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Phantom of the Lieutenant: our name is Arrows

Phantom of the Lieutenant: our name is Arrows

Igor Strelkov (Girkin). It seems to me that his pseudonym is his real name. Russian man holds the country's defense (Novorossiya) in 20 000 000 man in front of a whole army. Of course, he is not alone. But an army without a commander is not an army. There is a commander - the army is or will be. No commander - any army will disintegrate in a matter of hours.

The gunners are fighting against the country of Ukraine, where neo-Nazi putschists have seized power. One against the whole country. In Kiev, the orders are given by the junta and in part (to our happiness, very reluctantly) are carried out by their Armed Forces of the country. Yes, the Armed Forces of Ukraine do not want to fight. Yes, they do not understand what and against whom. But behind are the punishers from the Right Sector / National Guard. They are afraid to fight Strelkov, they are used to killing civilians (they’re taking Bandera’s grandchildren), but they are always ready to fire their troops in the back. But still it is the army. And this is some kind of state that exists at least by inertia. And the inertia of institutions is a serious thing - all countries of the former USSR still burn through the Soviet institutional legacy. In the case of Ukraine burn in the most direct sense.

But shooters. On whose behalf and in the name of what is he fighting? He holds the defense of Slavyansk and the entire DPR for so long. What does he rely on? Who gives him orders? Who is behind him?

The most striking: no one. No one is worth it. Nobody gives orders. There is not anyone. The shooters act not by order or by inertia. His superiors are of a different kind. He thinks himself mobilized by the authority in whose existence today almost no one believes. Strelkov was called to serve the Russian World, the Russian People, the Russian civilization. In Kiev, the power was seized by hard Russophobic forces. And everyone froze, fell silent, fled. The fatted heels of Yanukovich sparkled. Shaking his belly, he began to hide Pshonka. The searchlight in Lavrov’s glasses blinked in confusion. Akhmetov began a series of talks on the redistribution of shares with Kolomoisky. Spat sunflower seeds evromaydannaya gopot. And here came Igor Shooters. Calm, nonchalant, somewhat out of this world. From another time, from another storiesfrom another society. As two drops of water similar to the pre-Bolshevik lieutenant of the tsarist army. And in such a lieutenant, as it turned out later, he was periodically reincarnated in voluntary reconstructions. Finally, reincarnated completely. And he took the Crimea. Already then technologists appeared, shot on distributed Crimean tablets in vests against the background of "polite people" and the elegant prosecutor Poklonskaya. But he began to Strelkov and Strelkov finished.
When Putin said that there were no Russian troops in Crimea, he did not deviate from the truth. Strelkov is not Russian troops. This is the shadow of the Russian past, this is the ghost of the Russian future. This is what is not in our present. Arrows took from the encyclopedia of love for the Fatherland 1910 of the year. He descended from the poster of the First World War and immediately entered the battle.

Crimea taken. He calmly reported to nowhere (conditionally, to the Kremlin). Nominated in Novorossia. Nobody reads his telegrams. They hang in the air until the Russian people stumble upon them in search of breath, whose vital centers are tightened by the stranglehold of the Russophobic political elite, the sixth column, which seized power in 90 and does not want to give it up. One of these simple Russian people, Colonel Putin, also stumbled upon a report from Strelkov from another space and another time. And also breathed. But strangely, this Russian man of proletarian origin, just as confused and indistinct as all our people today, only vaguely recalling who he is, who he was and what he was destined to become, turned out to be incumbent. Putin read a telegram written from nowhere and to anyone. Just demand, Russian demand. And read. This is called "Crimea is ours!" The message sent to nowhere accidentally reached the addressee.

The sixth column is terrified; no one understands how this could have happened. But this is a fact. Putin read the telegram. And its content reminded him of something. Who is Strelkov, Putin asked, but then he forgot what he was asking about, without waiting for an answer.

Igor Strelkov, meanwhile, as promised by who knows, that is, the Russian World, passed on. Turning his face to the North, he reasoned like this: you will go to the left, you will burn alive. Go to the right, come back home. And Strelkov went straight to the North. Having thrust a finger into the map, he got to the city of Slavyansk. What a good name, he thought. How close it is to my voluntary heart. This is the Slavs and glory. This is my city. And went.
In Slavyansk there was a woman mayor and many beautiful Russian people. The woman mayor soon disappeared somewhere, but the people remained. The shooters called the moody men and asked where they lay weapon. Searching, they found something. So began the construction of the Donetsk People's Republic.

At first nobody believed Strelkov. Especially Kiev. Putin will not bring in troops, Washington and Brussels are straining his arms and legs, the sixth column will confuse his head, and the morons, PR people and traitors will be completely confused, among whom he feels familiar and comfortable. Therefore, we will let Slavyansk under the knife, and at the same time demonstrate the power of our Bandera bart, decided in Kiev, and they were supported in this by rubbing their hands, the recently strangled Boris Berezovsky reincarnated into Igor Kolomoisky. Kolomoisky judged as follows: I will call my people in Russia, they will quickly merge the South-East. Called, heard their. Began to merge. Slavyansk was under attack. Shells whistled, helicopters circled, flaming houses. Everyone counted everything. They did not take into account one thing: Igor Strelkov does not belong to this reality, Washington and Brussels, Kolomoisky and Fridman, Poroshenok and Akhmetov, Timoshenok and Surkov, Maydanov and the Human Rights Representatives under the President. He is from another world, from the Russian World, where all this rot simply does not exist. In his transparent patriotic volunteer consciousness, there is a different geometry. He took the Crimea? I took it. He went to Slavyansk? Gone. Did he come to him? Came Has he gathered men? Collected. Armed? Armed And now got up and stand. He receives orders from all sides like volleys - and volleys like orders. Shooters went out! And he stands. Telegrams are sent to him: come on, back! Back down! Order! Crimea took, and that's enough. And he stands, he does not hear. Front fire brutal Ukrainian army. How so? What's happening? Putin does not introduce troops, and we are not only the South-East, we cannot take some insignificant Slavyansk. And because of what? Unclear. Why are gunners still holding on? Why are our losses so great?

Why every day we do not count the number of armored personnel carriers, the guns, the gang of thugs, notably scribbled with swastikas, and the losses are already calculated in the hundreds. What's happening? Kolomoisky not get through? Is there a time failure in Washington? In Brussels, is the leadership stuck in a gay club and late for work? When will withdraw Strelkova? When will they kill him? When he disappears, eventually, returning to his place on the yellow pre-revolutionary poster ...

The shooters, as if nothing had happened, were standing where they were. Leisurely calling for men to stand in line. Grudgingly creates a women's battalion while men think. But worth it. Came to Slavyansk and does not leave. One against the army. One against the state. One against traitors in Moscow. One against the Kremlin. Generally one. He and his war. Like D'Anunzio in Fiume, he came and never leaves.

You have noticed that Strelkov’s appeals are completely hysterical. He seems to be sleeping. Tantrum level is zero. Sometimes he states things that formally play against him. But he is not a technologist or a politician. He is the ghost of true Russia, a double who came from a real Russian present to our unreal non-Russian "present".

Igor Strelkov in Slavyansk keeps his defense as usual. Your Excellency! Defending Novorossia! Yes sir! There is not a step back! Who is he talking to? To whom does he give honor? We do not see, do not understand, do not even guess. He lives in his shooting world, which is Russia. And what kind of world do we live in? Or do we just dream about all this?

May be so. But the dreams that I will watch are dreams about Igor Ivanovich Strelkov. They are dearer to me than any reality. Because he is the reality, and his DNI is true, and his friend - the people's governor Pavel Gubarev - is true. And his New Russia - come true. And his Russia is a reality, and this is my Russia, rifle Russia, the only and deadly Russia. And her name is Slavyansk.
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  1. UPStoyan
    UPStoyan 26 May 2014 08: 23
    On such people, Russia has always been and will remain.
    1. mirag2
      mirag2 26 May 2014 08: 28
      I saw Borodai's (DPR prime minister) interview with the Nedelya program, it's interesting.
      From that moment, it was thought that official Russia had nothing to do with it.
      1. ispaniard
        ispaniard 26 May 2014 08: 35
        Igor Strelkov (Girkin) "STRELOK" is a man with a capital letter! This is Starinov, Ilya Grigorievich of the 21st century. wink P. .. S. and his behavior and ability to present information is simply a Russian officer of the very same Tsarist army.
        1. MOISEY
          MOISEY 26 May 2014 08: 39
          РќР ° СЃС‚РѕСЏС ‰ РёР№ СЂСѓСЃСЃРєРёР№ Р ± С ‹Р» РёРЅРЅС ‹Р№ Р ± РѕРіР ° ты ть. РћРЅ Рё РѕРґРёРЅ РІ РІРѕР »Рµ РІРѕРёРЅ.
          1. Donskoi
            Donskoi 26 May 2014 10: 55
            In the history of Russia there have been, are and will be Great leaders Powers, and no less, in their significance for the fate of the motherland, Great simple men: Ermak, Baranov (1-th Governor of Alaska) ... Here is our contemporary Igor Strelkov. Russian officer! Lump !!!
          2. Rus2012
            Rus2012 26 May 2014 12: 00
            Quote: MOISEY
            РќР ° СЃС‚РѕСЏС ‰ РёР№ СЂСѓСЃСЃРєРёР№ Р ± С ‹Р» РёРЅРЅС ‹Р№ Р ± РѕРіР ° ты ть. РћРЅ Рё РѕРґРёРЅ РІ РІРѕР »Рµ РІРѕРёРЅ.

            ... and Babai!
            1. Rus2012
              Rus2012 26 May 2014 12: 16
              Quote: Rus2012
              .Рё Р'Р ° Р ± Р ° Р№!

              - Natalya "Nyash-myash" Poklonskaya is a sexy female prosecutor with a facial defect, earned, rumored to be in conflict with a gangster group. Fearless accuser, whose hands, however, secretly dreams of getting into any criminal.
              - Polite people - the personification of a confident "force without aggression", packed and armed to the teeth ultra-modern professional soldiers.
              - Cossack Babai is a bearded Russian exotic in fashionable glasses, crazy-Russian, out of boredom went to conquer Russian lands, knocking down helicopters almost from a slingshot and dancing restrained on a city festival in Kramatorsk, passing against the background of hostilities. And to some extent the folk song about the Cossacks actually in the middle of the war refers to performances, for example, Lydia Ruslanova before the soldiers during the Second World War.
              - Colonel Strelkov is a handsome male with a slightly pre-revolutionary appearance, an ideological Russian white-guard monarchist, nostalgic for glorious imperial times, a fearless but not reckless savvy commander, with a calm smile looking into the face of death.
              - People's Mayor Ponomarev is a hoarse simpleton-matershinnik in a baseball cap, with semi-criminal habits (and, probably, a biography), golden teeth, completely overflowed and experiencing, obviously, the culmination of his terrible and gloomy life.
              - Aleksey Chaly - mayor of Sevastopol, an intelligent and, at first glance, gentle adult man, open, kind, in a sweater, a typical reasonable head of the family. In this case, a staunch national patriot and in addition a successful businessman who created a giant corporation.
              - The golden eagle is a collective image of deceived by the state, humiliated and angry police officers, the personification of perseverance and loyalty, who are no longer needed and led these people to decide to change the side of the conflict.
              - Lavrov and Churkin are two experienced cold-blooded diplomats. One is a stately half-breed, “cumshot and lit”, a cunning and cunning manipulator. The second is a thick-haired, gray-haired Russian who for 40 years in a row withstands hours of diplomatic pressure from climacteric American women and other people who look like mutants.
              1. Wolka
                Wolka 27 May 2014 13: 09
                very subjective, but there is something in it ...
            2. chehywed
              chehywed 26 May 2014 12: 26
              Quote: Rus2012
              ... and Babai!

              ... and there are many ... laughing
              1. Andrey Yuryevich
                Andrey Yuryevich 26 May 2014 15: 46
                Quote: chehywed
                Quote: Rus2012
                ... and Babai!

                ... and there are many ... laughing

                platoon-anchor babai !!!
            3. svp67
              svp67 27 May 2014 00: 37
              Quote: Donskoi
              Here is our contemporary Igor Strelkov. Russian officer! Lump !!!

              Quote: Rus2012
              ..and Babai!

              and the realities of the Civil War ...
            4. ivanfly
              ivanfly 31 May 2014 09: 33
              SLAVIC FATHER FROST !!!
        2. Ross
          Ross 26 May 2014 10: 34
          Mental written and to the very point. Igor Strelkov has awakened our nature in us, our memory of who we really are. And therefore it caused a powerful stream of popular love and support. We, the Russians, have a new Leader.
        3. Rus2012
          Rus2012 26 May 2014 11: 47
          Quote: ispaniard
          Igor Strelkov (Girkin) "STRELOK" is a man with a capital letter!

          Here- "Igor Girkin-Strelkov - who is he?"
          РЅР ° РёР ± РѕР »РµРµ РїРѕР» РЅРѕ Рѕ нем ...
          "Colonel Strelkov" is not lying. After studying the correspondence of the "DPR Minister of Defense" opened by the hackers, it turned out that he was really who he claimed to be - a retired Russian officer acting out of conviction. The hacked e-mail, posted on the World Wide Web, overturned the reputation of the Ukrainian Security Service, which was looking for the trail of the GRU. Putting the question: can a single Orthodox oligarch make a revolution in a neighboring country.

          RўR R№RЅR ° ° ° RѕRєR P · P ° P "P ° SЃSЊ SЃRμRєSЂRμS,RѕRј RџRѕR" Roes € RoRЅRμR "SЏ P RoRЅS,SЂRoRіR ° ° ° RІRѕRєSЂSѓRі S,R RoRЅSЃS,RІRμRЅRЅRѕRіRѕ RјSѓR¶S ‡ RoRЅS <SЃSЂRμRґRЅRoS ... R »RµС‚ СЃ В «Р ± ел РѕРіРІР ° рдейской »РІРЅРµС € ностью - искусственной. P RјSЏ RїRѕR "RєRѕRІRЅRoRєR ° F RіRѕSЂSЏ ° F RІR RЅRѕRІRoS ° RЎS,SЂRμR ‡ P" RєRѕRІR ° â € "RЅRμ P" Roes RoRЅR ° RѕS ‡ "† Roes RμSЂR ° F" RЈ P, P ° RїSЃRμRІRґRѕRЅRoRј RґR "SЏ RІRѕRμRЅRЅS <C ... P RoRіSЂ RіRѕSЂSЏ R'SЃRμRІRѕR "RѕRґRѕRІRoS ° P ‡ P" RoSЂRєRoRЅR °, 44 P "RμS, RѕS, SЂRѕRґSѓ, RѕS,SЃS,R ° RІRЅRѕRіRѕ RѕS" Roes † RμSЂR ° R¤RЎR 'RoSЃS,RѕSЂRoRєR ° Ryo SЂRμRєRѕRЅSЃS ‚рЃторР°. РџСЂР ° РІРѕСЃР »Р ° РІРЅРѕРіРѕ РїР ° триотР°, держР° РИРЅРёРєР ° Рё Р» итерР° торР° -СЂРѕРјР °РєРЅРЅР. РЈС ‡ Р ° стникР° С‚СЂРµС ... РёР »РёС З З РµС‚С‹ СЂРµС ... РІРѕР№РЅ. R ”R” СЏ того С З З С‚РѕР ± С ‹СЌС‚Рѕ РІС‹ яснить, РЅР ° СЃР ° РјРѕРј деле РЅРµ Р ± С‹ Р »Рѕ неоР± С ... РѕРґРґРёРёРґРґРґРґРґРґРґРґРґРґРґР RoS,R ° S,SЊ RІSЃRєSЂS <S,SѓSЋ In "RђRЅRѕRЅRoRјRЅS <Rј RoRЅS,RμSЂRЅR ° C ° F † RoRѕRЅR" RѕRјV "RїRμSЂRμRїRoSЃRєSѓ RμRіRѕ SЌR" RμRєS,SЂRѕRЅRЅRѕR№ RїRѕS ‡ S,S <â € "P ± RјRѕR¶RЅRѕ С ‹Р» Рѕ Стрелкову просто поверить. РћРєР ° Р · Р ° Р »РѕСЃСЊ, РѕРЅ всегдР° РіРѕРІРѕСЂРёР» Рѕ сеР± Рµ С З РёСЃС‚СѓСЋ РїСЂР ° РІРґСѓ. RЎR ° RјRѕRμ SѓRґRoRІRoS,RμR "SЊRЅRѕRμ â €" RїRѕS ... RѕR¶Rμ, RѕRЅ RґRμR№SЃS,RІRoS,RμR "SЊRЅRѕ RЅRμ RїSЂRμRґSЃS,R ° RІR" SЏRμS, RЅRoRєR ° RєRѕR№ RіRѕSЃSѓRґR ° SЂSЃS,RІRμRЅRЅRѕR№ SЃS,SЂSѓRєS,SѓSЂS ‹. R "RμR№SЃS,RІSѓSЏ PI SЃRѕRѕS,RІRμS,SЃS,RІRoRo SЃ SЃRѕR ± SЃS,RІRμRЅRЅS <RјRo RїRѕRЅSЏS,RoSЏRјRo S,RѕRј of the PS, RєR ° Rє RЅR ° RґRѕ RїRμSЂRμSЃS,SЂRѕRoS,SЊ RЅRμ SЃS,RѕR" SЊRєRѕ RЈRєSЂR ° РёРЅСѓ, СЃРєРѕР »СЊРєРѕ Р РѕСЃСЃРёСЋ. RџRѕSЃR "RμRґRЅRμRμ RіSЂR ° R¶RґR ° RЅSЃRєRѕRμ RјRμSЃS,Rѕ SЂR ° F ± RѕS,S <RїRѕR" RєRѕRІRЅRoRєR ° F · ° F RїR SЃR ° ° ° RЅR RјRμRєRЅSѓR "of the PS RЅR ° RїSЂRѕRoSЃS RѕR¶RґRμRЅRoRμ ... In" P ± RμR · СѓРјРЅС ‹С ... денег», РЅР ° РєРѕС‚РѕСЂС ‹Рµ Р · Р ° РєСѓРїР ° Р» РѕСЃСЊ оружие РґР »СЏ повстР° РЅС †.

          In the "P · RњRμRЅSЏ RѕRІSѓS, P" P RoSЂRєRoRЅ RіRѕSЂSЊ R'SЃRμRІRѕR »‡ RѕRґRѕRІRoS, 17.12.1970 Rі.SЂ., SѓSЂRѕR¶RμRЅRμS † Ryo R¶RoS,RμR" SЊ Rі.RњRѕSЃRєRІS <. Псевдоним (СЃРЅР ° С ‡ Р ° Р »Р ° военны Р№ †”РґР» СЏ In документов СѓСЂРЅС ‹Р№ Рё РІ СЂРµРєРѕРЅСЃС‚СЂСѓРєС † РёРё) - Р Р РІРѕСЂСЊ Стрел РєРѕРІВ ».

          RЇ P · P ° RєRѕRЅS ‡ Röhr "RњRѕSЃRєRѕRІSЃRєRoR№ P SЃS,RѕSЂRoRєRѕ-RђSЂS ... RoRІRЅS <R№ RoRЅSЃS,RoS,SѓS, RїRѕ SЃRїRμS † Röhr ° F" SЊRЅRѕSЃS,Ro In "RoSЃS,RѕSЂRoRє P ° SЂS ... RoRІRoSЃS, In "RЅRѕ RЅRo RґRЅSЏ RЅRμ SЂR ° F ± RѕS,R ° F" RїRѕ RїSЂRѕS "RμSЃSЃRoRo, S,R ° Rє RєR ° Rє SѓS € RμR" SЃ RіRѕR "RѕRІRѕR№ PI S,SЂR ° RґRoS † RoRѕRЅRЅSѓSЋ RґR" SЏ семьи военную СЃС „еру. Р 'РєР ° С З РµСЃС‚РІРµ РґРѕР ± СЂРѕРІРѕР »СЊС † Р ° РїСЂРёРЅРёРјР ° Р» СѓС З Р ° стие РІ Р ± оеввРСРІР …РІРСРІР …РІРСРІРЃР …Р …Р …Р …Р …Р… R'RsSЃРЅРёРё (1992-1992), РІ Р§РµС ‡ РЅРµ (РїРѕ контрР° кту, 93), СЃ 1995 ужР± Сѓ РІ ФедерР° Р »СЊРЅРѕР№ СЃР» ьжР± Рµ Р ± еР· РѕРїР ° сности. РЎ 1996 РІРѕ 1999 РіРѕРґ РІРѕС ‡ ти РЅРµРїСЂРµСЂС ‹РІРЅРѕ СЃР» ужилв Р§РµС З РЅРµ. Р'С ‹Р» СЂР ° нен Рё контужен, имею Р ± РѕРµРІС ‹Рµ РЅР ° РіСЂР ° РґС‹. РЈРІРѕР »РµРЅ РІ Р · Р ° РїР ° СЃ РІРѕ СЃРѕРєСЂР ° С ‰ ению С € тР° тов РІ Р · РІР ° РЅРёРё РїРѕР» РєРѕРІРЅРёРєР °. Р „С „РѕСЂРјР» СЏСЋ пенсию. РЎ РІРµСЃРЅС ‹СЂР ° Р ± отР° СЋ РЅР ° С З R ° Р» СЊРЅРёРєРѕРј СЃР »СѓР¶Р ± С‹ Р ± еР· РѕРїР ° сности РІ С „РёСЂР €РјР ° Р R »-РљР ° питР° Р» В »Сѓ КонстР° нтинР° РњР ° Р» РѕС „еевР° В”.

          РџРѕР »РЅРѕСЃС‚СЊСЋ -
        4. s1н7т
          s1н7т 26 May 2014 18: 09
          Somehow you scaled down Starinov, don't you think? And I did not understand why the officers of "the same Tsarist army" were so wonderful. What did the Soviets not please? Well, about Strelkov it is not yet clear who he is, although mentally I am next to him)
          1. equitologist
            equitologist 27 May 2014 12: 48
            And who would the Soviet officers and generals be if they were not taught and betrayed by their combat experience, those who chose the profession: "To defend the Motherland" ?! Only for them it was still Honor and Duty! What, unfortunately, many began to forget.
            1. s1н7т
              s1н7т 27 May 2014 21: 20
              Hmm. Initially, Soviet officers gained experience on the fields of the Civil. And those who "chose a profession", for the most part, were on the other side, weren't they?
          2. The comment was deleted.
      2. The comment was deleted.
        1. ksv500
          ksv500 26 May 2014 08: 42
          History develops in a spiral - behind a light turn, black. And Thank God that in the history of Russia, on the eve of the end of the black turn, people like Strelkov appear who accelerate the approach of the light turn, making it a little longer and much brighter!
          1. Hippopotamus
            Hippopotamus 26 May 2014 08: 57
            A man is a hero. May God grant him health, strength and patience! May God give Russia a dozen like him!
    2. from punk
      from punk 26 May 2014 08: 38
      Quote: UPStoyan
      On such people, Russia has always been and will remain.

      not much off topic but about people. It is thanks to such people and Strelkov in particular that we still speak Russian
    3. ivanfly
      ivanfly 26 May 2014 09: 09
      You understand the true meaning of morality - "I HAVE HONOR"
    4. Sterlya
      Sterlya 26 May 2014 09: 23
      There are few such people. The strong man.
      The article is correct to tears. I have no words
      1. Artyom
        Artyom 26 May 2014 10: 16
        Summary from Colonel Strelkov for May 25, 2014
        "Today, the whole day is calm. Except that between the BZS and the turn to Krasny Liman, the national guards fought between the sosba for 40 minutes. They occupied checkpoints. Replacing those who were before them. Well, they began to" shoot through the area "without really knowing where the neighbors were. They answered, and “off we go.” Hardly anyone was killed, but they spent a lot of ammunition.
        They prepared for the attack. Another battery (either the 11th or the 12th) was dragged to Karachun. They have everything in abundance. But the readiness to go on the attack is not really observed ... After all, it will be necessary to approach the distance of real fire, and in the tightness of the streets no howitzer will help, and the tank is not strong ... In general, the infantry is their main problem. Unless they drive them into battle drunk - the Ukrian soldiers are shamelessly drinking ... "
        Igor Ivanovich commented on the message that Ukrainian forces captured 11 people:

        "They constantly grab someone. From our region they take them to Izium, where they torture them quite harshly. In addition to torture, they keep prisoners and detainees in a pit with water, feed them porridge with sand ... Stupid, narrow-minded people ... They are probably we didn’t understand who we faced ... After all, if (or rather, when) we start to win and they (in the hope of a "Crimean version"), with a dog's devotion, begin to look into our eyes with a silent question, "Will they leave us in the service? We are our own, the Slavs! ", then the answer will be terribly unexpected for them ... No-no! No Crimean options! The gathering of my old friends-friends - Chechen veterans - gathered in our militia - will really fight not only At the front. In the rear, too, we will take all the scum to the nail, and if they do not have time to escape, they will remember the porridge with sand, and the zindan with water, where they are now throwing Russian boys and old people. "

        Well, a little more about the general mood of Igor Ivanovich:

        “I received a very serious blessing three days ago. Since then, even the worst news cannot spoil my mood. Moreover, we are ready for battle. And they are not, despite all their guns and tanks.” God, but in truth! ""
        1. chehywed
          chehywed 26 May 2014 12: 36
          And I think that he will solve the "agrarian question". wink
    5. Andrey Yuryevich
      Andrey Yuryevich 26 May 2014 15: 44
      20 million people in the face of an army. belay twenty millions????
  2. mig31
    mig31 26 May 2014 08: 23
    THE MAIN THING HE IS !!! ARROWS LEADER !!! Equal to it !!!
    1. Alexey N
      Alexey N 26 May 2014 08: 35
      Equal to it !!!

      And not only in the Donbass, but also in Russia!
  3. lg41
    lg41 26 May 2014 08: 27
    Posted by Alexander Dugin Gloriously outlined the Glorious Man!
  4. saag
    saag 26 May 2014 08: 31
    it’s bad that Strelkov alone, if there were more, this nascent system would be much more stable
    1. kartalovkolya
      kartalovkolya 26 May 2014 09: 09
      But even worse is that we do not help our own: the army is not needed, but who will forbid the volunteers to defend the Russian World, Putin's silence is good, but it would be better to give Shooter a batch of MANPADS and ATGMs, and "a bouquet of flowers from Hyacinths, Chrysanthemums and Tulips + Acacia "would not be superfluous!
      1. The comment was deleted.
      2. alexng
        alexng 26 May 2014 10: 13
        In order to see the real rubble, you need to rise a little above life. The behind-the-scenes US government has thrown the bait for Russia in southeastern Ukraine in order to firmly hook and pull Russia out of the comfortable environment for life. But a very subtle geopolitical game is underway. The West is afraid of Putin's main blow and is trying with all its might to pull him apart in trifles or prolong its agony. Whoever says what, but help is coming from the DPR to the LPR, not explicit, but it is coming. But the main thing is that the game of nerves is going on now: whoever they give up faster will lose. While time plays on the side of Russia. And the worst thing for the West is that the West has nothing to oppose to this universal enemy named Vremya. And time is playing against the United States - the self-liquidator's reverse report has already been launched and can only be saved by an "indirect" armed confrontation with Russia or the collapse of Russia. And Russia, as luck would have it, does not come to this war and does not want to split at all. The insidious plan of these non-humans has been unraveled, and US potassium will now respond to meanness in order to destroy as much as possible what can still be used from these breakaway pieces, once one whole named Ukraine. But Victory will be ours and these parasites will disappear from Planet Earth. You just need not to whip up a fever and look among your guilty ones. Everything is going according to plan and under strict control, in spite of Pindocia.
  5. skayl
    skayl 26 May 2014 08: 31
    Respect to the author! And also Shooter said that they will be responsible for Russian children and the elderly angry
  6. surovts.valery
    surovts.valery 26 May 2014 08: 33
    He has already made history. In the history of the struggle between good and evil. Moreover, all of Russian history is just about that.
  7. tuareg56
    tuareg56 26 May 2014 08: 34
    All is correct. It is terribly inconvenient in the first place to Moscow - this is a fact. I do not know how to assist this noble Russian officer, but at least morally support him. The article is sad, what can I say, but, alas, true. And myself, as a reserve officer at the age, is ashamed of myself for not doing a damn thing. I do not urge others, I want to understand myself.
    1. Armax
      Armax 26 May 2014 09: 16
      I won’t take it for granted, but in my philistine opinion, Strelkov really needs Moscow in the current political situation! And it’s even very convenient, official Moscow seems to be out of place, but it can explicitly or implicitly rely on such people. Depending on the situation.
  8. Revolver
    Revolver 26 May 2014 08: 36
    Whether he is a colonel of the GRU Special Forces, as some say, or just an enthusiastic reconstructor, if you believe others, or both, is not important. The man was at the right moment in its place. Judge him not by the words of third parties, and not even by his speeches, but by his affairs. And affairs, without exaggeration, are heroic.
  9. Zamachus
    Zamachus 26 May 2014 08: 37
    What is there to add RESPECT TO STRELKOV
  10. drop
    drop 26 May 2014 08: 38
    I have to communicate with wide sections of the population, especially with young people. I. Strelkov-hero, so everyone speaks about him. He is the personification of Russia, her face and her work at the moment. I am sorry that I. Strelkov is not given the opportunity to recruit professional volunteers. After all, the Germans, Cubans, Arabs are asking. If you do not destroy the armored vehicles and artillery of the Nazis, it will shoot. And in modern conditions I. Strelkov with his training and experience can do this. I. Strelkov's fighters should be paid and paid well. The country "Novorossiya" should be recognized, documents about the head of this country must be submitted to the UN. Yes, the guys themselves know what to do, they have a program. I have the honor
    1. kartalovkolya
      kartalovkolya 26 May 2014 09: 15
      Yes, not Strelkov’s army is fighting, but it’s vital to provide material assistance to fighters with equipment, ammunition, weapons and food! Glory to the DPR Army and the LPR, the real heroes of the struggle against international Nazism!
  11. Turkir
    Turkir 26 May 2014 08: 40
    Shooters and inhabitants of Slavyansk are Russian knights.
    Extraordinary MAN!
    Little proud of him, Strelkov role model.
    Shooters are a true patriot, not a rattling nationalist.
    Such people need to be protected.
  12. kombat58
    kombat58 26 May 2014 08: 40
    Request to all fathers, read this story to your sons. Sure!
    And even if they don’t understand everything, a memory of such a variant of development of reality will remain in memory. In future realities that they have grown up, such an opportunity can be very useful.
    They will remember the main thing: AND ONE IN THE FIELD A WARRIOR! And believe in it!
  13. tokens2
    tokens2 26 May 2014 08: 41
    Reconstruction ... a good word.
    Reveal even better. Man always strives for the best because he wants a balance-internal.
    1. sPS
      sPS 26 May 2014 20: 38
      I agree, this is the essence ... he is a great man striving for inner harmony with himself, I talked with people of such a warehouse, the first impression was not from this world, and then there was a slight envy and sadness = I can’t ... I have a lot of urgent problems .. children family etc. I wish him success and still think when he sends the next telegram to nowhere, he will leave again and appear where he is needed ... thank God that there are such people among us = WARRIOR =
  14. andj61
    andj61 26 May 2014 08: 42
    Shooters - the last Defender of the Great Empire.
    And the First Warrior of a new great country, which also cannot but become a Great Empire.
    Yes, it is precisely that Empire where the titular nation has one privilege - to work better than anyone else and be the first to die for their country;
    that Empire, which spreads over two continents and amazes everyone with its vastness and wealth;
    that Empire, the very existence of which for 5 centuries has been causing the hysteria of the "civilized" Anglo-Saxon world, which put so much effort into eliminating this Power, and seemed to have already achieved success; that Empire, with which many of us (I believe - the overwhelming majority!) pin hopes for the revival of mankind and a normal life without liberal and tolerant leaps.
    Thanks to the romance of Strelkov, a Great Power is born - and God forbid Putin to quickly understand this - and not miss the chance given to all of us!
    Our strength is in the truth!
  15. vladim.gorbunow
    vladim.gorbunow 26 May 2014 08: 43
    Strelkov said yesterday that ukrov was ready to use Hurricanes and Grads. Can Strelkov’s charisma resist 220 mm caliber rockets?
    1. mamont5
      mamont5 26 May 2014 08: 52
      Quote: vladim.gorbunow
      Strelkov said yesterday that ukrov was ready to use Hurricanes and Grads. Can Strelkov’s charisma resist 220 mm caliber rockets?

      Hurricanes and Grads Ukrainians can destroy cities such as Slavyansk and Kramatorsk, but they are unlikely to cause significant damage to a few militia fighters.
  16. gandalf
    gandalf 26 May 2014 08: 46
    There is a Russian spirit, there it smells of Rus ...
  17. jekasimf
    jekasimf 26 May 2014 08: 48
    Shooters well done! And a hero of our time! But ...
    I'm starting to worry about Comrade Strelkov. It may come a day when his glory will destroy him ... If he becomes the idol of the Slavic world, then some gentlemen, including in Russia, may not like it. And if they feel in him threat, then something that happened, for example, with Kvachkov, Budanov, can happen to him.
    Other heroes are in fashion now. See how gently they change the image of Kadyrov.
    1. acute
      acute 26 May 2014 12: 14
      I agree with you in many ways. But according to Kadyrov, I’ll say that he’s not a stupid man, and besides, it seems to me he is a sovereign man. he realized that at the moment Chechnya was benefiting from being part of Russia.
  18. mamont5
    mamont5 26 May 2014 08: 49
    Indeed, Strelkov from that time, from the RIA (Russian Imperial Army).
  19. RUSSIA
    RUSSIA 26 May 2014 08: 51
    This is a tanker !!! From the movie White Tiger !!! HE SAYS WHEN WHEN IT IS NECESSARY TO RETURN !!!!!!! RETURNED !!!!!!
  20. silberwolf88
    silberwolf88 26 May 2014 08: 52
    Time gives birth to its leaders ... those who take responsibility ... those who do things and know what to do.
    Shooters advanced by time and meets all the tasks of the current moment.
  21. gmasterbit
    gmasterbit 26 May 2014 09: 00
    just a man said to himself, I SHOULD ... a real hero of Russia
  22. cerbuk6155
    cerbuk6155 26 May 2014 09: 00
    Thank you and all the people who defend their homeland and their people. soldier
  23. ando_bor
    ando_bor 26 May 2014 09: 03
    Russians do not give up.
    Russians are not being waged.
  24. Old Siberian
    Old Siberian 26 May 2014 09: 06
    We are RUSSIAN! GOD is with us! So said the commander Alexander Suvorov. These words can be Strelkov's motto.
    1. uyrii67
      uyrii67 26 May 2014 09: 24
      Yes, WE ARE RUSSIAN and therefore Alexander Vasilievich Suvorov, Mikhail Illarionovich Kutuzov, Georgy Konstantinovich Zhukov, Peter Iraklievich Bagration. And chto on the western habit of lack of a Middle Name.
  25. ivanfly
    ivanfly 26 May 2014 09: 07
    You understand the true meaning of morality - "I HAVE HONOR"
  26. I want to serve
    I want to serve 26 May 2014 09: 09
    All is well, everything is correct, but here the truth is buried or blackened in the story ... It is difficult to express in words something that is not clearly visible ... Undoubtedly, Strelkov is an excellent military leader, but if the "rising-rising" shadow of Russia in the face did not loom behind him the sobering Olympics or the kind, friendly Motherland, which so quickly and SOONLY accepted the Crimea, would have devoured both people's republics, or rather their defenders, in a few days! So the role of Putin in these events is clearly diminished, even more vilified! If the truth is not visible to you, this does not mean that it does not exist!
    1. tracker
      tracker 26 May 2014 10: 02
      And where is the truth, the author wrote as he himself understands the situation, he saw in Strelkov a mystical warrior of Russian civilization. Rather, everything is controlled by higher powers, the spirits directing the movement. But let us not delve into theology, as people usually think, that they rule the world, and only a few realize that it is not so simple. Strong personalities, heroes always appeared in the tough moments of history. The rest should follow them, there is such a people and it protects not only Slavyansk but also Russia.
    2. acute
      acute 26 May 2014 12: 08
      And in my opinion you are too carried away. So far, they have not been crushed, just because they understand the use of hail and tanks, then all their further coexistence and righteously earned capital, and the usual way of life, will not change for the better. They would not hesitate to use non-nuclear weapons of mass destruction. the right-wing forces are pushing them towards this, and the blood flows shed in the civil war are becoming wider and thicker. This leads to even greater aggravation and escalation. Good this will not end. There will always be people who want to get the bill
  27. 26 May 2014 09: 16
    A delightful article.
  28. kartalovkolya
    kartalovkolya 26 May 2014 09: 19
    What can I add is that while there are people like Strelkov, not everything is lost and we all have a future in which there will be no place for an international terrorist and a gendarme in the person of the USA!
  29. dr.Bo
    dr.Bo 26 May 2014 09: 25
    The article is like a poem. Shooters -HERO of our time!
  30. Aleksandr68
    Aleksandr68 26 May 2014 09: 32
    ... "On whose behalf and in whose name is he fighting? What does he rely on? Who gives him orders?" ... And on whose behalf and for what did Kozma Minin fought? from them.
  31. navodchik
    navodchik 26 May 2014 09: 37
    stupid people, PR managers and traitors, among whom he feels familiar and comfortable

    For this article +. In general, the choice of the Slavyansk raion is not accidental for at least two reasons:
    1. A road junction and a large industrial area located on the border with the Dnipropetrovsk and Kharkov regions.
    2. The alleged shale gas field, which the frame is going to heat the geyropu.
  32. Jackyun
    Jackyun 26 May 2014 09: 49
    A good article about a real Russian officer.
    Here are just one thing confusing. Well, I do not believe that such big things as taking control of entire regions of the state are within the power of one person (even if it is a group, however limited, headed by a chorezmatic person). It is not enough to take power, it must be held. It is not enough to have the potential to support the population, it must be obtained realistically and, again, kept. The war with the army of the state, even if it has no desire and is not able to fight, but, nevertheless, the army, in open confrontation, is not a historical reconstruction. We need weapons, ammunition, equipment, etc. Ukro-army almost openly recognizes the superiority of the material and technical support of the partisans (the name is purely conditional). Almost two months of fighting, sometimes intense, can not be fought on the stockpiles of the police, SBU departments and individual military units, which were obviously poorly provided (judging by the poor equipment of the partisans with heavy equipment, artillery and air defense systems).
    But we observe the superiority of the material and technical supplies of the partisans over the Ukrainian army, the absence of serious hunger in ammunition, a powerful information and propaganda resource, expressed in full support of the population, and the replenishment of trained personnel. Local reservists have not yet been touched, there is a lot of evidence.
    Consequently, there is serious, concrete support for the partisans. Now guess who?
    No tears for abandoned heroes. If you do analytics, then do it to the end, even if you don’t really like it or don’t meet your current market considerations.
    1. dmb
      dmb 26 May 2014 10: 43
      I cannot agree with you in general. History knows such examples. In particular, Cuba. (This is me about a small group that took and held power.) And the Bolsheviks in the 17 were not large in number, as a party. The logic of the revolution lies precisely in the fact that a small but united organization can take power. The main thing is that the ideas driving this organization correspond to the majority of the aspirations of the people, and the current government is rotten. What is happening in the East with a big stretch can be called a national liberation movement, with elements of a socialist revolution. All previous episodes of history, as a rule, ended with the coming to power of the national bourgeoisie. However, in the Ukrainian East everything is more complicated. The bourgeoisie was already there. So socialism ?. Statements of possible nationalization seem to indicate this. But Russia is not the USSR. Cuba survived thanks to the latter. The support of the bourgeoisie in power and socialism in the DPR in power, in my opinion, is utopia. I am glad to be mistaken in the forecasts, but so far it’s somehow.
      1. Jackyun
        Jackyun 26 May 2014 11: 23
        Regarding Cuba, you answered yourself.
        Regarding the Bolsheviks in 1917, one should be historically faithful. During this period, the Bolsheviks were supported and sponsored by Germany. This fact has been documented and actively hushed up by Soviet historians. However, it was opened back then in 1917.
        Thus, my thesis about the dubious control of a separate, small group led by a charismatic leader over a region of the state without significant support from an influential patron finds, among other things, historical confirmation.
        1. acute
          acute 26 May 2014 12: 00
          Listen, with great caution you need to talk about what you were not witnesses to and what you have superficial knowledge of. Such grief of historians both in Ukraine and we divorced as dogs uncut. No need to liken yourself to a commander, seeing the battle from the side
        2. dmb
          dmb 26 May 2014 13: 00
          As for the financing of the Bolsheviks by Germany, recently on the site there was a well-reasoned article debunking this nonsense. Moreover, the supporters of the version of the "devil's conspiracy" could not give any serious counterarguments. Even if we assume that there was some money, then do you really think that Germany, exhausted by the war on two fronts, found such a lot of money that she could convince hundreds of millions of Russians, eager to fight to the bitter end, to spit on the war? The people followed the Bolsheviks not because they were "given out German money", but because they did not need this howl in FIG.
          1. massad1
            massad1 26 May 2014 20: 51
            Well, if we talk like that, let's think about who was profitable to withdraw Russia from the war with Germany, which was almost finished off. And here, oddly enough, the Naglo-Saxons emerge again, as the main recipients of indemnities from Germany, they simply raked in the heat with the wrong hands, and then did everything possible to destroy the Great Russian Empire, but as it happened, instead of colonizing the Russian lands, they got themselves a nightmare, this time in the form of the Bolsheviks and communism. I personally also do not believe that grandfather Lenin, even his comrades, without outside support in technology and finance, turned such a "WOO-GO !!!"
  33. borisjdin1957
    borisjdin1957 26 May 2014 09: 53
    from the Don.
    In all times difficult for Russia, such people appeared, seemingly from nowhere, but became pivots, examples for many. These are God's people, people of Holy Russia!
  34. Varang42
    Varang42 26 May 2014 09: 59
    "We stand on that. And WE WILL stand" I. Strelkov.
  35. indeveral
    indeveral 26 May 2014 10: 13
    Strelkov honor and respect! I'd like to hope that such people will appear openly in Russia more and more. The main thing is that the state would not only not interfere with them, but learn to direct them and use them for the good of Russia.
  36. tank64rus
    tank64rus 26 May 2014 10: 21
    "Whoever comes to us with a sword from the sword and will perish. The Russian Land has stood and will stand on that!" Alexander Nevskiy.
  37. vedross
    vedross 26 May 2014 10: 36
    All the Heavenly Forces are on the Russian side now, so don’t analyze how small forces manage to defend large territories. And one warrior in the field, if he is tailored in Russian!
  38. Ilik
    Ilik 26 May 2014 10: 44
    One against traitors in Moscow. One against the Kremlin.

    and it is very sad. it should not be so, but so far it is.
  39. G8K
    G8K 26 May 2014 10: 49
    At critical moments in the history of our country, there have always been such people. I don’t know if it may be God's providence, but therefore Russia is invincible. It is true, GOD and the Strelkovs.
  40. Black
    Black 26 May 2014 10: 49
    "The sixth pillar is horrified, no one understands how this could happen."

    Dugin remarked very subtly ... The Strelkovs are a pain in the ass of the sixth column, and these people will inevitably run one step lower with Strelkov's victories .... That is also good ...
    And for the guys - there, with Strelkov, it’s scary .... Russia does not wait for them, and they can’t live in Ukraine anymore ... The most dramatic, along the way, is ahead.
  41. Stalnov I.P.
    Stalnov I.P. 26 May 2014 10: 50
    Not everything in this mess is unambiguous and it will take some time that facts that will surprise us will emerge, now a lot of different rabble will stick to these events, knock on the chest and say, "I decided and did it," and this PERSON, without pathos, calmly, in business , professionally did his job, he won, and I think our PEOPLE can be proud of one more HERO, this is a symbiosis of officers, the best that was in the RUSSIAN-SOVIET ARMY, we should talk about such people on TV and the media, teach in schools, military schools and academies, such - you CANNOT FORGET. HONOR HAVE A GLANO COMMANDER - SHOOTERS.
  42. Pajamas
    Pajamas 26 May 2014 11: 00
    I respect Strelkov Igor Ivanovich, but the text of the article is just a sugary-sugary verbiage, a man won't write like that, "Mamzele's" snot. IMHO.
  43. B.T.V.
    B.T.V. 26 May 2014 11: 08
    I repeat: a low bow and respect to the courageous MAN.
  44. Giant thought
    Giant thought 26 May 2014 11: 11
    Russia has always been famous for such people. If they are now, then mother RUSSIA is still alive! And the enemy will be defeated, surely, and dumped again in his geyropu.
  45. 97110
    97110 26 May 2014 11: 26
    I really didn’t like the attempt to add to the hero and the excellent organizer Strelkov the sprawled and escaped RIA from the battlefield. How many Russian surnames do you name among the army commanders on the front of World War I? How many of them changed their German surnames to Russian on the occasion of the war with the Germans? This was how it was necessary to command, so that their own personnel would destroy them with bayonets (the naval ones would drown them). This is such an apotheosis of unprofessionalism, inability, contempt for subordinates, that I am surprised at the attempt to attract a worthy person to this company. I am an officer, and when making a decision that was unsafe for me personally, I first of all remembered that I was an officer and a communist, and I could not do otherwise in front of my subordinates. Not a member of the Communist Party, but a communist, like my grandfather, like millions of folded heads at the border, near Moscow, Stalingrad, on the Kursk Bulge, and finally in Berlin. Not the RIA officer who, considering the people cattle, could not agree that he was no longer your ford (high-cross, etc.) and went to die from the spill of bile in Gallipoli, Paris and further around the world. I do not hope for agreement, but - this is my position. RIA officers did not fulfill their duty, they dragged the country, if you want, they could not cope with the training of personnel. And the heroism of individuals is a consequence of general incompetence, which in no way makes RIA an organization worthy of Strelkov.
    I have the honor, senior lieutenant of the SA.
    1. Sour
      Sour 26 May 2014 20: 58
      Quote: 97110
      RIA officers did not fulfill their duty

      Did CA officers fulfill their duty to the USSR? Or at least they tried?
      Gathered in the Volunteer Army, went to fight for their ideals?
      Or not?
      Have the honor? Well, have good health ...
    2. massad1
      massad1 26 May 2014 21: 24
      Excuse me of course, but can I ask a question? Immediately I warn you not to touch only our Grandfathers, who took Stalingrad, Kursk and Berlin - for this is sacred. By the way, far from all the Communists were there, and how many non-partisans there were killed for the common cause of the Victory we will probably never know for sure. I wanted to ask about something else: if the tsar’s officers were bad and prosralized the country, where then were the most ardent communists (including officers) when the Soviet Union was emigrated? !!! I repeat: no revolution in a large country occurs without incitement from the special services of a probable or obvious adversary! And yet, do not tell people that the tsarist army did not have worthy officers and heroes, I can write a long list, for this archives exist in the public domain - study. It’s just that I don’t understand when Russian people suddenly begin to divide into monarchists and communists and pour water on each other. Russia abounds in heroes at all times, however, both the October Revolution and the collapse of the Soviet Union are a great tragedy of the Russian (and not only) people on the one hand, as well as a monstrous provocation performed by the arrogant Saxons on the other. Kick, I have everything!
      1. Sour
        Sour 26 May 2014 21: 30
        Quote: massad1
        where then were the most ardent communists (including officers) when the Soviet Union was prosrali? !!!

        Unsubscribe on forums.
        And at the same time "they have the honor."
        And they also willingly spit on those who, until the last opportunity, fought for their beliefs. Consider themselves something better than them.
  46. papont64
    papont64 26 May 2014 11: 41
    Hold on brother and thank you for having us !!!)))
  47. romzess
    romzess 26 May 2014 11: 52
    Ode to the heroes of troubled times
  48. acute
    acute 26 May 2014 11: 53
    I did not understand one thing from the article. Russian officer of the tsarist army. The author does not see more examples of devotion to the Motherland. Why, why such a disregard for the Soviet history of their state ?. Unclear. Here are the same stubborn in their innocence stand on the side of the Kiev junta. the history of Ukraine for them begins with their relatives and with Bandera and Shukhevych. The whole period of the state’s life falls out of their sight. Ivan does not remember his relationship. Soviet history in Russia was exhausted, but they did the same. So how do you differ from them?
  49. lars
    lars 26 May 2014 12: 04
    I would like to know the exact details where you can transfer help. Let a little, but ... that for now I and my comrades can. How to ask Igor Ivanovich to voice where and how it is possible, so that he and his people will surely come!
    1. chehywed
      chehywed 26 May 2014 12: 33
      Quote: lars
      I would like to know the exact details where you can transfer help

      Take a look here:
  50. Victoria 1980
    Victoria 1980 26 May 2014 12: 36
    Yes, and Russia will watch as they are all killed there. Betrayal. "Russia will defend the Russians!" The main thing is that ordinary people in Russia are ready to endure hardships in connection with the sanctions, but, probably, Russian oligarchs are not ready. Therefore, let's sacrifice better quilted jackets, what good are they to us? I think Putin will lose his ratings for betrayal !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    1. 97110
      97110 26 May 2014 14: 40
      My minus. Don’t ski, give x .. get up. The oligarchs, by the way, may lose a lot, but the owners of lower statuses - everything, including life.
      1. Victoria 1980
        Victoria 1980 26 May 2014 18: 22
        It seems that VO is not an objective, patriotic, but a purely propaganda, pro-Putin site. That's interesting, but their lives, in the East - do not count? And the fact that Moscow did not at the very beginning of the putsch react lightning fast in the Southeast, taking control of the situation and avoiding victims, indicates that it was afraid of sanctions, and not something else!
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. Bayonet
      Bayonet 26 May 2014 17: 12
      Quote: Victoria 1980
      Yes, and Russia will watch how they are all killed there.

      War, this is not a scumbag. Millions died in wars. Unleash the carnage - a lot of mind is not necessary, so be careful with the expressions and labels! I put a minus!
      1. Victoria 1980
        Victoria 1980 26 May 2014 19: 32
        The annexation of Crimea is not an adequate response to the Nazi regime established in Ukraine, the genocide of Russians, and the imminent prospect of Ukraine's joining NATO. Rather, this is an asymmetrical answer. Quoting one very famous politician: "You wanted peace at the cost of shame - you will get both shame and war." (Winston Churchill after the Munich agreements). And our loot won the good.
        1. massad1
          massad1 26 May 2014 21: 34
          Do you offer Crimea to give ukram again? Sitting in a chair is easy to fight, do not arrange provocations
      2. massad1
        massad1 26 May 2014 21: 32
        corrected, a bit, I completely agree, you don’t have to wave your saber here - this is time, secondly, we do not know a tenth of the truth, and three - nobody leaves anyone, in my opinion this is obvious from the fact that men have been there for so long. You can’t get much without cartridges, it’s already been mentioned
        1. Victoria 1980
          Victoria 1980 26 May 2014 22: 43
          Firstly, no one can forbid me to say what I think, secondly, the West will only become impudent from our toothlessness, thirdly, and what, the fascists in Ukraine do not threaten the security of Russia?
          If Yushchenko since 2004 has managed to put the reformatting of the brains of young people in such a way that everyone in Ukraine yells "yak on gilyak", from 10 to 30 years old, then with the establishment and preservation of fascist power in Ukraine, we will soon get all this in Russia. And for this, in your opinion, it is not worth fighting ??????
          My family’s men are already trying to take up arms, but you probably can only drink kefir !!!
    4. tokin1959
      tokin1959 26 May 2014 19: 01
      the other day we'll see everything
      bloody Porosenko hail rebellious cities will process, and people will not return.
      apparently waiting for this?
      I support your concern.