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Happy Russian Pacific Fleet!

May is one of the richest months for naval holidays in Russia. May 21 in the Russian Federation celebrates one of these holidays - Pacific Day fleet. Officially, this holiday in new Russia appeared after the release of the order of the Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Navy Vladimir Kuroedov in 1999. Thus, the Pacific Fleet Day of the Russian Federation in 2014 marks 15 years.

Why was 21 May as the main date chosen as the starting point? There is a simple explanation for this: it was 21 of May, in the distant 1731 year, by the decree of Anna Ioannovna that the beginning of the creation of the Okhotsk naval fleet was laid. The name of the flotilla speaks for itself: it was in Okhotsk, a settlement that now administratively belongs to the Khabarovsk Territory and is located on the shores of the (Okhotsk) sea of ​​the same name, a ship formation was created, whose tasks included both patrol service and protection of fishing activity Far Eastern lands of the Russian Empire.

In Okhotsk itself, ships were built up to the 1731 year. So, in 1716, it was here that the first Far Eastern vessel of Russia was built. The name of this vessel, created under the leadership of the head of the first Far Eastern expedition Kuzma Sokolov, "Vostok". In the same year, when Vostok boarded the water, Kuzma Sokolov undertook a risky sea voyage to the Kamchatka Peninsula together with another sailor, Nikifor Treska, known as a man who later explored the South Kuril Islands. The Tigil River, which was strategically important for the development of the whole of Kamchatka, became the final destination of the Vostok campaign. The sailors themselves spent the winter in Kamchatka, and already in 1717, they went back to the “mainland”, creating a significant array of materials dedicated to laying the sea route to Kamchatka and back.

Less than a year after the release of the aforementioned decree of Empress Anna Ioannovna, the first navigation school in the Far East was opened in Okhotsk. The initiator of the opening of the naval (Cossack) educational institution here was Vitus Bering. Historians tend to believe that it was Bering’s request to the empress, dated 1730, that was why Okhotsk was subsequently chosen as a settlement for the formation of the Far Eastern flotilla, called Okhotskaya in 1731.

Through 6 years after the beginning of the development of the flotilla in the Pacific Ocean was laid, the famous “Saint Peter” and “Saint Paul” packet towers (two-masted ships) were launched. These ships were used by the Bering detachment to study the Far Eastern longitudes of the Russian Empire and beyond.

However, the ships that were present in the flotilla in the 18th century were not enough to fully consolidate in the region and solve strategically important tasks. Only in 1799, the flotilla becomes powerful in the military. It was at this time that Emperor Paul I decided to send a group of 6 warships under the command of Ivan Konstantinovich Fomin to Okhotsk. Frigates and small ships that were included in the group of Rear Admiral became the nucleus for the further development of the military component of the flotilla on the eastern borders of the Fatherland.

In 1849, the Okhotsk flotilla ceases to exist, but the Russian naval presence in the Pacific does not cease to exist. A reformatting of the connection takes place, as it were now said, with the assignment of a new name to it. The flotilla becomes Petropavlovsk due to the fact that Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky was elected as its main port (at that time, Petropavlovsk Harbor, which received its name from the combination of the names of the Bering detachment ships). Some fleet historians say that the name of the Okhotsk flotilla lasted until the 1856 year, when the base was transferred to Nikolaevsk-on-Amur, and the flotilla itself was called Siberian.

1854 year was the year when the Far Eastern flotilla of the Russian Empire, not only proved its worth, but also covered itself with unfading glory. It was in the 1854 year (at the height of the next Crimean campaign) that the united group of warships of Britain and France attacked the Russian Far Eastern frontiers, trying to tear away from it a significant part of the coast and weaken its positions at sea. The commander of Petropavlovsk defense was the genius Vasily Zavoyko, who resisted Febriet de Pointe and David Price, who found death in Petropavlovsk in the same year of 1854. The Anglo-French forces were significantly higher than the Russian ones, but Zavoyko’s tactics allowed the enemy to inflict a crushing defeat.

Happy Russian Pacific Fleet!

Vasily Zavoiko

In 1871, Vladivostok becomes the main base of the flotilla, where the fleet headquarters is located to this day.
One of the most famous ships built in the 19th century for the needs of the Russian Navy in the Far East is, of course, the Varyag armored cruiser, which became a symbol of the toughness and courage of Pacific sailors. Even the enemy appreciated the heroism of the Varyag crew. After the end of the war with Russia, the Japanese opened a museum of the memory of sailors who fought on the Varyag, and the captain of the cruiser Vsevolod Rudnev was awarded the second most important order of the Japanese Empire - the Order of the Rising Sun.

In 1935, for the first time in stories the name of the Pacific Fleet — the Pacific Fleet of the USSR — appears as the totality of all the naval forces of the Far East.

By the beginning of World War II, the USSR Pacific Fleet included: 2 brigades of surface ships, a brigade of torpedo boats, 4 brigades of submarines, 9 aviation regiments, 11 air squadrons, coastal artillery, separate groups of support vessels. The Pacific sailors took part in the largest battles of the Great Patriotic War. The total number of Pacific Fleet sailors who participated in the battles of the Second World War is about 150 thousand. The Pacific men fought to death in 1941 near Moscow, defended the Arctic and fought for the Caucasus, it is difficult to overestimate their contribution to the defeat of the Nazi troops in Stalingrad, in Sevastopol, during the breakthrough of the Leningrad blockade. The sailors and naval pilots of the Pacific Fleet made a huge contribution to the success of the Manchurian operation.

For military merit and mass heroism, the Pacific Fleet was awarded the Red Banner on the 20 anniversary of the Victory.
Today, the Pacific Fleet of Russia is a successor of glorious traditions, a pillar of the state on the eastern frontiers. Its commander Sergey Avakyants graduated from the Black Sea VVMU named after PS Nakhimov in 1980, the Navy Academy named after Admiral of the USSR Fleet NG Kuznetsov in 1991 and in the 2007 year - Academy of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces. The flagship of the Russian Pacific Fleet is the Varyag Guards missile cruiser, which received this glorious name in the 1996 year.

Congratulations to all the personnel of the Pacific Fleet, veterans of the Pacific Fleet and all those who feel their involvement in the Pacific component of the Russian Navy, with the holiday! May the Pacific Fleet continue to be the most important pillar of the country's security and our common pride!
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  1. Denis
    Denis 21 May 2014 08: 20
    Happy holiday, friends!
    More new good ships
    And so that everything was on the shore by
    1. Samaritan
      Samaritan 21 May 2014 08: 45
      All a happy holiday, God grant health and strength! Hello from the Baltic shores!
    2. Ross
      Ross 21 May 2014 09: 50
      Happy Pacific! Long live the Russian Navy drinks
    3. starshina78
      starshina78 21 May 2014 20: 09
      Happy Holidays to all current sailors, warrant officers, officers and admirals serving at the TF, those who served at the TF! Petropavlovsk - Kamchatsky and Vladivostok, Magadan and Sakhalin, Kuriles and Chukotka, Commanders and the Bering Strait are guarded by our Red Banner Pacific Fleet! Only in the Pacific Fleet in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, ships do not go out to sea, but into the ocean, the Great Pacific Ocean and the Three Brothers accompany them, and they also meet ships and boats returning from combat service. Anecdote - "Distribution in the Naval School is in progress. They call an excellent student" Well done! To the Black Sea! ", they summon a good guy - to the Baltic, a solid C grade - to the North, everyone answers - I serve the Soviet Union! and the last slob of slobs remained, and he was sent to Kamchatka, and he reports" Glory to Ekaterina that I sold Alaska !!! "In fact, service in Kamchatka is interesting and difficult, probably the best - the best. After all, this is the Pacific Fleet !!!
    4. nycsson
      nycsson 21 May 2014 22: 39
      Happy holiday to everyone associated with the Navy! It’s only a pity that on the news not a word .....
  2. Duke
    Duke 21 May 2014 08: 25
    Happy holiday comrades, good service.
  3. Vitaly Anisimov
    Vitaly Anisimov 21 May 2014 08: 28
    The Pacific Fleet of Russia is a successor of glorious traditions, a pillar of the state on the eastern borders.

    Happy Russian Pacific Fleet! Seven feet under the keel is more modern ships! Welfare to you and your families!
  4. serega.fedotov
    serega.fedotov 21 May 2014 08: 29
    Seven feet nodding NEW ships YOU sailors!
    1. lelikas
      lelikas 21 May 2014 10: 22
      And if you are very lucky, the road will lead you to the Pacific Fleet! :) Happy Holidays !!!
    MOISEY 21 May 2014 08: 30
    The presence of the Navy in any country is a distinctive sign of the power of the power and its elite. Happy holiday, we wish Strength, Glory, Honor.
  6. mig31
    mig31 21 May 2014 08: 38
    Ardent greetings to the Pacific! Happy holiday !!!
  7. Admiral 013
    Admiral 013 21 May 2014 08: 49
    Happy holiday to you our sailors! Let the country's leadership remember that this is also a fleet!
  8. Warhead-xnumx
    Warhead-xnumx 21 May 2014 09: 07
    Happy holiday to all! So the day has come for my fleet!
    1. bvi1965
      bvi1965 21 May 2014 09: 14
      Although I served in the Federation Council, but this is mine and all the sailors HOLIDAY !!!
      1. Arberes
        Arberes 21 May 2014 09: 23
        Quote: bvi1965
        Although I served in the Federation Council, but this is mine and all the sailors HOLIDAY !!!

        I want to add that this is a holiday not only for sailors but also for all people involved in the fleet, and just people who love our fleet!
        I join in the congratulations and with all my heart I wish good health and many years to our sailors and all those associated with the Navy!
        1. bvi1965
          bvi1965 21 May 2014 09: 39
          Absolutely agree
      2. Boa kaa
        Boa kaa 21 May 2014 13: 10
        Quote: bvi1965
        Although I served in the Federation Council

        as well as on the BSF, BF. But I was born at the Pacific Fleet - on about. Sakhalin.
        Therefore, as the firstborn at the Pacific Fleet, I sincerely congratulate the Pacific on the holiday with all my naval soul! May all your dreams come true, and enemies and ill-wishers will perish in the depths of the ocean! Happy holiday, and let the number of dives always equal the number of ascent! To the submarines - seven feet under the keel!
    2. Ptah
      Ptah 21 May 2014 14: 44
      Happy holiday, BROTHERS !!!

      “Tell me, uncle, it’s not without reason” ...
      You argued since childhood with ardor
      Everyone’s idea
      What do you dream of becoming a sailor?

      On Fleet Day, I wish you
      On the right path
      Go ahead without losing heart
      And find peace in life!

      For everyone on the Russian fleets
      It’s not easy
      I wish you good and peace
      May the glorious fleet be strong!

      In the fleet of the North and the Pacific,
      Who was in the Black, Baltic,
      Who serves honestly in a cap
      And the thrill of the tapes, who have not forgotten!

      Let the fleet of your home country
      You’ll rather be proud
      Such sailors are needed -
      We need their strong-willed faces,

      Their strength to fight back
      Their boundless courage
      You emphasize valor
      Kohl go under the Fatherland flag!

      / from warhead-1, BOD, KSF /
  9. silberwolf88
    silberwolf88 21 May 2014 09: 18
    Glorious PACIFIC FLEET with a holiday!
    Good luck in your endeavors.
  10. Uncle lee
    Uncle lee 21 May 2014 09: 22
    Pacific Fleet happy holiday! A solid deck under your feet and a strong rear in the port!
  11. avt
    avt 21 May 2014 09: 37
    Of course, happy holiday! And new ships and seven feet to them under the keel on long trips!
  12. moryak tof
    moryak tof 21 May 2014 09: 37
    Happy Pacific Fleet !!! Happy holiday "Shaposhnikov" !!!
  13. waisson
    waisson 21 May 2014 09: 52
    WITH THE HOLIDAY OF ALL WHO SERVED AND SERVES IN THE PACIFIC FLEET !!!! drinks drinks drinks soldier soldier soldier
  14. waisson
    waisson 21 May 2014 09: 53
    -------------- soldier
    1. wolfhunter2035
      wolfhunter2035 21 May 2014 13: 37
      only you have a fleet of mattresses in the picture: F-16, I see the harriers, the aircraft carrier also has them, but I can’t say anything about the liner)) judging by the flag, this is ours))
      1. Andrey Yuryevich
        Andrey Yuryevich 22 May 2014 07: 04
        Quote: hanter2035
        judging by the flag - this is ours))

        trophy however ...
  15. Cormorants
    Cormorants 21 May 2014 09: 55
    I want to congratulate the guys who served with me at the Pacific Fleet and those who serve or have ever served, on the occasion of brothers, good luck and family well-being, I honestly miss those times.
  16. mamont5
    mamont5 21 May 2014 10: 13
    Happy Pacific Sailors!

    As for Rudnev, the commander of the Varyag, the naval officers of that time had a very ambiguous attitude towards him. In fact, he was "not shaking hands".
  17. moreman78
    moreman78 21 May 2014 10: 25
  18. Gypsy girl
    Gypsy girl 21 May 2014 10: 30
    Happy Holidays!
  19. Serg65
    Serg65 21 May 2014 10: 36
    Congratulations on the Pacific Fleet of Her Majesty of Russia !!! soldier
  20. Russ69
    Russ69 21 May 2014 10: 45

    Today is the Minister of Defense’s birthday!
  21. polly
    polly 21 May 2014 10: 57
    Vladimir Doronin - The Road to the Fleet
    Music: George Movsesyan Lyrics: Lev Oshanin

    For coppices, for half-stations,
    For drawings, for machines, for bagels
    We did not know yet, we did not know yet
    That you and I have long been sailors in your soul.

    And service by service is everywhere -
    Both on earth and on water, -
    And the friend of the faithful hand
    With you in any trouble.
    And if you're very lucky
    The road will lead you
    To the Pacific Fleet.

    And we have matured
    And we lit
    Not anywhere else
    And beyond the Kuril Islands.
    The letter is coming here
    Sometimes three months
    But I know for sure that it will reach me.


    And to life at sea
    We are already familiar.
    Don’t let the boatswain yet,
    Let not midshipmen.
    But the service is difficult
    We are excellent.
    You know it there, not the shore.

    Chorus. (2 times)

    In the Pacific,
    To the furious Baltic,
    To the glorious Black Sea,
    To the North Polar,
    To our Red Banner Fleet!
  22. Navy7981
    Navy7981 21 May 2014 11: 04
    I can not do it anymore!!! BSF, BF, SF, TF, Caspians, Amur ....wink drinks good but with pleasure I congratulate all the sailors, and yet the days of the fleet’s specialists ....
  23. A1L9E4K9S
    A1L9E4K9S 21 May 2014 11: 30
    Congratulations to all Pacific Fleet sailors! At the moment of history, the Pacific Fleet is acquiring paramount importance, as an outpost on the Pacific theater. With a HOLIDAY and seven feet under the keel.
  24. dmitrij.blyuz
    dmitrij.blyuz 21 May 2014 11: 39
    Seven feet under the keel!
  25. Ruslan 56
    Ruslan 56 21 May 2014 11: 42
    Happy Pacific Sailors !!
  26. sub307
    sub307 21 May 2014 12: 24
    I join in the congratulations! "Remotely" I check and "beat about LaLlubu".
  27. Eugene
    Eugene 21 May 2014 12: 56
    Crimean Baltic people congratulate! So many holidays in May!
  28. rasputin17
    rasputin17 21 May 2014 12: 58
  29. nnz226
    nnz226 21 May 2014 13: 12
    Sevastopol congratulates the Pacific!
  30. siberalt
    siberalt 21 May 2014 13: 20
    May is generally rich in holidays. If after the New Year immediately begins January 14, then after the First of May - immediately June 1 laughing
    Congratulations to all, our dear sailors!
    DAEDALUS 21 May 2014 14: 26
    Smolensk region wants full sails and dry powder!
  32. Signaller
    Signaller 21 May 2014 15: 29
    Happy holiday. May our victories with tears in our eyes, from which the enemy moaned with anger and rage, bring glory to you, like the captain VARYAGA - Rudnev Vsevolod Fedorovich. Which, incidentally, is buried near the Church of Our Lady of Kazan in the village of Savino, Zaoksky District, Tula Region. One hundred km from Moscow. I’ll definitely go out in the summer. Good luck and firmness in your endeavors.
  33. dmitrij.blyuz
    dmitrij.blyuz 21 May 2014 15: 41
    Happy Morremana!
    1. Kisel
      Kisel 21 May 2014 22: 41
      Happy Russian Pacific Fleet!
  34. zinander
    zinander 21 May 2014 17: 34
    Well, the turn came to the Pacific! On the Feast of all who served and are serving in the Pacific Fleet !!!
  35. Eugene
    Eugene 21 May 2014 17: 54
    To all comers. I can’t put a link. In a search engine (Kalinov bridge Kamchatka) You will not regret. Happy holiday, land !!
  36. misterwulf
    misterwulf 21 May 2014 19: 32
    Happy holiday CTOF! Greetings from Russian Sevastopol! To all who serve and have served!
  37. luka095
    luka095 21 May 2014 21: 10
    Happy holiday to all!