Georgia launched a new revolution

Georgia launched a new revolution

In Georgia, a new “color revolution” may well take place. Nino Burjanadze, former speaker of the Georgian parliament, one of the leaders of the People’s Assembly opposition movement, said: “The revolution has begun in Georgia and it will end in our victory. We are doing everything to change this irresponsible power and achieve free elections.” The opposition of 21-22 was intensified in May, large-scale meetings were held in Tbilisi and Batumi, which grew into clashes with law enforcement forces. Oppositionists say that the speeches will continue until Saakashvili leaves his post.

Background of the new revolution

- According to the opposition, all 7 years in power Saakashvili violates the political rights and freedoms of citizens, in fact a policeman is created, an authoritarian regime - with the total population of the state in 4,3 million, the number of prisoners reaches up to 45 thousand. In terms of the number of prisoners per thousand people, Georgia ranks first in Europe, there are more than a hundred political prisoners, approximately 2 thousand people fled the country due to political persecution. Authorities regularly violate the rights of citizens - a few days before the opposition’s speech, mass arrests began among the opposition.

- In terms of the economy, Georgia is bankrupt - the country's external debt is 8,6 billion dollars (at the beginning of 2010 of the year), and the country's annual budget is about 3 billion dollars. The country is on external financing, if it were not for the United States and financial institutions controlled by Washington, a default would have already occurred. A third of the population lives below the poverty line, the unemployment rate in 2009 was almost 17%. There was a sharp drop in acreage: in 2003, they were 562 thousand hectares, in 2008 year - already 329 thousand hectares. From 2003 to 2008, the index of physical volume of agricultural production of the state fell by 26%, crop production - by 24%, livestock - by 28%. Georgia imports up to 80% of goods, although in the years of the USSR it was a republic that itself exported goods.

- Due to the fault of Saakashvili (and apparently his Washington hosts), the possibility of a diplomatic solution to the problem of South Ossetia and Abkhazia was completely lost. For Georgians, this is a serious factor of distrust of the central government.

- The country is mired in corruption of the “elite”, Saaakashvili buys planes at 200 million dollars, builds palaces-residences worth up to 1 billion dollars, at this time the country is in poverty, and a significant part of its population survives only through transfers from the Russian Federation where their relatives work and live. Western assistance to the people almost does not reach, settling at the "elite".

- Saakashvili continues the policy of worsening relations with Russia, in reality only Russia can save the Georgian people on the planet, the West does not need it, now they support the puppet for "yelping" against Russia. As a result, Georgia will be alone surrounded by the Islamic powers, and its fate will be sad. Only in the last days the Georgian parliament adopted a provocative resolution that accuses Russia of the genocide of the Circassians.

- Saakashvili betrayed the memory of his own people, demolishing the monument to the Soldiers-Liberators in Kutaisi, it was installed in honor of the Georgians who died in the Great Patriotic War.

- Adzharian nationalists can also oppose Saakashvili. They are still in favor of “autonomy”, in addition, Turkey stands behind them (Ajarians, to a large extent - Muslims). They saw the example of South Ossetia and Abkhazia, where firmness and perseverance led to independence. In addition, it is possible that the factor of Armenian Javakhetia will be used, there are also areas of compact residence of Azerbaijanis. In Georgia, it is quite possible to play the card of nationalism and separatism. The only question is whether Washington is ready for this, is it time for the “Moor” to be removed or not yet.

Will there be a coup?

It does not depend on the Georgians themselves, the decision is made in Washington. If there they decide that the revolution in Georgia fits into the wave of the Arab turmoil and the scenario of the “arc of fire” in Eurasia in general, then Saakashvili is doomed. He will be another puppet, which was dropped, using all its capabilities. But did Saakashvili do everything, if he didn’t do anything wrong with the Russian Federation, they could leave him alone.

In addition, the Georgian opposition may soon "run out of steam", whether they can hold out for more than a few days is a big question.

What will happen to Georgia if the revolution is successful

There are no miracles to wait for, the economy of Georgia "lies", it can be saved only by the restoration of strong ties with Russia. But the new leaders of Georgia are unlikely to go for it, the policy of “sitting on two chairs” is likely to continue, they will flirt simultaneously with Moscow and Washington, and not forget about Europe. Abkhazia and South Ossetia will not be included back into Georgia, it’s a fact, they are separated by blood. The maximum that will happen - the intensity of anti-Russian hysteria will subside, but the general orientation to the West will remain, as in Ukraine. Yanukovych promised a lot of things, to the extent that Russian will become the second state language of the state, but the output is the same anti-Russian policy, only without exacerbations.

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