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War of Civilizations: Ukrainian Project

Part of 1. Civilizations

Now it is often possible to hear the opinion that the events in Ukraine are a conflict of two different nations. One cannot but agree with this, but if you think about it, the conflict is deeper. This is a conflict of civilizations.

The theory of civilizations was developed by A. Toynbee, defining the criteria characterizing them. At the same time, he placed religion at the first place, thereby implying its determining factor.

Toynbee singled out 21 civilization, among which he called the neighboring “Western”, recently called Judeo-Christian, and “Orthodox Christian in Russia”.

He also gave a description of their relationship, specifying that the main challenge that determined the development of Russian Orthodox civilization is continuous external pressure, and noting the terrible pressure on Russia (for some reason only from the 17 century) from the Western world. Therefore, for the sake of justice, it is necessary to clarify that the pressure of Western civilization on the civilizations around it, including Russian, was carried out from the very beginning of the first. And this incessant and irreconcilable war was initially and was of a religious nature.

Despite the fact that both civilizations under consideration are formally called Christian, in reality they are religious antipodes.

The fact is that no matter how the religion is called, the main thing is what god it actually serves. By and large, all religions can be divided into two camps. Some worship God the Creator, the Creator and Almighty of this world, goodness, light, truth and life.

Other religions serve his opponent - the degraded spirit of Evil, Darkness, Lies and Death. An organic feature of such cults is the obligatory bringing of bloody human (or at least animal) victims.

Since Jesus Christ did not abandon Christianity as a doctrine written by him personally, it was formed later on the basis of the apostles preaching the Gospel. Each apostle wrote his memoirs about the life of Christ and his sermons in the way he personally understood and remembered. They apparently differed quite seriously, since only the four Gospels were later recognized as canonical. In addition, each apostle had his own personal abilities in the matter of preaching, and each of them preached to particular nations, which also differed in their different abilities to perception of the teachings.

As a result, to date, there are a number of Christian churches in the world and a multitude of sects, differing in their understanding of both individual details and the basic principles of Christianity. However, based on the ten commandments of Jesus Christ, there is an opportunity to assess how true this or that organization in its life activity corresponds to its name.

Exploring the essence of Western civilization (SZ), it should be noted that since its inception, it has been called Christian - Catholic. However, if we consider it according to one of the Gospel councils: “You will recognize them by their deeds,” and separate the deeds from the words, we will see that it was not essentially Christian from the very beginning. The litmus paper on the incompatibility with the name "Christian" was not only the fact of unceasing mass human killings both during violent Christianization and in the subsequent purposeful activity of the Catholic inquisition, but also the fact that the head of the Catholic Church sold the indulgences - official documents for exemption for money from paying for sins.

Thus, by this concrete action, the Catholic Church placed the Golden Calf above Jesus Christ, recognizing material wealth above spiritual perfection (purification). That is, it turns out that in the name of Jesus Christ the Vatican only covered his god, about whom in the Gospel of John Christ said: “Your father is the devil; and you want to do the desires of your father. He was a murderer from the beginning and did not stand in the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he speaks a lie, he speaks of his own, for he is a liar and the father of lies. ”

The various versions of Protestantism, which later rebounded from Catholicism in the heart of the Orthodox Church, in general, went on to practice according to the norms not of the New, but of the Old, that is, pre-Christian testament, to which Christ’s followers spoke about their father and lie mankillers. It is noteworthy that in the US there is an openly Satanist church.

It is not surprising, therefore, that the whole история LC is the history of wars, robberies and homicides.

Even at the dawn of its formation, the ZP organized a mass of bloody crusades to convert the then free European and Middle Eastern peoples into their disenfranchised tributaries, essentially slaves. Rebellious peoples were destroyed at the root. Some left a memory of toponymy about themselves, such as Prussians or Venets, but only the experts know about most (wiltsah, cheers and many others).

Here, perhaps, it makes sense to remind that the Tatar-Mongols, having conquered Russia, established a tribute for her in the amount of tithing, which, according to K. Marx, who viewed the relations between Russia and the Horde in the same way as all Western historians, “desiccated the soul Russian people ". But exactly the same tithe on the conquered peoples imposed the Vatican, which, logically, just dried out the souls of European nations.

With the epoch of geographical discoveries, ZP extended its aggression to the whole world, the peoples of which began to be subjected to unprecedented violence and overt genocide. Suffice it to recall the magnificent wealth that the Spaniards in America plundered in, the British in India, and all Europeans together in Africa, Asia and Australia. While shedding rivers of blood and destroying the local population, including women, children and the elderly in every possible way. In some places, as happened on the islands of Cuba or Tasmania, the indigenous population was destroyed completely, to the last man.

The population of the continents, considering their size, the WZ could not completely destroy, but it tried very hard. Thus, during the suppression of the uprising of the sepoys by the English, about 10 million Indians were killed.

And in North America, English Protestants destroyed about 20 million indigenous people. At the same time, if the Catholics still recognized the Indians as people and having souls, the Protestants did not consider the Indians as people. If anyone remembers the novel by M. Mitchell, then there she writes about the division of lands that are NOT CLEARED from the Indians. That is, the indigenous population of the ZP units was considered to be some kind of meaningless mold, from which they have not yet cleared the fertile land. Until now, in a number of state museums, one can see scalps of Native American men, women and children, for which local authorities paid prizes to hunters, as if they were pelts of some kind of field pests such as ground squirrels.

Having captured almost the entire planet by the beginning of the twentieth century, the Earth Centers began to homicide on a global scale. She launched two world wars, killing 20 million and 50 million people respectively. Not content with the results of armed clashes, in order to increase efficiency in the destruction of people, WT developed and began to use weapon mass destruction. First biological, scattering blankets infected with smallpox around Indian settlements, then chemical in 1 and atomic in World War 2.

But this ZZ does not stop. It develops and applies climatic, tectonic and other types of weapons of mass destruction. But it achieved the greatest success in the use of information and organizational weapons. It is enough to pay attention to this fact: in demanding the widespread prohibition of the death penalty for the most terrible criminals, allegedly for humane considerations and the protection of human rights, WT with the same ferocity requires the freedom of abortion. That is, for a full-fledged person, the ZC recognizes the most notorious offender-murderer, and, at the same time, pure, but not yet born babies, denies this, determining them only as fruits. Although on the Internet it was possible to watch the Israeli video for a long time, where the unborn baby in the womb of the mother comes in a silent scream of horror, trying to get away from aborting instruments.

Tolerance, juvenile justice and the aggressive LGBT policy of state structures and non-governmental organizations in all countries of the West Siberia and throughout the global information space are the culmination of the sophistication of LCs in the matter of homicide.

At the same time, describing Western European civilization, world science (existing, by the way, entirely within the framework of this civilization), states that it is characterized by a culture of mind, humanism, human rights, dynamism, pragmatism, etc.

However, even the above very brief overview suggests that the WZ throughout its history has consistently and extremely mercilessly acted solely in the interests of “the father of lies and murderers”, organizing mass bloody human sacrifices through wars, colonial conquests, bonfires and torture basements of the Inquisition, concentration camps, economic crises, etc.

Therefore, with all certainty it can be argued that Western civilization is not only not inherently Christian, but it is the exact opposite - anti-Christian civilization. Civilization of Evil, Darkness, Lies and Death.

Russian civilization (RC) is also called Christian. But the Russian people could find and accept the rational grain of the teachings of Christ. And most likely - he lived on these principles initially. That is why Christianity received its most complete development precisely in Russia. The works of Sergius of Radonezh are considered by professionals to be the crowns of religious philosophical thought. And prominent people who maintain objectivity, including representatives of the LC, testify to this in their statements:

“Russian people work conscientiously and free of charge if society has a moral idea, a righteous goal” (Friedrich Hegel, German philosopher).

“Russian culture does not accept debauchery” (Johann Wolfgang Goethe, German writer).

“Russian people will never be happy, knowing that injustice is happening somewhere” (Charles de Gaulle, French statesman, President of France).

A German researcher B. Schubart in his work “Europe and the Soul of the East” writes quite directly: “... Russian possesses Christian virtues as permanent national properties. Russians were Christians before they were converted to Christianity. ”

From this it turns out that Jesus Christ preached to the ancient Jews the commandments according to which the Russian people lived from time immemorial.

“Russian Orthodoxy, contrary to current opinion, is the organic, natural, and logical continuation of the many thousands of years of“ paganism ”of the Rus. All its roots, images, symbols, the idea itself and the philosophical meaning - exclusively and initially in the most ancient traditional beliefs of the Rus ... all ancient Orthodox churches of Russia are built on the foundations of "pagan" sanctuaries - and this is not a denial of those, but a sign of continuity "(Petukhov Yu. D.).

Although, of course, Russian Orthodoxy, like everything in this imperfect world, has its own problems and misunderstandings. Including staffing problems. For example, one of the hierarchs of the Russian Orthodox Church received his main education in Oxford. But why rejoice here? After all, it has long been known that NOX GOOD WILL BE LEARNED IN OXFORD.

If we trace the history of the RC, we will see that for millennia, even from pre-state entities, Russia was attacked from all sides for the purpose of enslavement. Including from ZTs. That is why in modern English “slave” sounds like “slave”.

At the same time, the Russians themselves never went on marches to their neighbors in order to capture slaves. Whatever peoples the Russian people faced, even having crushed them, he did not turn the vanquished slaves, and on equal conditions (often on more favorable ones) included them in his state. For example, the Siberian administration from Moscow was instructed to act on the indigenous people with a “caress”, and not “cruelty”. In addition, it was forbidden to collect arrears from yasak people, as opposed to Russians, with the help of corporal punishment.

As it is not similar to the attitude of the same Anglo-Saxons to other nations. Not only to the Indians, but also to the Europeans. The same Irish, for example.

“It remains a historical paradox that the“ civilized ”Western European powers of that time were already waging extermination wars, clearing entire continents from the“ savages ”, driving the surviving native inhabitants to the reservation. And the barbaric-Asian Russian tsarism in the backward country tried to avoid using violent methods in the backward nations, ”the historian A.A. wrote in Soviet times. Transfiguration.

That is, the mentality of the Russian people is fundamentally different from the mentality of almost all other nations. A Russian considers a person of a different nationality or religion to be the same person as himself, whom it is not worthwhile to turn into a “speaking instrument”, as the Europeans have constantly been doing since antiquity. This is not godly.

Thus, comprehending all of the above and making the necessary discount on human imperfection, one can rightly say that Russian civilization lives and develops in the vector of God the Creator, the vector of Light, Good, Truth and Life. This is confirmed by one distinctive feature of the Russian civilization - it never evolved from the work of slaves.

Part of 2. Ukrainian project

As a result of the comparison of the characters of the Russian (RC) and the Western (Western) civilizations in the first part, it becomes clear both their inevitable initial confrontation and the fact that the aggressor side is immutable.

This confrontation began long before “Drang nah Osten”, which Alexander Nevsky reflected. It began with the "onslaught to the North."

Already in the 6th – 7th centuries, the Mediterranean reincarnation of the Evil civilization established its authority over the Italian lands. To the north lay the lands of the Slavic people of the Venets (Veneds, Vends), who left behind a memory in the names of Venice, Vienna, Jena, Geneva and the masses of smaller settlements. Slavs, including rugi-Rusa, also lived along the southern shore of the Varangian (Baltic) Sea. Ilya Glazunov, who visited archaeological excavations in the times of the GDR, in his book “Crucified Russia” recalls the conclusion of German archaeologists: “Here everything is magma to Slavic”.

In the VIII century, the Catholic south struck a monstrous force on Slavic Europe, pursuing a systematic policy of separating peoples, inciting them against each other, and then becoming slaves of the Vatican.

The Vatican brought Latin to Europe. Catholicism was planted with sword and fire. Slavic languages ​​that prevailed throughout Europe were declared “common people” - they were prohibited from conducting public affairs, correspondence, chronicles, schooling, conducting church services, etc. The centers of the spread of the ideology of Rome have become Catholic medieval universities with their artificial Latin. Europe changed its language, its ethnicity, its face. Vulgar ("dog") Latin and "new" Proto-German dialects were introduced, as Catholicism, by force.

This policy regarding the Slavs is carried out by Rome throughout Europe to the present (the last vivid example is Yugoslavia). Including in relation to the Russian people.

The difference is that in order to pursue a policy of "divide and rule", the Vatican (not the name of different nations) decided to create a new people from the south-western part of the Russian. And he called it "Ukrainians." Just as the Russians called themselves in Russia who lived in Ukraine (similar to the fact that the Russians in Polesie are Poleschuk, in Siberia they are Siberians, etc.). But earlier they were parts of one people with local differences in dialect, folklore, etc., and now, as a result of a century-long “lobotomy,” a new, artificial community of people, called a separate people, has been developed. And this community, like any mankurt, became an obedient tool in the hands of its owner.

The main instrument of lobotomy, as always, was the Catholic Church. Under the guise of a union (association) of the Catholic and Orthodox churches, the latter was fully subordinated to the Vatican. Leaving the same external side of the church, its content was replaced by Catholicism. With the replacement of Orthodox priests by Uniate pastors in the church, Christ was replaced by the Vatican god, although in order to deceive the name of Christ by Uniates, it is still widely used to this day.

What the Uniate Church has failed to cope with over the centuries has been refined in Terezin and Talerhof - the forerunners of the fascist death camps.

After the destruction (against the will of the people) of the Soviet Union, the Uniate Church quickly returned and strengthened its conquests in the newly formed country. Orthodox priests were largely replaced by Uniates, and the consciousness of a part of the people was deformed to its opposite. The shamanistic rites of euromaidan activists (“Ukraine - tse Europe”) are essentially purely religious in nature.

Another tool for reformatting people — replacing their native language with a new one — is also actively used in Ukraine. The processing of the Ukrainian dialect of the Russian language into the Newspeak is being actively carried out to the present, with a clearly visible goal: to remove and counterpose the new language as much as possible with the old one. Philologists believe that modern Ukrainian is a mixture: a third is barbarism (this is not a curse word, but the definition of colloquial speech), a third is Polonism, and a third is Germanism.

The events that take place today in Ukraine are a continuation of the policy of “an onslaught to the East.” The USA represented by its current leader, the United States, organized, through its agents, another attempt to seize the original Russian lands from Chervonnaya Rus to Slobozhanshchina, previously cut off from united Russia in the form of independent Ukraine. And it uses for this as a kind of ram artificially derived community, called the place of use "Ukrainians".

Why community, and not the people? Because the “people” is a human category. Derived by damage to human nature, beings possess truly inhuman aggressiveness, multiplied by transcendent cruelty, turning into sadism. And they continuously demonstrate these qualities from the moment the Nachtigall battalion was brought into Lviv in 1941 to the present, which is indisputable in the events in Odessa - Khatyn-2. These qualities are more likely to suit other fictional characters, but no longer Grushevsky, but Tolkien, orcs. Therefore, apparently, it would be more correct to call this product ZP a new race, called to be a race of masters in relation to the former Russian population and, at the same time, a race of slaves in relation to the Western European peoples. That is why the peaceful civilized division of Ukraine is excluded, like the division of Czechoslovakia. Czechs and Slovaks are two established equal people capable of independent separation. The existence of the race "Svidomo ukrov" without the presence of a race of slaves-Untermensch loses its meaning. "Svidomye", according to the program laid down in them unquestioningly respecting the rigid hierarchy of the LC, they immediately turn into a race of slaves, doomed to work implicitly on their Western masters. And, perhaps even worse than in slaves. The Poles, as we know, call the Ukrainian workers in bio-robots.

The product of the Ukrainian project, despite the same name with the autochthonous people, is its antipode. The Russian people, called Ukrainians by place of residence, is a creator nation. It was he who mastered this land, then freed it from various conquerors and equipped it. This is a working people.

The community created in the test-tubes of Vienna and Berlin is predators appropriating the fruits of the hands of others and despising the workers. Everyone knows for whom the “Ukrainians” - the Westerners consider the Ukrainians of the southeast, including the miners, whose work is comparable in its intensity and danger with the military.

Zapadentists prefer bits, “Molotov cocktails”, etc., to the power of the flock, seize power and establish their own orders, with the help of which they seek to legitimize their domination over the “Eastern cattle”, the ability to appropriate and absorb the fruits of someone else’s labor. This is a typical racist approach in relations with neighboring people.

Using the name of the autochthonous people as an identifier allows the attacker to confuse the victim of the attack. The part of the Russian people that could not resist a lobotomy and began to think of themselves as a separate people, is objectively a traitor to their Russian name, their Russian ancestors, their native language and native history, while fighting for a separate and independent Ukraine is also objectively open separatists.

The piquancy of the situation lies in the fact that the current traitors and separatists, having seized power in Ukraine through an illegal and bloody coup, calling themselves the indigenous people, Ukrainians, now formally have the opportunity to call those traitors and separatists Russian Family and Fatherland. What, do not hesitate, and enjoy.

Undoubtedly, the main goal of the Ukrainian ZP project is to tear off the next piece of the territory of the Russian World, where it is possible to place its bases closer to the heart of the RC, and to tear away a significant part of the Russian people, zombie it and turn it into cannon fodder . This is aerobatics: destroy the enemy with his own hands. And, watching the events in Ukraine, unfortunately, we have to admit that the project was largely a success.

At the same time, the project pursues at least two more passing goals.

The first is to tear 45 million Russian people from their language, which is one of the global, providing a link to global scientific and technological progress. The “Ukrainian” Newspeak invented to this day reliably isolates the entire population of Ukraine from this progress. Ensures that in the mass of young people formed on the "Move", there will be no new Sikorski or Yangeli. The same units that will develop on the basis of English will be absorbed by Western centers of science and all their possible achievements will go to the piggy bank of the LC. And, moreover, not under the name of a migrant scientist, but under the name of one of his superiors.

The second goal, perhaps more important. We all know that at the beginning of the twentieth century there was an active study of the ancestors of the Indo-European peoples - Aryans. However, the owners of the LC when implementing the Hitler project succeeded in firmly identifying them with their offspring. As a result, after the defeat of Nazism, studies of historical periods associated with the Aryans were taboo, and the Indo-European peoples lost their historical past. With the rejection for the same reason of one of the oldest symbols - the swastika - the Indo-Europeans also abandoned a significant layer of their cultural and historical heritage.

And what do we see now in the Ukrainian project? Pseudonarod pseudohistory causing fair irritation. Linked, nevertheless, with a completely historical culture of Tripoli, which the “great ukry” are trying to attach to their project. And more embroidery. Despite their seeming insignificance, they are the most important link in the history of the development of human culture. B.A.Rybakov in his book “The Paganism of the Ancient Slavs” concluded: “The plain linen folklore” preserved ... what has already disappeared from the memory of people. This is the greatest value of embroidery. ”

Since the Ukrainian project will sooner or later, with disgrace, be thrown into the dustbin of history, Tripoli with embroidered shirts can be identified with it. And although the people “Ukrainians” are fictional, Tripoli and embroidered shirts are the very real history of the majority of quite real European nations, and first of all the Russian. Involuntarily the question arises: maybe it was so intended?

If it does, then now we must take the necessary measures so that we will not be deprived of these historical roots.

(Today, in the light of a possible split in Ukraine, an invented people can become a real individual people. But its fate will be short-lived and unenviable. The idea of ​​Ukrainians — the basis for building this people — does not carry any creativity. It is the idea of ​​rejection and destruction. It is the dominance of this idea in the newly formed state has led to its degradation and destruction. And all the cries about the Ukrainian Independence Square are false. The product of the Ukrainian project is aimed at merging with Europe, which in fact can only be a merging of a rabbit with a boa. Sun working-age population is doomed to migrate to Western countries in search of any work, and left the land they gradually buy up obschecheloveki owning printing money machine. And that invented people disappear from the face of the Earth in the shortest historical period, leaving behind only a reminder in the names.)

Summing up, it is advisable to quote from the book D.Yu. Petukhov:

“The one and a half thousand-year super war of the South against the North, and then of the East, is conducted by all available means ... and, as always, without any legally established international rules of warfare.

But we must clearly know that the most terrible and effective weapons that destroy the Slavic-Russian world are not high-precision laser-guided missiles, not cluster and graphite bombs, not napalm and sprayed radioactive waste, but ideological processing of minds is an ideological weapon, weapons of mass propaganda - this is the super-weapon of total defeat, which erases the countries and peoples from the face of the Earth, first in the minds, in the memory; in the chronicles is distorted, then their past, their history is destroyed; at the same time, the necessary historical and ideological attitudes are being introduced into the mass consciousness, then direct linguistic, cultural and mental expansion takes effect - the people cease to feel themselves a single cultural and linguistic community endowed with historical memory and ... absorbed, subjected to assimilation or partial extermination, followed by assimilation remnants of the population ...

So done and so done. Assimilated Slav-Rus in Central, Eastern and Northern Europe ... as a result ... they were deprived of their own language, their own history. Austrian Slavs, whose fathers and grandfathers did not know German (Vienna - Slavic Vindebozh), over the past 30 years almost completely lost their Slavic ... hundreds of thousands of people in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania literally assimilated into Balts, the Slavs of Montenegro are gradually switching to Italian ( even began to call their country - Montenegro), Macedonia - in Greek. Russian Ukraine - subjected to forced Ukrainization, followed by catholization and the loss of the Slavic language in general ".

Hence the need to pay special, increased attention to the conduct of information warfare. So far, unfortunately, we are not winning on its fronts. This problem is so important that it is time to seriously think about the creation of a headquarters for the conduct of information warfare at the Council of Defense, similar to the General Staff, which is called upon to solve the problems of armed struggle. In order for the Russian people to have to perform less heroic acts on the fronts of hot wars in the future, it is expedient today to make more efforts in the information war.

In addition, it would not hurt to also develop and maintain an independent historical science, since modern official history is deceitful, since, as already stated above, it functions within the framework of an LC and serves its interests.

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  1. Samaritan
    Samaritan 21 May 2014 08: 40
    Move the war to the territory of North America and the war in the rest of the world will end !!!
    1. MOISEY
      MOISEY 21 May 2014 08: 44
      That's right, there Texas wanted to secede in 2013. It is necessary to support the initiative.
      1. Baikal
        Baikal 21 May 2014 08: 49
        Strong article covering.
        In a simple way, that for centuries they have been killers and thieves, these comrades from the west are pushing us today, that they are our friends ... More precisely, until recently they were pushing. Now everything is clear.
        1. varov14
          varov14 21 May 2014 11: 40
          And what, yes, all the media in our country work for Western civilization, they don’t smell like money, we have already changed course to the West, we are only afraid to admit ourselves. If we hadn’t hit us in the nose for a long time, we would have been in the bosom of the West, it turns out we must thank them for their stupidity, you can see the car is also slipping. And the state in FIG, we have no ideology other than money. So, timid attempts that stumble upon the wall of the 5th column, which has long served the west. To cheer patriotism merge in the same and do not notice. Information weapons are clearly not for us and not in our favor, everything is too neglected.
        2. Azzzwer
          Azzzwer 21 May 2014 16: 06
          Quote: Baikal
          More precisely, until recently they pushed through. Now everything is clear.

          Yes, this was understandable from the very beginning, when Hunchback was still running there to bow.
      2. CALL.
        CALL. 21 May 2014 09: 19
        Now it is often possible to hear the opinion that the events in Ukraine are a conflict of two different nations. One cannot but agree with this, but if you think about it, the conflict is deeper. This is a conflict of civilizations.

  2. sscha
    sscha 21 May 2014 08: 40
    So it turns out that it is not the Russian spring, but rather - the Slavic ..... hi
    1. Baikal
      Baikal 21 May 2014 09: 12
      I don’t want to be a pessimist, but will our spring withstand these world flowers around us? But the berries are still ahead ... From the article it turns out that before the Slavic world was much wider. Now it is being reduced mainly within us, through culture.
  3. Same lech
    Same lech 21 May 2014 08: 41
    ideological weapons, weapons of mass propaganda - this is superweapon

    As one bearded comrade said, if an idea takes hold of the masses, it becomes a material force.
    This applies, as amended, to Nazism and Communism and Trotskyism and other ideas.

    I am often amazed how easily people are led to beautiful ideas and words about a sweet and wonderful life in UKRAINE when they are promised accession to the European Union, a sad example of BULGARIA, GREECE, the REPUBLIC OF FORMER YUGOSLAVIA taught them nothing, so the sweet carrot in front of the donkey will be tool in the hands of the prokhendey.

    The basis of any well-being is work ... long and hard work ... there is no alternative to it.
  4. mig31
    mig31 21 May 2014 08: 44
    State Department order for the CIA to decompose and conquer Eurasia ... Serve by Russia ...
  5. Baloo_bst
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    I once read that the name Vatican is the name of an ancient Roman deity responsible for the first cry of a newborn child. That's just what should be born is a big question.
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    Smart and competent article
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    papont64 21 May 2014 09: 06
    I agree with the author of the article, but it’s a shame that the forces of evil win.
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      Quote: papont64
      It's a shame that the forces of evil win.

      With the connivance of our nonsense (mine)
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      nvv 21 May 2014 11: 35
      And here is another competent one.
    3. The comment was deleted.
  8. Dbnfkmtdbx
    Dbnfkmtdbx 21 May 2014 09: 19
    I liked the article. I agree with everything that my interlocutors write on my own; I want to skip here, we seem to represent different sectors of society, but we think all in one direction that the war is not needed by anyone, the US State Department has pulled up all of its interventions in the domestic politics of almost all countries even Russia's domestic policy and, most importantly, are not afraid to tell us that’s just infuriating me, and let’s we also adequately tell them how to not only conduct politics, but how to live and breathe, to not get up, but I got distracted (as I hear the state dep sometime americos ahota)
    hellishly bothers me, we think we are all about the same good, and why it doesn’t work out what we think about, what is the problem?
  9. Signaller
    Signaller 21 May 2014 09: 21
    The article definitely hits the mark. They want to fuck us. And the whole point of this is our attitude to life. Orthodoxy - as our president says, our everything. Our attitude to life, our way of thinking. And as for the Information Wars Division, this apparently should not be a department, but a command - an analogue of the Political Administration that was in the SA,
    and his representatives should be in every part. Although they sometimes neglect me because of this, it’s already clear that the ROC will never be able to cope with such a scale of actions against us, and they simply cannot do it. You can’t sew the epaulettes of epaulettes, but you need to work anywhere with any
    contingent, in any conditions. They write like - Serdyukov removed the political workers from the army, he did well, and then others, that he did a lot of harm. So understand we need people who are professionally engaged in the souls of fighters, or is everything dumped on priests ???
    I wrote a personal opinion, I do not impose anyone.
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    nomad74 21 May 2014 09: 23
    Country Dill
    a country without worries
    an underground passage leads to the country of Dill,
    try to find it myself, I won’t teach you!

    In short, as in a song by Dune.
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    So in the Balkans, from the Slavs, an artificial people "Muslims" were invented.
  12. apolenkov
    apolenkov 21 May 2014 09: 30
    In total, in the "dry" residue, we, the Russian people are being killed all over the world and by all possible means, Russia is our home and our Orthodox faith, the last frontier before the bloody West, WE WILL BEAT TO THE END AND WE WILL WIN !!!!
  13. 21 May 2014 09: 30
    create an information war headquarters under the Council of Defense. In order for the Russian people to commit less heroic deeds on the fronts of hot wars in the future, it is advisable today to make more efforts in the information war.
    In addition, it would not hurt to also develop and maintain an independent historical science, since modern official history is deceitful, since, as already stated above, it functions within the framework of an LC and serves its interests.

    + 100%. Only representatives of the “chosen people” should not be allowed to come into contact with a cannon shot in this case!
  14. ks
    ks 21 May 2014 09: 32
    Our ancestors languished from a 10% tax, but what about the current 13%? To listen so we have some noble heroes and red girls. I would like to ask the author, does he live in Russia then? Or in Moscow?
    1. Penzyac
      Penzyac 21 May 2014 11: 43
      Quote: vvs
      Our ancestors languished from a 10% tax, but what about the current 13%? ...

      First, remember to be productive then and now. At that time, there was much less surplus in excess of what was essential for life than it is now. Proceeding from this, to give, let alone a tribute to strangers, and for general needs 13% is now much easier than 10% then. I don’t think you are "tired" of paying 13%.
      Well, and secondly, who told you that then these 10% were limited, this was only a tribute to the conquerors, but they also had to pay their own feudal lords. By the way, in Russia, princes, as a rule, took the same 10%, in Europe their feudal lords more often took much more, and arable land, however, was much less.
      In Russia, princely stocks were not only his wealth, but also traditionally served as an insurance fund to support the prince's subjects in case of, for example, crop failure or war.
  15. coolvoldik
    coolvoldik 21 May 2014 09: 48
    “Russian people work conscientiously and free of charge if society has a moral idea, a righteous goal” (Friedrich Hegel, German philosopher).

    The capitalist system in the economy will never be the locomotive of the development of Russian society. Capitalism for Russia has been, is, and will be the main source of injustice and debauchery.
  16. A1L9E4K9S
    A1L9E4K9S 21 May 2014 09: 52
    Quote: The same LYOKHA
    This applies, as amended, to Nazism and Communism and Trotskyism and other ideas.

    The most important thing in this matter is to direct the mass aspiration in the right direction on time, which is necessary for those who profess these ideas. And after a little push, so as not to stray from the chosen path.
  17. Giant thought
    Giant thought 21 May 2014 09: 53
    It is necessary to beat the enemy with his own weapons. First, create hotbeds of tension in the United States and the surrounding area, and then open confrontation with the authorities, especially since big problems with the dollar will soon come. Let the mattresses deal with internal problems so that there is no time or opportunity for external challenges.
    1. Penzyac
      Penzyac 21 May 2014 12: 07
      Quote: Giant thought
      It is necessary to beat the enemy with his own weapons. ...

      Do not respond to the enemy symmetrically, applying to him one hundred percent of his own methods. Then we will become like him, which means he will win, anyway, kill the dragon and become a dragon himself. Our main weapon is the truth, justice and nobleness of the strong. Let the dragon destroy itself.
  18. Not angry
    Not angry 21 May 2014 10: 11
    In a nutshell, the article sounds like this. All religions are divided into two faiths: faith in man (good) and faith in money (evil). Money is good servant but very poor master. Who said I do not remember.
  19. coolvoldik
    coolvoldik 21 May 2014 10: 27
    Quote: Giant thought
    It is necessary to beat the enemy with his own weapons. First, create hotbeds of tension in the United States and the surrounding area, and then open confrontation with the authorities, especially since big problems with the dollar will soon come. Let the mattresses deal with internal problems so that there is no time or opportunity for external challenges.

    In order to create hotbeds of tension in the United States - it is necessary to ensure the influx of migrants from Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran ...!
    So far, the United States is better at managing migration policies in Russia. We have on our territory millions of migrants (legal and illegal) from different parts of Central Asia and the Caucasus.
  20. kombat58
    kombat58 21 May 2014 10: 46
    For a long time there was no ideologically correct and comprehensive article about the Russian world.
    We are all scurrying around, we are discussing vehemently who shot whom and when, who said what, and WHY miners and steelmakers do not rise. And that's why they DO NOT RISE because they do not have a CLEAR IDEA, a bright understanding of what is happening. Unfortunately, many people think that the Shooters are fighting with the Yarosh, they will shoot each other chichas and ALL WILL END!
    Will not end! As long as GOOD and EVIL exist, the struggle will continue. Only the battlefields and the composition of the fighters are changing.
    The ideology of confrontation DOES NOT CHANGE forever!
  21. bistrov.
    bistrov. 21 May 2014 10: 50
    The main enemy is not the United States, it is the Vatican. The Vatican was also at the origins of the dismemberment of the USSR. That is what needs to be destroyed first. In this context, the fight against the penetration of Catholicism and Uniateism to the East deserves all possible encouragement. To destroy churches, and to convert Greek Catholic churches into Orthodox, and specifically the Moscow Patriarchate. Yes, the author did not say anything that with the submission of the West in Ukraine a split of Orthodoxy in the UOC of Kiev Patriarchate, headed by the "Patriarch of All Russia" Filaret (Denisenko) and the traditional UOC of the Moscow Patriarchate, the head of Metropolitan Vladimir. This significantly weakened the already defeatist position of the Orthodox Church in Ukraine. Now, according to rumors, negotiations are underway between the head of the UOC of the Kiev Patriarchate "patriarch" Filaret and the head of the UGCC (Ukrainian Greek Catholic (Uniate) Church) Svyatoslav Shevchuk (formerly Guzar) on the merger and transition under the auspices of the Pope (Vatican). until now, it is essentially a sect that the UOC of the Kiev Patriarchate has not been recognized by any Orthodox Church in the world, including the Ecumenical Patriarch. Probably the negotiations were caused by this very reason, to achieve at least some recognition. So far, nothing is known about the results of the negotiations. The churches of the Moscow and Kiev patriarchates are mixed, sometimes even within the same settlement, which causes great confusion and confusion among believers. The independent Kiev authorities support mainly Filaret, he often appears in the media, Metropolitan Volodymyr poses less, probably the old upbringing still affects, and you can feel the rather cool attitude of the authorities. During the "Maidan" events, against a number of churches of the Moscow Patriarchate, located not only in the western regions (Pochaev Lavra), but also in Kiev itself (Kiev Pechersk Lavra), attempts were made to seize, and some of the churches were destroyed. At the same time, church hierarchs of the UGCC and a number of western regions urged their parishioners to take up arms and go to smash both the "godless" government and "enemy" churches. It should also be added that in the West of Ukraine, various sects have become very widespread, such as "Jehovah's Brothers", "Church of the Seventh Day Evangelists" (Subbotniks), Baptists, etc. All of them are financed from abroad: the USA, Canada, etc., and quite well, they build their monumental buildings of churches, receive excellently published literature, training and retraining of leaders. Suffice it to recall that today's acting. President of Ukraine Turchinov is the current presbyter (pastor) of the Baptists. All this adds even more confusion to the near-religious environment. In general, the struggle for the "souls" of people is in full swing. The Vatican believes that all means are good to reduce the influence of the Moscow Orthodox Church. Article plus!
  22. Stasi
    Stasi 21 May 2014 10: 50
    I fully agree with the article. I would also like to add from Gumilyov, his division of people into passionaries, harmonics and subpassionaries. Passionaries are selfless people devoted to the idea of ​​serving their country and people. They are ready to accept any hardship and suffering in the name of the idea. Such people become leaders and lead the people. Harmonics are people in whom the spiritual and the material are balanced. If such people are controlled by passionaries, then good soldiers and workers come out of harmonics. And the last category is subpassionaries. This is the most infamous category. The ideology and faith of the subpassionary is egocentrism. He will do everything that is beneficial to him and his pocket, spit on the fact that it can harm others. Such a person easily betrays his country and people, if it promises benefits. When passionaries are in power, the country prospers and develops. If subpassionaries have power, then chaos sets in and an endless series of revolutions, complete decline and regression. In addition to all of the above, the country needs a national idea that unites all sectors of society and nationality, religion and faith. Without such a national idea or ideology that exists as a law, no country can live.
  23. 21 May 2014 10: 56
    The theory of civilizations was developed by A. Toynbee, defining the criteria characterizing them. At the same time, he put religion in the first place, thereby implying its determining factor. Author Ivan Bondarev
  24. andj61
    andj61 21 May 2014 10: 59
    Excellent article, in-depth analysis, competent conclusions. That's just not necessary to substitute.
    based on the ten commandments of Jesus Christ
    The Ten Commandments are the commandments of Moses, the Old Testament.
    Christ had more of them - 4 Commandments of Love, 10 Commandments of Beatitude, about 100 Commandments of the Sermon on the Mount, and still provide an additional dozen Commandments contained in other sources.
    The main thing in the article is clearly formulated - everything that happens is a conflict of civilizations. Our strength is in the TRUTH, in GOOD.
    Article PLUS!
  25. 21 May 2014 11: 34
    The theory of civilizations was developed by A. Toynbee, defining the criteria characterizing them. Wherein in the first place he put religion, thereby implying its determining factor. Author Ivan Bondarev

    Catholicism was in conflict with Lutheranism and Calvinism. Within the framework of dogma and rituals, these are different churches, although they are within the same "civilization". Results: Hussite Wars, Thirty Years' War. Catholic Bavaria is part of Protestant Germany. The Swedes, who changed Catholicism to Protestantism, enthusiastically “walked” around Poland in the XNUMXth century. It is easy to describe historical processes and compile a list of "civilizations" according to Toynbee's method! However, a more reasonable picture of historical processes can be obtained using the theory of Lev Nikolayevich Gumilyov about the birth of a new ethnos, the breakdown phase (expansion of the area), the akmatic phase, the phases of obscuration and regeneration, and in the end - a relic. One with the help of L.N.G. it is easier to get a clear picture of the development of an ethnos than with the theory of A. Toynbee.
    1. skullcap
      21 May 2014 18: 14
      Catholicism confronted Lutheranism and Calvinism.

      In the wild, predator animals also engage in prey or territory fights.
      But the article considers another level of difference between civilizations - by their nature.
      There are civilizations of creators - human, and there are civilizations of predators - cannibalsk (since we are talking about human communities. And within a cannibal civilization, some countries can fight with others for prey.
      But this is another - lower - the level of difference.
      1. 21 May 2014 18: 30
        Quote: kosopuz
        In the wild, predator animals also fight for prey or territory. But the article considers a different level of distinction of civilizations - by their nature

        Historical processes are statistical processes. Forcibly pushing in the Procrustean bed of the artificial theory (false theory) of the real process is the rape of history. There can be no cannibal / other civilizations. The statistics in FIG are the moral component of the process. How is it said by TS Shaov?
        Love is without politics, without distinction,
        Be you even a negro of advanced years.
    2. The comment was deleted.
  26. MahsusNazar
    MahsusNazar 21 May 2014 11: 47
    Quote: vvs
    Our ancestors languished from a 10% tax, but what about the current 13%? To listen so we have some noble heroes and red girls. I would like to ask the author, does he live in Russia then?

    the author writes about the idea, if you want, then about ideology and culture, and again about devouring, but about your own pockets
  27. ks
    ks 21 May 2014 12: 42
    They just forgot a little who were the "Russian" tsars and what the Russians themselves shouted at the rallies in the early 90s
  28. mithridate
    mithridate 21 May 2014 12: 42
    the article is absolutely true. All accents are set exactly
  29. Bosk
    Bosk 21 May 2014 13: 23
    I noticed, for example, when I was a child, my daughter and many other children, say, up to 6-8 years old, are afraid to go to the Catholic Church, but they go to the Orthodox Church easily ... of course, there may be many reasons, perhaps the architectural style is to blame. ..may be guilty of Catholic ministers, as a rule, rather dry-grave, mostly, moreover, everything in black ... and maybe a child at an early age at the instinct level feels a threat. A good article is read easily and without tension, of course there are excesses ... well, so a person wrote, and it is human nature to bend than not to bend.
  30. belagor
    belagor 21 May 2014 14: 58
    They asked the question: why does the grace of fire in the grave of God in Jerusalem ignite ONLY through the prayer of the ORTHODOX priest? Somehow the pope tried, but failed. It is correctly written that the main purpose of wars is to get closer and eradicate Orthodoxy. And the source of this evil is quite clear and appears without reference. Often, after such incursions on the territory, systematic looting and pogroms in Orthodox churches are carried out.
  31. Signaller
    Signaller 21 May 2014 20: 34
    By the way. read today on the "Free Press"
    The Public Chamber of Russia has proposed the creation of a military-ideological administration in the Armed Forces. It is assumed that the new structure will be formed on the basis of the long-existing Main Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation for work with personnel. The very one that after long and painful for military reforms arose on the wreckage of the notorious GlavPUR (Main Political Directorate of the Soviet Army and Navy). True, it is not yet clear how the new “commissars” will begin to carry out ideological work when, according to the Constitution, no ideology in the country can exist as a state.
    I wonder what happens.