Military Review

Afghanistan, April 2014

In April, despite the threat of terrorist attacks, residents of Afghanistan took part in the first democratic elections since the fall of the Taliban regime in 2001. None of the candidates won the overwhelming majority of votes, so the second round of voting will take place in June. While the Afghans are looking to the still hazy future with hope, NATO continues to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan. Soldiers demolish buildings at advanced operational bases and are preparing to transfer security responsibility to the Afghan government. This photo report contains images taken in Afghanistan in April 2014.

Afghans bring ballot boxes to hard-to-reach regions in Panjshir province, 4 on April 2014.

Soldiers of the Afghan National Army are preparing for military exercises on the outskirts of Kabul, Afghanistan, April 30, 2014.

American assault plane Fairchild Republic A-10 "Thunderbolt" II makes a sortie over northeastern Afghanistan, 2 April 2014 of the year. (USAF / Tech. Sgt. Jason Robertson)

A supporter of the candidate for the presidency of Afghanistan, Abdullah Abdullah, attends a pre-election rally on the outskirts of Kabul, 2 on April 2014. The presidential election took place on April 5. (Reuters / Ahmad Masood)

Presidential candidate Abdullah Abdulla before the press conference in Kabul, 27 April 2014. (Reuters / Mohammad Ismail)

Candidate for the post of President of Afghanistan Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai speaks at a press conference in Kabul, 27 on April 2014. (AP Photo / Massoud Hossaini)

Presidential candidate Abdullah Abdullah (by car) arrives at a pre-election rally in Panjshir province, March 31 2014. (Reuters / Ahmad Masood)

Telephone on the bullet-proof vest of an Afghan policeman who provides security at the pre-election rally of candidate for the presidency of Afghanistan Ashraf Ghani, in Kabul, 1 April 2014 of the year.

Afghans are queuing up at a polling station in Herat, 5 on April 2014. People came to the polls, despite the threat of terrorist acts by the Taliban militants. (AP Photo / Hoshang Hashimi)

Women line up at a polling station in Mazar-i-Sharif, 5 on April 2014. (Reuters / Zohra Bensemra)

Polling officials count votes in Herat province, 5 on April 2014. (Reuters / Omar Sobhani)

Election officials sort the ballot boxes at the counting center in Kabul, 10 on April 2014. (Reuters / Omar Sobhani)

An Afghan farmer works in a poppy field in Jalalabad east of Kabul, 17 April 2014. (AP Photo / Rahmat Gul)

Aircraft tanker McDonnell Douglas KC-10 Extender US Air Force in the sky over Afghanistan, 3 April 2014 year. (USAF / Tech. Sgt. Jason Robertson)

A soldier of the Afghan National Army stands near the Humvee all-terrain vehicle in Helmand province, 5 on April 2014. (USMC / Lance Cl. Darien J. Bjorndal)

A Czech soldier bypasses territory in the province of Parwan, 29 on April 2014. (US Army / Cl. George Huley)

MRAP-based armored vehicles based on the US Marine Corps Camp-Lesernek in Helmand Province, April 3 2014. (USMC / Cpl Dustin D. March)

Soldiers of the 858 Engineer Company of the 133 Engineer Battalion of the US Army ensure safety during the demolition of a building at the Bagram airbase in Afghanistan. (US Army / 1st Lt. Harry Corey)

Military engineers demolish the building at Kandahar Airport, February 18, 2014. (US Army / Spc. Aaron Ellerman)

Military engineers demolish the building at Kandahar Airport, February 18, 2014. (US Army / Spc. Aaron Ellerman)
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  1. thinker
    thinker 19 May 2014 09: 51
    Foggy future, the whole point of the article. But in reality - "The level of violence in Afghanistan has risen sharply recently, and ordinary citizens are increasingly becoming victims of a conflict whose end is not in sight." (RT)
    Link to the article -
    1. Samaritan
      Samaritan 19 May 2014 09: 57
      There is a feeling that again this business will affect us, again we will have to rake !!!
  2. wanderer_032
    wanderer_032 19 May 2014 10: 35
    The game of democracy to the public.
    What kind of government elections in Afghanistan can be based on a European model?
    That's right, no.
    There is a different mentality.
  3. Wolland
    Wolland 19 May 2014 10: 37
    Don’t stick your nose where the dog ****** didn’t dump your .....

    It is against such countries where the poverty and illiteracy of the United States can fight, and indiscriminately interfere in the structure of states.

    Here for this distinguishing feature and I HATE ....
  4. datur
    datur 19 May 2014 11: 34
    but why do they demolish buildings? would be left to the local, so to speak as a gesture of goodwill !!! or is the toad crushing?
  5. Volozhanin
    Volozhanin 19 May 2014 11: 39
    There will never be peace. Your word, comrade is a genetic weapon.
  6. nnz226
    nnz226 19 May 2014 11: 54
    Mdaaa .... Soviet, although they fought with might and main with the Afghans, but also built! And the Americans are just blowing!
  7. padonok.71
    padonok.71 19 May 2014 18: 23
    The development of Afghanistan has stopped at the communal clan system (probably forever). Therefore, there can be no talk of any democracy there. Afghans just do not understand what they mean. Monkeys don't care what kind of system - ban on bananas. And yet - in addition to the genetic inability to accept something new, the population is tightly bound by the dogmas of the Koran, frankly not the most dynamic religion (by the way, early Christianity is no better). This is about democracy.
    Now about our "benefit". After the departure of the islands, the poppy rivers, I think, will flow to us with renewed vigor (although, to be honest, mattress toppers did not bother with this problem at all). And it can even be stopped very simply - by bombing areas (poppy fields) in Afghanistan. In no case should we introduce troops. World opinion is on the side.
    1. Artyom
      Artyom 19 May 2014 20: 09
      Yes, you see a big special in the east!
      1. padonok.71
        padonok.71 19 May 2014 20: 17
        No, I'm small. The big ones sit in the headquarters - from there they know better where to send the little ones; they themselves are not walkers in the field.
  8. corporal
    corporal 20 May 2014 02: 52
    Nekhilo so the Yankees put us a pig again. They spread a hemorrhoid there, and they dump it. However, everything is in their style am
  9. whitejohn12
    whitejohn12 29 June 2014 10: 37
    They must be left in that century in which they are comfortable i.e.XVIII-ХIX / Let them live and prosper)))