BTR Dozor-B, Ukraine

The Dozor-B armored personnel carrier is an armored vehicle with the wheel formula 4х4, intended for transporting personnel and transporting various cargoes. The developer and manufacturer of the vehicle is KP KKBM im. A.A. Morozov.

"Dozor-B" can effectively be used to equip special units of the armed forces (rapid reaction forces and military police) when they carry out reconnaissance, patrol, and also peacekeeping operations and can be used as the main vehicle in combat conditions (including using weapons mass destruction).

The layout of the armored personnel carrier is made according to the automotive scheme, which allows for high maneuverability while maintaining the convenience and safety of the crew’s landing-landing. Kapotnaya layout allows for easy access to the elements of the power plant, steering, brake and air systems during their maintenance and repair.

Structurally, the car is divided into two compartments: the engine-transmission and habitable.
The engine-transmission compartment occupies the forward and central parts of the hull and is separated from the habitable compartment by a sealed vibration-insulating partition. The compartment houses the engine with servicing systems, transmission, main steering elements, air and brake systems, as well as elements of air conditioning and heating of the habitable compartment.

The habitable compartment occupies the central and aft parts of the hull and serves to accommodate people, install the equipment necessary for their work, lay equipment, ammunition and spare parts. The conditionally habitable compartment is divided into a control unit, a combat compartment and a troop compartment.

Office of Management is located in the front of the habitable compartment and contains the driver's workplace with the controls of the armored personnel carrier, as well as the workplace of the commander with the installed communications and navigation.

The fighting compartment is located in the central part of the habitable compartment and contains the workplace of the shooter with the organs of aiming and controlling the machine-gun installation.

The troop compartment is located in the aft part of the inhabited compartment and contains space for the landing, periscopic observation devices of the landing force, and loopholes for firing from personal weapons.
In the habitable compartment there is a filtering unit and the main elements of ventilation, heating and air conditioning systems.

The armored body of the armored personnel carrier provides protection for the crew, assault force and internal equipment against small arms, anti-personnel mines and the effects of weapons of mass destruction [source not specified 345 days]. Deforming staining provides reduced visibility and reduced detection range.
The body is made of armor steel. The armored glazing of an armored personnel carrier provides protection similar to the main armored protection. The bottom of the armored personnel carrier is made of armored steel, has a cylindrical shape to provide protection from mines.

"Dozor-B" is equipped with a filtering unit designed to clean outside air from toxic substances, radioactive dust, biological aerosols, supply purified air to the habitable compartment and create excessive pressure in it, as well as ventilation of the habitable compartment from the powder gases when shooting.

As the main armament used 12,7-mm anti-aircraft machine gun installation with remote control from inside the machine. Vertical guidance angles are from -3 ° to + 68 °, horizontally - 360 °. The ammunition includes 450 shots (3 tapes on 150 cartridges). The anti-aircraft machine-gun unit is equipped with a ROM-7 optical monocular optical sight with a magnification ratio of 1,2 and a field of view of 50 °.

Surveillance devices

Surveillance of the terrain can be done through armored windows, as well as daytime surveillance devices. The driver can use a night vision device to control an armored personnel carrier in poor visibility conditions or at night.

Power point

As a power plant, IVECO 8142.38.11 or DEUTZ BF 4M 1013 FC engines can be used, each of which is a four-stroke, four-cylinder in-line diesel engine with turbocharging and intermediate cooling of charged air.

Power transmission

Power transmission - mechanical, provides a constant transmission of torque from the engine to all wheels. The powertrain includes a gearbox, transfer case, wheel gear, front and rear final drives and drive shafts.

Communication and navigation

To provide external communication, a radio station P-173М and a radio receiver P-173PM (operating frequency range - 30000-75000 kHz) are installed, to provide internal communication - intercom and switching equipment АВСК-1.

Radio navigation equipment is designed to continuously determine the coordinates of the location, time and vector of the absolute ground speed of the object using radio signals from the satellite systems of the GLONASS and GPS NAVSTAR anywhere in the world, at any time, regardless of weather conditions, solving service problems, displaying navigation parameters.

Habitability systems

"Dozor-B" is equipped with ventilation systems, heating and air conditioning. The ventilation system with forced air circulation is designed to provide fresh air to the manned compartment and to remove powder gases when firing a parachute of small arms with the filtering unit turned off.

The liquid-type heating system provides comfortable living conditions for the crew and the armored personnel carrier landing in the cold season by heating the air in the habitable compartment and blowing warm air from the front glass.

The air conditioner creates comfortable living conditions for the crew and the landing force of the product in the hot season due to cooling or air ventilation in the armored personnel carrier, while providing:
-cooling of air at ambient temperatures from 20 to 55 C;
- air ventilation without cooling or heating in the entire temperature range of the armored personnel carrier.

Special equipment

The special equipment of the Dozor-B armored personnel carrier includes a centralized tire inflation system and a winch.

The centralized tire inflation system provides automatic maintenance of a given tire pressure, allows you to monitor and change tire pressure from the driver’s seat, depending on road conditions.

The winch is designed for self-pulling stuck armored personnel carriers, as well as for pulling out other stuck vehicles of similar weight.

The following versions of the Dozor-B machine are provided.
-armored car
- machine of radiation and chemical reconnaissance
commander machine
reconnaissance and patrol car
- landing machine
- self-propelled anti-tank missile system
- fire support vehicle (120-mm self-propelled mortar)
- general purpose machine
-medical machine
-police car

Combat weight, kg 6300
Crew (landing), people 11 (3 + 8)
Wheel formula 4x4
Maximum speed, km / h 90 ... 105 (depending on the power plant)
Type diesel, turbocharged and intercooled
Number of cylinders 4 4 6
Maximum power, kW (hp) 90 (122) 100 (136) 145 (197)
Transmission Mechanical Mechanical Mechanical Automatic
Special and additional equipment
Type machine gun NSVT-12,7
Remote control
Guidance angles, degrees
vertically from -3 to + 68
horizontal 360
Ammunition, cartridges 450
Collective protection system filtration unit
Satellite navigation system CH-3003 Basalt
Cooling capacity of air conditioning system, kW 4,4
Maximum vision range of an infrared night vision device, m 180
Communication range of VHF radio station, km 20
Winch force WARN XD 9000i, H 41 000

Wheel formula 4x4
Width, mm 2400
Gross weight, kg 7,100 + 3% kg
Number of beds:
3 crew
landing 8
Method of entry / exit to the habitable compartments:
main through side doors, door in the stern
emergency through roof hatches
Height, mm 2280
Height with armament, mm 2650
Track, mm 1950
Ground clearance, mm 400
Wheelbase, mm 3100
Length, mm 5400
The possibility of transportation by road, rail, sea and air transport.

Ford, mm 1000
The maximum speed, km / h 120
Wall, mm 400
Roll 25 °
31 ° Gradient
Power reserve, km 700

BTR Dozor-A Some analogue Hammer

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