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Banana path

Banana pathIf the Supreme Radovtsy would love themselves, their children and grandchildren a little less, you know what they would do? They awarded the titles of Heroes of Ukraine to the leaders of the Donetsk Republic.

Are you kidding me? Clowning? Not at all, pure logic.

The second Maidan was made possible thanks to the success of the first. Then the crowd of the “enlightened ones” took the election commission hostage and forced them to recount the votes, not according to arithmetic rules, but by means of svidomy concepts. The frightened commission obeyed.

The second Maidan did not bother with the ballots, but immediately broke into the Rada with automatic weapons at the ready. The deputies who wished to live further, appointed the leader of the party that lost the election as president.

The rest were brought to the scene, having pressed the stars of Ukrainian, European and some Russian pop music. There they were put on their knees and were advised to pray before the eternal sleep, but then, so as not to shock the sponsors, they were released, having treated them with rifle butts.

If we compare these two events, it is easy to see how simplified the procedure of electing the president has been for nine years. And since in both cases the People “Kiev-style democracy” was shaval, then, obviously, one should soon expect the appearance of new Maidans.

And if, as is known, between the first and the second breaker is small, then the third, fourth and subsequent ones go by express - to the very white fever.

The next Maidan is booked on 26, after Petro Poroshenko, the popularly elected Bundestag and Congress, will be declared the winner. Timoshenko, who has not approached the State Department and his Brussels Euro-branch, is the organizer.

Mikolo, Petro, Necro, Narco, Pedo and others will easily gather for Euro and Julia Maidan. Any scumbags capable of gathering a couple of thousand boys with bats in the Square of Nezalezhnosti and a couple of dozen with sniper rifles will declare themselves the current government.

The Cossacks on the ground will have to cling to cracking chubas and watch in the barred window as the crowd storms the store, where the remains of the last interfallement remained.

It seems that everyone in Great Ukraine agrees with a similar scenario. All but the residents of the three regions. Only there were people who did not want a future for their children in Petliura-Makhnovsky Gulyaypole.

Some of them have already paid with their lives for their unwillingness to live in a country where presidents are overthrown by request from the White House, as in the banana republics praised by O'Henry.

What will happen to those who are still fighting is unknown. Against them, the whole "free world", which has the habit of spraying democracy from heavy bombers. For them, only one country that has a lot of its problems.

However, whatever happens, the Donetsk uprising will surely make the following maydanogeroy think. Minus one fifth of the territory after each rebellion - bad arithmetic.

In the meantime ... For now, the population of Ukraine is not up to the calculations. Some sit in the trenches in anticipation of feeding from the compassionate "separatists." Others are waiting for the promised container from Europe with lace panties (remember the most popular poster on the Web from Maidan?).

It would be nice to have a couple more bales of pants in the package. Their often alternating presidents of banana republics, for lack of trousers in the treasury, are worn with worn field marshal's camisoles.
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  1. sem-yak
    sem-yak 21 May 2014 07: 32
    A wedding in a robin is the main plot of ukrov life!
    1. Duke
      Duke 21 May 2014 07: 58
      Quote: sem-yak
      A wedding in a robin is the main plot of ukrov life!

    2. MOISEY
      MOISEY 21 May 2014 08: 22
      The comedy taking place in Ukraine was interrupted at first in a tragicomedy, and now in a tragedy. If nothing changes, then the collapse and feudal fragmentation with the specific princes and personal retinue, which Kolomoisky already has.
      1. CALL.
        CALL. 21 May 2014 08: 52
        The next Maidan is booked on the 26th, after the popularly elected Banderstag and Congress Petro Poroshenko will be declared the winner.

  2. StepanovTDSM
    StepanovTDSM 21 May 2014 07: 48
    And who is the composer?
  3. Vitaly Anisimov
    Vitaly Anisimov 21 May 2014 07: 53
    The second Maidan did not bother with the ballots, but immediately broke into the Rada with machine guns at the ready.

    The third on the maydown tanks will be ironed .. laughing Interesting article and funny and sad.
    1. Lk17619
      Lk17619 21 May 2014 08: 27
      Quote: MIKHAN
      The third on the maydown tanks will be ironed

      Did they still have tanks ???
      1. Lk17619
        Lk17619 21 May 2014 08: 41
        A couple of months ago it was like this:
    2. blizart
      blizart 21 May 2014 18: 36
      If you compare these two events, it is easy to see how simplified the procedure for the election of the president in nine years.
      A crow climbed a tree with cheese, then a fox from such bushes runs out, in balls !! On her head, something, grab the cheese and tick. Crow woke up and thinks: Not a damn fable reduced? !!
  4. Alll1
    Alll1 21 May 2014 08: 02
    "Minus one-fifth of the territory after each riot is bad arithmetic." - Good pace good
  5. falcon
    falcon 21 May 2014 08: 12
    The author is right. In Ukraine, there is a "developed" banana republic. All attributes are present:
    regular coups d'etat, pro-American puppet government,
    "death squads". "The wrong country was named Honduras .." (c) :))
    1. serega.fedotov
      serega.fedotov 21 May 2014 08: 23
      Only the South American countries in the days of "bananas" did not have any real industry, and the size compared to Ukraine is much smaller! And despite the regular coups, Latin America has been increasing its power. Ukraine is losing with every Maidon.
    2. Uncle lee
      Uncle lee 21 May 2014 08: 59
      O'Henry copied his "Kings and Cabbage" from Ukraine!
      What a rich imagination and foresight. Talent!
      Or vice versa - the scenario of events in Ukraine was sketched by O'Henry!
  6. papont64
    papont64 21 May 2014 08: 15
    Yeah, but Poroshenko, Pan Ataman himself Gritian Tauride !!!))) drinks
  7. Baloo_bst
    Baloo_bst 21 May 2014 08: 16
    Maidan is a disease, and as one familiar doctor said:
    The therapist knows, but cannot.
    The surgeon may, but does not know.
    A pathologist and may know, but it's too late.
    1. mamont5
      mamont5 21 May 2014 08: 43
      Quote: Baloo_bst
      Maidan is a disease, and as one familiar doctor said:
      The therapist knows, but cannot.
      The surgeon may, but does not know.
      A pathologist and may know, but it's too late.

      We are waiting for the surgeon to come. It will not help, then only a pathologist.
  8. ed65b
    ed65b 21 May 2014 08: 26
    Yesterday I watched the groaning of the inhabitants of the villages under fire in the DPR. Curses against the SS and the Army were on duty. But the fact that healthy men rush in front of the camera with a handful of fragments and loudly indignant how to live on, tired, etc. leaves a feeling of frustration. Neither one nor ONE said that "I keep picking up a machine gun in my mouth and go to fight for my home and fatherland." NO ONE. And these are those who have already lost everything they have gained by back-breaking labor. okay old people and young?
    1. Uncle lee
      Uncle lee 21 May 2014 09: 01
      I completely agree ! Moaning and complaining! How weak grandmothers!
  9. Dbnfkmtdbx
    Dbnfkmtdbx 21 May 2014 08: 35
    Misteriiiiiiii when the kids have enough power, when they start to live on their own head and not why the hell do they think that if they become part of Europe and NATO they begin to live like the French there are how the Americans start working like Germans bullshit and in the best sense were always respected all over the world for what they are (funny kind people)
    For so many years, united Europe, but the Germans remained Germans and did not become French. Just like the rest, what do the current authorities in Ukraine need? I don’t understand the money? Well, let’s throw ourselves off and let them, for example, bring them to Germany or England and make their brains out there again whoever listens to them with their delirium will then be able to put these idiologists (all the very best) somewhere on the island to the pop-poins until they get tired of listening to them and they will not be eaten.
  10. X Y Z
    X Y Z 21 May 2014 08: 38
    The funniest and most terrible thing is that the inhabitants of this operetta (Wedding in Malinovka) cannot take a critical look at themselves from the outside and continue to consider themselves the bearers of the best European values ​​and the highest race. The banter over the "quilted jackets" continues in spite of everything, even the empty treasury and the voluptuous public licking of intimate places from overseas sponsors. It turns out the Polish version - even though they blow everything to us, but we are still higher than them. It cannot go on for so long, which was confirmed by the history of the same Poland. Nobody wants to leave an infectious burial ground in the center of Europe. And this infection is very smelly and toxic.
  11. Evgeniy-111
    Evgeniy-111 21 May 2014 08: 39
    A joke on the topic of presidents of such countries.
    The president stands in front of the wall with his portrait and says:
    - Soon you and I will be removed.
    And the portrait answers him:
    - No, they’ll remove me, and they will hang me!
  12. Favor
    Favor 21 May 2014 08: 39
    "However, no matter what happens, the Donetsk uprising will certainly make the next Maydan heroes ponder. Minus one fifth of the territory after each riot is bad arithmetic."

    So the most interesting thing is that the people who stood on the Maidan "for the idea", so to speak, they are absolutely sure that they stood right, that it was not on their shoulders that the junta entered the parliament. That near Slavyansk and Kramatorsk there are Putin's troops (yes, no less), they absolutely believe that it is enough to throw off Yanukovych and everyone will be happy. They have NO DESIRE to just compare and analyze. Moreover, everyone is sure - from a simple worker to an average manager (who we managed to talk to). Ukrosmi do not give a chance to even try to think (google: "10 ways to manipulate consciousness"). In order to look for alternatives, one must doubt. And people (I mean the average citizen, which are the majority) DO NOT Doubt.
    And it is sad
  13. 21 May 2014 09: 08
    The second Maidan did not bother with the ballots, but immediately broke into the Rada with machine guns at the ready. Posted by Anton Kasopov,

    Something I suddenly remembered V.V. Mayakovsky: "... temporary? Get down! Your time is up!" And also anarchist sailor Anatoly Zheleznyakov: "The guard is tired!"
  14. Not angry
    Not angry 21 May 2014 13: 04
    It seems that Samoli, in comparison with Ukraine, is a secular state with reference legality.