Chimera of freedom

Chimera of freedom

The concept of “freedom” is one of the main chimeras, with the help of which the ruling structures “carry the brain out” to people. Turning the rapidly developing social systems, the state in a pile of debris.

If you analyze any event in the world, be it a political action, a war, just the death of one person, it becomes absolutely clear that everything is natural. Behind any event, phenomenon is a system, a hierarchy: from the laws of the Universe-Cosmos, the laws of Nature, the art of politics. Even now one can find information about the effects of solar flares, solar activity on historical events, the effect of magnetic storms on crime statistics, human diseases.

Man is not free, there is no freedom, he is only a link in the chain, a part of the system — of society, humanity, the biosphere of the planet, the solar system, our galaxy, the whole Universe. He lives in resonance with a mass of vibrations, and he radiates them himself. If a person resonates with the outside world, he is part of a working system, as long as most people act in accordance with the system, everything is correct. As soon as a significant group of people begins to enter into a dissonance with the social system, such a system begins to fail and may eventually collapse.

Figuratively, this can be compared with the human body: while the overwhelming part of the cells works in the system, the body is healthy, as soon as there are too many cancer cells that want “freedom”, “self-expression”, the body dies. So it is with human society, when people who do not understand that they are part of the system and want to be “free” and not work for the common good, will become more than a certain level, society, the state will collapse. That is why the “world backstage” since ancient times has introduced to Russia alien concepts: freedom from responsibility, freedom from family, sexual freedom, freedom from the state, freedom from children (“children are evil, which destroys human self-development”), freedom from the past, memory , freedom from the "terrible" Truth and so on.

Break the basis of a normally working system, the Russian civilization, its concepts: True, Responsibility for themselves, for family, Nature, Homeland, People, Love, Dignity.

Remember Western films, who always wins there - the individual, the hero. It is a lie, always the system wins, where the dissonance is minimal, everything is in resonance. That is why the Russian people, the Ruses always beat even the most powerful enemies, they were united, strength in Unity, Unity. This is the secret of the victories of the Third Reich, then the "backstage world" conducted a very dangerous experiment that could get out of their control. Introduced in Germany, partially restored the people's aristocratic system, a healthy hierarchy (of course, greatly distorted). As a result, there was a resonance in Germany - it turned out a single nation, from top to bottom united by a single goal, a program. At the exit, literally in a decade, the Reich showed simply phenomenal results in almost all breakthrough areas, which then brought all of humanity to a new stage of development - rocket production, in fact, the Germans were the first to launch a space program, jet aircraft construction, an atomic project, discoid aircraft, excellent education programs and education of children, youth and so on. And this is for the incomplete three five-year plans.

Reich was able to defeat only another similar system, where there was Unity of people, but more just, Stalin. That is why the enemies of Russia so much hatred, just animal, feel for this period stories Rus is the Fear that Russia will again begin to build the people's aristocratic system. What is its essence? In that there is no freedom and equality of people, there is either a healthy hierarchy or a hierarchy of destruction. A healthy hierarchy: this is when all people from birth have equal opportunities for development and training (without “elite”, “warm” towns), this provides a general system of education and upbringing, then there is a selection, conditionally speaking, “warriors” and “swords-wise men” ". They become the core of society, the "aristocracy", which directs the development of society, manages it, protects it, on the basis of common sense. The third main group of society is the “workers”, all those who create the wealth of the country with creative labor, remember Stalin’s USSR — at least films where the main characters were peasants, workers, teachers, honest workers, not bandits, prostitutes, speculators, and so on his attention to this group, the management class must constantly take care of this group. Actors (the overwhelming majority, there are rare exceptions), fools, laughter, singers, those who entertain people (and most often decompose) - this is in the normal structure of society almost "bottom", and not "elite".

The real elite, the aristocracy is those who stand on the borders, piloting combat aircraft, special units performing tasks in the enemy environment, crews on submarines, all those who are ready to give their lives for their Motherland at any second. They are constructors, strong Spiritual people, setting the example of the Human (the righteous) with their lives, Teachers of the people. But one must know that belonging to the elite is not hereditary, each new generation must prove that it is worthy of being an aristocracy.

Ancient Russia was just such a power: the bogatyr from the village could become a member of the prince's retinue, and at the end of his life, having gained an invaluable experience of life, could become an “old man” -vedun. Healthy beginnings were preserved in Russia in epics, fairy tales, songs.

Currently, there is a unique opportunity to restore the people's aristocratic system in Russia, at a new level. If this happens, there will be no need for decades to restore, remember the example of Stalin’s USSR and Hitler’s Reich - resonance, people will be United in all plans, from public to Cosmic, they will begin to carry out their Program, laid out by the Higher Mind, and 2-3 Five-Year Plan - and the whole the world will not know about Russia-Rus. It will be the Power of the Spirit, a beacon of Humanity and high technology.

The power of resonance can be seen in the military parade - who marched best of all ?! Soldiers of the Third Reich and Soviet Soldiers-Liberators! These were the two systems closest to the Oneness. But the Stalinist system was closer to Cosmos, the law of Creation. And look at the current parades in the Russian Federation, it is immediately clear that society is sick, discord, dissonance.

That is why the Rusam are constantly inculcated in their heads the idea of ​​"freedom", so that, God forbid, they do not remember who they are, and not put their order on the planet ...
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