Libyan General Khalifa Haftar received support from Tripoli National Security Administration

According to the ITAR-TASS, with reference to the TV channel Al-Arabia, the leadership of Tripoli’s national security administration supported the rebellious General Khalif Haftar, who began a large-scale operation against groups of radical Libyan Islamists.

Last Friday, the Libyan National Army, headed by Haftar, attacked the radical Islamists in Benghazi. During the clashes killed a few dozen people. These actions were condemned by the leaders of the interim parliament of Libya - the General National Congress (WPC), including the commander in chief of the Libyan armed forces, Nuri Abu Sakhmain, who is actively supported by the Islamists. He called the incident "coup attempt", promising to begin the prosecution of all participants.

Meanwhile, the initiative of the rebellious military leader was supported by many regular army and security forces, as well as semi-official detachments of former revolutionaries. On the side of Haftar crossed Zawan brigades of Sawaiq and Al-Kaak, detachments of eastern militias of the Cyrenaica region, an air base in Tobruk, as well as army special forces Al-Sahik from Benghazi, which is considered one of the most combat-ready units of the Libyan army.

Previously, supporters of Haftar declared the suspension of the work of the OWC, transferring “limited” powers to the 60 Council (the Constitutional Assembly ”, which will create the new legislation of the country and prepare parliamentary and presidential elections. However, the congress, which has strong positions of the Muslim Brotherhood, refused to comply with this decision by convening a regular session.

The Provisional Parliament is supported by the pro-Islamist Operational Headquarters of the Libyan Revolutionaries, the 17 Brigade, Ansar Al-Shariya and several smaller formations that have already made it clear that they are not going to surrender without a fight.
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  1. +3
    21 May 2014
    Here is another thick hint to all politicians and security forces of Ukraine - think again, otherwise you will have to disentangle the bloody porridge no less terrible than in Libya.
    1. 0
      21 May 2014
      As I said earlier, the Egyptian version will pass with the overthrow of the Islamists and the arrival of the military.
  2. +6
    21 May 2014
    Libyan Civil War - Round Two!
    1. +5
      21 May 2014
      Quote: serega.fedotov
      Libyan Civil War - Round Two!

      Yes, no, it’s just that democracy has already stood up to people’s throat. Here they decided to overthrow it ....
    2. +3
      21 May 2014
      Quote: serega.fedotov
      Libyan Civil War - Round Two!

      There was a country of Libya, quite prosperous. The Americans came ...
  3. +4
    21 May 2014
    Gaddafi's spirit is ALIVE! And the prostitutes who betrayed Libya for the smelly grandmothers from the USA will answer in full! Forward general wink
  4. +2
    21 May 2014
    Let the general take revenge on Mubarak for these mongrels of the State Department! Although I’m not a fan of Gaddafi, the social network in his country was envious of many developed countries and, most importantly, led an independent policy (the truth is crossed ..)
  5. +7
    21 May 2014
    It's time, as in Egypt, to get out from under the yoke of the Muslim Brotherhood. This is a U.S. CIA project - take off their bargaining power and take it into your own hands.
  6. +2
    21 May 2014
    Yes, people just realized that "democracy" in the American way is the dictatorship and terror of those who lick the US ass with all the other consequences: they can plant, shoot, hang - they can get away with it. So they don't want to put up with it. Especially the former military (we remember perestroika and those times when lieutenant colonels in taxis and guards worked part-time) who, instead of defenders of the homeland, suddenly became bitches and p-sami.
    So we assume that this is a normal reaction of a healthy body.
  7. 0
    21 May 2014
    People, however, are not all so stupidly ... bombarded as in dill, there are sober minds as well. They are not blind and see what the vaunted Pindo ... democracy brings to them.
  8. +3
    21 May 2014
    I am extremely interested in who General Havtor works for ... it is unlikely that we are dealing with a second Gaddafi ... and a convinced person ... somehow I do not really believe in this.
    It seems ... that the Western countries and the USA are not satisfied with the strengthening of radical Islamism (see Egypt for example) ... and they begin to implement Plan B ... moderate (well, everything in the World is relatively even among murderers and bandits) against radical Islamists .. .
    1. +1
      21 May 2014
      There was information that this general was disgraced under Colonel Gaddafi. That he himself is a CIA product. But if this is the only chance to end the chaos in the country, then so be it. Strong power is always better than the chaos of the Islamists.
  9. +1
    21 May 2014
    Where were these generals while Gaddafi was alive? They wanted the throne, but it turned out that it was not so easy to rule in 7 kingdoms. In general, as far as I understand, judging by the biography of this general, another State Department project, so that it is finally possible to pump oil safely, and that it turns out that Libya was bombed, democratized, and the damned Islamists do not allow oil to be pumped out, and even Kim Jong-un are trying to sell it mess!
    1. Luzhichanin
      21 May 2014
      Quote: Ek.Sektor
      Where were these generals while Gaddafi was alive?

      many of them immediately went over to the side of a donkey loaded with bags of gold.
  10. +2
    21 May 2014
    So the Libyan brawl begins, everything is as expected.
  11. +1
    21 May 2014
    It seems to have played enough in democracy and freedom from a tyrant. All the same, since it was no longer there, they profiled.

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