Military Review

Military charges for pre-conscripts as interaction of educational and military departments

High school students and students of institutions of secondary vocational education of the Voronezh region in May took part in weekly military gatherings, which are held in conjunction with the regional Department of Education, Science and Youth Policy with the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. Military camps for conscripts were conducted in the framework of the general education life cycle course with the main focus on the practical development of skills for handling weapons, personal protective equipment, combat and physical training.

Military charges for pre-conscripts as interaction of educational and military departments

During the training camps, several hundred students and students, who in the near future will have to go to military service by conscription, formed platoons and got acquainted with the life of a modern soldier, visiting the locations of the fighters of one of the units of the Russian Air Force stationed in the Voronezh region. The sergeants and officers taught to the conscripts all those lessons, knowledge of which would not interfere with the performance of real military service: from the wisdom of making beds, placing personal belongings in bedside tables, correct sewing on chevrons and turnovers to telling about the actions of a soldier stepping into a daily outfit.

The culmination of charges was the firing of automatic weapons at a military training ground, which caused a real flurry of positive emotions among students and students, and at the same time, not in all cases - positive emotions from the leaders of the firing and representatives of the point of supply.

The officers note that the representatives of the modern young generation, with whom they have to deal at military gatherings, for the most part show a fairly high interest in military affairs. But professional servicemen also state that the level of pre-draft training, unfortunately, leaves much to be desired.

A tenth-grader shakes hands when he takes a machine gun at them, but sitting at the computer, the same person, without hesitation, shoots everyone out of virtual weapons
says one of the officers who control the course of military training.

Teachers of schools and colleges confirm the words of the military. The main reason for reducing the level of pre-draft preparation is not at all connected with the fact that “the generation is not right now” (they prefer to use this excuse in certain circles), but because the modern life-style lesson (BZH, BDZ) has to be directly stated It has little to do with the lesson of basic military training (CWP), which is well known to representatives of the older and middle generations.

It is military training that occupies a very modest place among all the topics with which specialists from the Ministry of Education and Science nourished such discipline as the protection of life safety (livelihoods). The main place in the program of the course is not given to the study of the materiel of weapons and the basics of its effective use, and not even the education of patriotism. Education bosses at one time decided that the country had no enemies, and therefore it suddenly turned out that it was better to introduce the study of sexually transmitted diseases and safety legislation into the program ... No one argues - the topics are topical ... But when studying STDs to pay more attention to the program than, for example, assembly and disassembly of an automaton, this suggests that the program really needs to correct “something” ... There are fewer cases of STDs, according to medical workers, recently carried He wanted to increase the number of lessons on the subject of "infections", and then the "shaking knees" before the shooting started in the youth. In general, the program, to put it diplomatically, while leads to dubious results.

But enough about the sad ... There are also positive moments, including the fact of the revival of more or less productive cooperation between the education authorities and the military departments, aimed at increasing the level of military training of high school students and students of various kinds of professional educational institutions (now they are organizations). But a few years ago, the leadership of each of the designated segments tried to pull the "blanket" over, which led to a complete rupture of quality relations and virtually complete elimination of the pre-conscription practical military training of students in training. Today, steps towards bringing the positions of the education system and the defense ministry closer are obvious - even if the steps are very, very timid, but still these are steps forward.
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  1. gandalf
    gandalf 23 May 2014 07: 45
    I am only "for" - the CWP needs to be restored. This is interesting and useful for boys in all respects. soldier
    1. MOISEY
      MOISEY 23 May 2014 07: 57
      It is also advisable, as in Soviet times, to restore the TRP system at civilian facilities, with appropriate promotion at the state level.
      1. feanor
        feanor 23 May 2014 08: 54
        I would go to such an event, just the pre-conscription age of 17 years.
        1. Kuvabatake
          Kuvabatake 23 May 2014 09: 07
          I can’t live without such events, the age is just after the draft of 45 years winked
      2. Duke
        Duke 23 May 2014 09: 27
        Quote: MOISEY
        It is also advisable, as in Soviet times, to restore the TRP system at civilian facilities, with appropriate promotion at the state level.

        “Ready for Labor and Defense of the USSR” (TRP) - A program of physical education in general educational, professional and sports organizations in the USSR, fundamental in a unified and state-supported system of patriotic education of youth. Existed from 1931 to 1991 year. It covered the population from the age of 10 to 60 years. In 2014, President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin signed a decree on the return of the Ready for Labor and Defense system. According to Education Minister Dmitry Livanov, starting from 2015, the results of the completion of the TRP complex will be taken into account when entering higher education institutions.
    2. pilot8878
      pilot8878 24 May 2014 02: 06
      I still remember the three-day training camp in grade 10. 1st day - accommodation, acquaintance with the part. On the 2nd - the obstacle course and "gases". And on the 3rd day they were allowed to shoot from the REAL "Kalash" !!! Poor gunmen ... what kind of hands we were ... wink
    3. Baloo
      Baloo 26 May 2014 00: 43
      Useful experience. A guy or girl must go to the Army with certain skills. Moreover, I believe that the Ministry of Defense should closely monitor, sponsor and organize school sports. I do not mean physical education. With this, everything is clear: from the first classes the basics of gymnastics, athletics, skiing, swimming. From 6-7 grades to cultivate applied sports: for boys swimming, basketball, handball, martial arts, skiing. For girls, any choreography (or at least aerobics in any form) or, if they wish, with boys. I mean school sports. At school I was engaged in swimming, scuba diving, sea all-around. It came in handy in life. Until the 5th grade, he was often ill, swimming helped: until the age of 25, he was not sick, even when he specially tried to catch a cold in front of the control. In the sea all-around, the boys chose zagrebny. Who sailed on a boat, that understands. In general, sports gave me important qualities: understanding that the victory of a team is more important than personal, the result is important - not the effort, the desire to bring it to the end, responsibility. And indeed, communication with military boys disciplines. soldier
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  3. Per se.
    Per se. 23 May 2014 07: 48
    Military charges for pre-conscripts as interaction of educational and military departments
    It’s a very good thing, in principle, the course of a young soldier can be taken at these training camps, especially if the initial military training takes its rightful place in the school curriculum. Maybe it makes sense to make school physical education closer to army physical training.
  4. sv68
    sv68 23 May 2014 07: 49
    very positive news, I look at the photo and remember myself in a bursa at a shooting range. More often, such gatherings would be held
  5. Denis
    Denis 23 May 2014 07: 54
    Today, steps towards rapprochement of the positions of the education system and the defense department are obvious - even though the steps are very, very timid, but still these are steps forward.
    Very timid steps forward
    Once such fees after grade 10 were mandatory, and not something special
    When was NVP, is it not time to remember him?
    1. Basilevs
      Basilevs 23 May 2014 08: 12
      Quote: Denis
      Once such fees after grade 10 were mandatory, and not something special
      I subscribe. We had fees at the unit in 1985, in the 9th grade, back in the GSVG. I still remember.
      1. Denis
        Denis 23 May 2014 11: 16
        Quote: Basilevs
        us were fees at parts in 1985

        They did not pass, did not pass the NVP-maturity certificate not to see
        Normal maturity, not like now sexual
      2. The comment was deleted.
      3. The comment was deleted.
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  7. Vitaly Anisimov
    Vitaly Anisimov 23 May 2014 08: 05
    A tenth-grader shakes hands when he takes a machine gun at them, but sitting at the computer, the same person, without hesitation, shoots everyone out of virtual weapons

    It is what it is))) laughing Such fees are needed at state. to approve and conduct systematically. (and even better to introduce NVP in schools and the teacher so that there is a staff officer reserve with a good salary) ..
  8. free
    free 23 May 2014 08: 06
    Well, finally thought of!
    1. Denis
      Denis 23 May 2014 11: 25
      Quote: free
      Well, finally thought of!

      They thought for a long time, just in the disaster the page of the oppressed (now ruling) blacks suddenly became a likely friend screaming that this is militarism, removed from the school curriculum
      For example, in Kazakhstan, NVP was returned to school in 2004, well done
  9. mamont5
    mamont5 23 May 2014 08: 12
    "A tenth grader's hands are shaking when he takes a machine gun in them, but sitting at a computer, the same person, without hesitation, shoots everyone indiscriminately from a virtual weapon
    says one of the officers overseeing the military training. "

    Well, how did he want? Killing a person in real life, looking into his eyes for the first time, is not an easy task. We have safety mechanisms that block such actions.

    "there was also" shaking knees "before the start of the shooting among young people."

    I do not know. At one time, when we fired for the first time in the 9 class (back in Soviet times from AKM 7,62), we experienced excitement, enthusiasm, a desire to hit the target, but our knees did not shake. To kill is another matter, and to shoot from military weapons was great.
    1. inkass_98
      inkass_98 23 May 2014 09: 13
      Quote: mamont5
      but my knees did not shake

      You just need to teach children to shoot at least from pneumatics, so that they are not afraid to pick up the barrel. I also fired from AKM for the first time at school at the training camp, but before that I fired from an air gun at home, and at the NVP we fired at a shooting range from a small car. So then there was no fear. And I also teach my children to shoot from pneumatics - a pistol and two rifles (I don't hold a firearm until I see the need). Sometimes we take "Saiga-410" from our father-in-law and train children to shoot with it.
    FREGATENKAPITAN 23 May 2014 08: 14
    It’s necessary, it’s necessary ..... even the girls knew how to disassemble AKM, assemble it at school .............. Whatever contract or not the army was ..... A man should be able to keep in the hands of a machine gun and a sapper blade!
    1. Alex 241
      Alex 241 23 May 2014 09: 09
      It is necessary, it is necessary ..... even the girls were able to disassemble AKM -assemble at school

      Once it was like that.
      1. Vitaly Anisimov
        Vitaly Anisimov 23 May 2014 16: 49
        Yes sir..! There was a time .. (A. Garkushin, we had the training of the NVP personnel officer (reserve) for a long time already, but I remember everything ..) He drove us horror .. and when at a military shooting range for the first time he shot Kalash from three targets two on the spot took a little low .. (9 rounds were and still remained in short bursts) .. In how they taught ..!
  11. Free Island
    Free Island 23 May 2014 08: 17
    and it is right! in 1994 I was 14 years old and thanks to the military-patriotic movement in our school during these 14 years I knew by heart, I assembled and disassembled the Kalashnikov assault rifle with my eyes closed, I knew all the antipersonnel and anti-tank mines that existed at that time, almost all the military equipment of the USSR. Russia, had a sickly physical training. Every three months they were taken to military units for shooting ... The whole thing was led by an instructor nicknamed "Afghan" .. who was half out of prostheses, because he was hit by a mortar attack in Afghanistan. BUT these were leftovers ... as if in terms of energy after the Soviet era or something ... and then everything calmed down, the Afghan left and the youth began to do what almost all the youth of the 90s did - they sat down on beer, vodka, drugs, went to thieves' notions and then half for the war in Chechnya and half for jail. I thought Russia would disappear, the people would disappear, the youth would not grow up like that .... but no ... everything seemed to get better ... a lot of work remains to be done, a lot of human labor, but I believe - everything will be again as before - XO- RO-SHO! and the TRP was returned correctly and life safety in schools ... the main thing is that it does not turn into an annual chew until the 11th grade that if suddenly there is a nuclear explosion on the left, then you need to turn left and look)) when you will see such crap :) ))
    1. jagdpanzer
      jagdpanzer 23 May 2014 08: 25
      and we already didn’t have an NVP, and in OBZh there were neither machine guns nor shooting ranges ..
  12. Dbnfkmtdbx
    Dbnfkmtdbx 23 May 2014 08: 22
    I remember the game Zarnitsa the best thing about spending time was to feel like soldiers, the defender of the Motherland wink
  13. Kair501
    Kair501 23 May 2014 08: 39
    Yes, the zarnitsa haven’t passed yet, in 2011 I finished school with us and there were lightning camps, lightning twice a year in spring and autumn for students in grades 9-11, and in general, as far as I remember, the military often came to us with any programs ( patriotic education, on the day of the withdrawal of troops from Agana, etc.)
  14. akmoa781
    akmoa781 23 May 2014 08: 46
    Reducing the life of conscription to one year led to the fact that the army and navy lost the contingent capable of fulfilling their tasks. But this situation can be corrected if primary military training is introduced in secondary specialized educational institutions according to the profile of the institution. For example, the technical school of water transport is preparing the average command staff for the river and navy, and since the professions are technician-navigator and technician-mechanic of the ship, they are military accounting, in such cases, enter a military department in this educational institution, and in such cases one of the naval units will receive children ready for service in the declared specialties. It seems to me that this will really make it possible to significantly increase the combat effectiveness of the Russian armed forces. And the conduct of five-day military field training as provided for by the Federal State Educational Standard under the OBZh program does not give the expected result due to many objective and subjective reasons.
  15. Altona
    Altona 23 May 2014 09: 00
    I only remember how I cut out a model of a Kalashnikov assault rifle from a pine board for a collection of NVP, and I did the pattern myself, naturally no one gave me an assault rifle, my father helped the store at the factory to cut out the board too ... Assembled, painted over this model with black paint, which the bus bridges are painted at the factory, painted the butt and forend with iodine, varnished ... It turned out that my layout completely coincided with the dimensions of a real machine, only the trunk I made a little longer ... In general, I made the best model ... This It was 1986 ...)))
    And at the training camp, we seemed to live in tents for one night, studied primitive military skills - pulling a communication cable, digging a trench (not in full growth, of course), a flag and light semaphore ... We fired in a shooting range from a small car and at a range, such as tactical shooting, they shot 200-liter barrels from a height from the AKM ... The girls were sanitizing somewhere, and they constantly needed "wounded", whom they wrapped up like Egyptian mummies ... Nobody wanted to be "wounded", it was tantamount to being a doll .. Well, here are some kind of memories of the school CWP ... laughing
  16. Prapor Afonya
    Prapor Afonya 23 May 2014 09: 03
    Quote: gandalf
    I am only "for" - the CWP needs to be restored. This is interesting and useful for boys in all respects. soldier

    Want peace, get ready for war!
  17. Doktor-2
    Doktor-2 23 May 2014 09: 30
    Well, let's say the NPS were not changed to STDs, believe me, I have been working on adolescent health for a long time, I don’t even remember how many years ago we were invited to give a lecture on prevention for high school students, although it’s also not harmful (because there are really many infections and this is one of the causes of infertility). But I have such a question, why on the patriotic website, an article devoted to the promotion of military service, there is a contextual advertisement about how to mow down from the army. This is not the first time I notice this, although an honest word has never asked such a request in any search engine. Advertising is not moderated?
    1. lars
      lars 23 May 2014 12: 01
      Konrrabota was and will be. Another thing is to track and filter ads, and not to chase after shameful pennies. I don’t know how on this site, but sometimes you don’t know exactly what they will advertise through you. Well - admins and lawyers have a lot to do.
      But we must pay tribute - how the contra works!
    2. intsurfer
      intsurfer 23 May 2014 12: 04
      burnt down. ;) advertising is based on an Internet search history :)
    3. The comment was deleted.
  18. intsurfer
    intsurfer 23 May 2014 11: 59
    The wife said that they had Zarnitsa and their class even won a trip on an excursion to Moscow. In our school, this was not the case. A maximum of once taken to the firing range to make 10 shots from Kalash.

    Next week, some fees are expected at the son’s school (finished 10th grade). Let's see what happens in reality. In the meantime, instead of Zarnitsa, you can run into airsoft. But the pleasure is not cheap at all - the weapon stands like a real firearm. Rental is also not cheap.
  19. jagdpanzer
    jagdpanzer 23 May 2014 12: 01
    Quote: DokTor-2
    But I have such a question, why on the patriotic website, an article devoted to the promotion of military service, there is a contextual advertisement about how to mow down from the army.
    maybe these are traces of previous requests winked or google ads
  20. chunga-changa
    chunga-changa 23 May 2014 12: 19
    I found it at school at the USSR. Ten-day fees and a second time two weeks. With firing, digging trenches and marching throws in the OZK and gas mask, constant flashes, right or left, lift-clear. Since our regiment was from the infantry, we practiced the actions of the platoon in defense and offensive, by the evening they barely crawled alive. In general, it’s quite difficult, I liked lying around on the beach more. The most interesting thing in the army was easier, drove less, a maximum of three day trips, carried in cars, beauty. Apparently we just had excesses on the ground.
    1. Eugene
      Eugene 23 May 2014 20: 23
      I visited 81. Five days. Fathers commanders were a little too lazy. Shooted once. Three cartridges. We went to a tank regiment for an excursion. But really so much interesting could be seen! What to learn, to understand. For five days a hare can be taught to smoke!
  21. Psyjoker
    Psyjoker 23 May 2014 13: 13
    I was at this military training camp seven years ago. I don’t understand what the hell I went there. They just cursed just one drill and everything, the machines did not disassemble. At the shooting, they gave everyone three rounds, and those, as I understand it now, were single laughing
    I support if everything is serious. If as I have - well, nafig it.
  22. Ruslan 56
    Ruslan 56 23 May 2014 13: 17
    He taught life safety in college, the curriculum is very superficial, concise. The students are normal, are interested in history, military affairs, but there is no basic level. It is necessary to restore the Soviet school of education + NVP.
  23. jovanni
    jovanni 23 May 2014 14: 42
    We will restore NVP at school today - we will save the lives of our guys tomorrow!
  24. zakindex
    zakindex 23 May 2014 16: 52
    in something you are right ..
  25. Wolves
    Wolves 23 May 2014 18: 28
    So give machine guns to the students - they will quickly learn and insistently require a machine gun.
    Weapons are limited to people, and how to teach children how to power, Strelkov invites women to fight ...
  26. Signaller
    Signaller 23 May 2014 21: 32
    Fine. Keep it up. Was at one time on such. Of the three shots, the 26-result is third place. Then he received the outfit for some sort of nonsense, dug a trench of a full profile. Then it came in handy for life. Some advantages, I would say.
  27. Msta-s
    Msta-s 23 May 2014 23: 00
    Quote: Denis
    They thought for a long time, just in the disaster the page of the oppressed (now ruling) blacks suddenly became a likely friend screaming that this is militarism, removed from the school curriculum

    Denis. And you fully understand what was in education in the early 90's. How not to give the same TOZ 8 in hand is not clear to whom? And the model is a mass-size AKM? You can’t immediately identify the drill on top of the trunk. And without such attributes, what kind of NVP can we talk about?
  28. zakidon73
    zakidon73 24 May 2014 00: 05
    NVP is good, TRP is excellent ... But there is a problem, or rather, there is no full-fledged program for the physical education of students in secondary schools. There are programs for a year, there are separate classes, but there is no single system. The best option, taking into account all factors: NVP and TRP and general physical preparation, in my opinion, will be the replacement of physical education lessons (physical education) with various types of hand-to-hand combat, which includes:
    1. A complete multi-year training program;
    2. A variety of constituent sports (track and field athletics, gymnastics and acrobatics, suplex);
    3. Additional developing areas (tourism, skiing).
    But the most valuable in all of this I have already voiced - starting from the first grade, the student will be systematically and methodically educated