Cadex Xnumx offer the MBDA Exocet Block Xnumx Coastal Battery.
      There, the range is not 120 km, but already 180. Baku has plenty to choose from.
      Baku is one of the largest buyers of Russian weapons - the latter was T-90С 100шт and another 100 is buying up.
      1. Zymran
        Zymran 26 May 2014 11: 38
        By the way, ours, the year before last, already seemed to have acquired Exocetes in France and just during Cadex.
      2. TURKISH
        TURKISH 26 May 2014 13: 58
        Here is the good news from the CADEX 2014 exhibition
        Kazakh Navy spokesman told APA that official Astana is interested in cooperation with Azerbaijan in the modernization of the Caspian fleet
      3. Djein
        Djein 26 May 2014 14: 33
        [quote = Lindon] French at CADEX 2014 offer MBDA Exocet Block 3 Coastal Battery. There, the range is not 120 km, but 180 already. Baku has plenty to choose from.

        Buy .... The flag in your hands ... They will make it so that you can shoot them only in Russia .... In other cases, the fuses will not work ... Maybe you need it, who knows ... ???
        1. Zymran
          Zymran 26 May 2014 15: 04
          They worked normally even when Thatcher hit Mitterrand. And the Iraqis by Exocet even nearly drowned the American frigate.
      4. The comment was deleted.
    2. Apollo
      Apollo 26 May 2014 20: 52
      Quote: Thought Giant
      because this weapon can be used against the ships of the Caspian flotilla, on the other hand, if you put bugs there so that you can’t use it against us,

      In general, you once again delve into what you wrote, nonsense. Do you think Azerbaijan was going to declare war on Russia sometime ?! fool
  7. navara399
    navara399 26 May 2014 10: 28
    It is necessary to set and "correctly" set up "Friend or Foe". wink
    1. Donskoi
      Donskoi 26 May 2014 10: 34
      And to sell, since they want to buy. If they don't buy from Russia, they'll buy it somewhere else ... And so - we denyuzhki, well, "bookmarks" must be put!
  8. vladsolo56
    vladsolo56 26 May 2014 10: 32
    Today, Azerbaijan is not only a friend of Russia, but even a potential potential ally, rather the exact opposite. Selling modern weapons to a not very friendly neighbor is the height of frivolity. Strange position of our authorities.
    1. jovanni
      jovanni 26 May 2014 11: 11
      If we do sell weapons, why not sell the export version of Bala? "The height of frivolity" is to think that we have permanent allies. Today he is an ally, not tomorrow. And the buyer, he is the buyer ...
    2. TURKISH
      TURKISH 26 May 2014 11: 53
      And what are your friendship settings?
      Expel all Russians and become a mono nation like Armenia, clan your arms and live at your expense as Armenia, build the largest American embassy in the world in Armenia with 1000 foot soldiers, plant your culture on TNT TV channels, etc., have one of the strongest lobbies in America, which has a direct influence on the leadership of Armenia and, at the same time, is friends with Russia, ruining your relations with your neighbors. Can we hold rallies like the Russian invaders like in Armenia? in the Duma of Ukraine they promoted projects against AZERBAIJAN, or when you write about the fifth column about Kasparov you don’t remember which Azerbaijan always haunts, so be friends with Sarakashvili’s father, he says Armenin.
      1. vladsolo56
        vladsolo56 27 May 2014 09: 22
        I especially did not delve into the political upheavals between Azerbaijan and Russia, but for me the mere fact that Russia was asked from Gabala is enough to understand the politics of Azerbaijan. For those who want to take a closer look at Azerbaijan’s relations with Russia, please follow the link:
        besides examples can be found and more
  9. Magic archer
    Magic archer 26 May 2014 10: 47
    Recently, more and more news has come about the re-equipment of the army of Azerbaijan. Tanks, helicopters, now the PCR wants to buy from us. The question is, are they getting ready to resolve the Karabakh issue!? And then we didn’t have another hot spot ....
  10. Alikovo
    Alikovo 26 May 2014 10: 49
    to hell with mustard, and not the missile systems of that and you can see something.
  11. shower
    shower 26 May 2014 11: 05
    to lay down your alien system, without the possibility of removal, plus the service staff of our specialists and let them rejoice. bully
    TURKISH 26 May 2014 11: 11
    Here is another good news.
    In the near future, Russia will send Azerbaijan the next batch of TOS - 1A jet flamethrowers ordered by it. This was reported to APA by representatives of the Russian concern Uralvagonzavod at the KADEX-214 exhibition held in Astana. The composition of the next batch includes 6 cars. Http: //
  13. marder4
    marder4 26 May 2014 11: 15
    Are Iran afraid or whom else?
  14. Serbor
    Serbor 26 May 2014 11: 17
    Well, again, lit the srach! Azerbaijan quite rightly fears for its part of the Caspian shelf. It has a very strong neighbor from the south - Iran, which will not miss the opportunity to "bite off" a tidbit. And the common religion will not play any role here (there are enough examples). Russia has no claims to the Azerbaijani shelf, so in this respect we are more allies than opponents. And it is necessary to improve relations with neighbors. The more we turn to face them, the less likely we will see them .. ooo. As for the Karabakh conflict, this is purely a matter for Armenia and Azerbaijan. Of course, the conflict is not beneficial to anyone, including Russia. Our business is to try to bring both parties together through mediation in order to reach an agreement. But this is a long process (blood on both sides of the hands, this is not forgotten soon). If Russia conducts its foreign policy correctly on this very difficult issue, we may well preserve good relations with both Armenia and Azerbaijan. something like this.
    1. TURKISH
      TURKISH 26 May 2014 11: 58
      Quite rightly think at the expense of Iran, the only thing you are mistaken is that it doesn’t want a piece, but the whole of Azerbaijan.
  15. teron
    teron 26 May 2014 11: 20
    The USA has hinted very transparently to Azerbaijan that within the next 5-10 years, the Maidan may occur with the latter. If the leadership of Azerbaijan does not change the policy pursued by it (the leadership). And then someone claims that Azerbaijan is pursuing a pro-American policy. All this is strange. Complexes must be sold - ours will not buy, others will buy. Azerbaijan has exactly one enemy in the Caspian - Iran. How much Iran is an ally for Russia is a question. Yes, while a partner. And then? But Azerbaijan is not an enemy. The enemy will not arm their aircraft with the weapons of a potential enemy. Moreover, this is not a single transaction, but systematic work in a number of areas. Our countries are drawing closer together, which cannot but rejoice - the regime in Azerbaijan today is one of the most intelligible and adequate in relation to Russia in the entire post-Soviet space.
  16. Bakht
    Bakht 26 May 2014 11: 49
    If we consider only the naval component, then Azerbaijan has problems with Iran and Turkmenistan in the Caspian Sea. The blame, as always, is oil. Iran had already flexed its muscles in the early 00s when it pushed an Azerbaijani research vessel out of the South Caspian. Then Azerbaijan did not have any real leverage. In principle, anyway, I can’t believe that because of one ship you can start a war. But the fact that Azerbaijan was helpless at sea ten years ago says a lot. In the same way, several years ago, Turkmenistan did not allow reconnaissance in the Kapaz square (Sardar). Two years ago, Turkmenistan itself conducted geological exploration there using a Russian vessel. An increase in the naval component is currently taking place in the Caspian. Against whom will we be friends? I don’t know yet.

    If we consider the fact of the purchase of weapons, then Azerbaijan is spending a lot on weapons. It’s hard to say what the reason is. Either they are preparing for war, or there is nowhere to put money. Or preparation and the future. When the thunder strikes, it will be too late to be baptized.

    In economic terms, Azerbaijan is trying to pursue an independent policy. And therefore, it is a competitor to Russia. Here we will not have mutual understanding. But this is not a reason for war.

    Summarizing. Azerbaijan (like other Caspian countries) needs a naval component for the future. This is not good, as it means that all countries are preparing for a worsening situation.
    1. TURKISH
      TURKISH 26 May 2014 12: 14

      In economic terms, Azerbaijan is trying to pursue an independent policy.

      I agree with you, to the best of our abilities.
      But in any case, with big questions, he will take into account the interests of gigemons, here is an example with Russia.
      .Rovnag Abdullaev signed a contract with Rosneft in the presence of Putin
      24 May 2014, 17: 31

      Rosneft and the State Oil Company of the Republic of Azerbaijan (SOCAR, SOCAR) have signed a joint venture agreement on oil and gas exploration and production projects in various jurisdictions, including Azerbaijan and Russia.
      That's why Uncle Morningstar got so nervous ..
      1. Bakht
        Bakht 26 May 2014 12: 37
        Quote: TURKISH

        Joint ventures are always good. But interests are still different. Azerbaijani gas (in the future, and Turkmen) are competitors to Russian. And both go to the south of Europe. Therefore, Putin’s visit last year was unsuccessful. It was not possible to agree on gas.

        Now (or rather several years) there is a powerful pressure on Azerbaijan in the dispute with Turkmenistan over the boundary line in the Caspian Sea. And it is America that presses. I suppose (I do not know exactly, but I suppose) that Baku will not sign under any onerous terms. One of such conditions (at the request of the States) is the transfer of the Kapaz (Sardar) field to Turkmenistan. So at sea it would be nice to have something against our "brothers" from the other side of the Caspian. That's the whole reason Morningstar got nervous. To be honest, I was pleasantly surprised by the speech of R. Mehdiyev. Translating from Azerbaijani into Churkin's language, Mehdiyev openly stated "If the ambassador fails something like this again, he will quickly fly out of the country."

        It was nice to read.
        1. TURKISH
          TURKISH 26 May 2014 13: 32
          So all that is required of Russia is to give guarantees against state hegemony, and given that the only Achilles heel of Azerbaijan is Garabakh, then we need to put on a strong Armenian lobby in Russia, in your opinion, if Aliyev’s brother-in-law is a Russian citizen, then probably grandchildren too with whom would he least of all want to spoil relations ?.
    2. bomg.77
      bomg.77 26 May 2014 14: 01
      Explanatory comment!
      In my opinion, of all the Caspian littoral states, Azerbaijan has the most problems with Turkmenistan, because of Kapaz! Naval armament as an argument in the territorial dispute, for the shelf, helps a lot))
      The pipe * (BTC) _ needs to be filled, and as far as I know, production has fallen, new offshore fields, roads * (great depth) And this is where the argument against Turkmenistan comes in handy))
      But there is no reason and cannot be used against Russia! Territorial disputes overland have been resolved, there are no problems over the sea either! Some are trying to Karabakh here
      to drag)))
      The Karabakh problem is generally on the other hand, and this is not a sea grater))
  17. papont64
    papont64 26 May 2014 11: 59
    Selling modern missile weapons to a potential enemy of Armenia is nonsense.
  18. A1L9E4K9S
    A1L9E4K9S 26 May 2014 12: 12
    Who will answer the question why sell modern weapons to their potential adversary? Or everything is done in order to just sell does not matter to whom.
    1. chunga-changa
      chunga-changa 26 May 2014 12: 46
      Because business, for the sake of money, capitalists are capable of anything. The division planned for purchase is capable of bringing the entire Caspian flotilla to zero. In addition, it can be transferred to Georgia under one pretext or another and limit the fleet in the Black Sea. Then they will be surprised, oh how could this happen, no one expected. Everything was not so obvious and no one violated any contracts, we did not know what would happen. True, the capitalists shipbuilders will also be pleased, the destroyed flotilla is new orders.
  19. aleksey056
    aleksey056 26 May 2014 13: 06
    I’m not strong at the polytechnic and did not follow the relations between Russia and Azerbaijan, but for some reason it seems to me that we are more likely friends than enemies
    1. Bakht
      Bakht 26 May 2014 13: 15
      Quote: aleksey056
      I’m not strong at the polytechnic and did not follow the relations between Russia and Azerbaijan, but for some reason it seems to me that we are more likely friends than enemies

      There is nothing complicated here. To be friends (allies) we must have common interests. I do not believe in the longing of Russia to seize Azerbaijan. Rather, Russia needs calm on the southern borders. Azerbaijan provides it. While provides. But not infinitely.

      What does Azerbaijan need? Our problem is Karabakh. We need Moscow’s assistance in returning 6 or 7 OCCUPIED areas of Azerbaijan. This is not Nagorno-Karabakh. This is plain Karabakh, which has nothing to do with Karabakh itself. These areas must be returned without fail. Otherwise, sooner or later, the war will begin anyway. And there will be no peace

      That is our whole interest. Moscow agrees to such conditions - we will be friends. No - we’ll definitely not be allies. For now, we will have armed neutrality.

      PS It has nothing to do with the topic of naval weapons.
  20. Nevsky_ZU
    Nevsky_ZU 26 May 2014 13: 09
    We lived in one country and did not hurt ... But the Yankees all set off ...
  21. silberwolf88
    silberwolf88 26 May 2014 13: 53
    You can sell everything ... the whole question is from whom Azerbaijan was going to defend itself in this region ??? Maybe something is wrong with Tajikistan, Turkmenistan ... ???
    TURKISH 26 May 2014 14: 07
    Against UFO

    UFO seen in northern region of Azerbaijan
    Date: 26-05-2014 | 12:49
    One and the same question, read above komenty.
  23. Roman 1977
    Roman 1977 26 May 2014 14: 08
    Well, what else remains for the Azerbaijani Navy, which is one of the weakest in the Caspian (NO ONE ship with missile weapons), except for the acquisition of coastal SCRCs, so far only the Kazakh Navy is weaker, and even the latter plans to purchase six small missile and artillery ships from Russia project 21632 "Tornado" (export version of MRK pr. 21631 "Buyan-M" with anti-ship missiles "Uran-E").

    True, for the sake of fairness, it should be noted that the main enemy of Azerbaijan in the region of Armenia does not have a fleet like that, but the question remains with Iran, about the division of the oil-bearing shelf of the Caspian, and there have already been cases when the ships of the Iranian Navy "ousted" Azerbaijani ships from disputed waters.
    The list of staff of the Navy of Azerbaijan:
    The flagship of the Navy of the Republic of Azerbaijan is the Project 159A "Gusars" TFR (formerly "Bakinets").

    Overhauled in 2010 with the replacement of engines, navigation equipment and parts of weapons. It has no missile weapons. The photo was taken during the naval parade on Azerbaijan’s Independence Day in 2013. Photo taken

    patrol ship P-212 former radiation chemical reconnaissance ship of the 1388P project (KPX-1)
    boats of the project 205P-4 units, former ships of the Baku border brigade of the PSKR MCHPV KGB of the USSR. The ships of the 205 project were partially disarmed (removed by the TCA) and, after the transfer, continued border service but already as part of Azerbaijan’s BOHR.
    ship BOKHR "S-006"
    former RCA "R-173" of the KVF of the Soviet Navy, pr.205. Anti-ballistic missile containers were dismantled from the ship and included in the SOCHR.
    2 patrol ships of the 722 project, Polish construction
    patrol ship "R-223", a former patrol boat of the Turkish Navy was transferred to Azerbaijan.
    The Gabriel anti-ship missiles were purchased from Israel and the Uranus from Russia, but the construction of ships for them at the shipyards of the new shipyard in Baku is planned from 2015.
    1. Roman 1977
      Roman 1977 26 May 2014 14: 41
      For comparison: Caspian flotilla
      2 TFR project 1166.1 "Dagestan" and "Tatarstan", delivered to the fleet in 2012 and 2003. respectively. Moreover, "Dagestan" is armed with a universal missile system "Kalibr-NK", which uses several types of high-precision cruise missiles at surface, underwater and coastal targets at a distance of up to 300 km.

      2 MRK project 21631, armed with a vertical launcher of the 3R-14UKSK complex for 8 anti-ship missiles "Caliber" or "Onyx", allowing high-precision cruise missiles to strike at both sea and ground targets. This year, the third ship of the Veliky Ustyug project is to be handed over, which, according to some sources, was launched on May 21.

      Small artillery ships - 4
      3 IAC of the 21630 Buyan project, delivered to the fleet in 2006, 2011 and 2012. respectively;

      MAK-160 "Gomel" project 12411-T "Lightning-T, 1988 year of construction. He returned to service after a complete repair and modernization in December 2011. Received: 2 of new main engines, modernized gas turbine units, artillery weapons, communication and navigation systems.
      4 missile boats:
      1 missile boat of project 12411T R-101 "Stupinets", delivered to the Navy in 1985, armed with 4 anti-ship missiles "Moskit";
      3 RCA of the 206MP project, delivered to the fleet in 1978 and 1983, armed with 2 anti-ship missiles П-15М. The oldest flotilla strike ships are likely to be replaced by the 21631 missile systems.
      RCA project 12421-R-32, handed over to the fleet in 2010 and armed with 4 "Mosquitoes", went by inland waterways to the Baltic as part of the Baltic Fleet.
      5 artillery boats:
      4 of the project 1204, 1969, 1971 and 1972 years of construction, respectively.
      1 of the project 1400М.
      6 landing craft:
      1 of the project 1176- commissioned in 2000 year;
      4 of the project 11770, 2 were commissioned in 1994, 1 in 1999, 1 in 2002
      1 of the project 21820, type "Dugong", delivered to the fleet in 2009
      7 minesweepers:
      2 of the basic 12650 project, delivered to the fleet in 1988 and 1997.
      2 raids of the 10750 project, commissioned in 1994 and 1996;
      1 raid of the 1258 project, delivered to the fleet in 1981;
      2 raid projects 697ТБ, 1976 and 1980 respectively.
      The 1 anti-sabotage boat of the 21980 Rook project was delivered to the fleet last year.
      In total:
      Surface ships: 32
      The average fleet age at 2014 year is 18,5 years.
      The total missile salvo of the flotilla is 34 anti-ship missiles: 8 "Uran" "Tatarastan" + 8 "Caliber-NK" "Dagestan" + 8 "Caliber" MRK pr. 21631+ 4 "Mosquito" with RSA project 12411T + 6 P-15M with RSA Project 206MR.
      This year, the flotillas are to transfer 1 MRK of project 21631 "Veliky Ustyug", laid down on August 27, 2011, for which a crew has already been formed, and allegedly launched on May 21 this year, in total it is planned to build 5 MRK of this project for the KFL, 2 DKA project 11770 "Serna", which winter in N. Novgorod and PrDKa project 21980 "Grachonok"
      1. Roman 1977
        Roman 1977 26 May 2014 14: 56
        Iran is the second most powerful navy in the theater of operations. On the Caspian Sea near Iran: 1 "destroyer" of the Jamaran type - Velayat, rather a light frigate built on the basis of the Vosper Mk.5 project, launched on March 17 last year, armed with 2 "Merhab" air defense systems (a copy of the American RIM- 66 "Standard", 4 Iranian clones of the Chinese C-802 anti-ship missiles, in turn, a clone of the French "Exocett" with a firing range of 80-120 km, 76-mm AU Fajr 27 (copy of Oto-Melar), 2 20-mm " Erlikon "with manual guidance.

        Our project 11661 ICR "Tatarstan" and "Dagestan" and MRK pr. 21631 are capable of killing this ship, while the Dagestan and MRK pr. 21631 can be right in the port.
        2 RCA "Peykan" and "Joshuan" of the French type La Combattante II (built in Iran in 2003-2006). armed with 76 mm gun and 4 anti-ship missiles S-802.

        The former Shah's yacht "Khamzekh", built in 1936 (!), Is armed with a 20-mm "Erlikon" and 2 anti-ship missiles S-802.
        Thus, the total missile salvo of the Iranian Navy in the Caspian is 14 anti-ship missiles.
        True, Iran now looks like the Caspian Sea has a diesel-electric submarine in mid-September at a shipyard in the city of Bender-Enzeli, located on the Caspian Sea, a submarine of the Fateh project was seen.

        Turkmen Navy:
        2 Project 12418 Molniya RCA are armed with 16 Kh-35 anti-ship missiles, transferred to the fleet in 2011.

        5 Turkish-built NTPB Project high-speed patrol boats. displacement 400 t., length 55,75 meters, 40-mm twin tower automatic artillery Oto Melara Twin Compact. Turkmenistan additionally ordered another 6 boats.

        1 American-made Point Jackson patrol boat.
        4 high-speed patrol boats of the AMB type, at the completion of 12, length 15 m.
        1 Ukrainian-built Kalkan-M patrol boat;
        2 Ukrainian-built "Grif-T" patrol boats
        2 patrol boats "Sobol" - Russian-built, transferred in 2009
        1 landing craft, Russian-built, type unknown.
        Thus, even the Iranian Navy surpasses the Navy of Turkmenistan in a missile salvo: 32 X-35 against 14
        1. Roman 1977
          Roman 1977 26 May 2014 15: 06
          Kazakhstan Navy:
          2 missile and artillery boats of project 250 Bars-MO, 1 more are under construction. Displacement-240 tons. Armament: "Kazakhstan" - 2 - ZU-23-2 (originally - 1 25-mm twin artillery mount 2M-3M, 1 ZU-23-2); "Shouted" - 30-mm gun AK-306; on "Kazakhstan" - 40-barreled 122-mm PU MLRS BM-21 "Grad"; "Oral" - "Arbalet-K" air defense system with "Igla" MANPADS, "Barrier-VK". On May 7, 2014, the third missile-artillery ship of this project "Saryarka" (tail number "252") was launched in Uralsk, West Kazakhstan region.
          missile and artillery boat of project 250 Bars-MO "Kazakhstan"
          3 artillery boats Sea Dolphin, South Korean-built, transferred in 2009 year.
          7 armored boats "Dagger", built in Kazakhstan according to the Ukrainian project, another 1 is being built. Armament: gun 40-mm, UR Sturm-M, 2 machine gun 12,7-mm.
          4 landing craft of American construction, transferred in 2009 year.
          Last year, a mine-sweeping ship, Kormoran Ave., was purchased in Poland, and in Russia, 2 raid minesweepers, the 10750 project.
          In May 2012, the Ministry of Defense of Kazakhstan, JSC National Company Kazakhstan Engineering and the European companies MBDA and INDRA Sistemas signed an agreement on the acquisition of a coastal defense system for the Kazakh Navy based on the Exocet MM40 Block 3 anti-ship missile family.
  24. DanSabaka
    DanSabaka 26 May 2014 14: 31
    And from whom is Azerbaijan going to shoot back at the Caspian?
  25. sv68
    sv68 26 May 2014 16: 56
    the heat affects many readers of the site, stupidly minus even without delving into the essence of the issue. the most interesting thing that interests me to whom Russia sold weapons and this country suddenly used our weapons against us. by and large, Azerbaijan of Russia is not the enemy of the enemy Azerbaijan is turned by many small-minded users of the site because of some personal petty insults. Now please explain what kind of inadequate idiotic reaction? The beginning of the working week affected or what other problem but on many branches instead of adequate reasoning and arguments of opponents are stupidly filled with cars of minuses. If you don’t like the information, argue why. But in a monkey you stupidly press buttons without thinking with your head is an ignoble thing. Lord couch warriors - be more adequate.
  26. twviewer
    twviewer 26 May 2014 17: 04
    as far as vision allows you to see here, for example, in the photo, the Bal-E is equipped with an X-35UE rocket with a range of 260 km already
    "Kh-35UE - the export version of the Kh-35U - unified. A new, half-size turbofan engine was used, the design of the air channel was changed, which made it possible to increase the fuel supply. These measures led to an increase in the maximum firing range of the rocket twice - to 260 km. The rocket was used a new combined guidance system, which includes, in addition to the previously used inertial and active radar homing systems, as well as satellite navigation. The modernized active-passive radar homing head "Gran-K" the basic version. "
    I don’t remember what is on the 2 lightnings handed over to Turkmenpasha in 2011 in my opinion is still the standard, but the Azerbaijanis know what to buy :)
  27. Grandfather Victor
    Grandfather Victor 26 May 2014 18: 17
    "Azerbaijan has long been interested in missile systems capable of covering the coastal regions of the Caspian." From whom to cover? From Russia? When will the idiocy of selling modern weapons to potential adversaries stop? And its immediate resale to real opponents!
  28. alone
    alone 26 May 2014 19: 28

    I think adequate forum users have already understood who this is intended wassat
  29. Tolerast
    Tolerast 26 May 2014 19: 47
    Azerbaijan in the Caspian is not a rival to Russia by any means. To realize this fact, it is enough to put on one’s eyes. The supply of weapons for hard currency is a buzz and good support to the military industry.
  30. vladimirvn
    vladimirvn 26 May 2014 20: 53
    Well, yes, something like that. Information for consideration.
    "Russia has completed delivery of a batch of 100 T-90S tanks to Azerbaijan."
    The entire batch has already been sent, completed about a month ago. In addition to the completed contract, there is an option to supply approximately the same amount of T-90S.
    The agreement on the supply of a batch of T-90S was signed by Moscow and Baku in 2011. Work continues on the Mi-171 and Mi-35 helicopters, we ship armored personnel carriers, small arms, mortars, howitzers.

    Recall, back in June last year, large deliveries of military equipment from Russia to Azerbaijan began. In addition to the T-90S tanks, it was a question of delivering about 100 BMP-3 infantry fighting vehicles, 18 Msta-S self-propelled artillery pieces, 18 Smerch multiple launch rocket launchers, 18 Vienna self-propelled artillery pieces and 6 units of TOS-1A heavy flamethrower systems "Solntsepek" (a new modification of the Pinocchio system) .http: //
  31. Yeraz
    Yeraz 26 May 2014 21: 06
    Hmm, time flows, but nothing changes. We guys were enemies for them, and we will remain enemies. It is useless to prove something))
  32. Tolerast
    Tolerast 26 May 2014 21: 58
    How did these national doctors get it .... Yesterday, sly Kazakhs are preparing a blitzkrieg, today, evil Azerbaijanis want to advance to the Urals, and tomorrow what? The insidious Starks planned to regain the North. Residents of Murmansk have already seen on the streets of lute-wolves ...
    PS. I would have nailed everyone with my successful liberal fists.