Ten reasons to hate the form of Yudashkin

The soldiers listed Rosbalt with ten reasons why the Russian “Yudashkin” field uniform was hated by the Russian army. The command of the army sees no cause for concern.

The form “from Yudashkin” is not as bad as it is said about it, it is just the wrong way to wear it. About this at a press conference in St. Petersburg, said the commander of the Western Military District, Colonel-General Arkady Bakhin. Reporter "Rosbalt" talked with the soldiers who are now forced to wear this uniform, and summarized the claims to it.

Claim # 1. The material from which the “Yudashkin form” is made is less dense and less durable than that used in the form of the old sample. The paint also keeps on it a lot worse. Therefore, soldiers complain that the new fabric breaks more often and fades much more quickly after washing.

“There is an opportunity to compare, because we are now wearing both versions of the form. So, the new one has already faded and has torn, and the old one is keeping up with dignity, ”the soldiers say.

Claim # 2. The seams of the new form are disgustingly fulfilled - they crawl away wherever there is even the slightest tension, i.e. on pockets, armpits, etc. Most likely, this is due to the poor quality of the threads that were used when sewing the form.

“Once a week, it is necessary to hem the stitches, otherwise the form will crawl completely,” soldiers complain.

Claim # 3. In the new form for fixing pockets and epaulettes velcro are used. These velcro were of extremely poor quality - wool, for which velcro hooks cling, splits and spreads, as a result, the velcro ceases to hold.

“We have to sew epaulets with thread, and sew buttons on the pockets in order to preserve their contents,” the soldiers explained to Rosbalt.

Claim # 4. Buttons that are used in the new form are defective - their internal lintels are made with sharp edges that fray the threads. As a result, where buttons are often used, for example, on jackets, they fly off in a couple of weeks and have to be sewn again.

“We have to constantly sew on buttons, but they again and again fray the threads with which they are sewn. It was necessary to think of it, sew such stupid buttons on an army uniform! ”, The soldiers are indignant.

Claim # 5. In the new form, indeed, it is very cold, even in a pea jacket. The reason is that in the old form a high fur collar was used, which, when cooling and wind, the soldiers raised up. In the new form, the collar is very short and does not even cover the neck, so the soldiers freeze in the cold and in the wind.

“The new form is suitable for cold weather until late autumn, it protects from rain, there is a hood. But in the frost over 15 degrees it is useless - you freeze it very quickly, ”the soldiers explained.

Claim # 6. “Bertsy”, high lace-up boots, are nice and comfortable, but not in winter. In winter, the feet in them are very cold and at the same time soak from sweat.

“Those who have the opportunity to wear boots with footcloths, wear them in winter, because the boots are warmer and more comfortable. Bertsy thin, and even with a winter insole freeze through instantly, “- said the soldiers.

Claim # 7. Trouser pockets in the new form are located on the hips. This is probably beautiful, but in the army it turned out to be non-functional.

“We recently participated in exercises. So, it cost us once in the field to crawl in their bellies like all thigh pockets just fell off, ”the soldiers complained.

Claim # 8. In the new form, shoulder straps are not located on the shoulders, as before, but in front, on the chest and forearm, according to the pattern adopted by NATO.

“We don’t know how to join NATO, and we have embarrassments as a result - it’s impossible to identify from the back, a soldier in front of you or an officer, no insignia. This is very inconvenient, ”the soldiers explained.

Claim # 9. The army charter assumes uniform wearing of a form, however for the form from Yudashkin the decision is still not found how to wear a trouser belt and a single-breasted coat. In some parts, the belt is worn over a pea coat, in others they are hung on trousers. The reason is that the jacket from Yudashkin does not involve the use of a belt, but according to the old Statutes, the belt should still be fastened from the top. In addition, it is surprising that in the new form the tunic has to be refilled in trousers.

“In our part, the belt is worn under a jacket, and the jacket is not charged, but when we come to other parts, for example, to the teachings, we have to do it as it is accepted there. But in the army everything should be according to the Charter, and not according to the concepts, ”the soldiers are surprised.

Claim # 10. The latest claim is price. According to various sources, the cost of a new form exceeds the cost of the old one by three to four times. The army leadership explains the high cost of the new form by “the use of advanced technologies, the latest materials and progressive design and technical solutions by manufacturers”, as well as the cost of services renowned fashion designers.

On the eve of Defender of Fatherland Day, all the participants of the “new army uniform” project - producers of crappy threads, suppliers of low-quality accessories and a separate eminent couturier were asked to convey ardent greetings and various wishes that we will not give here for censorship reasons.
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