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Russia and China will build aviation equipment together


One of the main topics of recent days is the signing of the Russian-Chinese gas contract. Record in terms and volumes of the agreement immediately attracted the attention of specialists and the general public. However, the gas contract was not the only document signed during the visit of the Russian delegation to China. In addition to cooperation in the field of energy, Russia and China intend to launch a new joint project, which will result in the emergence of new aircraft.

Before the visit of the Russian delegation, led by President V. Putin to Shanghai, officials claimed that negotiations were underway on forty-odd contracts. About 30 of these agreements were planned for signing during the visit. At the same time, special attention was paid to two new agreements, which were planned for signing in the very near future. Both of these documents relate to joint work between Russia and China in the field of aviation and involve the creation of new projects for aircraft and helicopters.

20 May President of the Russian United Aircraft Building Corporation M. Poghosyan and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Chinese Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, Ltd. (COMAC) Jin Zanglong put their signatures under a memorandum of cooperation on a program to create a promising passenger aircraft. Thanks to this joint program, Russia and China will receive a new wide-body long-haul passenger airliner. M. Poghosyan noted that the signed document was the result of fruitful two-year cooperation between UAC and COMAC specialists, and combining the efforts of the two corporations will bring Russian-Chinese cooperation to a new level.

In the near future, representatives of the Russian and Chinese aircraft building corporations will begin to work out the organizational aspects of the new project. During the first stage, they must determine how the various elements and systems of the prospective aircraft will be developed. In addition, the most effective forms of participation of the parties will be determined, and the main methods of promoting development in the market will be developed.

The first phase of the project should be completed within the next few months. According to the UAC, in the summer of this year, the developers will submit the first package of documents - the feasibility study of the project to the governments of Russia and China. After that, aircraft designers will be able to do the necessary research and engineering work.

The main goal of the new Russian-Chinese project is to create an aircraft that can regain a place in a niche occupied by foreign manufacturers. Both China and Russia need a passenger liner capable of carrying at least 300-350 passengers over a distance of 10-12 thousand kilometers. Currently, this niche is firmly occupied by Boeing and Airbus. A promising Russian-Chinese aircraft should move the competitors and win back part of the market.

To date, only some general project requirements have been defined. In addition, Russian and Chinese experts studied the international market for wide-body passenger aircraft and made the appropriate conclusions. In an interview for Expert Online, UAC President M. Pogosyan said that in the 2012-32 years, air carriers around the world would have to purchase up to 8 thousands of long-haul passenger aircraft. According to existing plans, the Russian-Chinese airliner will have to take up to 10% of the market - UAC and COMAC intend to build and transfer to 600-800 customers a new type of aircraft.

The timing of the appearance of a promising passenger aircraft has not yet been called. The creation of such projects usually takes several years, so the first production liners of the new model will be transferred to customers no earlier than the middle of the next decade. Similarly, the situation with the cost of the project: the early stages of work still do not allow us to talk about the price of the entire project or an individual aircraft.

The second project, planned for implementation by Chinese and Russian experts, has not yet reached the stage of signing any documents stipulating the further course of work. Recently, Moscow and Beijing have been negotiating the delivery of heavy-class transport helicopters to China. According to some reports, the Russian side had previously offered Chinese partners to purchase a certain number of Mi-26 helicopters, but this did not suit them. As a result of bilateral negotiations, it was decided to develop a new transport helicopter in accordance with the requirements of China.

According to the Kommersant publication, in the framework of the visit of the Russian delegation, negotiations were held on the joint development of a promising helicopter. 22 May, after the end of the visit of the Russian delegation to China, appeared official information about the new heavy helicopter of joint development. On the first day of the international exhibition HeliRussa-2014, the general director of the holding company "Helicopters of Russia" A. Mikheev confirmed the fact of negotiations. According to him, there was an exchange of views at the level of deputy prime ministers. In addition, A. Mikheev revealed some details of the negotiations. Until the end of 2014, Russian and Chinese helicopter builders will continue to discuss the new project and its various features.

A prospective transport helicopter may receive the designation AHH (Advanced Height Helicopter). The basis for the new machine will be the Mi-26, but in the course of the project it is proposed to apply a lot of new solutions and technologies, as a result of which AHH cannot be considered another modification of the existing machine. Production of helicopters is supposed to be deployed at Russian enterprises, but the possibility of joint construction is not excluded. The main buyer of the new helicopter will be China, but if there are orders, delivery to Russian operators is possible.

The timing of the project with the symbol AHH has not yet been clarified. We only know that in the near future, representatives of Russia and China will continue to discuss the main features of the new project.

The signing of a memorandum on the joint development of a long-haul airliner and negotiations on the appearance of a promising heavy helicopter are of great interest. Earlier, Russia and China were not engaged in the joint creation of aircraft. Cooperation in this area was limited to the supply of ready-made Russian-made aircraft and helicopters. Now the two countries intend to jointly develop and build two types of aviation equipment of different classes at once. How successful such cooperation will be - time will tell. New posts on this topic should appear in the next few months.

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  1. invisibility
    invisibility 26 May 2014 09: 23
    Maybe I'm wrong ....
    The challenge of China is getting technology. Helicopters are perhaps the only industry where we are ahead.
    All this bothers me, a great aviation power builds cars together with China ..
    1. Ivan Petrovich
      Ivan Petrovich 26 May 2014 09: 31
      we are no longer a great aviation ..., well, in any case, soon it will be quite so
      but joyful squeals about the pipe ...
    2. Blondy
      Blondy 26 May 2014 09: 43
      Yeah, the ISS was already built with the Americans, and then they were trained in technology and other things. Well, they cut green paper instead. Some, probably, still have bulging pockets.
    3. Sensatus
      Sensatus 26 May 2014 09: 49
      Quote: invisible
      The challenge of China is getting technology.

      Any great aviation power needs not only technology, but also a market. Therefore, we are technology in China, and China is our access to our market. And in a different way yet.
      1. Grenader
        Grenader 26 May 2014 10: 08
        Quote: Sensatus
        Any great aviation power needs not only technology, but also a market. Therefore, we are technology in China, and China is our access to our market. And in a different way yet.

        It's hard to believe. The Chinese themselves are much more likely to capture markets. Once they show something, they will immediately copy it and will sell it cheaper. On the example of the sale of the Chinese counterpart S-300, this is clearly demonstrated. Songs are already beginning that Chinese copies are better than our Su-30s. So it’s dangerous not to sell technology to them.
        1. TSOOBER
          TSOOBER 27 May 2014 00: 09
          The question is, who sold the analogue of the S-300 (Turkey refused), and how about the fact that the production has become the Chinese army in the native engines doesn’t want to give them Russian,
      2. The comment was deleted.
      3. invisibility
        invisibility 26 May 2014 11: 14
        Quote: Sensatus
        Therefore, we are technology in China, and China is our access to our market.

        Oh, how wrong you are! What is China technology for? To fill the market!
        And not only ours, but ours too!
      4. Evrepid
        Evrepid 26 May 2014 18: 03
        that it is not visible that someone would share technology with us in this area. How much is the project worth.
        West from there technology and minds, and instead of Vekselberg green paper.
        The slave trade to a new level. but the meaning is old.
    4. baltika-18
      baltika-18 26 May 2014 10: 32
      Quote: invisible
      All this bothers me
      Me, too, and not only that. I am strained by this whole Chinese gas "mega-project." Everyone is trumpeting from Putin's words about a record agreement on volumes. But already at the moment there is a gas pipeline "Central Asia" through which Turkmenistan passed 40 bn cubic meters of gas to China and plans to increase the volume to 65 bn. Moreover, the length of this gas pipeline is 7 thousand km, construction costs are 20 billion dollars. We are planning 4 thousand km, construction costs are 77 billion dollars. Moreover, 20- China seems to be giving 25 billion. Isn't it interesting? 55 billion are intended to steal? And some more figures: last year Europe received 160 billion cubic meters of gas, and the Chinese project is planned to reach a capacity of 38 billion cubic meters by 2021 What independence from European supplies can we talk about at the moment is not clear?
      1. Azaat
        Azaat 26 May 2014 17: 39
        Turkmenistan supplies gas to the west of China, where agricultural areas, deserts and mountains are located. Russia intends to supply gas to industrial areas, while taking over the construction of factories and gas pipelines, investing about 51 billion dollars in this business. At the same time, China has a plan for gas diversification to the south, in which Gazprom most likely has a place.
    5. Anton Gavrilov
      Anton Gavrilov 26 May 2014 10: 56
      Far from the only one, engines to start to take.
    6. Evrepid
      Evrepid 26 May 2014 18: 01
      China is eager for the latest technology. This is understandable, they were denied the purchase of jet engine technology, and they decided to break through to helicopter technology through helicopter engineering.
      Actually, this should be expected in my opinion.
    7. dkflbvbh
      dkflbvbh 26 May 2014 21: 16
      I fully support the "invisibility", you cannot trust the narrow-film ones. This is the first potential adversary after the Americans.
      1. Bayonet
        Bayonet 30 May 2014 08: 48
        Quote: dkflbvbh
        narrow-film can not be trusted

        Could you enlighten me as the Russians are called in China?
  2. ARS56
    ARS56 26 May 2014 09: 39
    China is Russia's only real ally in the battle with the Anglo-Saxons.
    And China buys engines from aircraft, including purely its own production. Not all technologies can be copied. But an ally must be supported.
    1. voyaka uh
      voyaka uh 26 May 2014 11: 06
      Or the opposite will happen: the Anglo-Saxons are the only real ally in
      battle with China (when China decides to "peacefully and voluntarily" annex,
      as they call it on their school maps - "Northern China Territories").

      Technology can copy everything, without exception. Especially if the country
      1. cesar65
        cesar65 26 May 2014 11: 33
        Quote: voyaka uh
        Technology can copy everything, without exception.

        You can copy the sample, the technology must either be bought or developed. Yes, the Chinese copy a lot, but fortunately so far the copies are inferior to the original.
    2. Per se.
      Per se. 26 May 2014 13: 22
      Quote: ARS56
      China is Russia's only real ally in the battle with the Anglo-Saxons.
      Who is Russia's only ally has already been repeated many times on the site. China does not have friends and allies because this country has quarreled with all its neighbors, strains neighboring countries with its territorial ambitions. "Two loneliness" met. We joined in the Chinese naval exercises, and against whom was the power demonstrated? And, it was demonstrated to the Chinese neighbors, again, with all the same Chinese territorial ambitions, in this case on the disputed islands. We have found a "friend"! ... But we are pushing India and Vietnam, true geopolitical allies, away from ourselves. The gas treaty was signed, again, the great Chinese secret! China has everything secret, bargaining, however, they stubbornly, apparently, pushed their way. If there were such an "ally" on the border with America, one could rejoice, be friends against the United States, otherwise, you see, afterwards you will have to look for friendship against China with NATO. In general, it was a big mistake to transfer the atomic bomb technology to China in due time, they helped the Chinese communists ... We lack Anglo-Saxon cunning, political foresight, so they gave birth to a Chinese monster on their border, with its "national communism". China has one friend and ally, its PLA, one blessing - a blessing for China (not Russia), and this will once be painfully demonstrated to us when we ourselves help this monster to finally get stronger.
      1. voyaka uh
        voyaka uh 26 May 2014 18: 25
        Russia has broad fruitful cooperation with India,
        including military: T-90, cruise missiles, etc.
        China is unlikely to like it. Will have to make a choice.
        Despite the fact that India, unlike China, does not have a common border
        with Russia and there are no territorial claims.
        So gas and loans can turn into a noose around the neck in the future.
  3. alex56
    alex56 26 May 2014 09: 44
    I am glad that the helicopter will be assembled with us)) At least in the plans. I really hope that they will not be changed!
    We need to have the plane assembled from us. In the Far East. What is not a project for the development of the region!
  4. CHILD
    CHILD 26 May 2014 09: 46
    Oh ... to contact the Chinese ..... they are still a fan of drawing .... and on the other hand, what to copy there, everything is well known ... let them do it, even if they earn money, the plants move.))) )
  5. The comment was deleted.
  6. Starover_Z
    Starover_Z 26 May 2014 09: 50
    It seems that there is money in the country, there were also models of wide-body TUSHES - so why do we need Chinese ?!
    Poghosyan is on the road of the 90s, fill up, as here all third-party KBs have already been written on the site ?!
    Madhouse! Now they will give all the best practices for bribes, and then in China we will buy airplanes with assembled cases from a rare alloy of foil and cardboard!
    Where are the presidential administration members looking? Also in your pocket ?!
  7. cerbuk6155
    cerbuk6155 26 May 2014 10: 05
    Russia and China will build aircraft together, this is good news for both countries. And most importantly, on a strategic scale. And you don’t need to mess with the USA and NATO alone, it’s better together. soldier
  8. Afinogen
    Afinogen 26 May 2014 10: 15
    As a result of bilateral negotiations, it was decided to develop a new transport helicopter in accordance with the requirements of China.

    And why they want to develop it, they want a helicopter larger than the Mi-26; there is already such a development and a prototype. Blow dust off drawings, upgrade to production.
  9. FID
    FID 26 May 2014 11: 03
    Poghosyan in his repertoire - remember the story with the superjet. We will conquer 10% of the market, 20% of the market, 5% of the market ... You can continue indefinitely. While they will build a plane, fly around, start up a series - our market will be occupied by bobiks and watermelons, I don’t know about the Chinese, but do we start mass production with us ...? Who will deploy: managers and financiers with lawyers? There are no ordinary workers, but everyone wants to work as lawyers ....
    1. rudolff
      rudolff 26 May 2014 17: 15
      Sergey, can you bring the 96th to the modern level? Digit, new materials, new wing, two engines instead of four. The glider is great. Is it worth it to reinvent the wheel?
      1. FID
        FID 27 May 2014 07: 15
        Fully digital control, automatic landing in the 3rd category, glass cockpit, there is a twin-engine project ... And there is the UAC. What is the modern level to bring? There is no political will for the development of the domestic aviation industry. Rostec (a state-owned company, by the way) is going to organize a screwdriver assembly of bombardiers in Russia ...
  10. Prutkov
    Prutkov 26 May 2014 11: 56
    Quote: voyaka uh
    Or the opposite will happen: the Anglo-Saxons are the only real ally in
    battle with China (when China decides to "peacefully and voluntarily" annex,
    as they call it on their school maps - "Northern China Territories").

    Technology can copy everything, without exception. Especially if the country

    I agree. But the trouble is, the North American states are acting "in reverse." Instead of using Russia as a counterpoint to Chinese expansion, they are pushing Russia into China's arms, making it even stronger. People are not doing well with logic.
    1. voyaka uh
      voyaka uh 26 May 2014 23: 49
      The logic of the States may not be pleasant to everyone, but strictly defined.
      Regardless of the presidents. All countries in Europe, in their opinion, should
      live by the principles of Western democracy. Dot. Like or dislike.
      Who else is not inside ?: Ukraine, Belarus, Russia.
      Russia tried to actively prevent this. And was
      economic pressure. Who pushed her into allies to China.
      What will save her economy from the crisis in the short term, but
      enslave strategically.
  11. Tolerast
    Tolerast 26 May 2014 12: 44
    Well, if a new joint turntable for China will be assembled in our factories. This is a very strong and smart move.
  12. Chicot 1
    Chicot 1 26 May 2014 14: 28
    Russia and China will build aviation equipment together

    Russia will build. China will copy and rip technology ...
  13. Giant thought
    Giant thought 26 May 2014 14: 46
    It seems that the distribution of responsibilities will be fair. We will build, the Chinese will finance.
  14. sv68
    sv68 26 May 2014 15: 01
    Well, yes, everything is as always-Russia’s ideas and technologies, and China then these planes will be resold to us. The Chinese are not our allies, but forced friends, in time you will understand that this is true forever. Minusers are your turn
  15. Savva30
    Savva30 26 May 2014 16: 27
    China officially proposed to populate Siberia with the Chinese

    May 26th, 2014 at 1: 42 PM
    162111_sibir-nash_demotivators_toOriginal taken from ugly67 to China officially proposed to populate Siberia with the Chinese
    Original taken from rusanalit in China officially proposed to populate Siberia with the Chinese
    Deputy Chairman of the Government of China, Li Yuanchao, in a speech at the St. Petersburg Economic Forum, proposed to populate Russian Siberia with the Chinese.

    1. Link to the video file on the official site of SPIEF:

    Open from Mozilla Firefox.

    The most interesting thing with 11.47.50: “As our businessmen said, Russia has a vast territory, and in China it is the most hardworking people in the world. Incidentally, the most hardworking are the peasants.
    If we can combine these factors, then we will get a significant development factor. "Russia has a large territory, few people, but in China, on the contrary, a large population, few lands."

    Full text of the speech (official translation from Chinese into Russian by the SPIEF simultaneous interpreter-Chinese):

    2. And here it is in the official message of ITAR-TASS:

    “Firstly, there is natural economic cooperation between us, not like cooperation across some ocean. Secondly, our cooperation is complementary. As our businessmen said, Russia has a vast territory, and China is the most hardworking people in the world. If we can combine these factors, then we will receive significant development. Russia has a large territory and few people, in China - on the contrary "


    Here is such a "turn to the east" came out - on May 22 Russia signs a gas supply agreement with China (a small maximum of 5% of Russian exports, and it seems that it is not very profitable for Russia), and in a day - May 24 - China officially proposes to populate Russian Siberia with the Chinese.

    Three options:

    1. Given the fact that the entire speech of the deputy chairman of the Chinese government was devoted to the prospects for the development of Russian-Chinese relations, the proposal to populate the Russian Siberia with the Chinese is the PRICE that Russia must pay for the "turn to the east." Moreover, it is said very clearly and clearly.

    2. It is possible that in the Chinese leadership there is serious opposition to the selection of Siberia from Russia (and its settlement on a massive scale by the Chinese means exactly this) and Deputy Chairman Lee is a representative of this. Then the official voicing by him at the forum in Russia of this proposal is an attempt to work ahead of schedule by raising a wave of discontent and denial in Russia itself and thereby making the selection of Siberia impossible.

    It’s bad in this situation that the appeal was not to the leadership of Russia — Lee met with Putin the day before, on May 23 — but a PUBLIC speech, an appeal, in fact, to the people of Russia. It leads to the most sad thoughts.

    3. Well, the third (worst). It comes from the chronography of events. On May 23, Lee meets with Putin, and the next day makes a public offer to populate Siberia with the Chinese. In this case, we are already dealing with the agreed position of the leadership of Russia and China, which is simply voiced by Li (well, it’s not Putin’s to say this).
    collapse of the rocion
    1. kodxnumx
      kodxnumx 26 May 2014 17: 34
      Dude, this is nonsense! What a terrible thing to drive to the Russians, I haven’t lost my mind on GDP yet, and there are few who can get confused in his mental abilities, you’ll have an infa deza! the hood did not climb!
    2. Vladislav
      Vladislav 26 May 2014 20: 55
      They have been talking about this for a long time, however, few take it seriously, everyone refers to a nuclear club. It came to official statements. The Chinese, it seems, entu club from the Russian list crossed out ...
  16. Azaat
    Azaat 26 May 2014 17: 46
    Well, the Chinese will populate the Far East with Eastern Siberia for a long time. It is just necessary for the government to decide on migration policy and the Chinese in the Far East only have to be eternal guest workers or citizens of Russia.
  17. qwert
    qwert 27 May 2014 07: 11
    Of course, I am categorically against the sale of technology to China. As well as modern weapons, including the Su-35.
    But perhaps there is a sense of cooperation in the airbus. We were kicked out of the passenger aircraft market, especially of such a capacity. Blew Europe and the United States, as well as our native liberals who love bucks and do not understand such a word as patriotism. I think we will not be able to regain our deserved place in this direction. Our airlines have also reoriented to Western technology. But together with China ... Firstly, the Chinese will fill their domestic market. For their population, this dimension is just right. Then they have partners for a long time focused on their technology, the same Pakistan, etc. If ours conduct the correct policy and reasonably divide production. In particular, the titanium center section will remain in Russia, and in addition, the engines will be exclusively ours and produced by us, then we will only benefit from this. At least on parity rights with China, we will wedge ourselves into that market, into which it is impossible for us to wedge alone.

    More ... To sell a license and technology in China on Ka-52- would be stupid and even betrayal. Selling Mi-17 and Mi-38 is also stupid. The market is huge. Very tasty and fatty piece.
    But Mi-26 is almost a piece thing, it is difficult to call large-scale, therefore the piece of the market is less greasy. But I would still work with China to work on a Chinook-sized helicopter. I.e. a big helicopter, not an extra-large one. At the same time, move the Americans. A trifle, but nice. I hope that indeed the development will be a helicopter with a carrying capacity not of 20 tons, but of the order of 15. But, a single-rotor scheme using developments on Mi-26.
  18. 2log
    2log 27 May 2014 07: 45
    I do not see anything terrible in the overpopulation of Siberia by the Chinese. Under three conditions. 1) The Chinese renounce their Chinese citizenship and fully accept the citizenship of Russia; 2) Admission to work of the Chinese is possible only after passing the exam for fluency in the Russian language and knowledge and willingness to follow the Russian rules of the hostel; 3) Children of Chinese are required to study in Russian schools.
    Under such conditions, you can take and half, if not all. To make all China Russian a dream in general))). I am not fleshly rasplivaya lusskogo China. Russians will not mix with them anyway, at least in the majority. By the way, the children of Russians and Chinese are very beautiful, especially the girls.
  19. Klim2011
    Klim2011 27 May 2014 09: 30
    Quote: voyaka uh
    Or the opposite will happen: the Anglo-Saxons are the only real ally in
    battle with China (when China decides to "peacefully and voluntarily" annex,
    as they call it on their school maps - "Northern China Territories").

    Technology can copy everything, without exception. Especially if the country

    Of course, why do we need military cooperation with China? Better let Israel cooperate:
  20. Kronos
    Kronos 29 May 2014 15: 24
    Collaboration is necessary - preferably in the civilian sphere!
  21. dmitrij.blyuz
    dmitrij.blyuz 29 May 2014 16: 43
    Themselves no longer mogem.Pechalno.Kitayu needs our technologies. Then he will throw us. You can’t believe such a "friend" not one iota. Prav SSI. The wings of Civil Aviation were destroyed in Russia.
  22. dmitrij.blyuz
    dmitrij.blyuz 29 May 2014 16: 45
    Not so sad, but nevertheless ...