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Ekaterinburg Artillery Institute will close

Ekaterinburg Artillery Institute will closeYekaterinburg Artillery Institute may close this year. The order on the elimination of the university signed by the Minister of Defense Anatoly Serdyukov. Some cadets have already been transferred to St. Petersburg and there will not be a new recruitment this year. And most of the officers and teachers will be reduced, admit to the university. Instead of the institute, the Sverdlovsk authorities want to create a center for patriotic education of youth, but these plans depend on the Ministry of Defense. Details - in the material "New Region".

The Yekaterinburg Artillery Institute - the alma mater of many politicians and businessmen will close this year. Several sources told about this to “New Region”. According to them, the order to close the institute has already been signed by Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov. Thus, the closure of the university is likely to occur not in 2012 (as previously assumed, approx. HP), but this year, the agency interlocutors say. For the same reason, a set of applicants to the school this year is not carried out. Soon the Artillery Academy in St. Petersburg will become the only Russian training center for training officers for rocket forces and artillery.

Today, the deputy head of the institute for educational work, Lieutenant Colonel Vladislav Tremasov, confirmed the information on the closure of the EKAI to the agency. “We have not heard anything about Serdyukov’s order, maybe he signed it. But so far we have no such information. But the fact that the institute is closed is for sure. Two years ago we transferred first and second year cadets to St. Petersburg. Now everyone is waiting for the government’s decision to close the institute, ”says Vladislav Tremasov.

The institute does not hide: among the officers and teachers reigning decadent mood. This is not surprising - in the Mikhailovsky Academy in St. Petersburg there will be places only for the elect, so the rest of the officers will most likely have to leave the army - in other parts no one expects them. “There is no information. We are preparing for the disbandment, waiting for the order. I need a government decree - I can’t say anything more. The plans of the government and the Ministry of Defense people perceived poorly. If the school is reduced, all positions will also be reduced, ”adds Lieutenant Colonel Tremasov.

Meanwhile, as it became known to Novy Region, the authorities of the Sverdlovsk region have already appealed to the leadership of the Russian Defense Ministry with a request to transfer the buildings and the territory of the EKAI to create a regional center of patriotic education there. An official familiar with these plans said that the concept had been worked out within the framework of the target program on patriotic education. “The institute’s training base is good, the territory is also near the Uktussky Mountains. All this is ideally suited for military-patriotic games, ”said the interlocutor of the“ New Region ”.

The plans to create a center of patriotic education on the basis of the ECAI for the correspondent of “New Region” were officially confirmed today by the governor Alexander Misharin. “Now we are conducting preliminary negotiations with the Ministry of Defense on this matter. So far the issue has not been resolved, but we have such intentions, ”the governor explained. According to Misharin, such issues are not resolved quickly - therefore, a quick result can be expected only in rare cases. "New Region" will be watching developments.

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  1. datur
    datur 24 May 2011 14: 00
    Taburetkin and the company are advancing on all fronts and would not care at all. case full seams !!
  2. Petrol
    Petrol 24 May 2011 17: 57
    Some of the classics said "who does not want to take care of his army, he will feed someone else's" fellow
    1. Kavkaz
      Kavkaz 24 May 2011 18: 35
      Napoleon, it said ...
  3. stepan
    stepan 25 May 2011 09: 21
    World practice suggests that there is no need for so many officers. But of course, we have no appeal to world experience in these decisions, it’s just that the gut is thin like Lukashenka to build up all the local princes in the country and instead of 90 data regions from 100 to make 100% profitable regions, then money would be build a normal patriotic club for children and reprofiling the institute to create railguns and other high-tech equipment. In the meantime, the country of fools.
  4. PSih2097
    PSih2097 25 May 2011 20: 08
    it’s still being decided what to close, the Smolensk Air Defense Forces Air Defense Forces or the Yaroslavl Institute for Air Defense.