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Gray stones in the dark water. About blanks in someone else's "game"

On the territory of Ukraine can be located American mercenaries, said Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in an interview with Bloomberg.

“Russia has serious suspicions that mercenaries from the United States are operating in the south-east of Ukraine,” Lavrov said, adding that the Russian side wants to understand whether this is so or not.

Earlier, the Russian Foreign Ministry was already worried by the information "that during the punitive operation of the Ukrainian army and illegal ultranationalist formations, English was heard on the air, and among the attackers on Slavyansk were English-speaking foreigners." The Russian side, represented by Minister S. Lavrov, insists "on preventing any external interference in what is happening in Ukraine."

"We recall in this regard that previously received information about the presence in Ukraine of mercenaries from an American private military organization was vaguely refuted by Washington. It is well known that so-called private military organizations do not work abroad without the approval of the US Department of State," the report said.

At that time, the Russian department reported that American specialists from the private military organization “Graystone”, dressed in the form of Sokol fighters, were connected to 150 in the operation in the south-east of Ukraine.

9 April The Russian Foreign Ministry announced a telephone conversation between US Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov that was held “at the initiative of the American side”. According to the Foreign Ministry, at the meeting, apart from the issues of international assistance for resolving the acute political crisis in Ukraine, they discussed information about the participation of American mercenaries from the security company "Graystone" in the events in the south-east of Square. Kerry assured Lavrov: "Confirmation of such messages is not detected."

However, a few days later the media disseminated information about the disappearance of 20 mercenaries in the South-East of Ukraine. They seem to have disappeared. And almost simultaneously it became known that 12 of April in Ukraine was secretly visited by CIA Director John Brennan, who met with the security forces of the Ukrainian junta. And the ensuing assault on Slavyansk is a direct result of the disappearance of Brennan’s charges and the CIA’s attempt to find them.

The fact of the use of the private military company Academi in the punitive operation conducted by the Kiev authorities in the east of Ukraine was confirmed by the German Federal Intelligence Service (BND). She informed the German government of 29 on this April. This was reported by the German newspaper Bild am Sonntag.

Below are two materials on American mercenaries. The first is the article by the expert in global policy, VB. Pavlenko, and the second - a certificate of stories the creation of private armies in the West and about who they brought to Ukraine.

As for the statement by Minister S. Lavrov, given at the beginning of this article, in our opinion it is not accidental and is an element of backstage bargaining between the leadership of Russia and the West, since it can be assumed that the American “soldiers of fortune” disappeared and who now leads them "intimate conversations".


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The problem of American mercenaries in Ukraine

Gray stones in the dark water. About blanks in someone else's "game"

Information about the disappearance in the Donetsk region of 20-ti mercenaries from the United States, distributed in the evening of April 15 by the Vzglyad newspaper, citing a high-ranking source in the Russian Security Council, significantly changes the perception of what is happening.

And reveals a very likely background of current events in the east of Ukraine.

In particular, the seemingly inexplicable haste with which the high ranks of the SBU rushed to Slavyansk, on the approaches to which came under fire, having lost, according to various estimates, from one to nine people, becomes understandable.

The casket opens simply: the missing foreigners are close to the US Department of State, more precisely to its security service, the private military company (PMC) Greystone Ltd., a member of Academi (formerly Blackwater).

And the coordinator (or "controller") of the missing squad is a coincidence! - According to the blogger Tatiana Volkova, is a special agent of the CIA, personally acquainted with its director John Brennan.

What Ukraine, in fact, owes to an emergency visit to Kiev over the past weekend. Moreover, incognito, under the name of a certain "Johnson", who arrived on the banks of the Dnieper, allegedly for "tourist" purposes.

Humanly, the CIA chief can understand: can you imagine how much, what and about whom this “controller” knows and what is he willing to tell those who will undertake to guarantee him safety?

A little background. As reported RIA "News"Referring to a source in law enforcement agencies of Ukraine, 7 April, immediately after the seizure of the regional state administration buildings in Donetsk and the Security Service of Ukraine in Lugansk, three units were urgently deployed to the region, staffed by internal troops, militants from the Right Sector and American mercenaries.

The message said the latter belonged to “Blackwater”. The source assigned them the task as the most quick and tough dismantling with the protesters, mentioning the equipment of the mercenaries in the form of the detachment of the Ukrainian special forces "Falcon".

In this form, they, in fact, caught. They say that in the Slavyansk region, “high professionals” from the USA unusually quickly and clearly blocked a crowd of civilians surrounded by “polite” and “benevolent” people around the perimeter armed with Kalashnikov assault rifles.

Considering it was good for disarming and presenting American IDs (only two drivers turned out to be Ukrainians), the group of mercenaries, together with the “controller” and “well-wishers”, completely disappeared into the vast expanses of the land of Donetsk, and where it is now, nobody knows.

Although knowledgeable people say that they were “driven in” behind them, or “flew in” from a distance, from an organization capable of dismantling the specific emphasis of their “English”.

Thus, it is confirmed that the "go-ahead" for a military operation in the South-East of Ukraine is indeed, as the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and the legitimate President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych, one after another, reported, gave it to Brennan.

Apparently, not from a good life and without a detailed study, for which, in a situation so sensitive for an overseas guest, there was hardly enough time. There was nothing left for Oleksandr Turchynov how to “take the peak”, and this decision was influenced both by the “authority” of the high Washington authorities and the growing inner “neskladuha” among the “victors” of the Maidan.

Turchinov, following Avakov, finally disliked the militants of the Right Sector, and the delay seemed to him like death if not, then resignation.

“Who is the master of the house” was simultaneously demonstrated by Yulia Tymoshenko, whose team includes Turchinov and Avakov. Petro Poroshenko offered her to withdraw from the presidential election to facilitate his victory in the first round.

Against all of this, Turchinov didn’t sully: he changed into a camouflage sitting on him, like a cow in a saddle, proclaiming an “anti-terrorist special operation”, in whose leadership he did not include Avakov.

By firmly “putting” and “scoring” Tymoshenko, Turchinov “signed” on loyalty to some “Padre Eugenio”, better known under the mundane name of General Yevgeny Marchuk - the former head of the KGB of the Ukrainian SSR. Then this shadow moderator of the future Security Service of Ukraine, who in the years of “independence” occupied almost all posts in the Ukrainian government, “passed” the first “independent” president Leonid Kravchuk.

Today, his current “clip” includes such figures as Nalyvaichenko’s chief of special services, Marchuk’s deputy for the KGB, General Kozhemyakin, creator of the Right Sector, as well as the newly appointed head of the Anti-Terrorist Center of the SBU, General Krutov. (It was Krutov’s indignant citizens who almost beat at the Kramatorsk airfield when he gave a hint about the “anti-terrorist” operation).

Therefore, let us clarify: Turchinov “merged” not so much before Poroshenko, as before Brennan’s tandem with Marchuk, Poroshenko and the promoter. (According to the logic of the CIA, they do not change horses at the crossing, but donkeys, apparently, very easily).

This alignment will be incomplete without mentioning that the link with the CIA "Padre Eugenio" was established through Roman Kupchinsky, the ideologue of Ukrainian nationalism, the personnel agent of the American special services, who oversaw the Bandera underground in Langley, who fought in the armchair of the Ukrainian editorial Radio. Freedom".
And “handing over the guts” to the bored hostess and sprawling in front of new employers, the Baptist “type president” rushed to prove to them his own indispensability.

And it was precisely the attack of loyal ecstasy that showed him the direction to Slavyansk, where, in the name of "saving" the reputation of the chief of a foreign intelligence agency, which had received a serious trial, he threw the Ukrainian military to shed the blood of the compatriots standing on the barricades.

The passivity of the operation, which gradually grows into mass desertion and the transition of the army to the people’s side, is apparently due to the fact that the Ukrainian security forces are aware (or have already been informed) that the 20 of the mercenaries, including the Brennan liaison officer, have not been in Donbas for a long time.

And those who “command the type of them” actually “play the fool” in front of the American masters, acting in the ICD mode “imitation of vigorous activity” that is well-known to the Soviet military mentality.

Especially now, after the information about the capture of mercenaries was captured by the Russian media, including the central TV channels, which are now finally looking again in the South-East of Ukraine. Awl something in the bag now can not hide!

The American owners, too, apparently, everyone understands, and now they don’t care about Kiev’s “type of authorities”: they think how to get out (“to whom, damn, did they trust ...”). The situation is generally unpleasant for them.

The State Department officially, moreover, in response to the note of the Russian Foreign Ministry, 31 in March denied the participation of mercenaries from American PMCs in Ukraine.

What they were guided by is not clear, even if the author of these lines, who has nothing to do with the special services, when watching a story about the arrival of overseas “soldiers of fortune” in Kiev, the first thing that came to mind was to catch a few pieces!

And now one of:

- either we have to admit that Kerry lied to Lavrov, although in this case Kerry should be resigned, and Barack Obama should act depending on whether he considers his hapless public department a horse or donkey and is ready to take his “sins” on his neck ;

- either to blame everything on the “arbitrariness” of the “Greystone” - but then it must at least change the leadership, and at the most - disband it; otherwise, we will have to admit that the next step of this “uncontrollable” PMC could well be the landing on the White House or on Capitol Hill;

- either to open it, “handing over” their “got into trouble” fellow citizens: “our hut is on the edge, we have nothing to do with it, they themselves ...”; but this is fraught with serious moral costs for the Obama administration, which is especially unacceptable on the eve of the already difficult for Democrats midterm elections to the Congress;

- or, finally, to pretend that nothing at all happens, while “like turning a blind eye” to the undesirable situation in Ukraine for America and the West as a whole, accepting accusations of “impotence” threatening the superpower with substantial reputational costs.

In short, the choice on all four sides - and do not deny yourself anything!

In an even worse situation is the CIA, which has signed up to the incompetence of the situation.

First, the secret special operation of a considerable scale has been ruined and failed at the root (of which, perhaps at these very moments, tells the “who should” the connected Brennan).

Secondly, as they say, “for the fullness of sensations”, the subordinates of Chief Langley could not even keep his trip to Kiev secret, which made the White House blush (which, quite reluctantly, under pressure from evidence, was obliged to recognize the fact of the trip the next day ).

In what position did Obama find himself - a separate conversation. To realize this, you need to remember how many times the American president and his associates, like the same Kerry or UN permanent representative Samantha Power, denounced Russia for “intervening” in eastern Ukraine, without giving any evidence, except for St. George ribbons and the anecdotal “Russian accent” »Activists of civil resistance.

Finally, the facts, and irrefutable - from the documents to the language and the accent of communication - were found.

And Washington himself got caught up in these facts, and, of course, by evil, even the worst, irony of fate, none other than Moscow presented them to world public opinion. Well, try, do without profanity here ...

But the vocabulary - the vocabulary, and the "extreme" American authorities will have to look.

Who are the main applicants of this "interesting" title - it remains to be guessed.

Well, for example, how do you like the candidacy of Jeffrey Payette - the US ambassador to Kiev? Or Deputy State Secretary Victoria Nuland - his partner in a telephone conversation that has spread around the world (“F ... ck EU! ..”), as well as memorable “culinary tours” on the Maidan, which “forgot” to tell the members of the Senate Committee on International Affairs in history "PMCs? (And those - that is holy naivety! - they didn’t guess from her to clarify ...).

We will not climb into the "competence" of Brennan - well, a very closed department. They will figure it out themselves or with the help of the administration, as it happened, we'll see.
Well, in conclusion, we state that Russia is now fully entitled to set conditions that, if not met by America, the world will receive a significant addition to the information that was shocked last year by Edward Snowden.

It seems that no one will “burrow” and drive Washington into a corner, making demands that threaten its national security (in contrast, we note, from the United States itself, which in 1993 and not only that, it was done to us).
The first condition that has already been sounded in the hearings on Ukraine in the UN Security Council from the mouth of Russian permanent representative Vitaly Churkin is to curtail a special operation in the South-East. She seems to be starting to turn off.

Blitzkrieg is clearly not what is happening there. And it didn’t look like from the very beginning - blitzkriegs aren’t like this

And in the Ukrainian army, the absolute majority of officers appear to be real and responsible professionals, well distinguishing a constitutional order from a criminal one.

So the members of the junta, who are encouraging themselves with a camouflage “look”, may very soon have to choose between a ticket “far away, forever, irrevocably” (according to Vladimir Vysotsky) and striped “pajamas” by no means of individual tailoring.

Vladimir Pavlenko,
Doctor of Political Sciences, member of the Academy of Geopolitics

2 APP:

Blackwater Legacy: American mercenaries from Iraq and Afghanistan are invited to Ukraine

26 March 2014 city

Ukrainian oligarchs Igor Kolomoisky and Sergei Taruta offered Kiev to involve the private company Greystone Ltd. to solve the internal problems of Ukraine, ITAR-TASS reported. At one time, this company originated as a division of Blackwater - an American mercenary corporation, the infamous cruelty of its employees and many crimes. According to experts, the services of mercenaries can be used in the political struggle.

Official data

Greystone reports that the company was founded in 2004 as a division of Xe Services. According to official data, “the company is engaged in providing aviation funds, as well as the supply of security services and staff training. "
“Our goal is to help your business. We work closely with you to meet your needs, ”concisely the website of a company registered in Barbados.

Dark Affairs Blackwater

Xe Services is another name for the American corporation of mercenaries Blackwater. This corporation began with a small training ground in North Carolina. The founder of the company, the former "fur seal" Eric Prince bought from the local farmers the area of ​​the swamp, where he created a private training camp. The first success came to Blackwater in 2000 year. After the attack of al-Qaeda militants on the American destroyer Cole Prince and his partners, they received a contract for training sailors.

The presence of special services veterans in the Blackwater ranks greatly facilitated the interaction between the company and the main customer. During the presidency of George W. Bush The company has become one of the largest partners of the Pentagon in Iraq and Afghanistan. To carry out particularly difficult tasks in Blackwater, they hired representatives of the “second” and “third” world - Filipinos, Bosnians and even natives of the faraway island of Fiji.

In Iraq, the actions of Blackwater attracted the attention of law enforcement. In September 2007, private army officers shot more than 17 people on the streets of the Iraqi capital who allegedly prevented the movement of the motorcade with American diplomats. Another scandalous incident was the shooting of a Blackwater employee of the security guard of the vice-president of Iraq. The company's actions also hit the spotlight in the media thanks to numerous reports of atrocities by the US military in the United States.

The head of the company - Eric Prince - was in a difficult position. He tried to take the company out of the strike, which received large payments from the US budget, reaching up to 300 million dollars. However, he was unable to avoid accusations. In 2007, Prince appeared before the US Senate Commission. In February 2009, he renamed the company to Xe Services (this name appears on the Greystone website). This did not save the former Blackwater from legal proceedings, and in August 2010, the company paid the US budget 42 a million dollars for pre-trial settlement of the case. In 2009, Eric Prince left the post of director of Xe Services, and then with the family left the United States.

Fight against democracy

Greystone could have been created in the 2010 year to "relieve responsibility," writes The Nation correspondent for the American magazine, Jeremy Scahill. According to him, the founder of Greystone could be all the same Prince. The company was originally founded in order to transfer to it all the responsibility in the event of any trouble for Prinz or his people in Iraq.
In November, 2010, the founder of Blackwater, emigrated to Abu Dhabi, reports Men's Journal. He said that journalists spoiled his plans, but noted that he was open to new proposals. They were not long in coming. In 2011, The New York Times reporters found that Prince didn’t retire, but was involved in working with mercenaries in the UAE.

According to the newspaper, Sheikh Abu Dhabi Mohammed bin Zayed en-Nahayan allegedly used Eric Prince’s advice when forming a battalion of 800 foreigners. “Such troops could have been used in the Emirates if the authorities had to face democratic protests,” the American newspaper notes. The article talked about the possible participation in the battalion of mercenaries from South Africa who were engaged in the suppression of mass unrest on the continent.

In a special note to the article The New York Times stipulates that Prince did not receive a contract for the formation of a battalion from the sheikh, but merely engaged in “observing the work and recruiting” for the sheikh's unit. The commentary also states that the founder of Blackwater is not directly related to the company that received the order to create the battalion from the sheikh.

Greystone Projects

According to official Greystone data, one of the company's offices is located in Abu Dhabi. The site of the company does not report the finished projects in the Gulf countries, however, one of the subsections of the site says that it trained 68 pilots, 29 crew members and 46 aircraft maintenance specialists "in the Middle East". In addition, the company has trained 700 employees in 10 countries, noted in Greystone. Countries and specific operations are not called.

Company website is not updated very often. The latest official report is dated 2012 year, when the company in particular engaged in the provision of security services in "Eurasia". In the text of the news itself says that we are talking about the Caucasus. According to the search services, since 2012, the company (or its creator) has tried to carefully avoid media attention.

At the same time, Eric Prins was working to improve his image. He appeared before reporters in the fall of 2013, to talk about his book “Warriors in Civil”, in which he tried to justify the affairs of the Blackwater corporation. In an ABC interview, he even publicly regretted having worked with the US Department of Defense.

Cases in Ukraine

Member of the association of the antiterror group "Alpha" and reserve lieutenant colonel Andrei Popov reminds that Greystone Ltd. "Worked" with the Americans in Iraq. “They interact with the US special services. Those tasks for which the US intelligence services can not give a specific resolution and do not want to advertise their involvement - they assign such private armies to this, ”the expert noted.

According to the expert, Greystone uses professionals. “The main contingent is former special forces or special services, specialists in the region,” said Popov. “They can also provide support functions - intelligence, information transfer, provision of arriving groups,” said the special forces veteran.

According to Popov, Greystone will fulfill the orders of his “chefs”. “They will defend the interests of representatives of the West. Officially, they arrived by agreement with those persons who are now at the leadership of the country. They will provide special events to localize opponents of the government. They will not participate in security actions during mass events, ”the special forces veteran emphasized.

Power tool

The chief editor of the magazine “National Defense”, Igor Korotchenko, believes that the Ukrainian leadership can use the services of private companies to perform delicate tasks.

“Firstly, today there are no power tools in Ukraine to restore order. Secondly, it is necessary to suppress political opponents and to beat down the heat of protest sentiments of the Russian-speaking population in the south-east of Ukraine. Therefore, private military companies are invited - these are professionals who are able to carry out reconnaissance and sabotage actions, if necessary political assassinations, ”the expert noted.

“They work for money. In America, the most qualified private military companies are affiliated with the Pentagon and the CIA. They are formed from professionals - from officers of the special services and the armed forces. Given the involvement of the Americans, the invitation to the American company looks quite logical from the point of view of the Kiev regime, ”Korotchenko emphasized.

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    "The fact of the use of the private military company Academi in the punitive operation carried out by the Kiev authorities in eastern Ukraine, was confirmed by the German Federal Intelligence Service (BND)."

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    Presenting mercenaries to the State Department does not make sense. State Department: “we didn’t send them there, however,” and generally “not from our chicken coop,” and the “curator” passed by, quite by accident request . They will work as a "helicopter" mine if the Amesovtsy still think of something else. And to recognize the elections, this fact - an extra argument of "freedom of choice" with the support of armed foreigners - will still be beaten in a "free" Europe. hi
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