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Upgraded Mi-26 Helicopters for China

According to the, with reference to the newspaper Kommersant, during the visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin to China 20-21 in May 2014, the parties will discuss the project of deep modernization of the heavy transport helicopter Mi-26 taking into account the requirements of the Chinese military.

It was originally planned that the Chinese side will receive ready-made Mi-26 helicopters, but this did not suit the potential customer, therefore Russia proposed the concept of a deep modernization, which will be carried out "practically from scratch". Beijing needs helicopters with a carrying capacity of up to 15 tons.

It is possible that in the future in China will launch a joint production of upgraded helicopters. A promising project will be discussed by Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin and CEO of the Helicopters of Russia holding Alexander Mikheev.

It should be noted that in the framework of the two-day visit of Vladimir Putin to China will be considered about 30 different agreements. In particular, the issue of a "suspended" contract for the supply of Su-35 fighters will be resolved. Earlier, Beijing asked Russia to equip the aircraft with Chinese radio-electronic equipment, but it will be difficult to conduct tests of such a configuration in Russia.

In recent years, Russia and China have been actively engaged in military-technical cooperation. According to the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation, in 2013, China spent 1.8 a billion dollars on the purchase of Russian military equipment and weapons.
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  1. svp67
    svp67 20 May 2014 08: 22
    And what kind of helicopters will our Air Force receive and when, with which engines?
    1. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 20 May 2014 08: 34
      Quote: svp67
      And what kind of helicopters will our Air Force receive and when, with which engines?

      And how many topics on this topic were there or did you pass by?
      1. Samaritan
        Samaritan 20 May 2014 09: 02
        Russian Helicopters provides 85% of the domestic market and 14% of sales abroad. Already every 6 helicopter in the world is ours. The holding’s order book is $ 13 billion. With the support of Rostec, Russian Helicopters became one of the world leaders. In 2013, the holding's revenue reached 138 billion rubles. For Russia, a helicopter is not only a weapon, but also a promising vehicle. Only with its help it is possible to connect remote settlements with the big world and reduce the distance between cities.
        In 2009, Rostec agreed with the Italian company Agusta Westland to jointly assemble civilian helicopters. In Tomilino, Moscow Region, a new scientific cluster has been created for the development of helicopter engineering. We can argue about who invented the helicopter, but we know for sure who is building them today.
        2013 year:
        No less than 14 Mi-28Н - transfer of 10 airborne in ZVO in 15 brigade to the base Island: numbers 01-10. In 546 base supplied 4 board.

        Not less than 17 Ka-52. So, December 25 transferred the batch to 14 machines, which will be transported to Rostvertol and assembled already in 2014, the recipient is the 15 brigade. It was also put 3 new Ka-52 in Chernigovka. 16 helicopters of the 2013 assembly of the year in Rostvertol do not count, for the transfer of 2012 machines from the Progress.

        No less than 8 Mi-35: a batch of 2 vehicles in the Southern Military District (Korenovsk) and 2 ZVO to the Island - October 20, another 4 Mi-35 transferred to the Island as part of the delivery of 10 helicopters in December.

        4 Mi-26s transferred during the year w / n 53, 54, 55, 56, all new buildings

        53 Mi-8AMTSH. During the year, the plant in Ulan-Ude exceeded the plan for 2013 and handed over 53 Mi-8AMTSh troops. General Viktor Bondarev reported on the receipt of helicopters

        More 10 Mi-8МТВ5: two vehicles were delivered to Tver in February 2013 of the year without the 84 and 85 yellow. 6 new helicopters to the base near St. Petersburg - from November 18 2013. Small deliveries went to the Southern Military District and the Western Military District without specifying the exact quantity.
        And 6 Ansat-U.
      2. svp67
        svp67 20 May 2014 11: 54
        Quote: Alexander Romanov
        And how many topics on this topic were there or did you pass by?
        He sat next to me. But as I understand it, if China establishes the production of SUCH helicopters at home, then it will also produce the engine, otherwise "the game is not worth the candle." Now for the Mi26 engine (turboshaft "Motor Sich" D-136) is produced ONLY by "Motor Sich", Kamovtsy, near St. Petersburg, previously it was not planned to produce it and it will not be possible to start its production right away. So I'm wondering - is there a calculation for Chinese capacities in equipping our helicopters with engines from China? Option that is not excluded
        1. Alexander Romanov
          Alexander Romanov 20 May 2014 12: 06
          Quote: svp67
          He sat next to me. But as I understand it, if China establishes the production of SUCH helicopters at home, then it will produce the engine too, otherwise "the game is not worth the candle"

          Listen, do you always make a conclusion from one short note? Still nothing really is clear to anyone, and here you have already painted for all ten years in advance.
          1. svp67
            svp67 20 May 2014 12: 22
            Quote: Alexander Romanov
            Listen, do you always conclude from one short note?

            So I asked a question, can anyone in the topic and answer. It seems that for this, their comments are laid out, and not just "Urya" or "Down with". Our country VERY needed the Mi26, so I was interested in the fate of this aircraft for the Russian Air Force. So I understand your answer - NO. Let others speak.
            1. Alexander Romanov
              Alexander Romanov 20 May 2014 15: 19
              Quote: svp67
              . Mi26 is very necessary for our country, so I was interested in the fate of this machine for the Russian Air Force.

              So it is delivered to the Russian Air Force.
              Quote: svp67
              So I understand your answer is NO.

              Here over the past year, a dozen articles have been about the supply of turntables. I myself was unhappy that the Mi 26 was supplied little to the Russian Air Force, but the WAF Seryoga told me that, given the complexity of these machines in the manufacture, they went fine with us. Although he is still a critic one, but then he said delivery is pleasing.
              1. svp67
                svp67 20 May 2014 15: 27
                Quote: Alexander Romanov
                but VAF Serge on my claims told us that given the complexity of these machines in production, we are doing fine

                God grant, although there are many questions ...
  2. jovanni
    jovanni 20 May 2014 08: 31
    The main thing is that this cooperation does not become one-sided again. Now, the Chinese can also learn a lot.
    1. Barakuda
      Barakuda 20 May 2014 09: 04
      Learn technology to shave? Well, it doesn’t work out, copies of the S-300, engines for a fighter, the same Kalash is not suitable for the original and soles.
      1. donavi49
        donavi49 20 May 2014 09: 43
        Fleet. Today they have a civilian shipbuilding No. 1 in the world. They have already mastered the military and built 052D in series, completed the construction of 052С, build new frigates 054В, built 20 pieces of 054А (this is an analog of 11356 only instead of UKKS - 8 anti-ship missiles / control panels from inclined ones, and on 054В there will already be VPU modules like on 052D there is a step forward in relation to even 22350 pr. - where the units for strike weapons and anti-aircraft guns are different), they have built and successfully operate from Portugal to Australia 071 DKVD in the amount of 3 pieces, they are building the UDK 081 (moreover, it will be closer to the USPU).

        In fact, having our own, with our own efforts, modernized, our combined technologies from around the world, as well as their technologies based on national teams from around the world, they are building a modern fleet at a pace higher than the US
        1. Barakuda
          Barakuda 20 May 2014 09: 57
          This is all true, no doubt. But how it will all go is a question. The transistor was not copied, the PNP transition is not the same, the silicon is not from our deposits, It would be so good, Russia would not be contacted.
          Our walk for 30 years, and do not buzz. Russian shipyards are inundated with orders ..
  3. Giant thought
    Giant thought 20 May 2014 08: 32
    If China wants to cooperate in the modernization of the Mi-26, then why not present this opportunity to them. As a rule, both parties benefit from cooperation. The Mi-26 itself is very good, and if it is still improved, it can be assumed what a masterpiece can turn out.
    1. Argon
      Argon 20 May 2014 12: 29
      In fact, given the current economic situation in Russia, the further development of the Mi-26go (as a complex) is possible only in partnership with a foreign customer, and given the specifics of the machine, China is almost the only country interested in this. As for the Su-35, the export of this machine (essentially an experimental platform) is a necessity for Russia, partly it can increase the profitability of some aspects of the T-50 program, partly it can contribute to the development of MiG RSK in organizing the serial production of the MiG-35. The main thing is that the process should take the form of COOPERATION, and not a license sale .
  4. fvandaku
    fvandaku 20 May 2014 08: 34
    I am tormented by vague doubts. Today is the Su-35. Tomorrow is the S-400. THE FOLLOW TOMORROW YOURSELF WHAT WE WILL DO WITH CHINESE COPIES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. silberwolf88
    silberwolf88 20 May 2014 08: 35
    The modernization of ... what we have set ... is an interesting topic.
    Co-production with China ... the road to nowhere ... they will master ... copy ... and begin to rivet OWN ...
  6. rereture
    rereture 20 May 2014 08: 54
    We help a potential adversary. I am disappointed.
    1. skayl
      skayl 20 May 2014 09: 03
      The safest enemy, which is at your fingertips (in range). And cooperation with the PRC at the rate, let the Americans treat the nerves, because the 2 most dangerous powers for them are strengthening their ties.
    2. Russ69
      Russ69 20 May 2014 09: 58
      Quote: rereture
      We help a potential adversary. I am disappointed.

      I and China, quarrel, only to the delight of the Amers. Thank God that the Kremlin and Beijing understand this ...
      But, any union between us, this is a bone from a mammoth, in the throat of pen.dosov.
  7. vovan50
    vovan50 20 May 2014 09: 00
    "they will master ... copy ... and begin to rivet OWN"
    That's right, based on the fact that we ourselves will not create anything new. It is necessary to expand the scientific and technical base and create ever new or even fundamentally new devices, only then they will not catch up with us.
  8. cerbuk6155
    cerbuk6155 20 May 2014 09: 18
    We must proceed from the fact that the main enemy of RUSSIA is the USA and NATO. And CHINA is our ally in the fight against them. soldier
  9. Mexican
    Mexican 20 May 2014 09: 35
    Mi-26 with a carrying capacity of 20 tons both in the cargo compartment and on the external sling. Upgrading it to 15 tons means worsening it.
  10. Barakuda
    Barakuda 20 May 2014 09: 39
    The main enemy is the USA, Europe is on our drum, I think the next Napoleon will not be found there. Too dependent on Russia. If I was taught on the maps of Germany .. and very detailed. And the father was handed the phrasebook Russian-Chinese. Not so bad.
    Sell, build, there is still something in the stash.
  11. ARS56
    ARS56 20 May 2014 10: 01
    To develop a new heavy helicopter due to the Chinese order is a good chance to develop our design school and promote new technologies.
  12. Barakuda
    Barakuda 20 May 2014 10: 05
    Is there anyone from the Far East, Khabarovsk Territory? Tell us how the Chinas in our area behave. I have been there for a long time - the village of Mangohta, the base of anti-submarine carcasses.
  13. kodxnumx
    kodxnumx 20 May 2014 10: 13
    I don’t know how well it is to convey military technology, but I would like to be sure that we will take a step in front of China!
    1. Barakuda
      Barakuda 20 May 2014 10: 41
      We are 2 steps ahead .. We use our minds.
  14. Sterlya
    Sterlya 20 May 2014 10: 47
    And as they "rejoice" in the USA, well, they can't even eat a fish. and climb the tree wassat
  15. Barakuda
    Barakuda 20 May 2014 11: 00
    And my teachers by education and do not hide, they dumped in the states to teach the Chinese. (I wanted to wabla, could not stand it) Someone to Europe. Many have already returned. Repented. Kiev Pollitech-otduda Korolyov was kicked out, he didn't pass mathematics. The military department - boxes -, tuguski, air defense missile systems "OSA", Buki, Tora, S-200, everything was on the move and they "looked" into the windows (Tel.Optical Sight), at neighboring high-rise buildings at school. They pissed away everything .. Now to enter my faculty, prepare 4 pieces of greens.