Syrian troops occupied the city of Nava

According to the ITAR-TASS, with a link to news Al-Watan service, a Syrian military entered the city of Nava, located southeast of Damascus, and began clearing neighborhoods. It is noted that a lightning operation with massive artillery strikes and aviation "Completely demoralized the enemy." Opposition commanders turned to rebels from other provinces for help.

The troops managed to block the attempts of the Islamic Front’s Mujahideen to get to Nava from the city of Deraa, located 110 kilometers from Damascus on the border with Jordan. As a result of the clash, the militants "suffered heavy losses in manpower and equipment."

The Syrian military offensive began on May 17. At the moment, there are fights over the heights of El Jumua in the hilly region on the border of the provinces of Quneitra and Dera'a.

Artillery shelling of the positions of the rebels in the west of Damascus on the outskirts of Daray continues. In addition, an operation is being conducted against the Islamists in Mlikh and Jubar. Here the Syrian military liberated several buildings. Aviation attacks involving Jisrin and Ain-Terma. The military managed to detect and destroy the underground tunnel that connected Ain-Terma and the surrounded militant base in Jubara.

According to Governor Homs Talal al-Barrazi, negotiations are currently underway with militants who sat down in the suburb of Vahar and settlements of Rastan, Talbis and Dar-el-Kabir, where they are discussing the complete surrender of armed formations in the territory of this central province.

Negotiations are held with the participation of spiritual leaders and elders. An agreement has already been reached on disarming over the 400 rebels in the Teir Maale area.
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  1. -4
    21 May 2014
    Today they took it ... tomorrow they will give it back ... the day after tomorrow they will take it again .. you can’t see the end and the edge.
    1. +7
      21 May 2014
      Do not tell me, the opposition, recently, began to lose.
      1. 0
        22 May 2014
        Because the tactics have changed, you have noticed now they are trying to agree on the surrender of the militants, before they were only chopped to victory.
    2. +5
      21 May 2014
      For Syria without mercenaries !!! For Bashar!
      1. +3
        21 May 2014
        Comrades, well done ...
    3. +3
      21 May 2014
      The fact that Assad’s troops are actively squeezing American mercenaries is great.
    4. +1
      21 May 2014
      For the last quarter, the army surrendered only one city to Adra, or rather, there was no army at all. Now Adra is 80% released. In fact, this is the northeastern suburb of Damascus.
    5. +2
      21 May 2014
      Arab media: one of the leaders of ISIS Abu Umar Al-Shishani was killed in Syria

      On the eve, a number of Arab (primarily Lebanese) media disseminated information that a Chechen terrorist and one of the leaders of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS), Abu Umar Al-Shishani, had been killed in northern Syria.

      According to these reports, Abu Umar was seriously injured on May 17 or 18 during the fighting in the Akerbat region of Hama province. From there he was taken to the hospital in Racca, where he died on May 20, 2014.

      Born, according to various sources, in Ingushetia or Georgia, the Kist Chechen Abu Umar Ash-Shishani has taken one of the leading positions in the ISIS hierarchy due to the high combat capability of his "brigade", the backbone of which are people from the Russian North Caucasus.

      Islamist sources have not yet confirmed the death of their leader. Abu Umar Al-Shishani has already been "killed" twice (including the "Military Observer" wrote about this). The first time his death was reported in February 2013, the second - at the end of September of the same year. Each time it turned out that the information about the death of the Chechen field commander did not correspond to reality.

  2. +5
    21 May 2014
    Syrians are pleased. Obama turns pale! laughing
    1. +2
      21 May 2014
      Yes, in the course of the United States still frog up to Syria, and Turkey does not send its mercenaries to fight. Apparently, after all, the support of Russia and China is forcing Syrian oppositionists to put in their pants.
      1. +4
        21 May 2014
        In Turkey, other problems drew up; they were not up to Syria. Especially recently.

        In Qatar, they switched to Iraq - where ISIS already controls 1 / 3 countries, although it is a deserted west, but also feels confident in 12 miles from Baghdad and holds parades. apostates crucifies in squares.

        SA, UAE and Bahrain - blocked the supply of oxygen against the background of graters with Qatar, which Alah Babahs are true fighters, and which are unworthy of their help.

        That’s broken. ISIS retreated to Raqqa and crossed the main forces into Iraq. Many radicals who held the northern and eastern fronts withdrew from ISIS. In the South, as a result of the transfer of basic resources from Syria to Iraq, Qatar, there are fewer reinforcements of mercenaries and weapons in Daraa. SSA is being supplied to the North - but sluggishly and the influx of reinforcements has sharply decreased. This is where the fracture comes from. However, while in Aleppo they are still strong.

        Here, the main thing is that the ISIS is not breaking the IRAQ right now. And everything is bad there, theirs WHO comes out at times worse than even the ATO Avakov with Turichnov. Yes, and ISIS is not Strelkov, there are all the prisoners at once at the expense of "Takbir".
  3. +7
    21 May 2014
    Sincerely happy for the Syrians! God grant them complete victory over these contraceptivescalled airships! I hope offices manage to work both on the Ukrainian and on the Syrian fronts!
    1. +4
      21 May 2014
      I, too, am glad that Assad is HOLDING AND DOES NOT GIVE UP .... and, with limited capabilities, still defeats the enemy.

      But let's look at the root .. first of all, it’s clear that the flow of support to the militants has decreased from the WEST and the SAUDITS, it seems to them that it is too dangerous to flirt with the radical forces and here UKRAINE with its crisis has greatly affected the balance of power.

      Although I think the West will still try to overthrow ASAD in any way.
  4. +2
    21 May 2014
    the successes of Assad's army rained down just like from a "horn of plenty," the West and the Saudis will burst with frustration
  5. +4
    21 May 2014
    Good news from the Second Front.
  6. +3
    21 May 2014
    How many of these militants have been crushed there over the years ..? Assad promised that by the end of the year everything will be over ... I would rather! I feel sorry for the children ...
  7. +2
    21 May 2014
    We must help Syria in every possible way ... this is an important and perhaps our only partner in this region.
  8. +2
    21 May 2014
    There are various options for peace, but the fact that the Syrians are liberating the cities is a fact, an example for New Russia. Well done!
  9. +2
    21 May 2014
    In Syria, the opposition (what the hell is the opposition, mercenaries from around the world) began clashes between themselves over the possession of oil fields, even a representative of Washington came with a peacekeeping mission. Assad is only on hand.
  10. +1
    21 May 2014
    "But let's look at the root ... first of all, it is clear that the flow of support for the militants has decreased from the WEST and the SAUDITS, apparently they realized that it is too dangerous to flirt with radical forces, and then Ukraine, with its crisis, greatly influenced the balance of power." So maybe there is already no one to send? how many of these freaks have already been buried in the ground
  11. +3
    21 May 2014
    I am glad for the Syrian army, since it’s going to negotiations, it means that the bandits are doing very badly. Assad sweep away this evil from the country as soon as possible
  12. +1
    21 May 2014
    Well done, the Syrians! Continue to beat the enemy mercilessly, the more you hammer them, the better, and we will be calmer in the soul in the end.
  13. +1
    21 May 2014
    Good news. It is necessary to send as many of our Chechens and others to the ranks of the Syrian militants. The Syrian army will do the work of our special services.
  14. +2
    21 May 2014
    Success to Assad and the Syrian people.
  15. +2
    21 May 2014
    Quote: kit-kat
    Good news. It is necessary to send as many of our Chechens and others to the ranks of the Syrian militants. The Syrian army will do the work of our special services.

    More modern weapons should be sent to Syria (after all, the States and Turkey are not shy about arming militants - mercenaries !!) And more for urban battles, to modernize tanks and infantry fighting vehicles !!!
  16. 0
    21 May 2014
    Faster in Syria, the war would end and faster in Syria would recover from the economic abyss. And it’s easier for us and Syria will get stronger more, and this is our most prominent ally in the Middle East.
    Right now in Libya, they can even destroy the radicals and more or less the world will recover, although there the pro-American leader is at the head, but at least some and with whom you can then negotiate.
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. 0
      21 May 2014
      It was not for this that they began to finish quickly. Where NATO has trodden down, there will never be peace. Afghanistan, Iraq, now Ukraine. Unstable Yugoslavia is in stock, although it was the former with the same Romania. It is easier for the main cheater to change the rules during the game on the headstock. Those who disagree on a helicopter and at sea, in a noose or cuttings in the anus to death. NATO is the shield and sword of the world oligarchy. They need vital instability in the world. In troubled waters ... you know what.
  17. Leshka
    21 May 2014
    well done syrians

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