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NANOsociate Apocalypse

In recent years, the US Department of Defense under the NNI program has generously sponsored an enormous number of developments related to nanoelectronics, nanophotonics, and nanomagnetic materials. These terms are relatively new, they have replaced the last technological names. However, despite the fact that today nanodevices are pouring out of a horn of plenty, there is still no standard in the world that exactly describes what nanotechnology and nanoproducts really are.

from ISN

In the US federal program NNI (“National Nanotechnology Initiative”, “National Nanotechnology Initiative”) is attended by many structures that support specific areas of nanoscale research. Nevertheless, the US Armed Forces, which invest in nanotechnology development centers around the world, play a decisive role there. In fact, they are elements of the American National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Research (National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network) and the Network for Computational Nanotechnology.

In particular, the CRDF Global (an independent non-profit organization promoting the development of international scientific and technical cooperation) and Intas (International Non-Commercial Association for the Promotion of Cooperation with Scientists of the Newly Independent States of the Former Soviet Union) Support with finances (as well as materials and technical assistance) Institute of Magnetism (IMAG) of the National Academy of Sciences and Taras Shevchenko National University in Kiev (faculty of radiophysics). Researchers at Kiev universities contribute to the American nanoscience and work in collaboration with scientists from the United States, many of whom come from post-Soviet republics. And in their research reports it is stated: they say, the sponsor is the US Army (U.S. Army TARDEC, 6501 East Eleven Mile Rd, Warren, Michigan 48397-5000). Also in the general company with them work and nano-developers who served previously or continue to serve in the US Armed Forces.

Photos from the website of the Institute of Magnetism of the National Academy of Sciences

For example, Thomas Meitzler, Senior Fellow, Department of Physics, University of Auckland (Department of Physics, Oakland University, Michigan, USA), serves in tank US troops. And from 2004 to 2008 he worked as a research engineer at the Kennedy Space Center with the US Army. According to information posted on the Internet, Meitzler, together with Ukrainian scientists, is currently engaged in nanoelectronics and spintronics. NNI has recently been paying increased interest to research in these areas.

Hyperstealth and Photo-Stealth:
digital camouflage, invisible tanks and missiles

Spintronics and nanoelectronics are aimed at developing new-generation electronic devices that, in addition, provide higher speed and power, as well as invisibility. Just at the University of Michigan, on the basis of powerful laboratories, they are puzzled over the creation of a universal “invisibility cloak”. And not only for people, but also for military equipment.

Video of the American TV channel CNN, telling about the "hyperstealth" technology. "Invisibility Cloak", able to hide from the eyes of not only people, but also military equipment.

Photos from

And at the Massachusetts technological alma mater, the Institute of Army Nanotechnology functions (Institute for Soldier Nanotechnology), created on the initiative and support of the same US Armed Forces. The results of research and development are already used in the infantry, the Navy and the United States Air Force to increase the combat capability of the army. These include the so-called "digital camouflage", which has recently become officially used by the US Army in Afghanistan and Syria. American soldiers are dressed in a chameleon military form of new materials that can change the "color" to the color of the area:




Video. Secrets of camouflage.

The United States also widely advertises nano-medical approaches (financed, among other things, by the National Institutes of Health). Naturally, research in the field of nanotechnology can be used not only for the diagnosis, prevention, treatment of dangerous diseases and the development of new medical and biological equipment, but also for military purposes. Starting from “fast-healing wounds,” based on tissue engineering, and ending with nanobacteria, which are not destroyed either by antibiotics, pathogens, or gamma radiation.

By the way, a striking feature of nanotechnology, among other advantages, is their use absolutely in any industry. This means that in many cases an invention created for peaceful, civilian purposes can easily be applied in the military industry, and vice versa. For example, some military developments are related to the latest types of catalysts, sensors, solar panels, energy devices and means of protection from chemical, biological or radiological weapons.

A photo. Using "Photo-Stealth" on the example of a military aircraft (from the site

Are the scientific staff members contributing to NNI aware that their research work is already being applied or will soon be applied in the military industry? I think that's fine. At one time, in 1945, this “wolf in sheep's clothing” question became the subject of heated debate after the United States, at the final stage of World War II, dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Later, in 1973, the Mansfield Amendment came out, which imposed restrictions on many studies funded through DARPA (Originally - ARPA), a US Department of Defense agency responsible for developing new technologies for use in the military. In other words, the US Department of Defense has no legal right to pay for “purely scientific” projects and research. Therefore, all nanotechnological developments are designed exclusively for military purposes.

A photo. Japanese tragedy (from the site

Unforgivable recklessness - to believe that technological revolutions are intended solely for the universal progress of mankind. Scientific advances, as usual, only benefit one, and damage and loss to others. Sponsoring the United States of numerous centers and programs that study nanotechnology, suggests that this is a kind of tacit call for the use of nanotechnology in military conflicts. And Washington, if they wish, will arrange it in two accounts, there is experience.

The latest military nanosti

The command of the US Army has signed a contract with the American company Lockheed Martin for the development, production and testing of a 60 kilowatt combat fiber laser, the company said. In the future, such weapons will be used to destroy unguided missiles, artillery shells, mortar shells and unmanned aerial vehicles.
Advanced Tactics Inc. made the first test flight of the AT Black Knight Transformer flying transformer.

Raytheon has created a new chip for next-generation miniature night vision systems. It can be used in almost an unlimited number of applications, ranging from cameras of children's toys and ending with control systems of "smart" cars.
NASA experts plan to test the aircraft for the delivery of astronauts and payload to Mars; a message about this is contained on the NASA website. The devices are saucer-shaped and are designed to provide spacecraft braking in a rarefied Martian atmosphere.
Visteon Corporation has developed, created and presented to the public a prototype of an automotive instrument panel called Horizon. Three relatively new technologies were combined in this panel, including the spatial recognition of gestures and human hand movements that can fundamentally change how the driver can control some of the functions and systems of his vehicle.
Scientists working within the framework of the international project FANTOM5, in which more than 250 participants from 20 from various countries are involved, have created the most accurate and extensive “map” on which all functions of individual genes and parts of the human genome are plotted.
Researchers from South Korea have created tiny flexible electronic devices that can be synthesized in one technological step and which can be attached to various living things, including insects and plants. Cyborg-turned, these living things can act as living sensors that can detect various chemicals and monitor the state of the environment.

Scientists from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (Institute of Standards and Technology, NIST) have developed carbon nanotubes that can act as an effective defense against chemical weapons.
The American company Logos Technologies has received funding from the Pentagon Advanced Research Programs Directorate DARPA to develop a silent electric-electric motorcycle focused on military use. As a result of this program, the military should have at their disposal a two-wheeled vehicle that will allow them not only to travel quickly over long distances, using the advantages of a hybrid propulsion system, but also quietly and imperceptibly moving through the territories occupied by the enemy, moving exclusively on electric propulsion.

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        Quote: MOISEY
        And soon the Russian-Chinese strap will come to visit the bully kid.

        It’s better to remove the harmful toy from the child, tobish a green candy wrapper and a printing press and send it to workout WORK for the benefit of yourself and people!
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      They have taken away scientists for a long time ...
  2. silberwolf88
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    Well ... you need to soberly assess the possibilities of the new time ... and prepare adequate answers ...
    One of them may be a powerful electromagnetic pulse ... which disables all radio electronics ... all these nanorobots ...
    It is worth noting ... that the invisible in one spectrum ... is perfectly observable in other ranges ... so it is all about adequate responses to the threats and challenges of the time.
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    Chubais would send them, let ALL s @ shit!
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    I read it, I was already taken aback! Science, like beauty, is a terrible force! Worse, all the latest goes first to the "defense industry", and only then, after a fairly long time, goes into widespread, public use! Sad, like that! It would be better, more wonderful, more humane to use all the "know-how" for the needs of mankind: production, medicine, living conditions ...! But you never know! But apparently, I'm just a dreamer, I just dream of the impossible, alas!
    1. saber1357
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      This little article has nothing in common with science. And with technology too. And it deals with the same trivial PR of something that is not - like the so-called. SDI Star Wars systems in the 1980s. So where is she, SDI? No, but the USSR "rulers" of the SDI got scared and now there is no USSR. The video shows handicraft models of something there, they have been shown for 10 years already, knocking out grants.

      Friends, you do not know well Americans, especially the paranoid types from DARPA. If they really have something, they will keep it in the strictest confidence and increase production. If not, then we read such articles, because the information war is also a war. Or about lasers, which at a distance of 3 m undermine a shell mounted on a bed, etc.
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    Well, no one forbids fantasizing :)
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    And what will Comrade Chubais say?
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      Quote: Bayonet
      what comrade Chubais will say
      nanotechnology in such reliable hands - don't break free!
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    On the NANO of the Apocalypse riders we have the NANOtolik,
    Apocalypse is also not badly understood.
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    Oh, how many miraculous discoveries the spirit prepares for enlightenment - the genius A.S. Pushkin. Science is moving forward, we would really not be far behind.
  9. Ruswolf
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    Giant thought
    Oh, how many miraculous discoveries the spirit prepares for enlightenment - the genius A.S. Pushkin. Science is moving forward, we would really not be far behind.

    Thanks to the sanctions, I think that "We will catch up and overtake"!
    There is no one to buy. It's time to do it yourself. Stop lying on the stove and wait for the good gentleman, who will sell it.
  10. made13
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    The nanotechnology race is reminiscent of Cold War SDI. Perhaps this is a dummy aimed at Russia directing funds into unpromising projects.
    1. knn54
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      -made13: Maybe it's a dummy ...
      No, not a dummy. After 10 years, there will be more. At one time, computers were considered akin to fiction. But the West, first of all, uses these achievements for provocations and frauds.
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  11. Victor-M
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    The most important and irreplaceable resource on earth is scientists, that's who it is necessary to fight for and in whom to invest, and natural raw materials are just material.
  12. A1L9E4K9S
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    And how are our nanotechnologies doing, not all the billions have yet been stolen by the Red Donkey, or is DAM constantly replenishing the feeder?
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    Do you know that Prokhorov, the one who merged the E-mobile, now joined the Rusnano board of directors? !!!!!!!!
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      great idea. By the way, China and Russia are clearly cooperating for this. and scientists where they pay more will go there. proven over the centuries.