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Collective persecution

Collective persecutionMost recently, I received a letter from a cadet from the Bohun Military School. To make it easier for the Russian reader to navigate - we are talking about the Suvorov School on Lesia Ukrainka Boulevard, and the name of Cossack Besperer Ivan Bohun was named in 1998.

So, in the letter I read the following lines: “I will cut all of you, pro-Russian traitors. And it's not a joke! I hate the ferocious of you - all those who support the course of the enslavers of my land. ”

Such letters are not uncommon. From time to time, we get them from almost everyone who dares to write, speak and think in the language of "antimaydana."

The young man did not hide the name. Of course, I was curious. I made some inquiries. On the page on the social network was posted genuine story his "transformation".

Here is this guy in April 2013-th: smiling and cheerful, at some celebration, in a warm family circle. But in the summer of the same year, he was on the seas, with his girlfriend, surrounded by fellow schoolmates. All the guys are like from the picture: merry and radiant.

But then it is already late autumn. There is no trace of the former smile. In the gloomy November snapshot - burdened with some new idea, agitated cadets with round cleans stand in an embrace with a famous psychopathic deputy, a member of the radical party.

The hairstyle of our cadet has also changed. Instead of the usual sport “brush”, a Cossack Oseledez is now sliding down his forehead ...

Further images do not require comments. They can be covered by a single group: "from the life of the Bandera sect ...". I will only add that in the next-to-last photo, our hero is already in full swing with her like-minded people.

The trouble is not that burned down the old post office. And it’s not even the fact that the modern center of Kiev is solid ruins, furnished with some sort of landfill, sub-fence elements, no ...

The bastards who started this catastrophic act, along with the architecture, crippled the immature teenage heads. And now many young men, overwhelmed by a bloodthirsty ideology, have been sentenced to march for life under the Bandera flags ...

It is probably interesting for the Russian reader to know what post-revolutionary Kiev is like.

Weeks earlier, in a matter of meters from the legendary Bolshevik factory, which was covered with bullet marks from the time of the German bombing, now abandoned, but actively offered for rent, a flash mob was organized in support of the Right Sector.

Under a single red-black banner, painful activists acted well done. According to the external description of exactly the same as our cadet. They were incited by some squeaky, vain "tenor". Teenagers thundered on the team: “Glory to Ukraine! Glory to heroes! Death to the separatists and invaders! ”

Many passers-by stopped and filmed them. Some stopped to “rub” in the line, to show their support.

Such actions are not uncommon. They wander from one corner of the city to another. By the way, you can replenish the brave ranks of the "pravoseks" right on the spot. Phones for recording are freely available, show off on business cards.

And here in Kiev and the region such phenomenon as collective persecution is now in fashion. My good friend of Sevastopol in April, when it could still be done, decided to visit relatives in the White Church.

An over-the-top solution! Close people turned fierce haters. Three days of attacks - more southerner could not bear. She literally had to flee. They attributed "sovok promiscuity." Caught in the inclinations of "terrorist" and "separatist" nature. Accused of non-patriotism ...

"Peck" and in the workplace. If, God forbid, a “white crow” is found in the collective - a person with an opinion contrary to the “Maidan” opinion of the collective - he will immediately be declared a “capital lustration”.

In Kiev, the sirens of ambulances are especially alarming. The number of incomprehensible police officers has increased. Many of them are attached to the form of tiny icons, decorated in the best traditions of the UPA.

The eyes of these servants of order are not at all decent and even boorish. All wander the streets, powerfully waving their batons. They speak on ominous surzhik - obviously not Kiev. I believe that they are called upon to ensure the “peace” and “stability” of the regime of the Hunt before the fascist elections ...

One thing is clear - the city-hero Kiev will never be the same. And many will do everything to ensure that he is not mentioned at all in the future as a “hero”. And few others will feel like outcasts and strangers here ...

Summing up, I would like to speak, perhaps, on behalf of those few "outsiders". I am ashamed. Including before the people living in fraternal Russia.

It is a shame for the shame that has befallen my country, my hometown. The discord that has come to our homes will not subside and will not dissipate with time. Ukrainian tragedy is a dark spot in the history of Slavic society.

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  1. mamont5
    mamont5 20 May 2014 06: 57
    "Many young men, overwhelmed by a bloodthirsty ideology, are sentenced to march under Bandera banners for life ...

    But their life will be very short. But they themselves chose this.

    "The teenagers thundered on command:" Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the heroes! Death to the separatists and invaders! "

    Only near Slavyansk, under the bullets of the militia, they quickly come to their senses whoever has time.

    "One thing is clear - the hero city of Kiev will never be the same. And many will do everything to ensure that they do not mention it as a" hero "in the future. And few others will feel like outcasts and strangers here ..."

    Nothing. Our grandfathers took Kiev. And we will take. But we do not have time - it means that the children and grandchildren leave a mandate.
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. older
      older 20 May 2014 07: 11
      Suvoros and military schools are the best place to spread ideology. Military discipline and full control over the life of a cadet allow you to dose information in the right form.
      In what I agree with the author, the generation that tried the blood for a long time, in any situation, will solve its problems with pistols and knives. It is the generation, not the people ...
      1. yushch
        yushch 20 May 2014 10: 07
        Your thought is correct. Only for how many months the fanatic is difficult to do, but when all this has been said to you to a lesser extent since birth for 23 years, then several months of intense agitation are enough.
        1. CALL.
          CALL. 20 May 2014 13: 30
          burdened by some new idea, excited cadets with round purges stand embracing with a famous psychopath deputy, a member of the radical party.

          Ah yes mattresses, oh yes bitch children. They educate Bendera directly in Suvorov schools.
          In accordance with the Decree of the Council of People's Commissars of the USSR and the Central Committee of the All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks and on the basis of the directive of the General Staff of the Red Army of September 27, 1943, the formation of the Kharkov (Kiev) Suvorov military school in the city of Chuguev, Kharkov region began. The first groups of pupils arrived on November 18, 1943. By December 19, the school already had 500 pupils, - boys aged 8 to 14 years. Among them were those whose parents died on the fronts of the war and in partisan detachments, the children of those who fought with the Nazi invaders Bandera and Vlasov. The school, which raised dozens of Heroes of the Soviet Union, now produces zombies ready to kill. “I will slaughter all of you, pro-Russian traitors. And it's not a joke! "I hate fiercely you - all those who support the course of the enslavers of my land." This is what the fifth column is. But even in our country, the Americans, by the same technologies, cultivate new hairy ones. Cultivating the myth of the tyrant Stalin and the USSR as a solid Gulag.
        2. Angolaforever
          Angolaforever 20 May 2014 14: 25
          Most do the media. Channel 5 in Ukraine is just a zombie channel. And it’s not necessary here for 23 years, most recently the victory of Yanukovych meant the victory of the Russian part of the population, for this darned messed up everything. Now hatred of him has passed through the persecution of mass zombie means to Russia. Through all channels, newspapers and the Ukrainian Internet broadcast 3 months 24 hours a day that Russia is to blame for everything, and the people on the whole earth are mostly stupid and gregarious. Plus, the influx of Selyuk, whom the counters in Kiev heard in Russia in the 90s, now they spit their crowds everywhere, rent apartments to go to work in the capital.
    3. APASUS
      APASUS 20 May 2014 07: 11
      Quote: mamont5
      "Many young men, overwhelmed by a bloodthirsty ideology, are sentenced to march under Bandera banners for life ...

      Many young men in their 16 years have not seen a different truth and Russian enemies have been hammering all independence. They absorb like lips, and a person will be formed at such an age. Everything that they put into such a fragile head until the age of 16 is now a new era of children with late ignition. The same video is laid out on an adjacent branch
      1. 20 May 2014 08: 16
        Quote: APASUS
        Many young men in their 16 years have not seen a different truth

        You can raise a baby while he is placed across the bed. And this ghoul, unfortunately, is not subject to education. Although you can try to give him a shovel in hand, make him dig up a grave. Without getting out of the grave, "carry out" blanks. Then he should bury a hole. M. b. will help?
        1. sso-xnumx
          sso-xnumx 20 May 2014 21: 49
          Useless! Only more beasts ...
  2. Humpty
    Humpty 20 May 2014 06: 59
    Ukraine is terminally ill with metastases of Bandera. Therefore, hirugi are not optimistic about their instrument.
    1. ks
      ks 20 May 2014 07: 23
      However, the seeds fell on good soil, it’s just some kind of mysticism, also in the 90s all the bastards from the gangster theme, and even earlier from the thieves. It will pass, the law of the pendulum, you know, but for many it will pass along with life.
  3. VADEL
    VADEL 20 May 2014 06: 59
    Ukrainian tragedy is a dark spot in the history of Slavic society.

    Ukrainian tragedy is the stinking vomit of the West in Slavic society.
    1. dmitriygorshkov
      dmitriygorshkov 20 May 2014 07: 45
      Quote: VADEL
      Ukrainian tragedy is the stinking vomit of the West in Slavic society.

      I agree. However, we regret to see that this rubbish has fallen on fertile soil! Sprouts of hatred on dill sprout well.
      The most idiotic thing in my opinion is that they are sure that all the Russians were and are covered by ukrophobic sentiments all the way! Although the bulk of the Russians were just us ... spit on dill, and certainly there was no hatred!
      The one who sows the wind .... Now they seem to get their way, and get a truly hostile state on the border!
  4. ksv500
    ksv500 20 May 2014 07: 01
    Yes, people can not do without goodwill Kiev! We are waiting for the Army of the Southeast on Khreshchatyk!
    1. omsbon
      omsbon 20 May 2014 08: 46
      Quote: ksv500
      Yes, people can not do without goodwill Kiev! We are waiting for the Army of the Southeast on Khreshchatyk!

      In Kiev, there are enough people of goodwill and believe me, they do not sit idly by !!!
      May God grant them good luck in battle !!!
  5. mamont5
    mamont5 20 May 2014 07: 03
    Here is just recently caught on the net.

    "The war does not have a female face,"
    The opinion is outdated, of course.
    Isn't war, after all,
    In the portrait of Baroness Ashton?
    Cadaveric spots dead flowers
    On the cheeks of the American Psaki.
    The brutality of Timoshenko’s dream -
    Make Nagasaki from Russia.

    Frau Merkel likes UNSO.
    Hitler in a skirt, NATO retinue.
    Euro standard face
    The bearded Conchita is writhing.
    Mother Teresa, who are they? Tell me
    Why both Farion and Julia
    Pray at night "on knives"
    And speeches cast bullets?
    Nuland bakes in makeup
    Sacrificial blood of the Southeast.
    And falling into a cannibalistic rage
    Matters female cruelty.
    And, with Odessa ash powdery nose,
    Stirring vampire lips
    On the boulevards of Kiev peddling
    Lady cannibals marching.
    Ladies' hundreds of grenadier strides.
    Topics are reinforced with armor.
    Something is wrong with humanity
    If a woman has become a war.
    She looks like a nightmare
    Like a continuous birth trauma, -
    She does not have a female face ...
    War has no other.

    November 14.05.14, XNUMX
    Leonid Kornilov
    1. Anper
      Anper 20 May 2014 10: 37
      Quote: mamont5
      If a woman has become a war.
      She looks like a nightmare

      To cheer up. Disassembly of Kherson self-defense.
      1. Fish supervision
        Fish supervision 20 May 2014 12: 20
        Did girls prostitute for tanga? Ha ha ha. Next geyropa good
  6. Gluxar_
    Gluxar_ 20 May 2014 07: 05
    Today they invented an external enemy, but what will they do tomorrow? How long can this schizophrenia last on hungry grubs?
    But what is most important when normal people in the same Kiev say their word? Or all this hysteria swallowed up all Ukrainian society? Personally, I do not believe in it. I hope that most Ukrainians are adequate people, just now they are scared and confused. But soon they will also say their word.
  7. Valentine77 64
    Valentine77 64 20 May 2014 07: 05
    I read UkroSMI:
    "The owner of the SCM company, Ukrainian businessman Rinat Akhmetov called on the workers of his enterprises to go on a warning strike against separatism and stressed that the actions of the armed separatists are" a fight against Donbass. "

    This is stated in his emergency statement on the air of the TV channel "Ukraine", reports

    “Today the Mariupol people wanted to hold a peace march. And as I was told, more than fifty thousand people were going to take part in the rally. And this is only in Mariupol, and today millions are ready to go to the Donbass. Why? Because people are tired of living in fear. Tired of living in terror. Tired of going out on the streets and getting hit by bullets. They walk around Donbass with machine guns, grenade launchers, banditry and looting in cities. Is this a peaceful life? Is it a strong economy? Is it a decent job and a decent salary? No! And that is why people wanted to go to the peace march, "Akhmetov said.
    "I want to say to everyone: we cannot be intimidated, we cannot be stopped. To anyone, including those who call themselves some kind of Donetsk republic. Who heard about it? Who knows the names of the leaders of the DPR? What have they done for Donbass? No! This is a fight against Donbass! This is the genocide of Donbass, "the businessman believes."

    He probably lives in a different reality
    1. smart Fox
      smart Fox 20 May 2014 07: 26
      But Akhmetov and Kolomoisky did so much for the Donbass that the poor simply did not have any strength left. They gave everything to the last penny for Ukraine to flourish.
      And people will come to the peace march, so they will send mortar greetings to them or send BTRmi. Then peace will come!
  8. from punk
    from punk 20 May 2014 07: 06
    Well, I'm sorry. You are ashamed of what is happening in your country, this is understandable, but why did no one do anything? The people of Kiev fed the Maidan, piled up the paving stones and brought it to the scum who threw it at the Berkut, kissed the hands of Nuland. Why did they express their tacit consent to the Maidan? you yourself said, "REDUCED" here the word-ashamed is no longer suitable
  9. koksalek
    koksalek 20 May 2014 07: 10
    And where is our propaganda, where are our media and other mass media, or can they only hammer diapers with dandruff shampoo into the heads of ordinary people? Such powerful, huge resources and behave like babies capable of nothing. The ideological treatment under the communists was not so bad if as a child I sincerely believed that Lenin freed us all from the slavery of the capitalists
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. nvv
      nvv 20 May 2014 08: 28
      I haven’t been watching TV for several years. I draw information from the Internet. And then this video came across. The information is positive, although this is not a secret at VO. One is alarming. On NTV, the main characters were - cops-killers-thieves-cops. and here is true information. What is it? Massive insight? Are the rats fleeing the ship? Or a new ploy of the chosen ones?
      1. bigELDAK
        bigELDAK 22 May 2014 07: 45
        No, it seems to me that in our time with you it is difficult to hide anything, but NTV simply shows the "obvious". Moreover, this video does not oppose the channel's rule (show murderers, cops, any corrupt government). Remember Berezovsky.
    4. The comment was deleted.
  10. Lyton
    Lyton 20 May 2014 07: 12
    The worst thing that they do not understand is that they are fooled by the current rulers at the direction of the State Department, and they are being led like Papuans to beads, enlightenment will be bitter.
  11. Dedjara
    Dedjara 20 May 2014 07: 18
    Summing up, I would like to speak out, perhaps, on behalf of those few “strangers”. I am ashamed.
    Me too. Although I have never been to Kiev.
    I am ashamed like a Muscovite.
    It’s a shame how simple a Soviet person is.
  12. saag
    saag 20 May 2014 07: 18
    Kiev should be deprived of the title hero city
    1. 20 May 2014 08: 23
      Quote: saag
      Kiev should be deprived of the title hero city

      It is not we who have appropriated, it is not for us to strip. That's when the USSR will be restored, then roll out this proposal for discussion.
    2. Svetlana
      Svetlana 20 May 2014 08: 57
      Kiev was and will remain a hero city. The fact that now he is again under the rule of the Nazis, our ancestors, who liberated him at the time, laying down their lives, are not to blame. Our generation is guilty, having allowed the collapse of the USSR and the seizure of power by the Nazis in the former republics.
      1. sssla
        sssla 20 May 2014 11: 28
        Quote: Svetlana
        The fact that now he is again under the rule of the Nazis

        Do fascists ??? Or maybe...
        1. sssla
          sssla 20 May 2014 11: 30
          Maybe this will help? )))
          1. sssla
            sssla 20 May 2014 11: 34
            Or maybe it?
            1. sssla
              sssla 20 May 2014 11: 36
              Or else this
              1. sssla
                sssla 20 May 2014 11: 38
                You can throw in examples for a long time about the Kalomoisky and other "... sky" and "... ovich". The answer is simple about a chest that JUST opens !!!
    3. Kahlan amnell
      Kahlan amnell 20 May 2014 10: 22
      Kiev should be deprived of the title hero city

      Not. The city is not guilty of the fact that now it was inhabited by Maidan villains and ukronatsists.
    4. Anper
      Anper 20 May 2014 10: 59
      Quote: saag
      Kiev should be deprived of the title hero city

      So Rada put this issue on the agenda. It’s unclear what they decided - like with the law on languages. Although they can take anything they want. Because of what all the cheese - Boron flared up with the Communist Party - they did not want to vote for the law on amnesties.And the law - they still adopted it - there anyone who has served a quarter of the term under the amnesty is granted, provided that he agrees to fight in the South-East. And it is planned to release in stages 25 thousand people. Now, in May, 15 thousand have already been released, this more than in the past 8 years. And some sort of individual amnesty (?).
      Z.Y. Considering the psychology of the ZK and their desire to fight, I would not only not withdraw the troops on the site of Russia, but would put something like Pinocchio or Gradov along the entire border with Ukraine.
  13. Pitman
    Pitman 20 May 2014 07: 19
    Brains washed thoroughly and professionally! All erased and laid down the desired program. Zombies are ready !!! The vaccine is one - the guillotine. negative
  14. Dezinto
    Dezinto 20 May 2014 07: 23
    It's a shame that these guys were taught in Our Suvorov schools, and that they didn’t finish their education ....
    Now here they are throwing ridges and they are getting rid of .... mi.
  15. Sterlya
    Sterlya 20 May 2014 07: 27
    The agony of Ukraine will continue for a long time to come. The West will help them in this ...
  16. mig31
    mig31 20 May 2014 07: 31
    This Bendery youth has no future, there is a temporary present, there can be no talk of a long and happy life ...
    1. asar
      asar 20 May 2014 12: 20
      The policy of permissiveness, for the fooled youth of dill there is nothing "sweeter" than the "concept" - "permissiveness", "permissiveness"! When the "young", forgetting everything in the world, does whatever he wants, knowing that everything will be forgiven him!
  17. komrad.klim
    komrad.klim 20 May 2014 07: 31
    Where did Russian intelligence look?
    Yes, I know, it’s hard after Yeltsin’s washi with the Americans.
    But it was better to preempt than to correct it later!
  18. Vlad Gore
    Vlad Gore 20 May 2014 07: 32
    All this is certainly sad. But Russians will sooner and later clean Kiev from banderlogs. If this does not happen during our lifetime, then we must bequeath it to descendants. Yes
  19. Semenov
    Semenov 20 May 2014 07: 34
    A new state is being formed with a fascist ideology. Further deterioration of economic conditions threatens a war with the main enemy - Russia, as the United States intended. They are only afraid to fight, although Russian tanks near Lviv are extremely desirable for the good of Europe (control of the Ukrainian GTS).
  20. Vitaly Anisimov
    Vitaly Anisimov 20 May 2014 07: 34
    I think these words are very suitable for the article ...
  21. Soviet_Union
    Soviet_Union 20 May 2014 07: 37
    Bandera, fascists and the like are already at birth sentenced. Sooner or later, the verdict will be fulfilled.
    1. 20 May 2014 08: 26
      Quote: Soviet_Union
      sentenced. Sooner or later, the verdict will be fulfilled.

      Unfortunately, the sentence has not been legally executed. From sentence to execution - a huge distance.
  22. marder4
    marder4 20 May 2014 07: 48
    my wife has a friend in Kiev and, just, the same "white crow". she said that at first she also hid her anti-Maidan views ... but now she declares this openly, said that she was just tired of being afraid ...
  23. cerbuk6155
    cerbuk6155 20 May 2014 07: 50
    They will have to answer for their vile deeds. There will be no mercy for Banderlog, but when they squeal at once they will sing a song saying that they are not to blame, mother and folder were poorly taught, they taught something wrong at school, etc. There will be no mercy. soldier
  24. SHOCK.
    SHOCK. 20 May 2014 07: 53
    So fool people, it must be able to, Goebbels rests. Although having lost a freebie, you will become angry.
  25. Neo1982
    Neo1982 20 May 2014 07: 55
    so, after all, we have the same ones - well, hell would be with marsh sugar, but there are yellow-black ones - and this is serious ...
  26. Balamyt
    Balamyt 20 May 2014 08: 11
    A heavy impression of the article. We handed over this trench. And we passed it in the early nineties. They were too busy with the changes that had fallen on our heads, not noticing anything under their own noses. And here is the result! It is too late to fight for the minds and souls of the current generation of twenty-year-olds; we must fight for the minds and souls of their unborn children. And we don’t have time to think! This thorny path we have to go! Ahead of 15 - 20 years of very difficult relations with Ukraine ...
  27. igordok
    igordok 20 May 2014 08: 16
    My boss (Ukrainian, a little less than 70 years old) has two brothers living in Ukraine, and a sister in Crimea. When he calls them, the brothers in all seriousness call him an "occupier." To an attempt to answer, in Crimea, no one was forced to vote for entry into the Russian Federation, the answer was that "they have always spread rot to Ukraine." When asked to call my sister and find out everything first-hand, the answer was “she won’t tell the truth, there’s a submachine gun behind her.” And this is what adults say.
    My boss after the Maidan began to turn gray.

    About six years ago, some Ukrainian news was shown on cable TV. Then they were canceled. The boss was very worried, was looking for which TV operators broadcast Ukrainian programs. I was looking for something native. But I didn’t find it. Recently announced something like the following.
    - It turns out that if I watched UkrTV, I would probably be the same (idiot) as my brothers.

    P.S. When I got to the Ukrainian news, my ears curled up at what I heard. My opinion was like this - "Everyone goes crazy in their own way", "Nobody will listen to such nonsense." How wrong I was !!! A whole nation of dullness, divide and lower below the plinth.
  28. jovanni
    jovanni 20 May 2014 08: 25
    "The Ukrainian tragedy is a dark spot in the history of Slavic society."

    Unfortunately, this stain is only spreading so far. Disastrously fast. And quite recently, the still sunny, blooming, cheerful country before our eyes is covered with a hideous ominous brown darkness. We know what it is. Millions of our grandfathers and grandmothers gave their lives in a terrible battle against this evil. And we know that this plague does not go away by itself. Therefore, it is time for us to realize that the trouble has not come to Ukraine, it has already come to us. The poisonous growth penetrated under the guise of various "neoliberasts", "fighters for democracy", etc. They, like the Ukrainian fascists, are fed by one hand. We must realize that we will have to mobilize all our courage, intelligence and skill to fight fascism and its accomplices. Again, there is no one else ... And we must start urgently.
    1. nvv
      nvv 20 May 2014 09: 15
      The puppeteer-Moses, 42 years old, drove the poor Semites through the desert in order to turn them into a God-chosen people. New is long forgotten old. And the new puppeteer, without inventing anything better, brought up banderlogs by this method. The error crept into the project or, due to the fact that he did not learn the materiel, or, because of that time, not. Instead of 42 years, he spent 23 years. If now banderlogs can not be burned with hot iron then .......
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. Anper
      Anper 20 May 2014 11: 06
      Quote: Jovanni
      And you need to start urgently.

      Once again, the Ukrainian Institute of Historical Memory was reanimated, with whose brilliant minds Ukrainian history textbooks were created - now they will write the history of Crimea.
  29. Giant thought
    Giant thought 20 May 2014 08: 47
    Mass psychosis unleashed by the fascist junta will ultimately lead to the death of Ukraine with innumerable casualties. But now the zombie Ukrainians still cannot understand this.
  30. andj61
    andj61 20 May 2014 08: 57
    Here is another notable passage from an article by Ian Serebryansky
    Forgotten screamers, pseudo-poets and other figures of quasi-art will come out of their holes. And all of them will unanimously extol the new nationalist system, and at the same time, large-scale anti-Russian propaganda will unfold. They will be pulled over the ears of “heavenly heroes”, seized from any wells. If there is a shortage of these, then an army of new all-Ukrainian enlightenment-liberators, "bearers" of the People’s Duma will be created. And in Ukrainian schools there will be new "mustachioed icons." Fraternities with Swedes and Georgians, with homosexuals from Greenpeace and terrorists from the radical Muslim brotherhood will continue, and indeed, with everyone - those who harbor animal hatred for the Russians ...
    We will give land and resources that we have not been able to dispose of for twenty-three years of independence to the Germans. We will hand over the enterprise to Jewish Flemings and Arab Gauls at half price, and our friends from America will be happy to give us the opportunity to shove rocket launchers in the Central European hole with their heads turned towards the eastern neighbor ... The climax of the new history of Ukraine will be its new honorary status - the fifty-second state star, somewhere under the tail of an American eagle ...

    Pack plus. I totally agree
    Quote: Balamyt
    We handed over this trench.

    And not only this one. In Russia, there was no sane policy in relation to its neighbors. Who we have left of the allies - Belarus, Armenia, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan. And all of them are not thanks, but contrary to our policies. We sifted everything - both friends in the foreign policy arena, and our younger generation, and, in many ways, the economy with ideology. Why do Americans work in Ukraine with the masses of the population, with the media, with journalists, with politicians, and we do not work? The result - a lot of people in Ukraine hate Russia, and this hatred is irrational-infernal. Let Ukraine become a lesson for us! Give some money to support sane people - but there are such people! - And many billions to correct the situation in the future do not have to pay.
    1. Aikusun
      Aikusun 20 May 2014 09: 31
      I do not agree with you, it was thanks to Ukraine that Western people began to wake up and oppose the policies of their leaders. You do not follow the news overseas? Don't watch dissenting videos there? I advise that Russia, doing nothing, is making a revolution in Europe, that’s my opinion.
      1. washi
        washi 20 May 2014 11: 36
        Quote: AikuSun
        I do not agree with you, it was thanks to Ukraine that Western people began to wake up and oppose the policies of their leaders. You do not follow the news overseas? Don't watch dissenting videos there? I advise that Russia, doing nothing, is making a revolution in Europe, that’s my opinion.

        I agree.
        This is not due to Ukraine and the actions of our previous leadership, but rather to the actions of the GDP with the team and the mental degradation of Western leaders
    2. The comment was deleted.
  31. Aikusun
    Aikusun 20 May 2014 09: 28
    The Russian media no longer talk about Kiev, is it interesting intentionally or is there nothing to tell? All this is sad. There’s nothing to say.
  32. Anton-sed
    Anton-sed 20 May 2014 09: 30
    Stupid zombies
  33. A1L9E4K9S
    A1L9E4K9S 20 May 2014 09: 44
    Stop blaming people for what happened to Ukraine, we are not to blame, not the wine. On the one hand, two Slavic peoples should be close to each other as one family, but the fact is that we have different thinking, they always considered themselves to be a head taller than the Russian people. After the collapse of the union, an avalanche of Western propaganda fell upon our peoples, in Ukraine the seeds of propaganda fell on fertile soil, and when they tell you from the pages of newspapers and from television screens for twenty-three years in a row that Russia is an enemy, you will believe that Mos ... are to blame for all troubles ... and. Those residents of Ukraine who believe that this is not so are leaving, leaving everything and leaving the country.
  34. X Y Z
    X Y Z 20 May 2014 09: 51
    Of course, it is necessary to talk about them, but there is another intractable task - the return from the parallel existence of several generations of young banded ukrov. And it will still have to be solved, sooner or later, regardless of which part of Ukraine will be liberated from the junta. If someone thinks that their lot is only to disappear or go to prison, they are deeply mistaken. The task is not so simple. The conversation is not about a couple of thousand people, but about the withdrawal of several million from the "withdrawal". And this reformatting of consciousness can drag on for many decades.
  35. Prutkov
    Prutkov 20 May 2014 10: 36
    Generation up to 30 years can be crossed out almost completely. People over 50 are surprised. There is still hope for generations in the East and in the Crimea. The remaining brains are lost. We'll have to wait again for a new Nuremberg. Just how much?
  36. Polarfox
    Polarfox 20 May 2014 11: 33
    The author writes very accurately, plus. Not too lazy, went to his portal. There are many interesting things, I recommend.

    Lost generations - not the worst, dear. The worst thing is that subsequent generations, living in poverty because of today's Maidan, will be convinced that this is all because of the damned mo.ska.lei. And those to their children, until all this leads to a real war that will clean Nazism from the rampant heads of Ukrainians.
  37. Nikolav
    Nikolav 20 May 2014 11: 54
    Affects the proximity of Chernobyl. The increased radioactive background for decades led to the fact that the city was filled with hordes of mutants.
  38. Fish supervision
    Fish supervision 20 May 2014 12: 44
    It remains only to announce the SBP-union of the fighting pederasts and it will be better than ever before. whatLyashko steers recourse Ukraine, wake up !!!! fool
  39. alex 777
    alex 777 20 May 2014 13: 24
    This is what a virus called Project Ukraine did to the Russian people in Little Russia. Now these are geeks who fiercely hate everything Russian, their own roots. A geek is a person degenerated from a kind. It is a withered branch on a mighty family tree. There is no benefit from this dried branch for a living tree. Only harm, because now this dried up branch will be a breeding ground for viruses, bacteria, fungi for the whole tree. This is what the virus of Ukrainization of the Russian people has done.
  40. Mikhail3
    Mikhail3 20 May 2014 17: 01
    I read about the program according to which children are taught at the Suvorov schools. I strongly suspect that it is not too different from the Ukrainian one, the teachers are probably still Soviet, and the "friends" are the same, grants are sweet to both.
    In schools, they teach children "to give their lives for the Motherland" with an emphasis on humanitarian disciplines. Moreover, the emphasis is so strong that there are practically no hours on other subjects, especially on despicable exact sciences. Result? The brain of students and graduates of these schools is extremely poorly developed. Analytical abilities are not only not developed, but rather suppressed. There is no school of thinking, there are no thinking techniques, the discipline of thinking is fundamentally absent. Since all these "little things" interfere with the development of what the emphasis is on - the emotional sphere.
    Output. A graduate of the Suvorov School is ready to die for the one who uses the emotional "keys" correctly. And that's all guys! He can't really command anyone, not even himself ... When did this happen, when the old training system was destroyed? I dont know. But destroyed, for sure ...