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The analytical program "However," with Mikhail Leontyev, May 25 2011


In world politics, a wild commotion: "the client is leaving, the cast is removed." Barack Huseynovich Obama decided to merge Israel.

Obama began his sensational passage on Israel as part of a large speech on American Middle Eastern policy with traditional oaths of loyalty to Israel.

Barack Obama: "But it is precisely because of our friendship that it’s important that we tell the truth: it’s unrealistic to maintain the status quo ... The dream of a Jewish and democratic state cannot be fulfilled with constant occupation."

And then, in fact, the most significant.

Barack Obama: "We believe that the borders of Israel and Palestine should be based on the 1967 demarcation lines of the year with a mutually agreed exchange of territories, so that secure and recognized borders are established for both states."

Here, in fact, the main thing. "For both states, safe and recognized boundaries." That is, Obama put Israel and Palestine on the same level. This is truly unprecedented. Everything else, to put it mildly, the strangeness of the translation. What Obama was easy to convince the Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, who urgently arrived in Washington, to "clarify the wording."

As the Israeli Prime Minister stated in Washington: “Jerusalem will never be divided again, it will remain the national capital of Israel. I’m ready to make compromises. But these compromises should be made taking into account the changes that have occurred since 1967. Areas of strategic and national importance will remain within the borders of Israel. Borders will differ from 1967 of the year. " Netanyahu's speech in Congress was greeted with a stormy ovation.

That is, Obama did not say anything actually contrary to the words of Netanyahu. "Spoons", as they say, were found. And in order to soften the remaining sediment, Obama, of course, promised powerful military-technical support. So merge or not merge ?! Of course, the Americans are not ready to give up guarantees of the existence of an Israeli state. That is, as the territory of residence of the Jews. No one will allow Barak Husseinovich, even if he wanted to. But the United States is not something that is ready ... are preparing to merge Israel, as their indisputable "navel of the earth." For the first time, Obama put Israel on a par with the others, as if in a generally accepted legal space. But Israel never existed in the generally accepted legal space. Now it has become for the Americans a problem that hinders the solution of their problems in the region.

In the same speech, Obama says: "Half a century after the end of colonialism in the region, the West is considered the source of all ills. Antagonism towards Israel has become the only acceptable way of expressing political thought in the Middle East."

That is, Israel, which had previously worked ideally for Americans, has become a problem. The problem with the Arabs, with Muslims in general, with Europeans, with new American approaches to the global manipulation of the region and the world. Before - this is when the "struggle against communism." Or when "with international terrorism." And now the perfect special forces can turn into a perfect penal battalion.

Americans reformat the region. The ideas of the "New Middle East" are not new. We have repeatedly referred to the cards of Colonel Peters, which are now clearly being implemented. Only if before the universal master key, which opened the gates for American intervention, was “international terrorism”, then now “international terrorism” is dead. Clearly declared as such.

Three weeks after the special operation to destroy bin Laden, which caused some doubts, it was announced that the Taliban leader Mullah Omar was liquidated. In numerous official and media comments, these events are described as "a turning point in the fight against international terrorism."

Actually, it does not matter: killed - not killed. Because in this context, bin Laden is not a person. This is a project. Their project. They wanted - they opened, they wanted - they closed. Their right. It is important that this project no longer works. And another project, another master key, is being framed: the "democratization of the Middle East." In general, all that is bad. In vain we laughed at the democratization of the Middle East - an absurdity, they say. Because the task here is not “democratization”, but a “master key”. And Israel laughed in vain. Because they will merge like Osama. For uselessness. And the ear will not lead.
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  1. sergo0000
    sergo0000 22 December 2012 14: 15
    The West is not the first to throw their partners!
    There is reason to think and other friends of America!
    Bolevar limped, someone now has to rely only on himself and his colt. bully