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In place of M16, which is not very suitable for urban combat conditions, a company from Israel IMI TAAS (Israel Military Industries) began developing in 90's weapons A new generation, using the now fashionable “bullpup” scheme. This is such a layout of small arms, where the magazine, the bolt and the firing mechanism are located behind the pistol grip with the trigger (usually inside the device). The big advantage of this scheme is that with certain dimensions of the weapon it is possible to increase the length of the barrel, and this means an increase in firing accuracy. Or, if it is necessary to maintain a given barrel length, it is possible to reduce the length of the rifle, thereby improving its weight, size and ergonomic performance. The disadvantages of this “bulpap” scheme are, as a rule, the location of the window for ejection of the sleeves, which is located close to the butt of the weapon (when firing from the left shoulder, the sleeves fly in front of the fighter) and heavy descent (through the additional element between the trigger and the trigger mechanism).

The new machine is not a processing or modernization of other weapons, but was created, as they say, from scratch.

In 1998, the results of the development of IMI TAAS, namely the new rifle, dubbed Tavor Assault Rifle for the 21st Century (TAR-21 -: “Tavor” twenty-first century assault rifle), were presented to the public. More precisely, a whole series of rifles was presented, ranging from the TAR-21 military model and its STAR-21 sniper performance with the barrel extended to 460 mm, the telescopic sight and the folding bipod to the compact MTAR-21 version with the 250-mm barrel for security services. Absolutely all the models of new weapons are designed for use of standard shops from M16 and for firing conventional NATO ammunition caliber 5,56 mm.

The body of the new rifle is made of durable polymeric materials and reinforced with inserts of light and steel alloys. The weapon developers abandoned the standard “mechanical” sight, equipping the rifle with an external sight of the collimator type with a built-in laser target designator. In order not to tire the soldiers with constant switching on and off, the sight turns on automatically when the shutter is twitched and turns off when the weapon needs to be unloaded. Now it is completed with a cheaper sight without a laser pointer.

Military experts attribute the Israeli new-generation assault rifle to an almost ideal weapon for fighting in the city - it came out easy and at the same time a quick-fire, as well as convenient when shooting offhand. The disadvantage is the high cost compared to the conventional M16. TAR-21 costs 10 times, or $ 1000.

In addition to Israel, TAR-21 are armed with special forces of the army of India and Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Brazil releases them under license.


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  1. datur
    datur 24 May 2011 12: 18
    LOVELY DEVICE FOR 1000 bucks. you need to learn from them to advertise and sell.
    1. SergeySK
      SergeySK 11 March 2012 12: 56
      We are selling "AK" of various modifications without any PR, such a quantity as with their PR all the manufacturers of plastic crafts taken together will not be able to master in rainbow dreams! !
  2. 77777
    77777 24 May 2011 18: 07
    Does M16 cost $ 100? And how much is AK and for example Abakan? Tabor $ 1000 costs in Israel, for other countries the cost is several times more expensive, as they said in the last video. Tavor is probably really a high-quality and convenient weapon, otherwise the Israeli army would not have taken it into service.
  3. Joker
    Joker 24 May 2011 18: 25
    The automation scheme is probably from Kalashnikov (i.e. galil).
    1. Oleg47
      Oleg47 26 May 2011 00: 54
      Galil is a hybrid of M16 and Kalashnikov. Nothing new.
      1. Sasha
        Sasha 26 May 2011 09: 49
        you don’t know why to speak ??? from M16 there is nothing there. from Kalash a lot.
        all Mlyn everybody knows. just to give a verdict.
      2. cVM
        cVM 21 August 2011 14: 18
        Galil 100 times more accurate and more powerful from M16 and AK
    2. Sasha
      Sasha 26 May 2011 09: 53
      bull up scheme, where there is Kalash or Galil, do not say nonsense. or according to you the very fact of the presence of the barrel and the trigger speaks of Kalash
      1. Joker
        Joker 26 May 2011 10: 40
        One of the versions of the A-91 assault rifle (type in the search engine A-91 bull pop) also provides for such a layout.

        On this machine - about 3 years ago, the news flashed in the press about the ongoing development in which much was used from the Gallil car, therefore the Kalash scheme is most likely.

        I could be wrong, but judging by the appearance, there is a "massive" (compared to another scheme, for example, M-16) gas outlet pipe, so most likely there is a Kalash-type stock.
        1. Sasha
          Sasha 26 May 2011 11: 25
          look at the fundamental difference 1. Kalash open shutter principle. in the circuit of the closed shutter. In addition, the machine is far from new (development began in 1992). and the fact that Kalash also developed such a scheme does not mean anything, many well-known concerns have developed automatic machines based on such a scheme.
  4. Oleg47
    Oleg47 26 May 2011 00: 51
    Tavor shit is a very strong return.
  5. Escander
    Escander 30 May 2011 20: 22
    I see nothing good except compactness in the bullpup scheme.
    As for the Tavor, it is yet another narrow specialization purely for Israeli needs, as in the case of Merkava.
  6. Bururuz
    Bururuz 24 June 2011 18: 20
    Does it remind me very much of a thunderstorm?
  7. cVM
    cVM 21 August 2011 14: 22
    if a dagger uses it, it means she is the best in the whole world, P.S. the girl in the video just shoots cool) better than a kid
  8. solitone
    solitone 29 December 2011 16: 26
    Tavor rifle with recoil less than AKM. The heap is higher, the withdrawal of the barrel is much less due to the rear mechanism. In the last picture with an M-21 sight of Israeli production. It is exported with other sights. The price is 1000-1200 dollars. With a sight, the price can double, depending on the sight.
  9. Messir woland
    Messir woland 21 July 2014 17: 21
    Friends .... and who among all of you held this rifle in your hands?
    and who held it immediately after the AK74 and M16?
    Yes, she has specifics, yes there is a return ... and what other rifles canceled it?
    But the barrel length, with a small rifle length, is very kosher ... and accuracy, respectively.
    The product turned out to be very suitable ... but, as noted, very expensive.