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Vladikavkaz: collecting weapons in fashion

Vladikavkaz: collecting weapons in fashion

Collect weapon - One of the modern hobby of financially secure people of Russia. No exception - the inhabitants of Vladikavkaz. The purpose of a person acquiring such things is to inform the public and the development of cognitive interest from citizens. Collectors are allowed to collect and store various types of weapons: firearms, cold, gas and other types, if that person, as an individual, received a license for this from the internal affairs bodies of the Russian Federation. You will be registered as a collector if you have more than five weapons. In this case, it can be stored in combat condition.
Not all types of weapons are allowed to collect. You can not keep prohibited species in the country, weapons, removed from service and ammunition. To acquire a license, an individual must submit to the internal affairs bodies documents proving his identity and a statement written in a definite form. Be sure to provide a list of weapons, and kept his registration number. Also attached are all documents on the permission of storage for each item from the list. The collector is obliged to keep the weapon only at the place of residence and under certain conditions: keep it in a safe or in boxes under lock and key. The state, in turn, carries out timely monitoring - for this purpose, internal affairs officers visit the collector’s place of residence and, according to the list, keep an inventory of weapons at least once a year.
Collectors often attend weapons exhibitions, sharing their experiences. Most often, they come to the big cities. If, for example, you are traveling from Vladikavkaz to Moscow, in a timely manner buy train tickets to Moscow prices which are much lower than on airfare. Such exhibitions are extremely necessary for novice collectors, as they can see unique specimens, as well as get useful information about how to store weapons. And a newcomer can declare himself and make useful contacts.
Also order train tickets to Vladikavkaz cost You can find out in advance, before leaving for Moscow. If you have purchased a weapon at an exhibition, you can transport it if you have permission from the Ministry of Culture, which has registered a new item in your collection.
Collect weapons in Russia is very prestigious, but for this it is necessary to strictly follow all the laws of the country.

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