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Su-34: from Siberia with love

Su-34: from Siberia with love

March 20 2014, a significant event occurred - the government of the Russian Federation adopted the Su-34 front-line fighter bomber. This is the first combat aircraft officially adopted in post-Soviet Russia.

It is very important that all the work on aircraft design and launch into production took place in the last two decades. This is a new development, and not the completion of a long-standing Soviet start. The contract for the development of a promising fighter-bomber, designated Su-27IB, was signed in 1989 year.

The first flight of the pre-production version took place on December 18 1993 of the year. In 1995, a new car was shown at the Le Bourget air show in France called Su-32FN. In the low-cost 1990, work on the aircraft slowed down. Only in June, the 2003 of the year, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation signed the Preliminary Detention Act, which allowed the bomber, called the Su-34, to be put to trial operation.

In 2006, the first contract was signed for the manufacture of a pilot batch of five aircraft with delivery in 2007-2009. The production was placed at OJSC Novosibirsk aviation plant them. V.P. Chkalov ”(NAZ named after V.P. Chkalov), where they used to assemble the Su-24. By that time, the plant was in poor condition. The state did not order new aircraft; assembly shops were empty. The enterprise survived due to consumer goods, tool manufacturing, steel doors, etc. Suffice it to say that now in the final assembly shop of 250 workers, only 5 are veterans with Soviet experience.

During the development of production, associated with the recruitment and training of people, in fact, "on the knee" collected, in fact, one plane per year. In 2008, the government contract was already signed for the delivery of the series in 32 Su-34 in the period from 2010 to 2013 year. The task was successfully completed, and now 92 aircraft are being manufactured during the 2013 – 2020 period. The plan for this year is 16 machines. However, it is possible the production of two aircraft in the next year. Su-34 was highly appreciated by the Russian Air Force and would like to have more such machines.


Everyone knows that a modern aircraft is a very complicated machine. But knowing and understanding are two different things. You begin to understand when you see with your own eyes how the sheets of metal turn into parts, then into separate units and assemblies. And finally, they come together in the final assembly shop, from where the ready-made Su-34 rolls out, just not painted.

For two days, even just getting around all the shops of the Novosibirsk Aviation Plant is impossible, but you can get acquainted with the main production. And even talk to people. This possibility correspondent "NVO" provided the press service of JSC "United Aircraft Corporation."

In order to start the production of the aircraft, it is necessary first to develop the technology for manufacturing every detail, to design and make various accessories. To stamp the first plate of duralumin, you need to make this stamp. And there are hundreds and thousands of such parts. To be completely accurate, the Su-34 front-line bomber consists of 57 thousand parts, which are connected by tens of thousands of rivets and bolts. About 200 enterprises supply purchasing cooperation - components, materials, aggregates, on-board equipment, etc. And if we are talking about buying, 75% of the cost of the aircraft falls on the cooperation.

Extra on the state defense order do not earn. If the price of the acquisition of Su-34 in the first contract was 1,3 billion rubles, then the next is only 1,05 billion rubles. That is, as the transition to large-scale production, the cost of production should decrease. According to the director of the company, Sergey Smirnov, initially the production of the aircraft required 460 thousand hours of work, now - 170 thousand hours.

The main way to reduce time and reduce the cost of manufacturing parts - modern high-performance equipment. Several years ago there were only a few pieces of imported equipment in machine shops. Today - 160 machining centers. If earlier, manufacturing a complex part required, conditionally speaking, 20 shifts, now it is 3 – 4.

A modern machine shines with white enamel and glass, no drips of oil and puddles of emulsion. At the site where titanium armor sheets are processed, machining centers have the size of a sea container with a sliding glass wall. The worker enters inside to fix a detail and the tool. The process of processing observes through the glass.

In a special bureau, processing programs are developed, processes are modeled. Then the program is transferred to the machine. If earlier on production virtuosos-machine operators were required, now - virtuosos-programmers. But the old universal machines are not all shipped for scrap. Roughing, trimming and other operations that do not require high precision are easier and cheaper to do with good old milling.

The cab armored capsule, where two pilots are located in the shoulder, is entirely welded from titanium sheets up to 17 mm thick. And weighs only 380 kg. Welding titanium parts is a very complicated process. When heated above 400 degrees, this metal begins to oxidize vigorously, and, in an oxygen environment, is even capable of spontaneous combustion. Therefore, welding is carried out in argon.

Assemblers-riveters from simple elements collect the design of an airframe. The large duralumin plate of a complex profile is rigidly fixed with a clamp on a special slipway. Now with the help of a pneumatic hammer various construction details can be riveted to it. If you do not fix, then the voltage arising in the metal will “lead” the part. But not only on rivets and bolts fasten structural elements. In addition, they are placed on the sealant, all fasteners are covered with a special primer, so that no moisture, no corrosion for many years. Densely riveted ribs long fuel tanks from the inside lined with polyurethane. If a bullet or small-bore projectile punches the tank wall, the elastic seal will not allow the leakage of fuel or the explosion of vapors.

Components pass through dozens of shops, like streams, merging into a single channel. In the unit docking shop, individual compartments are assembled into a glider - nose, center, tail ... At the exit from the workshop, the body of the future aircraft passes through the sprinkler. Jets of water wash it from above. Inside the compartments are laid blotting paper. After the shower, the hatches open and the paper is weighed. "Blotter" absorbs all the moisture that could penetrate inside, and weighing shows how much this moisture, is not exceeded if the rate of humidity. The method is simple, but extremely reliable. A human eye may not notice a drop of water, and the paper will surely absorb it.


In the final assembly shop, the aircraft is fully completed with engines, weapons, avionics, landing gear, etc. The scope of work is such that, unlike the rest of the shops, they work around the clock here - in three shifts. Each team of workers has its own specialization, for example, it installs and adjusts the chassis.

The main contingent of workers are under 35 years old. Previously, the average age was older, but as the number of employees increased, it constantly rejuvenated, by about a year over the year. Many of the workers with whom it was possible to communicate, "inherited" the factory profession from their parents. Some grandfathers worked here. The company even held a competition of labor dynasties. Such continuity, the continuation of traditions are expensive.

What else is remarkable? Glass case with sports cups and diplomas right in the shop. Not far from the booth "Trade Union Life". Assembly shop - champion of the factory in mini-football. The collective spirit, competitive spirit, good health is an integral part of the corporate culture of OAO Sukhoi, which includes the NAZ them. V.P. Chkalov, and the entire state corporation of JSC UAC.

Now the company employs 6,7 thousand people. It could have been more, but when the state defense order appeared, all non-core production, which helped to hold out in difficult 1990, was separated. Need to do their own thing. But not only the production of the Su-34 plant is alive. A number of components for the short-haul passenger liner Sukhoi Superjet 100 (Sukhoi Superjet 100 / abbr. SSJ 100) are also manufactured here. In these workshops, the average age of employees is even younger. It is easier for young people to master the technologies of the XXI century and the peculiarities of working with composite materials. From Novosibirsk cabins and some other sections of the “Superjet” are sent to Komsomolsk-on-Amur, where the liner is finally assembled.

Ready Su-34 has a lemon-yellow color - it is the color of a protective electroplated coating of aviation duralumin. With dark patches of steel parts and chrome shine chassis. In this form, it will fly around, sweeping far to the north, almost beyond the Arctic Circle. Six factory test pilots do it all year round, at any time of the day. The aircraft will receive coloring colors, identification marks and numbers when it is accepted into service in the Russian Air Force.

On the whole way from the first sheet of metal to the test flight, every detail, every working operation is accompanied by control. Women in white coats meticulously measure every element of the design. And besides the factory bureau of technical control there are still representatives of the customer - military representatives. Quality, not quantity, is the main indicator of work. On the stand in the workshop, photographs of workers with a personal stamp of quality are respected people.

Here in the shop is an electronic terminal like those through which pay for mobile communications. Here the master can see the current task and its implementation, learn about all the technical control notes. And each employee can go to the "personal account" and see how much he earned this month. The electronic accountant will clearly show which work operations have been completed, accepted and paid for; at what rates. This has improved the human climate in the workshop, stopped insults and conflicts over the allegedly underpaid for shock work.

On the question of wages, young workers diplomatically answer: “I have enough.” And if you compare with other enterprises of Novosibirsk? "Here, perhaps, better." Officially, the average salary at the plant 32 – 34 thousand rubles. In addition to salary, there is still such a thing as stability. More 800 workers are queuing for an apartment. True, the plant itself does not build, but in the spirit of the time it helps with a mortgage, gives guarantees. Almost 400 people have already received housing in this way. The state defense order is guaranteed until the 2020 year, and there most likely the next one will be concluded.

It will take a little time, and there will be a question about the repair and upgrading of the Su-34. In principle, now UAC is responsible for the entire life cycle of the aircraft. It is possible that in five to seven years, the Su-34 first series will return to the factory to upgrade and change part of the on-board equipment to more modern ones. Yes, and the current production, apparently, will need to increase. Collect not 16, but all 20 or even more planes per year. In any case, NAZ them. V.P. Chkalov has preserved and maintains his own system of vocational training.

Now it is difficult even for old workers to imagine that a few years ago the plant was in a deplorable state, and instead of modern combat aircraft they made consumer goods. Thanks to the people who managed to keep the Russian aviation industry, who, despite the difficulties, underfunding, wage arrears, did not allow to destroy the production and technological base. As soon as the state began to restore the combat potential of the Armed Forces, found money for a long-term rearmament program, the aircraft factories revived and started to work at full capacity. This was facilitated by the creation of a comprehensive integrated structure - the United Aircraft Building Corporation. In the framework of a single strategic plan, the Russian Air Force now receives the most advanced equipment.
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  1. Proud.
    Proud. 24 May 2014 08: 08
    It was necessary to supplement the photos. From the assembly shop:
  2. Velesovich
    Velesovich 24 May 2014 08: 17
    A double impression ... On the one hand, of course, the restoration of production is pleasing. And on the other, the equipment in this production is import. And its developed modern machine tool industry is the basis of the foundations of the economic independence of the state. Imagine for a second that the notorious sanctions have indeed reached serious proportions and technological equipment is no longer supplied. And then what? Will we return the ancient Soviet machines from the basements?
    1. Samurai3X
      Samurai3X 24 May 2014 10: 19
      Rossi always had problems with machine tools, and even in Soviet times.
      I remember once a report that in the 2000s, MiG factories used machine tools that were "taken" from the Germans in the 45-50s ... Under the Empire, in general, there were no modern machine tools of our own.
      But it seems like the Japanese handed over to us a turnkey machine tool plant. So it went.
      Years through 10, maybe a new industry will finally appear practically for the first time.
      1. Fiero
        Fiero 24 May 2014 10: 35
        The best camps in the USSR were from the German Democratic Republic and the Czech Republic, all of which why they try not to notice ...
        You can also remember another example.
        In the early 1980s, the Soviet Union purchased a batch of high-precision metal-cutting machines from the Japanese company Toshiba, which made it possible to apply new technologies in the processing of propellers, which sharply reduced the noise of submarines. The deal was secret, but information about it got into the world press. As a result, the US imposed economic sanctions on the company.
        1. max702
          max702 24 May 2014 12: 32
          Yes, the trouble with machine tool construction is that everything was done in the CMEA countries, it is this problem that is slowing down now, why the hell we gave this piece of cake to prostitute countries is not clear, now we are paying categorically for mistakes in raising the industry at the current level of education, desire there are but opportunities ...
          1. qwert
            qwert 26 May 2014 07: 29
            Nobody in the CMEA countries, for example, did 1000-ton press equipment and automated (robotic) production lines, revolving machines were also developed (our priority) and were made in the USSR
        2. qwert
          qwert 26 May 2014 07: 28
          It was so. But there was also a bunch of unique machine tools and other equipment created in the USSR, which was not available in Japan or the United States. For example, on the fragments of that power, we are now "riveting" titanium center sections for the Boeing Dreamliner. And the fact that those who bought the machines that could buy, especially if they, like the Japanese, were not required in a large series, speaks of the reasonableness of the leadership. As for the GDR and the Czech Republic, we had most of the landing and small ships from there, but the nuclear submarines and large ocean-going ships made themselves. There was something similar with machine tools. CMEA however. The training L-29 and L-39 were also bought from the Poles, and not because they themselves would have made it worse. Politics and economic rationality.
        3. Voronbit
          Voronbit 16 June 2014 05: 17
          in the USSR oh there were machines ... I say tb.kak Tula robotnik 89
          1. Voronbit
            Voronbit 16 June 2014 05: 32
            sad .... machine tool 11111 production srdstv production is the most important thing
            1. Voronbit
              Voronbit 16 June 2014 05: 35
              someday these creatures are stolen ...
      2. Obliterator
        Obliterator 24 May 2014 15: 28
        Your untruth. Machine-tool plants were scattered generally throughout the Union. After its collapse, we (in the Russian Federation) should have had a decent amount of fairly serious and successful machine-tool enterprises, whose products are even in the cap. European countries are in demand. The machine tool industry of the USSR covered its needs for machine tools almost completely; of course, some very tricky and precise machine tools were bought abroad, but against the general background there were very few of them.

        We lost this only because of our own gouging in the dashing 90s, and not supposedly because of the location in the wrong countries.
      3. qwert
        qwert 26 May 2014 07: 22
        Well, there were such machines in auxiliary production and in those workshops where vocational-technical school students went through practice. But at the time of my studies at the Aviation Institute (the end of the 80's), the Soviet Union exceeded JAPAN AND THE USA TOGETHER TAKE TOGETHER in the number of fleets of modern automatic and CNC machine tools !!!!!
        But in 90's a lot of these machines and automated lines went into scrap. In addition, it was in the 90s that emphasis was made in various media about the allegedly backwardness of the USSR.
        1. yehat
          yehat 26 May 2014 11: 54
          you forgot about privacy mode. The overwhelming majority of the population didn’t even know about the potential of the USSR, so they eagerly swallowed the noodles they were hung from.
          I myself saw only a small part when I went to study in Novosibirsk, but that was enough!
          Photos of real thermonuclear reactors - I’ll tell you, they hit me hard on the head ... or the Institute of Agriculture, one and a half kilometers long.
          1. Aleksandr2012
            Aleksandr2012 26 May 2014 22: 45
            Could you elaborate on real thermonuclear reactors? Tokamaki doesn't count.
        2. santepa
          santepa 26 May 2014 21: 53
          Yes. In 1986, I graduated from the Odessa Automotive College with a degree in METAL PROCESSING BY CUTTING! We were taken on excursions to Odessa plants, including the RADIAL DRILLING MACHINES factory. So I haven’t seen so many CNC machines and automated lines anywhere else. And after the army he went to work at the Odessa plant STROYGIDRAVLIKA as a turner. The machines are all old, time-consuming, i.e. you need to send handles, but not bad, they worked reliably (this is 1988). And there was one Czech, almost CNC i.e. on the ends, put chips in the holes on the programmer, and he scratches the program and only turns the support, the tools change-6 pieces. But you need the eye and eye, the drain chip (like a thread) is wound around the cutter, and he’ll turn the drum to change the tool no longer in power, low-power hydraulics. And a year later, CNC machine tools came to us Moskovsky Komsomolets 16k20ChPU — I fell in love with him as a girl — they replaced almost EVERYTHING, and hydrocopiers, and vertical boring, and even grinding (and we made shafts for hydraulic motors of road-building equipment) because they gave accuracy to thousandths, and a roughness class as after grinding. And the old ones all went to scrap. And the life has arrived — raspberries, you run between two machines, you change the shafts with a micrometer, measured the door, closed the button, and RED. The size has gone, but so far in the tolerance-buttons has added a thousand-all-order buttons. Well, at least wear a white coat. But they are very demanding on the quality of voltage, at first they were tormented, the slightest leaps, EVERYTHING he got up where he found, and our song is good, start over, and the part went into marriage. We put the rectifier-transformer, everything went song. The truth of the price cut-but I used to work on one machine and made 100 shafts dying for a shift, and now without straining two 250. But there was still in a separate room of the workshop (with air conditioner) an MAUSER unit and a conveyor loader from his company LIBHER. and he did the same shafts as we did, but completely replacing both ours and the neighboring section of thin diamond boring processing of the hemispheres of these shafts of 7 pieces, made 100 pieces per shift, but worked at night, for a total of 300, replacing 20-25 people the lowest qualifications, and some were generally asss. It is the size of a private house, 2 large control panels, the robot arm took 4 shafts from the conveyor, pressed it into the conveyor, the doors opened, the conveyor left, the doors closed, everything is done inside the closed area, you look through the windows, the cycle is over the doors opened, it left , unloaded, all sizes given are real on the scoreboard, the marriage will not miss the hard worker is not even steamed- 1 person, loaded the blanks, removed the finished ones, put up ALL !!!!!!!!!!
    2. qwert
      qwert 26 May 2014 07: 15
      And in general, the reportage is some kind of popular print. PREMIER flew in 1993. It is a little incorrect to call this car purely Russian. It would be more correct to say: "finally, the last Soviet-designed aircraft, modified taking into account the time (20 years has passed, has passed) already in Russia, has been adopted."
  3. Orik
    Orik 24 May 2014 09: 54
    Absolute crap is written by the author. The beginning of creation 1986, the first flight of 1990 is still a Soviet development.
    1. Fiero
      Fiero 24 May 2014 10: 23
      The development of an absolutely raw Su-27 of the RSFSR, a much more complicated refinement of an airplane to the maximum in an incredibly difficult time already in pure Russia
      1. yehat
        yehat 26 May 2014 12: 36
        in fairness - the main costs of creating an airplane were still under the USSR.
        Moreover, a production and experimental base was created.
        The development of the device is an important thing, but it is still not so expensive.
  4. kodxnumx
    kodxnumx 24 May 2014 10: 54
    How much remains to be done! We need to raise the MIG, in my opinion the whole aviation industry needs to be raised, and this is not a matter of one year!
    1. Tolerast
      Tolerast 24 May 2014 21: 19
      Why push money into a lossless unpromising MIG. What modern developments do they have? Some variations on the theme of the unsuccessful 29th.
      1. tomket
        tomket 25 May 2014 23: 15
        To begin with, the whole line of dry, is it a variation on the theme of su-27, t-50? well, the instant had a fifth-generation harvesting, moreover, it went up into the air earlier than dry.
        1. Tolerast
          Tolerast 26 May 2014 00: 27
          Mig 144? So there was only one layout. Or am I mistaken? You understand, I have nothing against KB. Let Uncle Pogo give them some money for new programs. But the MiG-29 is too weak even compared to its western peers. Look at the latest modifications to the F-16, the French, even the Swedes pulled themselves up. But the Mig-29SM or Mig-35 cannot even be classified as a lung class. And such mediocre characteristics. Isn't it better to massively rivet the powerful heavy Su-30SM and 35, and let the MIG calmly work on new modern projects?
          PS. I do not insist on my innocence. I know that this topic is a layman. I will stoically endure all the cons for one serious explanation. Such are we, the heirs of Herzen. For the sake of access to the truth we suffer deprivation hi You do not care plus.
          1. qwert
            qwert 26 May 2014 07: 35
            You can’t call light because of two engines ?????)))) By take-off weight it’s just light ....
            And the last modifications of the F-16, I would not call a fighter. He’s practically a bomber, and he’s not even a stormtrooper yet, the survivability is not the same.
          2. qwert
            qwert 26 May 2014 07: 37
            And by the way, MIG-35 differs from MIG-29 much more radically than F-16 from F-16 BLOCK 52. Although the MiG-29 and MiG-35 are similar in appearance, they are technologically accomplished EXCELLENTLY ELSE
          3. yehat
            yehat 26 May 2014 12: 06
            Well, you said, already smiled)))
            F16 is significantly inferior to Mig-29, especially SM. F16 was only good against the background of the Mig-23 and then, if we consider the air defense option.
            In fact, the F16 is a simple, not very expensive aircraft with relatively good performance characteristics. NOT MORE !!!
            Western aircraft are not being pulled up due to their flight characteristics, but due to new equipment. If the design bureau has the latest systems, no problem. In fact, this is not their task.
            And as for the new light aircraft, you are right, only Mig-u must first come to his senses, gain muscle (specialists and ideas, achievements of technology, allied equipment, industrial base, etc.) for this. For too long they had problems.
            Therefore, modernization is for now all that they can.
            1. santepa
              santepa 26 May 2014 23: 18
              Yes! I also think that ameri are primarily strong in their electronics and all their crap, such as infrared matrices, optics, etc. But Russia is similarly behind in this death. Kill PARADOX I don’t understand why, from time immemorial, the West (Anglo-Saxon civilization) have seen their first enemy in Russia, and not just like China (already more powerful than Russia) and the Arab Caliphates are different (Islam in general). Very ardent, and irreconcilable, eager to grab onto the rich of the West (and, in general, also richer than Russia) Maybe Russia gives everyone the impression of a sort of rich fool (always drunk) who can be easily gouged and who does not realize what happiness he owns. and it can either be deftly developed, or simply slammed without straining too much. Well, the fact that HISTORY teaches only that she does not teach anything. proeto they apparently forget everything !!!
          4. yehat
            yehat 26 May 2014 12: 38
            Quote: Tolerast
            Mig 144? So there was only one layout. Or am I mistaken?

            You are mistaken, because behind the prototype (not the layout) stood quite a few.
            Including brand new equipment.
      2. papik09
        papik09 26 May 2014 06: 04
        Quote: Tolerast
        unsuccessful 29th.

        Check out the story, it may come in handy. MiG -29 is still unsurpassed with its class aircraft. fool
        1. yehat
          yehat 26 May 2014 12: 23
          Sorry, but this is not quite right !!!
          1. The price of operation and maintenance, technical support, spare parts. Here Mig outright loses to almost any competitor
          2. Avionics - it is good if Mig can at least maintain proximity to parity.
          3. In the USA, a new nomenclature of anti-aircraft melee missiles has appeared, which is at least no worse than the Soviet ones, and I think even a little better.
          4. The use of stealth technology

          you can still bring the parameters

          Yes, the innovative ideas put on the plane still give dividends, but how many years can you go on them without change?
          1. Tolerast
            Tolerast 27 May 2014 01: 42
            So I'm not the only one who doubts the superspeed of the MiG-29 drinks There are no dividends there except for the remarkable flying qualities that are inherent in our fighters.
        2. Tolerast
          Tolerast 27 May 2014 01: 14
          The combat radius, the work on the ground, the combat load, I am silent about electronics in general - purely inferior to both the F-16 and F-18 and Rafal, and even to the tiny Grippen. Surpasses only in close air combat, but now this is not a topic at all.
          I would be just happy if all this were not so and the 29th was a super fighter.
      3. qwert
        qwert 26 May 2014 07: 32
        If the MiG-29 is unsuccessful, then the F-18 Hornet turns out to be generally an a.v.n.o? After all, he was inferior in almost all characteristics ...
        And then who is successful ??? Mirage-2000? Less maneuverable with weaker electronic equipment and inferior air combat weapons ???
        1. Tolerast
          Tolerast 27 May 2014 01: 35
          Mirage 2000 is a frankly sad bird, the F-18 was created for the Navy. Deckers always have more modest characteristics. And now he’s even a half-attack aircraft like the freak Corsair. Against normal fighters, he is nobody. You named two weak western fighters.
          But the F-16 and especially Rafal - planes more interesting. You greatly underestimate the F-16 in terms of aerial combat.
  5. zeleznijdorojnik
    zeleznijdorojnik 24 May 2014 12: 02
    20 units per year is not the volume for such a AZ. 80-120 cars.
    1. M. Peter
      M. Peter 24 May 2014 12: 53
      Are you kidding me? Won Irkut at a maximum voltage of 35 cars a year can produce and this is a big figure, in the Soviet era, 30 cars did a maximum.
      1. patsantre
        patsantre 24 May 2014 19: 08
        Quote: M.Pyotr
        in the Soviet Union, 30 cars made a maximum of.

        In a month, you wanted to say?
        1. M. Peter
          M. Peter 26 May 2014 14: 26
          No, a year. A plane is not an automatic machine.
    2. Yarik
      Yarik 24 May 2014 18: 44
      Overkill. It is clear that there is never a lot of weapons, but this is not a "Kalash".
  6. tolyasik0577
    tolyasik0577 24 May 2014 13: 00
    when you read such articles, pride and joy overwhelm to the brim. even more pleased that production is starting to rise from its knees. one plant as an octopus with its tentacles revives domestic industry throughout the country.
  7. Leshka
    Leshka 24 May 2014 13: 02
    beautiful plane drinks
    1. SS68SS
      SS68SS 25 May 2014 21: 00
      Quote: Leshka
      beautiful plane

      The main thing is smart. A.M.E.R.Oos.ralyali in the Black Sea. He suppressed their praised air defense and calmly practiced the attacking elements of aerobatics, and they were sitting on their ship and could not do anything ..... GOOD FELLOW !!!!
      1. yehat
        yehat 26 May 2014 12: 34
        But was not the Su-24 reconnaissance on the Black Sea?
    2. The comment was deleted.
  8. Giant thought
    Giant thought 24 May 2014 13: 16
    The main thing is that now in Russia there is a modern fighter-bomber that meets all the requirements that the military sets, which means a lot. In light of recent events, it would be possible to resolve the issue of accelerating the supply of this aircraft to the troops.
  9. duchy
    duchy 24 May 2014 14: 12
    Good luck drinks
  10. silberwolf88
    silberwolf88 24 May 2014 15: 20
    Great plane ... good that there are orders ...
    High-tech production and specialists must be supported ... especially since this affects the maintenance of Russia's defense potential at the proper level.
  11. ken
    ken 24 May 2014 15: 48
    Well, that’s a step towards the restoration and updating of our Air Force. Now you need to re-create educational institutions for training flight personnel.
  12. sef-77
    sef-77 24 May 2014 18: 28
    He laughed: “This was facilitated by the creation of a comprehensive integrated structure - the United Aircraft Corporation.” Poghosyan ruined the entire aircraft industry, and here on you ... ... they helped ... hmm ... ...
    1. Tolerast
      Tolerast 24 May 2014 23: 01
      Yeah, now we fly on brooms.
    2. santepa
      santepa 26 May 2014 23: 33
      Laugh more !!! Look do not tear yourself. And who then does all these DRYS, ILs, MISHES, YAKI?
  13. siberalt
    siberalt 24 May 2014 23: 27
    It’s good if the plants are being restored. And its machine tool industry needs to be raised in a priority direction.
  14. Magic archer
    Magic archer 25 May 2014 02: 04
    Great plane! We flew over the Kola Peninsula! Apparently a training flight! It looks amazing!
  15. old man 72
    old man 72 25 May 2014 03: 13
    Kalashnikov-Horosho, T-90 Horosho, Machine tools to produce also Horosho, and SU-34 Lutsi !!! Remember such a song about Oleshki, the engine is good, the plane is good, and Oleshki is better.
  16. dmitrij.blyuz
    dmitrij.blyuz 25 May 2014 14: 55
    The article is from the topic "all caps". Nothing new. To the author, at least poyuzit on Aviation sites. Maybe the mind will be added. Specialists in Aviation divorced, like dandelions in the spring. Connoisseurs, damn it. fool
    1. Bowless
      Bowless 25 May 2014 15: 54
      C'mon, we're not on the General Staff. repeat
  17. dmitrij.blyuz
    dmitrij.blyuz 25 May 2014 19: 00
    Best of the best. All times and peoples.
  18. Tolerast
    Tolerast 25 May 2014 19: 24
    Harah minus, a little criticism has not bothered anyone. It would be better to explain to the amateur why the Russian Air Force needs this type of light fighter (and indeed it is not light at all), for what tasks? So that the MIG does not bend at all? Would order drones.
  19. dmitrij.blyuz
    dmitrij.blyuz 25 May 2014 19: 49
    Guys. It's time.
  20. yehat
    yehat 26 May 2014 12: 31
    Quote: sef-77
    Poghosyan ruined the entire aviation industry

    sorry, but no matter how hard he tried, he could not come close to the achievements of Gorbachev, Yeltsin, Chubais in the collapse of the aviation industry. Poghosyan was just trying to ensure the survival of the production chain for his design bureau.
    1. santepa
      santepa 26 May 2014 23: 56
      Don’t you listen to him, he constantly laughs. I would like to look at him, in the place of this Poghosyan. How would he spin (like a louse in a frying pan) so that at least something flies when in general everyone around you just thinks how to get to something worth selling, selling, grabbing and dumping without sharing (if possible), and save your skin at the same time (picture of the 90s). And Poghosyan also had to think about his own skin, because these figures did not stop at anything. And he began to fly, and first of all SU, but also Yak and IL comes out of the diapers of Tashkent, and the MIG will rise, I have no doubt drops, and for TUpolevtsev there is a collar. And to lie on a dwan (a four-legged friend) and read liberalistic opuses from the category of USE DEFEATED THE CHIEF USE OF REQUEST ... IF these are not planes to build, and not even stamped (there are also some knowledge that you need)
  21. aspid21
    aspid21 29 May 2014 15: 07
    Can we, if we want?