Project 11437 - heavy aircraft carrying cruiser "Ulyanovsk"

Design work on the first full-fledged aircraft carrier with a nuclear power plant began in 1973. the development of an aircraft carrier project 1153, which involved the deployment of aircraft launched with the help of a catapult - MiG-23K fighter jets and Su-25K attack aircraft. The ship's displacement was 80000 tons and the size of the air group - 70 aircraft.

The death of Marshal Grechko, the Minister of Defense, who supported this project and the entry of Marshal Ustinov, who was not his supporter, to this post, caused the suspension and cancellation of its implementation in 1983.

The development of the heavy aircraft-carrying cruiser of the 1143.7 Ulyanovsk project began in the Nevsky Design Bureau in 1984, under the leadership of L.V. Belov (later replaced by Yu.M. Varfolomeev). The design took into account the experience of developing an aircraft carrier project 1160. It was supposed to build a ship 4. October 4 1988 of the head Ulyanovsk (serial number XXUMX) was included in the lists of the Navy and November 107 ships laid at the Black Sea Shipbuilding Plant No. XXUMX in Nikolaev. Entry into service was planned for December 25.

Project 11437 - heavy aircraft carrying cruiser "Ulyanovsk"

The Ulyanovsk differed from the previous TAVKRs by the atomic power plant, the increased dimensions of the flight deck, springboard (vanishing angle 14 °) and two steam catapults (90 long). The ship had a high-breasted hull, made of steel along a longitudinal set system. The case was divided into 20 waterproof compartments. Superstructure ("island") was located on the starboard side. The booking system included box-shaped protection of ammunition cellars and anti-torpedo protection. The power plant consisted of 4 turbines and 4 reactors with a thermal capacity of 305 MW. Provision was made for auxiliary boilers capable of providing the ship with an 10 tie during a shut-down reactor. The source of electricity is the generator power 27000 kW. On board could be based up to 70 airplanes and helicopters: 20 MiG-29K, 25 Su-33, 8 Yak-44, 15 Ka-27PL, 2 Ka-27PS. For storage of the aircraft below deck, there was a hangar of size 175x32x7,9 m. They climbed to the flight deck using 3 lifts with a payload of 50 t (2 on the starboard and 1 on the left). In the stern part was placed the optical landing system "Moon".

Armament of the ship was to consist of 16 launchers protikokorabelnyh missiles "Granit", 4 installations SAM SM-9, 8 launchers "Dagger" (later "Broadsword"), 2 jet bombomotov RBU-12000, 8 six-barreled 30-mm gun mounts AK -630M. The radio equipment consisted of: Tron Diplomant CMS, Mars-Passat multifunctional complex, Podberezovik three-dimensional radar, Podkat-M low-flying target detection radar, Andromed navigation system, Tsentavr space communications system, Radar flight control "Resistor" and guidance system of fighter "Gazon", EW station "Sozvezdie-BR", GAS "Zvezda-M1".

With the advent of the Ulyanovsk TAKR, the domestic shipbuilding went global. In combat effectiveness, the ship could be quite comparable with American aircraft carriers of the Nimitz type and significantly outperform the French Charles de Gaulle.

The ship's hull was almost formed, but after the cessation of funding, it was 1 of November 1991 of the year was removed from construction (at 20% technical readiness) and excluded from the lists of ships of the Navy. 5 February 1992 of the year, on the orders of the President of Ukraine Kravchuk, began cutting his hull on the stockpile into metal (ended on October 29). I went to the smelter and metal for the second ship.

Performance characteristics

Displacement: 85000 t
according to other data: standard - 60000 t, full - 79758 t
Length: 323,7 m
on the waterline 302,6 m
Width: 39,5 m
Draft: about 10,7 m
Flight deck length: 323,7 m

Flight deck width: 75,5 m

Power plant
Type: Nuclear power plant (4-e reactor, 4 steam turbines)
Number of shafts: 4
Power: about 240000 hp
Speed, cruising range
Speed: 30 knots
Sailing range: n.d.
Autonomy: n.d.

Near 80 (according to other 60-85 data) of airplanes and helicopters
(Su-27, Su-25, Ka-32, Yak-44 (DRLO))
16 PU PKRK "Granit"
4 x 6 PU ZRK SM-9 (192 missiles)
8 x 30-mm 6-ti anti-aircraft guns AK-630M
8 installations of the Dirk complex (each with 2 x 30-mm guns and 3М-88 anti-aircraft missiles, 256 missiles, 48000 shells)
2 PU anti-submarine and anti-torpedo complex RPK-5 / Boa-1 (60 missiles)
2 catapult.

Other information
Team: - About 2300 people. navy officers and sailors
- About 1500 people. flight technical composition.

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Film of the USSR Ministry of Defense about the TAKR “Admiral of the Fleet of the Soviet Union Kuznetsov”, a different project (11435), but it’s worth seeing.

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