"Alligator" arrived in Primorye: helicopters master Ka-52

"Alligator" arrived in Primorye: helicopters master Ka-52

Seaside helicopter pilots master modern aircraft. One of the military units received four new Ka-52 "Alligator" machines. A unique helicopter can fly in any weather, it can hit ground and air targets day and night, and a special rescue system is responsible for the life of the crew. The first scheduled flights Ka-52 will take place as early as next month.

Test pilot of the Progress defense plant Alexander Kukla reluctantly leaves the Ka-52 cockpit. Behind - dozens of hours of testing and maneuvers that can not be performed by the traditional rotor-wing machine. It uses the so-called coaxial or twin screw system. In combat conditions such a helicopter will show its inherent survivability.

The test pilot of the Progress plant explained that if damage to the tail boom is usually present, a violation of the tail rotor transmission results in the loss of a helicopter, the Alligator can return home even with a torn tail. We give in good hands, joking at "Progress". It was the military pilots of the airbase in Chernigov who had the honor of testing new equipment.

This moment military pilots of the airbase in Chernigovka have been waiting for a long time. And so the famous Ka-52 went into the series. The first helicopter from the new party has just landed on the airfield and, thus, immediately rose to combat duty. On the approach, or rather, on the approach - and other "Alligators".

Having marched after the ceremonial construction, the pilots literally race to the new helicopter. Such a technique could only be dreamed of before, but now Ka-52 helicopters are being mass-produced, according to the contracts concluded with the Ministry of Defense.

“This is a new car. You understand what a new one is. This is when you come to the store and buy your new car, and it smells in a new way. This has not been experienced by the crew for a long time. And everyone would like to fly on a new aviation technology” , - says the commander of the air base of the aviation aviation Dmitry Zemlyakov.

Ka-52 is called a unique machine for a reason. "Alligator" can fight at night and in any weather with tanks and even helicopters of the enemy. The rescue system is installed here. Jet ejection seats, along with the propeller blades that shoot back, guarantee the life of the pilots in any combat conditions.

Pilots are reliably protected from hitting projectiles and bullets of large caliber by reinforced cockpit armor. Eugene Maun, a leading technologist at the final assembly shop, explains: "His cab is well armored, the windshields are armored, the outer armor."

In the shops of the defense factory "Progress" work is in full swing. This is a whole conveyor - two dozen experts work on each instance at the same time. Until the end of June you need to collect all the helicopters of the first series.

"There are two contracts, almost 70 percent of the helicopters under these contracts are in the final assembly shop. And the contracts that have been signed today will be fulfilled in the near future," said Vladimir Muravyev, deputy managing director of the Progress plant.

According to some reports, the Ministry of Defense is currently preparing contracts for the additional production of Ka-52 helicopters - as part of the rearmament program for the army up to 2018. In the meantime, the designers decided to go further: the Alligator is being finalized so that the combat vehicle can be used to arm helicopter carriers and corvettes.
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