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The full text of Nikita Mikhalkov's statement about leaving the members of the Public Council of the Russian Ministry of Defense

The full text of Nikita Mikhalkov's statement about leaving the members of the Public Council of the Russian Ministry of DefenseThe statement by director Nikita Mikhalkov about leaving the Public Council of the Ministry of Defense produced the effect of a bombshell. Few people leave our seats, even if they are strongly asked to do so.

For some reason, it turned out that very few people saw the full text of the director’s letter to the Minister of Defense. He was abundantly quoted, especially in the part concerning the flasher, which Mikhalkov’s car has now lost. Shouts of joy from the victory over the flasher drowned Mikhalkov's words about the army, about its condition.

We provide the full text of a letter from Nikita Mikhalkov to Anatoly Serdyukov.

To the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation, A.E. Serdyukov
May 16 2011 year.

Dear Anatoly Eduardovich!

This letter is the fruit of my rather long hesitations and thoughts.

Its essence is as follows.

The absence of Suvorov and Nakhimov people among those who 9 on May 2010, passed with a solemn march before the leaders of the state, veterans and foreign guests (and in fact - before the whole world community) at the anniversary parade dedicated to the 65 anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War, caused our citizens and especially among veterans bewilderment and disappointment.

And despite the fact that in the parade calculations marching across the Red Square, the military contingent of the countries - participants of NATO were represented!

My attempts on behalf of the Public Council under the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation to convince the leadership of the Defense Ministry that this action demonstrates a breach of the continuity of the officer corps, its weakness, and ultimately the weakness of the Russian Army, have not had any result.

Having decided after that to get acquainted with the plans for military training in the Russian Army and analyze some facts, I came to the conclusion that in the current model of military training, what is called military training based on historical succession, a code of officer honor, dignity, devotion and sacrifice.

In other words, there is a gradual demilitarization of military training, and as a consequence, of the Russian Army. The hope that “I pay them money, and they protect me for it,” is a chimera in relation to the Russian national character!

For Russia, the army has always been not so much a means of attack and defense as a way of life, which means a deep understanding of the significance of the strength of the national spirit, and above all - the strength of the military spirit.

Emperor Alexander III told his son Nicholas: “Remember Nicky: Russia has no friends, they fear our vastness. Russia has only two ally - the Army and the Navy ... ".

Since then, our comrades have not increased, and the current policy of reforming the Armed Forces is fraught with Russia for the loss of these, her last friends.

The army is a derivative of the people. The army, like the people, requires respect. And the basis of respect is dignity.

The 9 parade of May of this year was the clearest illustration of the loss of this respect and dignity.

And the point is not that the third largest word spoken in evaluating the parade was the word "shame." And not even that the faceless mass in identical robes, marching to the legendary military music - a symbol of a great feat of the people, could be distinguished only with the help of a speaker. And five helicopters demonstrated the full power of the domestic aviation.

The fact is that this parade showed a dangerous gap between society and the army, alienation, lack of a natural connection, and involvement between them.

A sign of all this was that the military parade turned into a show, and the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces and the Minister of Defense were merely spectators sitting in a theatrical box.

Even a frail politburo headed by Leonid Brezhnev, a few days before his death, received a military parade, standing solely, thereby demonstrating the respect and involvement of the state leadership to the country's army.

Everything that I am writing here may seem nonsense and trifle, but it is not.

From such details, seemingly insignificant at first glance, a global picture of relations in society is formed.

And when the army takes part in it - the consequences can be unpredictable.

In connection with all the above and not being able to influence the situation, I ask you, dear Anatoly Eduardovich, to release me from the post of chairman of the Public Council under the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation and withdraw from the Council.

I leave this post with regret, along with a special signal and a certificate.

I want to sincerely thank my colleagues in the Public Council for all the good and useful things that we have managed to do together for the Russian Army over the years.

Yours faithfully,
N. Mikhalkov

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  1. Georgy
    Georgy 24 May 2011 20: 50
    N.S. Mikhalkov is an honest man.
  2. His
    His 24 May 2011 22: 09
    Respect to Mikhalkov. I think Putin will change such defense ministers (chief of staff there too)
  3. Kavkaz
    Kavkaz 24 May 2011 22: 29
    I always did not like and disliked Mikhalkov ... But if the truth is written here, I take off my hat to him !!!!!
  4. war
    war 24 May 2011 22: 41
    I think Putin will change such defense ministers (chief of staff there too)

    And what will change?
  5. datur
    datur 24 May 2011 22: 54
    pathetic but honest. well done. here is the master!
  6. mitrich
    mitrich 24 May 2011 23: 22
    In addition to the "Military Review", friends, you need to have information from other sites.
    They removed the special signal from the car, so they slammed the door. The director's statement is full of pathos: "Suvorovites, Nakhimovites, May 9 parades ..." Brad by a gray mare, in Russian speaking. Not a word about the real problems of the army.
    And you immediately began to pull the hats off your head.
    Chronology of events: first they removed the "flashing light", and then the statement, and not first the statement, and then removed the beacon.
    PS Recently I went to the forum of the movie "Burnt by the Sun 2: Citadel". I laughed so hard there that I recommend it to everyone. Nikita has definitely deteriorated for the worse. And this, GEORGE, with all his past merits, is a medical fact.
  7. Мишель
    Мишель 25 May 2011 06: 24
    I agree with patriot.
    You are our poor, a whole year tormented thinking about the 2010 parade. I remembered about spirituality. What did you think before that? Not for sure.
    "I want to sincerely thank my colleagues on the Public Council for all the good and useful that we have together managed to do for the Russian Army over the years." What did you do the master of all Russia? Where is your job?
  8. Stavr
    Stavr 25 May 2011 08: 14
    One could continue to resent the parade, criticism of Mikhalkov is fair and true, although he really did not do anything for the army, but the problem lies elsewhere. In complete degradation of the highest army leaders. Today Taburetkin should be regarded as pr-la of the Motherland, and with him and those who put him in this place! It is time for the Russian public to shout "CARAUL, the army has been betrayed!", And consequently, the country, the people, instead of talking about the parades on Red Square. It's time to raise the question of the deliberate collapse of the army. What will happen to us without her? Ask yourself each of these questions. The answer will appear in every head by itself!
  9. East
    East 25 May 2011 20: 36
    Who ruined the army? At least one fact that now, and what happened. Or just know what's bad now, but what was worse silent? How many hours did you fly in 90? And now? In the 90s, how many exercises were there? And now? Or remember that several hundred officers went on a picket in a sign that the housing was not built there and they did not give the extra 5 meters! The quality of housing is not satisfactory, I agree, but before, no one but the generals had any housing at all! Is it that got worse? They betrayed the army .... Yes, the army is given so much attention that it is already compared with the golden times of the stagnation era. Who is comparing? Yes, the same rotten West. And YOU are all trying to scream, drown this rebirth. And it’s necessary only about the poor officers who were reduced. For one officer we had only three or four soldiers! A shame! All words are gone, only emotions went .......
    1. nic
      nic 25 May 2011 23: 04
      People like you have ruined ...
  10. Draz
    Draz 26 May 2011 10: 07
    I repeat. I finally decided to spoil, well, or loudly slam the door, the essence is one. He knew everything before that, but he knew all this advice, only this council has no influence on decisions, nor the Moscow Region is going to listen to it, the organization is purely for show.

    PS History smells like yellow pages .... well, it stinks, let's see what the Ministry of Defense will answer, if it answers at all, it can only answer "shit."
  11. mitrich
    mitrich 26 May 2011 12: 52
    For the still surviving idealists, I suggest reading an article in the Thursday "Komsomolskaya Pravda" about NS. Mikhalkov "Those who do not like my films are CORPSES for me." Barin showed himself in all his glory.
  12. Sergei
    Sergei 26 May 2011 14: 44
    What Mikhalkov said about the parade is already good. There is a hope that at least THERE will be noticed. Even though it is. Others are simply not heard. Ostu - combat training has really increased in comparison with the 90s. But in many respects it has become globally worse. For example military education. As a specialist, I say that in the field of aviation engineering education it has become much worse. I am sure that in other branches of the military - the same story. The story is the same with military science. Just like a specialist, it has become much more difficult to implement a state defense order in recent years, it is implemented worse, and there is less flexibility. More money went, but less relative return. I'm not talking about "cutting" and not about kickbacks. Again, as a specialist, the system of operation of aviation equipment that has developed over the course of almost a century is being broken without realizing what and what should replace it. It is still somehow spinning, because the safety margin of the system was large and the inertia was large, but how long it will still be enough is unknown. The very trunk is being cut. Who! What for?
  13. Patriot
    Patriot 28 May 2011 14: 03
    Well Brothers. At least one honest man from the fat-buggers, fat-belly, honestly said that there really is our army. Mikhalkov, like Rashal, openly and in the eyes told this golikova that there is her "REFORM".