Donbass vs Kiev Euromaidan + Dnepropetrovsk Kaganat. Mobilization alignment

The appeal of the Minister of Defense of the Donetsk Republic Igor Strelkov brought the situation around Donbass to a new level. Strelkov naturally explained to all residents that it is unlikely to sit at home near the monitor or TV.

The couch troops, of course, responded to the appeal in their usual manner - each war specialist on the Internet began to write the answer to Strelkov from his cozy trench.

But to argue with Strelkov is senseless - in real, and not in a cozy trench, it is clearly better to see how it really is.

Therefore, the main thing that can and should be analyzed in this case is the mobilization capabilities of all participants in the civil war in Ukraine.

New organizational entities in Ukraine

It is necessary to work out the right attitude to what is happening in Ukraine in order to understand the new political reality. The concepts of "junta", "militia", "separatists" and so on are more emotional and evaluative, allowing to separate "their" and "alien". However, they do not provide a full understanding of what is happening in Ukraine.

So, we are dealing with the collapse of the state and the formation on its territory of several organizational entities with signs of statehood. Moreover, these formations differ in type from each other and are often antagonists. On the territory of Ukraine, the remnants of the state of the modern era (Ukrainian SSR-Ukraine) are actually dismantled, and the situation is rapidly sliding into neo-feudalism. Therefore, it is fundamentally wrong to analyze what is happening on the territory of Ukraine in terms and concepts of political science of the 20th century. It is possible to analyze, but the purity of understanding is unlikely to appear.

So, the majority of Ukraine is controlled by the Kiev Euromaidan, the parliamentary-presidential oligarchy.

On the territory of Dnipropetrovsk and Odessa regions, all power belongs to the financial and industrial group Privat, which is an ally of the Kiev Euromaidan, but already has an independent defense policy and partially a sovereign financial policy. By type, state education is somewhat similar to the medieval Khazaria - therefore, for distinction, we will call this organizational form the Dnipropetrovsk Khaganate.

In the Donbas, two republics were established — Donetsk and Lugansk, which are in close union and intend to soon unite in New Russia. But for the sake of accuracy, we will call them the Donbass Republic for the time being.

Two more organizational formations on the territory of Ukraine - the Republic of Crimea and the hero-city of Sevastopol - existed for several weeks and integrated into the Russian Federation. So far, these two subjects of the federation are developing in the logic of the protectorate and in manual control - because it will take at least a year to fully integrate.

Mobilization opportunities of new formations

The answer to the question about the power and military capabilities of the new state entities in the place of the former Ukraine lies in the real legitimacy. In peacetime, legitimacy is at best a campaign of the population to a support rally. In wartime, legitimacy is expressed in the decision to take weapon and become a volunteer - that is, make an informed decision. Real legitimacy is something like an oath. In peacetime, such an oath is given through elections - when a citizen gives his part of power to another person. That is, delegates the right to be in power.

- The Kiev Euromaidan draws its legitimacy in the main Maidan in Kiev and in regional Maidan in the republic. The peak activity of Euromaidan after the dispersal of "they are children" Berkut = about 500 thousands in Kiev. Plus regional Maidan. It can be considered with a margin = 1,2 – 2 million people.

- The legitimacy of the Republic of Donbass is drawn from the referendum on May 11. Given the 7-million population, with 80% turnout - about 5 million people.

Accordingly, the mobilization capacity of the Donbass is much higher than that of the Kiev Euromaidan.

- The Dnipropetrovsk kaganate does not have any legitimacy at all. For him, no one stood on the Maidan and did not vote in referendums. Therefore, it relies on mercenaries.

The only chance for Kiev Euromaidan and Dnepropetrovsk Kaganat to gain legitimacy is the presidential election of 25 in May. However, in these elections a new republic is not established - and citizens are again offered to make a conditional choice from the same characters. Therefore, it is doubtful that there will be more people willing to go to battle for the commander-in-chief, Poroshenko, than those who want to go to battle for acting today. Turchinov.

This is the real deal. Therefore, no matter how the elections are held, the Donbass Republic will recruit militias - there is enough legitimacy for this. Kaganat will recruit mercenaries. And the Kiev Euromaidan will try to do something with the remnants of the Ukrainian army, which will rapidly run away-who in the militia of Donbass, who in the mercenaries Kaganat. Who is closer in spirit and goals.
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  1. +9
    20 May 2014 18: 29
    DONBASS get up !!! soldier
    1. +3
      20 May 2014 18: 45
      I believe, I know that when we destroy Pendofascism, the world will be the New United Russia in all its beauty and power.
      1. +11
        20 May 2014 19: 14
        All this Maidan mobilization resource will end when the pockets of Kolomoisky and others are empty. They need to close all the cranes, starting with the nationalization of their facilities in the Crimea and the Donetsk Republic. Akhmetov was silent, silent, but as a threat to his enterprises appeared (from the referee. In the east), every day something sings.
        In the east, they are fighting for their land and the right to live on it, and the westerners are fighting for "grandmothers", by order, and only a tiny fraction for the idea of ​​independence. I have no doubts, the truth is to the east. But how much blood will be shed? hi
      2. +4
        20 May 2014 21: 25

        This song must be known by heart to ALL honest workers of the South-East of the country called Ukraine
        1. +3
          20 May 2014 21: 27
          And if you are a worker
          then don’t expect another to help us, -
          we will gain freedom in battle
          with your working hand!

          Left march - two, three!
          Left march - two, three!
          Stand in the ranks, comrade, to us, -
          you will enter our united working front
          because you yourself are a worker!

          "Song of the United Front" (Sometimes they say "March ...") was written by Hans Eisler on the verses of Bertold Brecht in the early 30s of the last century, when the German communists tried to organize a united front to fight fascism.
    2. platitsyn70
      20 May 2014 19: 15
      The Parliament of Ukraine called for the immediate return of the military participating in the special operation in the east to the places of permanent deployment. This is stated in the "Memorandum of Peace and Accord", which was approved by the Verkhovna Rada.

      The Parliament of Ukraine adopted the "Memorandum of Peace and Accord." “For” 252 deputies voted. The Communists and the Faction of the Freedom Party did not participate in the voting.

      In the memorandum, the deputies called for the immediate return of the military participating in the special operation in the east to the places of permanent deployment.

      In addition, a law will be passed prohibiting the criminal prosecution of participants in mass protests in Ukraine if they vacate the seized buildings and lay down their arms, the memorandum says.

      The parliament also promises, within the framework of the constitutional reform, to finally consolidate the status of Ukraine as a parliamentary republic.
      it seems like a normal-minded person appeared in the family or in parliament, meaning the army grumbles and does not want to fight, and even more so to die for the junta.
      1. The comment was deleted.
      2. Gloria45
        20 May 2014 19: 37
        Therefore, it is doubtful that those wishing to go into battle for the commander-in-chief of Poroshenko
        1. +7
          20 May 2014 19: 57
          Chocolate bunny
      3. Djein
        21 May 2014 00: 45
        [quote = platitsyn70] The Parliament of Ukraine adopted the "Memorandum of Peace and Accord." “For” 252 deputies voted. The Communists and the faction of the party "Freedom" did not participate in the vote. [/ Quote]
        quote = platitsyn70] it seems that a normally thinking person appeared in the genus [/ quote]

        They hold the "elections" of the "president" ....
        Then they will arrange for everyone both "peace" and "consent" ...
        This is not naivety, but something else ....... [
      4. The comment was deleted.
      5. +1
        21 May 2014 01: 07
        Quote: platitsyn70
        it seems like a normal-minded person appeared in the family or in parliament, meaning the army grumbles and does not want to fight, and even more so to die for the junta.

        This is only for the election period. At the same time, get the votes of families, the male half of which was sent to "military training".

        But since no one is going to release the "captured buildings" that continuation will not be long in coming.
  2. +14
    20 May 2014 18: 30
    there are those who do not deceive.
  3. PRN
    20 May 2014 18: 31
    Kaganate on the Dnieper must be destroyed !!
  4. +8
    20 May 2014 18: 33
    somehow rusticly deployed. the author has "forgotten" the main active muzzles in the person of the Yankes and other Brussels
    1. +12
      20 May 2014 18: 51
      Rustic and extremely superficial - that's a very mild word. And the accuracy and breadth of the author's calculations are impressive :))) I rarely criticize the authors, because I myself do not write and I respect their work, but this author has gone too far with "simplicity". There is nothing in the article. Generally. You can not do it this way. The impression is that the article was written to inject a new term - "Dnepropetrvsk kaganate". All. Where is the "mobilization alignment", in what place? :)))
      1. +7
        20 May 2014 19: 12
        I completely agree. The article is empty. Constantly on the Maidan there were a maximum of 40000 people, from where 500 thousand xs? In addition, there were representatives of different forces who act for their own purposes: hundreds of self-defense of the Maidan, which were sponsored by different forces, militants of the right sector, militants of "freedom", activists of strike and Batkovshchina. And after the overthrow of Yanuca, everyone began to arm their armies: Kolomoisky, Yarosh, Tymoshenko, Tyagnibok, Avakov - all now have their own armies that protect the interests of their bosses. There is Akhmetov in Donbass, who also began to gather people. In general, it is not even close to say who and how many bayonets will pick up and for whom they will be. In general, the Wild West turns out.
        1. +1
          20 May 2014 19: 35
          Quote: g1v2
          I completely agree. The article is empty. Constantly on the Maidan there were a maximum of 40000 people

          40000 people is also a dubious figure .... One American here claimed that 700000 people stood on the Maidan))))) they are all very bad with numbers .... Maidan is not Tiananmen
          1. BYV
            20 May 2014 20: 05
            All in one pile - legitimacy, mobilization reserve. How can we compare the direct participants in the demonstrations and those who voted in a referendum? It's like comparing warm and soft. If you count the number of demonstrators in the Donbass, then the figure will be drawn completely different.
          2. +1
            20 May 2014 22: 14
            40000 is the maximum number of those who were constantly there. Their number can be determined, since they had a centralized supply, food and money went to their supply. Maybe at some point some more ran up, but these were no longer supplied. Some centenaries of self-defense told in an interview how this happened. And about the money that they received both about the supply and that the majority, except those who fell under any boss, were simply thrown. And now the National Guard is being formed from them and sent east to get rid of it.
      2. +3
        20 May 2014 21: 35
        The article is extremely weak. In general, the absence of any presence. What kind of mob is there. resource? He has no idea what it is! Can 5 million people be mobilized in the Donbass? Yes, there will be 50 thousand only by force. About the Maidan - well, maybe, if everyone who clings to it, counts, then there will be up to 1 million people, but putting so much under arms is absolutely unreal! Therefore, now they are using the army. the call of reservists and volunteers - all the same, the junta lacks strength. But the junta has much more resources than the Donbass, which, paying taxes to the center, actually finances a military operation against itself. And the kaganate, or the principality, or the khanate (Akhmetov - Tatar) - this is just for the red slobber. Given the mass of existing and emerging private and semi-private armies that cannot live in peace with each other - a natural walk-through is obtained.
  5. +5
    20 May 2014 18: 35
    And another side is directly Galicia, which Kiev does not obey at all.
    1. +2
      20 May 2014 19: 00
      Well, Galicia, through the mediation of the Hungarian Prime Minister, quietly began to receive Hungarian citizenship. And then, as the card lays down, it is not heard, and it is not visible.
  6. +3
    20 May 2014 18: 35
    And everything will end like in Yugoslavia, if Russia does not intervene ...
    1. +3
      20 May 2014 19: 02
      It seems that Russia will not intervene before the end of the year.
    2. +1
      20 May 2014 19: 25
      Quote: Morgan
      And everything will end like in Yugoslavia, if Russia does not intervene ...

      And this will be the best option - the collapse of a hostile state.
      1. +3
        20 May 2014 19: 55
        The states and their puppets in Kiev sleep and see that Russia would send troops! With the level at which Ukrainians are brainwashed, this will be a huge mobilization factor against the "aggressor". Therefore, you need to help by all means, but not explicitly! Donbass must self-organize itself and lead a liberation struggle against the Nazis throughout Ukraine, perhaps excluding the West!
  7. +14
    20 May 2014 18: 35
    Reply to the appeal of Igor Strelkov from Leonid Kornilov
    1. +10
      20 May 2014 18: 47
      What is the answer to Strelkov ???? All mixed in a bunch. It seems that Kornilov did not watch Strelkov’s appeal (or the person who called the video so)
    2. +8
      20 May 2014 18: 55
      Dante Alighieri
      This is not an answer to Strelkov, this is sofa demagogy, excuse me. Although I just booted on the author of the article, but in terms of assessing such sofa "warriors" he is absolutely right. His article appears to be at least somewhat useful. :)))
    3. +1
      20 May 2014 18: 59
      YES Incendiary!
    4. +7
      20 May 2014 19: 02
      Something this Kornilov seems to me for nothing to take offense at Russia. The question is all the same to the very same South-East - why the Crimean leadership itself took the direction of Russia, why they did not have "people's" mayors-governors, why their elite was for Russia, and there was no pro-Russian elite in Novorossiya ?! Why?! It is here that the fundamental difference between Crimea and the southeast is that the elite is not pro-Russian. And Novorossia has only one way out - to grow its own elite (political - primarily military, economic). You have one representative of the elite, a pro-Russian, this is Tsarev - take him into circulation, let him start talking with Russia. To build a state you need an elite ...
    5. +5
      20 May 2014 19: 13
      All this is very soulful. And very comfortable to call on the couch.
      But how will they meet ours, except that the flowers will gladly present them, and what they will say in the back in six months?
      1. +3
        20 May 2014 19: 31
        I always suspected that jokes about blondes were invented by brunettes at night out of envy. :))))
        You give a much more balanced assessment (multiply and convincingly justified) than a significant part of our colleagues that wave a saber from a twisted newspaper and scream that it is time to enter tanks, bomb, hang, shoot left and right .... although you are a woman , and, in theory, should have a better understanding of such issues than men .... But no. I am surprised, but women visiting this site, with the rare exception, show an enviable sanity and remarkable intelligence. ... unlike men. :)))) as if some sort of selection is being made .... :))))
      2. 0
        20 May 2014 20: 34
        I agree, at first they will rejoice, Russia came to help, they will sit and watch on the sofa as our guys will protect their freedom under bullets. And they will say for a year or poorly defended, or thank you, go home, and we will continue to sit on the couch.
    6. Not angry
      20 May 2014 21: 40
      what is the answer to Strelkov if the residents of Donbass do not want to defend themselves for the most part then here it will be difficult for them to help.
  8. +4
    20 May 2014 18: 44
    I remember the loop, it’s shaky, and the motley daddies walked around Little Russia and the outskirts, where are they ?!
  9. ed_
    20 May 2014 18: 44
    that's what rabbi hodos says
  10. PRN
    20 May 2014 18: 47
    Quote: Morgan
    And everything will end like in Yugoslavia, if Russia does not intervene.

    In no case should troops be brought in by Russia in the current situation, but it may end
    1. +5
      20 May 2014 18: 54
      Intervene - not necessarily send troops. And I don’t understand that they can’t be entered ... But something can be achieved from the goal of the war only with a kind word and a gun. am laughing am Separately, they do not ...
    2. +3
      20 May 2014 18: 56
      beautiful card. but there is one point, the country of Ukraine is no more, even in this form. It will be in the best cases, Bendery.
    3. sergey261180
      20 May 2014 19: 22
      Quote: PRN
      In no case should troops be brought in by Russia in the current situation, but it may end

      Or maybe so.
    4. 0
      20 May 2014 23: 47
      Theoretically, troops cannot be entered — Ukrainians are zombified, they will resist ... the West will squirm, our money will be frozen .... Contracts to be torn ...
      Someone will say: Sheer losses ...

      But if Russia introduces troops to eradicate the embryos of new fascism, liberate Russian righteous Ukrainians from the fascist dungeons, save the fraternal people from the occupation by the Antichrist in the form of obama, Kolomoiskogo, parash. The Odessa tribunal of humanoid nonhumans .... the children of Russia will be transformed in one instant and will want to study, the mothers of Russia will themselves take their sons to the service of the Motherland, the officials will look down at the sight of the heroes returning with victory ...

      This is not a fairy tale and not nonsense.
      This is a comprehension of recent historical events.

      In Crimea, they were not really allowed evil from the right-wingers, but even when the Russian soldiers entered, people greeted them with tears in their eyes.

      I can imagine what a holiday would be in Slavyansk, Kramatorsk, Mariupol, Odessa, Donetsk, Lugansk, if a Russian soldier walked through these cities towards Kiev.
      And the Donbas miners would instantly rise from the faces, the shipbuilders of Nikolaev and Kherson, the machine builders of Kharkov, Zaporozhye and Pervomaisk, the metallurgists of Mariupol, Dnipropetrovsk and Krivoy Rog would gather for the junta ...

      And Kiev would instantly be transformed. The parents of their children locked up their geeks and painfully inspired them about the mighty Red Army. which will save the Motherland from the bourgeois, overseas monsters and bad boys ...

      One pity, we do not have living water to resurrect martyr heroes who have stood before the hordes of orcs from the euromorder.
    5. 0
      21 May 2014 14: 45
      Quote: PRN
      ... and it can end like that

      Maybe so. But Crimea from the considered options still needs to be excluded, they have already been decided.
  11. +2
    20 May 2014 18: 51
    The division of mobilization opportunities on a regional basis is fundamentally wrong! The Maidan are unlikely to go to war, it’s one thing to yell at a rally, and completely turn their heads to bullets, in addition, all kinds of fighters with the regime are usually distinguished by increased meanness and cowardice, and they won’t fight !
    On the other hand, the possibility of the DPR is not limited to Donetsk and Lugansk! True, there are a lot of hats, but here too the junta should try, only Odessa is worth it!
  12. +4
    20 May 2014 18: 56
    whose nerves and spirit are stronger, he will triumph
  13. +1
    20 May 2014 19: 10
    "This is the real alignment. Therefore, no matter how the elections are held, the Republic of Donbass will recruit militias - there is enough legitimacy for this. The kaganate will recruit mercenaries. And the Kiev Euromaidan will try to do something with the remnants of the Ukrainian army, which will quickly scatter - who is in Donbass militias, who are mercenaries of the Kaganate. Who is closer in spirit and goals. "

    And we will wait for the first frost, so what?
  14. buser
    20 May 2014 19: 11
    the author forgot to mention another incomprehensible entity. We will call it the Galician Banderat. These three areas are in the west. There Kiev definitely has no power. Prosecutors in the offices are frightened by bandits with machine guns. Change the chiefs of police.
  15. +1
    20 May 2014 19: 27
    Everything simply Russia should help moteria, that is, uniforms, weapons, medicines, volunteers, flight, food! Everything else guys do it themselves, just pull yourself more. That's basically simple orifetika!
  16. +4
    20 May 2014 19: 32
    I’m talking on the internet with a guy from those places. I’m paid a salary, I won’t go anywhere (his answer). I don’t really bite their roasted cock in the ass and stay on the couch. (They don’t want to fight for their independence and the flag with them. ) This does not apply to fighters from Slavyansk. Good luck to you.
    1. 0
      20 May 2014 21: 11
      Quote: Zlyden.Zlo
      Campaign until the fried cock really pecks them in the ass and will remain on the couch.

      There is no need to run over when the authorities call for many, it is too early, the time for "battles" has not come yet. The authorities must decide whether it is time to mobilize or wait.
      1. Escander_84
        20 May 2014 21: 55
        They will certainly go, but where will they go! I don’t know how in the DPR and in Russia for evading general mobilization in wartime from 5 to 7 of the general regime ... I think, in such situations, many sofa troops will be converted into normal ones ... But this wand, with two ends .. The local sofa commanders may be angry with such "shamelessness". But the internal turmoil is definitely not necessary for the young state. So Igor Ivanovich also has few options. IMHO ...
  17. 0
    20 May 2014 19: 40
    It is necessary to help those who really want this and strive for the result. And to send our guys to fight with the Maidan, when the sofa heroes will wash their bones in the east of Ukraine, well, I really don’t really want to.
  18. 0
    20 May 2014 19: 40
    Let them hold their elections. The throats will then tear each other, jackals, not until the East they become.
  19. 0
    20 May 2014 19: 46
    Blasphemy. Turn off the Internet in Ukraine, for half a year, completely. After half a year, turn on, read.
  20. 0
    20 May 2014 19: 46
    The civil war in Ukraine (the so-called "Ruin") lasted for over 100 years: from the betrayal of Khmelnitsky's successors to the annexation of the right-bank Ukraine to Russia as a result of the partition of Poland. Colonels and centurions fought and slaughtered each other. The same will happen now, if external management is not introduced. And the sooner the better - fewer people (for cynics - mob resources) will burn in this slaughter.
    1. Escander_84
      20 May 2014 22: 00
      Sorry, but with your nickname, and not to assume that besides the external management of another there is no longer there, this is completely wrong!)
  21. 0
    20 May 2014 19: 52
    Peace agreement with the junta (later Poroshenko) and the withdrawal of volunteers to the Crimea - as such an option. And let it be - the Donbass residents themselves understand in one Ukraine their desires to be free.
    And again, the Russian Federation will be to blame - abandoned.
    Quote: Zlyden.Zlo
    I talk on the internet with a guy from those places. They pay me a salary, I won’t go anywhere (his answer).

    Yeah, an acquaintance - she also heard "talking" - "And what about Donbass ... Donbass worries about the ripening of tomatoes."
  22. Timmir
    20 May 2014 19: 55
    Ukraine, this is a multi-layered sandwich, will pass Poroshenko and there will be a new Maidan, how does it differ from Yanukovych, nothing, only more money. If not for the terror in the Donbass, then the Donetsk People’s Republic would be the most stable territory in Ukraine.
  23. +2
    20 May 2014 20: 04
    Ukraine is so messed up in dirt and shit that no new model of public consensus is possible. Yes, and even bankrupt in addition. Decay is inevitable.
  24. unknown
    20 May 2014 20: 14
    Quote: Dante
    Reply to the appeal of Igor Strelkov from Leonid Kornilov

  25. Serge56
    20 May 2014 20: 36
    there is already no Ukraine, sprayed in the air. There is Crimea, there are Donetsk and Lugansk republics, soon there will be Kharkov and Odessa.
    And there are Bandera gangs that seized Kiev by force, which, at the direction of the United States, are trying to unleash a large-scale war.
    How much can you endure, Mr. Putin, when bandits kill and kill Russians ???
  26. 0
    20 May 2014 20: 58
    Really no? Nobody knows more about reliability?
  27. 0
    20 May 2014 21: 32
    Oh, I’m afraid that an agreement has been reached on the sidelines. Type-Russia will recognize the elections on May 25 and take off the price of gas, and the West will recognize the departure of Crimea and water the prisos. The southeast remains without state (Russian) support and slowly fades. Result-Ukraine becomes Russophobic branch of Tan. Look at our TV shows. News from Ukraine went by the wayside. Terrible and loud statements are made in the DPR, and the territory of the republic is not economically and not militarily controlled.
  28. +1
    20 May 2014 21: 34
    In my opinion, our celestials are completely absent
    Goals in Ukraine everything is going at random; well, they returned Crimea and? What's next?
    Let it dissolve itself? Then we heard the Kiev junta
    illegitimate now waiting for the election. Then gas discounts
    no options are now possible. Beautiful words about a single
    people and the protection of the Russian-speaking population.
    And as a result, how much should Odessa repeat?
  29. Alexey
    20 May 2014 21: 42
    somehow superficially. To the author minus.
    - The legitimacy of the Republic of Donbass is drawn from the referendum on May 11. Given the 7-million population, with 80% turnout - about 5 million people.

    Accordingly, the mobilization capacity of the Donbass is much higher than that of the Kiev Euromaidan.

    5 million. Half are women. 2.5 million. Of these, healthy men aged 18-60 - 40 percent. This is really not a determining factor. The determining factor is the willingness to fight for the state. And with this, like that (see Strelkova), tense ...
  30. 0
    21 May 2014 05: 50

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