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Will Russia attack Estonia?

1 May in the framework of the exercises Russian military helicopters flew in the north-western sky. It's about the Mi-28H "Night Hunter" and the Ka-52 "Alligator". The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Estonia, Mr. Paet, having seen flights near the border, was very upset and said something about the outlined increase in tensions. Three weeks later, in Tallinn, they wondered: would Russia attack Estonia?

“We are following closely all Russian military exercises and troop movements,” said Urmas Paet on 1 in May to the news resource Delfi. He also noted that "Russia is not ready to reduce tensions, but rather the opposite."

For a while, the Estonians thought about the words of their minister. Then something thought up.

19 May newspaper "Postimees" announced that the Conservative People’s Party of Estonia intends to organize a conference in Tallinn, the agenda of which will include the question: will Russia attack Estonia?

Different experts were invited to the forum. They are expected to offer proposals for the protection of the country's population "in this difficult time."

21 May at the opened international conference, reports in another issue "Postimees", was made by the Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Riigikogu (State Assembly of the Republic of Estonia) Marko Mihkelson. He said that the biggest challenge to the EU’s foreign policy in the coming years will be Russia. Moreover, this very Russia, according to the speaker, set its sights on "Finlandization."

Quote number one:

“One of the goals of Russia's foreign policy is to aggravate the contradictions between European countries and bring them to the path of Finlandization. Resisting the aggressive policy of Moscow can only be achieved by strengthening a single policy. ”

Quote number two:

“The hidden doctrine of Russia is the imposition of limited sovereignty on the territory of the former empire and building up its political and economic influence throughout Europe as a whole.

In all likelihood, Moscow hopes that the internal differences in Europe are too great to form a strong single position. Evidence of this vision can be found in a number of areas. The most striking examples are the flirting of France in relation to Mistral, as well as the success of Moscow in concluding bilateral agreements in the field of energy. ”

What are the ways proposed by Mr. Mihkelson?

According to him, the EU needs to “bring its foreign and security policy in line with real challenges.” At the same time, such a real policy should get rid of bureaucracy and become “politically correct”. If these two conditions are met, then the EU will have great chances that "that Russia's aggressive policy will come to a standstill."

Earlier, the Estonian Ministry of Defense conducted a public opinion poll, the results of which told "ERR".

A ministerial survey showed that Estonians are not well aware of the actions taken in dangerous situations. A total of 24% (i.e. less than one-fourth of the respondents) know what they can do to protect the country in the event of a threat of external intervention.

The inclusion in the school curriculum of the lessons of the state defense, notes «ERR», supported 81% of respondents. 38% sure that such lessons should be introduced necessarily. And 43% believe that such lessons could be included in the school curriculum.

In parallel with the Estonians, Latvians and Lithuanians decided to defend themselves against the Russian invasion and the inevitable “Finlandization”.

As recalled Mikhail Tishchenko (""), The Ministry of Defense of Latvia was engaged in assessing the capabilities of local hunters: what if they would need their help in protecting the state. In Lithuania, the vice rector of the military academy Valdas Rakutis proposed to issue survival allowances for the population in wartime conditions and organize appropriate courses.

However, the Balts do not believe that they will be saved by hunters and civil defense. Even the NATO is powerless before the Russians.

Observed and commented on Oleg Chuvakin
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  1. Sakhalininsk
    Sakhalininsk 26 May 2014 09: 21
    Another Chukhon hysteria under the influence of hard drugs and on the basis of osomosyachivaniya laughing
    What to discuss? How will they reach Moscow with all their battalion of equestrian divers and a mighty naval raft

    Hymn of Chuhoni :) (text)
    Testo di canzone
    Sergey Bai - Kui raske Eestis olla (How hard it is to live in Estonia)

    We live in a cold land
    Our name is Estonia.
    We collect handouts
    What sometimes they give us.
    We are in the European Union faces
    Gentlemen are very important.
    We have something to be proud of -
    We have our own water.

    Mmmm ... Kui raske Eestis olla.
    Mmmm ... Kui raske Eestis olla.

    They often joke about Estonians,
    What do we think for a long time.
    We don't have enough sun
    For material exchange.
    We sunbathe a lot in the summer,
    To think faster.
    It happens well in the summer
    The whole long 10 days.

    Mmmm ... Kui raske Eestis olla.
    Mmmm ... Kui raske Eestis olla.

    We have our own orders,
    We are a decent people
    And on the field of our garden -
    Not some kind of garden.
    Agriculture smartly
    Developed in the native land,
    We only fertilize the earth
    Patented G ...

    Mmmm ... Kui raske Eestis olla.
    Mmmm ... Kui raske Eestis olla.

    We are not afraid of Russia,
    We have our own army.
    Thousand cyclists
    And in the port is the floor of the ship.
    Everything is serious at the borders
    Not a single one will break through.
    Attack Impossible -
    We will not give them visas.

    Mmmm ... Kui raske Eestis olla.
    Mmmm ... We are not afraid of Russia.
    Mmmm ... In general, we were not asked ... you laughing One word !
    1. from punk
      from punk 26 May 2014 09: 34
      Quote: Sakhalininets
      Another Chukhon hysteria under the influence of hard drugs and on the basis of osomosyachivaniya
      What to discuss? How they, with all their battalion of equestrian divers and a mighty naval raft, will reach Moscow One word!

      they scare their own people. distract from internal problems. probably Russia too somewhere somewhere the 25th frame inserts like this
      1. PANZER
        PANZER 26 May 2014 10: 52
        How all the same, gentlemen, it’s nice that they are afraid of us before the U.S.
        1. yushch
          yushch 26 May 2014 13: 43
          Key phrase: "Three weeks later, the Estonians are thinking)))"
        2. ant-eater
          ant-eater 26 May 2014 16: 39
          Gopnik mentality: it doesn’t matter that they do not respect and despise me. It is important that they are afraid of me!
          1. mark2
            mark2 26 May 2014 20: 00
            And they will not respect us, because as Madeleine Albright said: “Siberia is too big for one country to own it! So let them be afraid!
            1. ant-eater
              ant-eater 26 May 2014 21: 40
              Is there any chance of a quote source? am
      2. smile
        smile 26 May 2014 14: 40
        from punk
        Well, yes, they understand that we’ll insert 25th and 26th frames for them ... where necessary. Since there is something. And they are quite aware. that sooner or later for all the nastiness and meanness that they have committed against the Russians, they will have to pay, even if simply by losses in the economy ... for now .... the realization that their deity - the West - will not help them much , only exacerbates the tantrum ...
        In the meantime, my Mom, who lives in Lithuania, congratulating me on Skype that we have become World Champions, complains that she watched the final match on tyrnet, the Lithuanian guardians are afraid for freedom of speech to show our television to their people ...
        The world went crazy, my mother began to watch hockey ... damn it, along with her grandmother, who recently turned 90. My stepfather was indignant that our women and him had pushed him off the screen and hurt like young fans .... :))) ) The entire Russian-speaking population of Lithuania has recently had an unusual emotional upsurge and a surge of patriotism, even among children .... and among local Russophobes - hysterical comments about polite people and Russian tanks, cries: As long as the Russians will have us as they want! Europe fell under Putin! The United States is afraid to deal with the Russians! They threw us! - prevail. :))). This has not happened in Lithuania yet.
    2. makst83
      makst83 26 May 2014 10: 10
      One Kadyrovsky battalion will be enough for all of Talaponia! laughing
      1. Sakhalininsk
        Sakhalininsk 26 May 2014 10: 49
        Quote: makst83
        One Kadyrovsky battalion will be enough for all of Talaponia!

        You overestimate the power of the cycling company of the Chukhon infantry laughing
        1. Barboskin
          Barboskin 26 May 2014 11: 45
          Will Russia attack Estonia? Don’t wait, they just dream that they would attack, conquer and feed. Estonia is such a country that even a vegetable garden cannot be fertilized.
    3. The comment was deleted.
    4. Sterlya
      Sterlya 26 May 2014 13: 57
      Of course it will attack. Russia only thinks about the seizure of "great" Estonia. There's nothing else to do laughing
      1. W-pott
        W-pott 27 May 2014 17: 27
        If Vi saw a map of Estonia, then they should have noticed that Estonia controls the exit of Russia to the Baltic Sea. Therefore, this country is important. Ge need sarcasm, a small country can become a big problem.
  2. ramin_serg
    ramin_serg 26 May 2014 09: 22
    And on Che such a small country of Russia at this stage

    Well, maybe later
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. invisibility
      invisibility 26 May 2014 09: 26
      Will Russia attack Estonia?
      There are people and countries that are without lyuli as without gingerbread ...
      1. tilovaykrisa
        tilovaykrisa 26 May 2014 10: 40
        Will Russia attack Estonia?

        Of course, no one plans to attack, of course, but it is quite possible to save them soon, otherwise you will completely bend without wise rule, and that’s all.
    3. Penzuck
      Penzuck 26 May 2014 10: 45
      Waiting for Estonia to conquer Poland? fellow Then I am only for!
  3. talnax7
    talnax7 26 May 2014 09: 23
    Well, some kind of sexual fantasies to attack, capture, spank. Grandfather Zygmunt shines (reminds a joke about rape. I’ll go down myself smile ah uh sexy and ah know um
  4. Sosed_26
    Sosed_26 26 May 2014 09: 24
    they are crazy with a very sick imagination
    1. MBA78
      MBA78 26 May 2014 14: 18
      here most likely it’s not a sick imagination but an inertial effect of inhibitory perception with very rapidly changing geopolitical events
  5. wolfhunter2035
    wolfhunter2035 26 May 2014 09: 26
    why the hell is Estonia for us? let’s better be afraid of NATO, they need NATO only as a bridgehead, so in case of war from Estonia and from the whole Baltic there will be scorched earth! So let the Estonian leaders wipe one well-known place and stop yapping!
  6. wolfhunter2035
    wolfhunter2035 26 May 2014 09: 27
    However, the Balts do not believe that they will be saved by hunters and civil defense. Even the NATO is powerless before the Russians.

    Well said!
    1. alauda1038
      alauda1038 26 May 2014 14: 17
      especially if they find out that Babai came from near Slavyansk
  7. svskor80
    svskor80 26 May 2014 09: 30
    Perhaps one more helicopter is enough to destroy the Estonian armed forces, so if you fly a few Estonians, you don’t need to worry, this is not about their honor. But seriously, the gentlemen of the Baltic states have poured so much dirt on Russia over the past 20 years, which they are probably wondering why they haven’t even gotten around their neck and twitch every other day.
  8. kodxnumx
    kodxnumx 26 May 2014 09: 33
    Latvia, Lithuania, Istonia, for the most part this nation is a traitor, and who think a lot about themselves, although Kama needs them!
  9. coolvoldik
    coolvoldik 26 May 2014 09: 41
    I think it’s not time yet, we must dig up precision weapons. At the moment, the probability of getting exactly to Estonia is fifty-fifty.
    GRIGORY 26 May 2014 09: 46
    Another Chukhon hysteria under the influence of hard drugs and on the basis of osomosyachivaniya
    I totally agree. yes But still this hysteria is needed so that more money
    allocated for military spending in Estonia. And they will ask from the people. Defense taxes and all that.
    Well, you can’t really scare your people like that. Soon the Russians will be the most important horror story for naughty children.
  11. spech
    spech 26 May 2014 09: 49
    Having seen flights near the border, I was very upset and said something about the upcoming increase in tension. Three weeks later in Tallinn, we thought

    This is the speed of co-operation: after 21 days we thought recourse
    1. Bully
      Bully 26 May 2014 11: 08
      Quote: spech
      Having seen flights near the border, I was very upset and said something about the upcoming increase in tension. Three weeks later in Tallinn, we thought

      This is the speed of co-operation: after 21 days we thought recourse

      Three Estonians are sitting in a bar.
      - Soon Notha Goth!
      - That, Notha Goth Karasho!
      “Notha Goth is karasho, but the woman is better!”
      “She's a better woman, but Notha Goth more often!”
    2. figter
      figter 26 May 2014 14: 59
      This is not the first time they have thought this way. About three years ago, they issued that they would lay nuclear mines under the highway in peacetime, so that in the event of something they would undermine when Russian tanks go. And most importantly, this rationale takes place among amateurs, do they even have a general staff?
  12. Denis
    Denis 26 May 2014 09: 51
    Why is she crap?
    She crawls
  13. marder4
    marder4 26 May 2014 09: 52
    but who do they (the Balts) in FIG need something for? !!!
    1. Starover_Z
      Starover_Z 26 May 2014 09: 55
      They do not want to sell their sprats to Russia! am Atu them !!!
  14. Moore
    Moore 26 May 2014 10: 00
    Well, the reaction of those holding power is understandable.
    If it is impossible to cut the babosiks (they really simply do not exist) on the supply of weapons and on military development in general, why not take a kickback from the appropriations for scientific research such as "Helping hunters in organizing anti-diversion struggle" and the development of a curriculum for schoolchildren?
    Only, I think, all this is in vain. Neither the soldiers, nor the hunters, nor the landlords in the 40th helped - the new owner was stronger than the old ...
  15. northern
    northern 26 May 2014 10: 03
    It’s a lot of honor to fight Estonia.
  16. Giperboreec
    Giperboreec 26 May 2014 10: 05
    Insanity in Europe is getting stronger and stronger.
    1. Denis
      Denis 26 May 2014 14: 39
      Quote: Giperboreec
      Insanity in Europe is getting stronger and stronger.

      it’s not insanityconchitalism
      political movement ... such
  17. muginov2015
    muginov2015 26 May 2014 10: 05
    Will the bull attack the ant? Well, unless perhaps the cake is accidentally dropped, or comes without noticing.
  18. mamont5
    mamont5 26 May 2014 10: 08
    "Even NATO is powerless before the Russians."

    "even here is superfluous. NATO has long been an old sick monkey.
  19. vladstro
    vladstro 26 May 2014 10: 09
    But how to fight them, well, think, our pilot will fly out to bomb "great estonia" to take aim, he skipped the country, the Gulf of Finland, Helsinki, he will only turn around to take aim, oops, Russia has already slipped through, so a couple of three times, they will spit, well, they just nafig kerosene burn, and to their airfield. So that they are not vulnerable, and of course three or four hundred trained soldiers will stop any aggressor, especially Russia, there is no place for tanks to turn around either, do not let the guys sleep peacefully laughing
  20. semuil
    semuil 26 May 2014 10: 11
    Yes, yes, it's time to remember: "flash on the right", "flash on the left", remember the size of the gas mask and where is the nearest bomb shelter.
  21. Landwarrior
    Landwarrior 26 May 2014 10: 19
    As one forum member from Estonia wrote:
    We are not afraid of Russia,
    We have our own army:
    A thousand cyclists
    And the port is half ship!

    Everything is serious at the border
    Not a single one will burst!
    Attack Impossible -
    We will not give them visas.
  22. Roshchin
    Roshchin 26 May 2014 10: 36
    You're holes, you started to think. Only they think so far in the wrong direction. They would have thought more so as not to oppress the Russians, but hoped for economic ties with Russia, and not for overseas buns and expired army rations.
  23. rJIiOK
    rJIiOK 26 May 2014 10: 42
    Leaving aside all paranoia about some aggressive Russian plans, I would recommend the Balts just relax. Why strain - anyway, they have no chance against our army. Why live in fear all the time?
  24. Dimy4
    Dimy4 26 May 2014 10: 42
    Oh yes, what are you here, say Russia will attack, do not attack. That is, whether Estonia will attack Russia; What are we going to do then?
  25. zoknyay82
    zoknyay82 26 May 2014 10: 45
    Ooh! Do they hear the tread of the Bronze Soldier more? Urgently stock up diapers and pads!
  26. pavel_SPB
    pavel_SPB 26 May 2014 10: 48
    Will Russia Attack Estonia ?? - Ah!?
  27. Yun Klob
    Yun Klob 26 May 2014 10: 55
    Why should Estonia be afraid of Russia? According to NATO's plan, the main role in protecting the Baltic states from the "threat from the East" will be assigned to the Polish Army. So all the way! Only Poland itself was surprised that it turns out that no one would defend it. drinks
    1. SlavaP
      SlavaP 26 May 2014 16: 22
      And it is still unknown who Poland will defend. You may be surprised, but there is a very strong sense of self as a Slavic people, and there is a long memory of how they were let down by sworn friends from Germany, Britain, and various Swedes there.
      1. stalkerwalker
        stalkerwalker 26 May 2014 16: 27
        Quote: SlavaP
        And it is still unknown who Poland will defend. You may be surprised, but there is a very strong sense of self as a Slavic people, and there is a long memory of how they were let down by sworn friends from Germany, Britain, and various Swedes there.

        Not without it...
        But the situation is painfully similar to the Ukrainian one - the old generation, who remembers the war as children, is almost gone. And on the pages of the media atrocities anti-Russian propaganda - the elder sister of Dill-media. 90% of the population under 30 years old are either indifferent or Russophobic.
        1. SlavaP
          SlavaP 31 May 2014 21: 31
          My acquaintances are mostly young Poles (30 +/-) but everyone is very positive about Russia. And this is not a tribute to political correctness - among themselves, some do not get along and do not hide it (as in any normal society). Many speak Russian well and willingly.
          1. stalkerwalker
            stalkerwalker 31 May 2014 21: 58
            Quote: SlavaP
            My friends Poles are mostly young (30 +/-), but everyone is very positive about Russia

            I am aware that such a propaganda Polish TV channel TVP Info she doesn’t suffer from an excess of feelings about Russia (by the way, there often comments on the post-factum of the event in the Donbass by the lively cunt Arletta Boyko, after another trip to the Donetsk region in the form of a restless maiden). But nevertheless, we can safely divide the Poles (as well as the Ukrainians) into proportions of 10-80-10, of which 80% are indifferent, and 20% are divided in half with opposite points of view in relation to events in Ukraine, and according to relation to Russia.
            This was vividly shown by the funeral of General Jaruzelski, when already at the cemetery, the Polish priests interrupted the sermon of the priest, escorting the deceased on his last journey, with shouts and posters. I think, if it were not for the guard of honor, reinforced by the guys in civilian clothes, to be a scandal ...
            Today I drove to the shop (for a modem - there is no Internet - grief and trouble!) On a gazelle, the carrier was a native of Ukraine - a Kievite. The first thing he stuck in me: "The Russian media are also bullshitting." With comments. Like this. People are being killed there, and Svidomo has one problem - there are no less breaches than Dill-media ...
  28. Stasi
    Stasi 26 May 2014 11: 10
    Honestly, all these articles of the Baltic states about whether Russia will attack them were dumbfounded. Poles and Georgians write in the same spirit. Seriously speaking, it’s time to ask a question - what’s the point of Russia conquering the Baltic states? For the sake of access to the Baltic Sea? We have it, conquered by Peter the Great. Even if we did not have Kaliningrad, there is access to the Baltic from St. Petersburg via the Gulf of Finland. For the sake of rare earth metals that Russia does not have? Russia has all kinds of metals and resources. Thus, there is not a single real argument in favor of the conquest of all these Georgia, the Baltic states and Poland. In Soviet times, all these countries lived at the expense of Soviet subsidies better than anyone else in the USSR. And with the collapse of the Union, living standards in these countries fell sharply. The only thing that comes to mind when reading all this hysterical nonsense about the conquest is that all these Georgians, Balts and Poles unconsciously hope that Russia will conquer them and will be forced to feed and support them again. No guys, this whole number with Russophobic hysteria will not work for you. Do not even hope. Again, we will not put you on your neck, though we’ll turn inside out.
    1. Turkir
      Turkir 26 May 2014 13: 02
      It is difficult to understand lackey psychology if you yourself are not a lackey.
    2. 52
      52 26 May 2014 14: 14
      No, We will attack them! But only in case of a catastrophic shortage in Russia of rare earth dolbonauts, liberals and gay lackeys. In the meantime, where would you put your "happiness", and for free. laughing
  29. Mareman Vasilich
    Mareman Vasilich 26 May 2014 11: 13
    For the Balts, these fears are not unfounded; they understand very well that they have spoiled Russia more than beyond measure, therefore they are scared from every breath.
  30. Bobxnumx
    Bobxnumx 26 May 2014 11: 13
    Another Estonian Nonsense! A country with a gulkin beak, and cheeks blow. I’m afraid it’s not torn.
  31. 76rtbr
    76rtbr 26 May 2014 11: 13
    there is such a film "behind the matches", very good actors have played, but the moral is the same, as in those days they were goofs, and remained! let them roll in the hay with pigs !!!
  32. Beloborodov
    Beloborodov 26 May 2014 11: 24
    If the Russians are stronger - can I join them? ;)

  33. parusnik
    parusnik 26 May 2014 11: 26
    Will Russia attack Estonia? What's the point? Estonians demolished a bronze soldier in 2005, and in 2007 Russia transferred all freight traffic not through Tallinn, but through Ust-Luga and Vysotsk, new ports .. and Estonia now loses billions every year ... It’s necessary to strangle the Baltic states .. economically, Then they will grow wiser and speak Russian ...
    1. alleksSalut4507
      alleksSalut4507 26 May 2014 22: 45
      why-choke. forget about them, the official troebals, but ordinary people are sorry. were we really such terrible "occupiers"?
  34. Mikros
    Mikros 26 May 2014 11: 47
    On May 19, the Postimees newspaper reported that the Estonian Conservative People’s Party intends to organize a conference in Tallinn, on the agenda of which the question will be raised: Will Russia attack Estonia?
    A lot of honor for the Chukhontsev))))
  35. Good cat
    Good cat 26 May 2014 11: 48
    Boo! Scary, zas.ransy!
  36. Sochi
    Sochi 26 May 2014 12: 01
    I can reassure eeeeeestonstsev, no one will attack them, because they are nobody on x .. unnecessary.
  37. surovts.valery
    surovts.valery 26 May 2014 12: 02
    Guess who and where?
    This valiant Lithuanian army entered the "liberated" Vilna (future Vilnius) in 1939. After the partition of Poland, the Soviet Union transferred part of the Polish lands to Lithuania, then still independent. Lithuania has forgotten something about it. Don't occupy yourself, but you will be unoccupied.
  38. Leshka
    Leshka 26 May 2014 12: 10
    we need them like a hare stop signal
  39. b.t.a.
    b.t.a. 26 May 2014 12: 13
    Everything is very simple diagnosis of paranoia.
  40. Fish supervision
    Fish supervision 26 May 2014 12: 24
    We don’t have to attack, you can just run and not notice this great country wassat
  41. wax
    wax 26 May 2014 12: 28
    And the old prostitute is sometimes hotstsa, so that she is attacked and captured, but if she is looked in the mirror, then the understanding will come that not only there are no boobs, but also brains.
  42. Fish supervision
    Fish supervision 26 May 2014 12: 31
    The Chukhons are generally quick-thinking, while they approach the bus and think about how to get on it, it comes back already from the flight laughing
  43. Lieutenant colonel
    Lieutenant colonel 26 May 2014 12: 33
    Enlighten - Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania - and where is it? And what are they interesting to us (well, apart from sprats, and do you know that Onishenko found something in them)? Ahhhh, I forgot about the pug and the elephant !!!! Here they are .... I remembered.)))) Looks strong, if yapping. And what will happen if we conduct a tank biathlon and air darts on, say, the western border of the Pskov region?
  44. Tolerast
    Tolerast 26 May 2014 12: 54
    CHASS, fled. Spratia, proud Esti, ancient Lietuva, neighing of the Commonwealth ... Everyone is just waiting for the Russians to come and conquer them a little bit. Prayer services in this church and church are ... A hospital. Fuck I need more new ineffective dependent slaves. There are enough of their Tajik loafers.
  45. nnz226
    nnz226 26 May 2014 13: 00
    What the hell is Russia Estland province ??? However, like Livonian, and Zhmud !? Have another green brothers? It is possible, of course, to take the "koreeeeeennnnnnnnoooooooooeeeeeeeeee population" to the fertile southern coast of the Laptev Sea, but transport costs and the cost of building barracks will not pay off even using the ports of Klaipeda and Vindava. Since the big money has already been thrown into the construction of their ports in the Baltic. Better to invest money for the construction of a bridge in Crimea, there are several ice-free ports there.
  46. siberko
    siberko 26 May 2014 13: 10
    I’m just remembering the story .... when did we attack whom ??? Usually our teeth were grin and for this they got in the muzzle
  47. Dimsanych
    Dimsanych 26 May 2014 13: 11
    On May 1, as part of the exercises, Russian military helicopters flew in the north-west sky. We are talking about the Mi-28N “Night Hunter” and the Ka-52 “Alligator”.

    Ours began to conduct exercises, to lift new equipment into the air, so these "pussies" are already coming up with a plan how to teach schoolchildren to a war with Russia ... We are just conducting exercises on our territory. Or do they think that we need military equipment to get rusty ?! Gone are the days. They gave you a head start for 20 years. Now, since you cannot be friends, buy diapers, line up in pairs and go to ***. Puppies ...
    1. alleksSalut4507
      alleksSalut4507 26 May 2014 22: 26
      why do we need such friends. let your dry sprats sniff themselves. hang out ....
  48. pavel_SPB
    pavel_SPB 26 May 2014 13: 52
    Will Russia attack Estonia ?? - but the point ???
  49. abc_alex
    abc_alex 26 May 2014 13: 57
    I am sometimes shocked by the undocumented capabilities of our military equipment! Well, it would seem that such a pair of three helicopters in flight? And it looks like the trobalt budgets will suffer damage!
    1. alleksSalut4507
      alleksSalut4507 26 May 2014 22: 22
      official triobalt-sticks out! what else amuse yourself?
  50. hhhhhhh
    hhhhhhh 26 May 2014 14: 06
    Quote: pavel_SPB
    Will Russia attack Estonia ?? - but the point ???

    Why attack. The Estonian Parliament itself will be asked to Russia. As last time.