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“A strategic mistake is to treat Belarus as a foreign territory”

Many representatives of the Russian expert community express the hope that the economic crisis in this country will make Alexander Lukashenko much more compliant in dealing with Moscow.

In connection with the ongoing monetary and financial crisis in Belarus, many representatives of the Russian expert community hope that the economic crisis in this country will make Alexander Lukashenko much more accommodating in dealing with Moscow. I believe that this is a strategic mistake - to treat Belarus as a foreign territory and a foreign region.

Belarus is a springboard for building the entire European policy of Russia

Instead of creating a Belarusian outpost of Russia in Europe, through economic coercion it is turned into some kind of margin. In the end, this will lead to the fact that our defenses and geopolitical weight will only fall. Instead of building joint programs in the field of industry (and above all machine tool construction), the interests of certain oligarchic groups are satisfied that simply want to “weld” on Belarus. As before, they “welded” in the territory of the Russian Federation. So this is not an economic or financial question, but a question of geopolitical stupidity or geopolitical betrayal. That is the crux of the matter.

Of course, opponents could argue that for many years Russia enticed Lukashenko, giving him all sorts of discounts and preferences without any preconditions. Now, when the Kremlin has chosen a more rigid line of conduct, the integration process has moved off dead center. In support of this thesis usually lead to the creation of the Customs Union. I do not think this is the right approach. Just a powerful Belarus, both economically, socially and geopolitically, is a powerful resource for Russia. Therefore, this issue is broader than the Customs Union (which is more important in relation to Kazakhstan and Ukraine).

Belarus is, in essence, a springboard for building the entire European policy of Russia. But instead of equipping it in every possible way, this bridgehead is destroyed in all possible ways. The coincidence of the position of Russia, the US and the EU regarding Belarus (this is about the notorious issue of respecting human rights. - Approx. KM.RU) is precisely the most convincing evidence of the inadequacy of such a policy. In fact, the Russian Federation invests in NATO and works for NATO. Although at the same time, in the short term, private interests of private corporations will still be satisfied (it does not matter if they have public or private status). Naturally, this will not contribute to strengthening the position of the Russian Federation.

Why does the Russian Federation play these NATO and Anglo-Saxon games - that’s the question

It amazes me that when discussing Russian-Belarusian relations it all comes down to a personal factor. Instead of discussing the geopolitical situation and the creation of a single subject of geopolitics through the integration of the industrial sphere, they discuss whether Lukashenko is bad or good. Moreover, all these discussions are in the format of the modern Anglo-Saxon geopolitical structure, which is associated with what can be called "decapitation" (that is, decapitation). That is, new political technologies are already connected not with a change of regime, territorial seizure or occupation of the country, but with its decapitation. So that then calmly deal with the solution of their questions on the territory of this state.

Why does the Russian Federation play these NATO and Anglo-Saxon games is a question that should be answered not only история, but, as it seems to me, more specific Russian authorities. It is clear that today there are economic repressions and arm twisting, which is the central point that works against the strategic interests of the Russian Federation. Obviously, there is nothing to discuss here - an intense and inspired sawing of the bitch on which the Russian Federation is sitting happens before our eyes.

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  1. datur
    datur 26 May 2011 12: 53
    our DAM is like a pinocchio. its basilio and alice, that is, they drive the west around the finger, and he thinks he’s a cool guy.
  2. huginn
    huginn 26 May 2011 14: 41
    As usual, how money is needed, as a strategic partner, how they gave money, so European integration.
  3. mishan
    mishan 26 May 2011 20: 32
    The truth is very sorry for Belarus, squeezed from all sides, and one of the last normal rulers was watered outward ...
  4. East
    East 26 May 2011 21: 33
    Strange logic in the author. It seems like we should equip the Republic of Belarus, turn it into a powerful outpost, but at the same time not force it, like it will not get away from us. Yeah, wait. Old Man has repeatedly stated that Belarus will pursue its independent policy, oriented not only to the Russian Federation, but also to the West. But the West does not need the economy of Belarus, in any form, even pipelines. But we are interested in these assets, and the so-called Russian fucking oligarchs are ready to support the economy of Belarus. Why? Yes, MAZs and BelAZs are not needed by the West, but we need, therefore KAMAZ wants this asset. We need pipelines, and it’s cheaper to build on land than under water. But Old Man does not give us any guarantees about these pipes. We need the Belarusian military-industrial complex, but again the old man does not give guarantees for our investments! Therefore, at first we persuaded him with a gingerbread, and now I'm sorry, get the whip. Of course, we will not surrender Belarus in any way, but if we need to take it by force, although not military.
    And how much is it possible that the leadership of the Russian Federation plays to the tune of the West. Smacks of paranoia.
    1. MichaelVl
      MichaelVl 27 May 2011 11: 21
      Like Ost, I agree with you - paranoia of paranoia! Not one of ours is dancing to any Western pipes, complete nonsense!