"Extra education, extra people, extra country"

"Extra education, extra people, extra country"This doctrine is vigorously implemented by our liberal fundamentalists.

The defeat of the welfare state is in full swing, to be victoriously complete immediately after the inauguration of the next president in May-July of the next year.

The two main social ministries responsible for saving the people in the biological and anthropological plans, the Ministry of Health and Social Development and the Ministry of Education and Science, are increasingly turning into the Ministry of Death and the Ministry of Mines.

The Ministry of Death, for example, valiantly refuses to introduce prescription drugs with codeine. And the Ministry of Gloom continues to sophistically entertain anti-educational standards and reduce budget places in universities.

Behind all this is the doctrine that could be defined as: "Extra education, extra people, extra country."

So, a week ago, the head of Sberbank, German Gref, said in Kazan that our national tragedy is too much higher education: “Do you know how many percent of the population get higher education today? 87%. This is a tragedy! This is our national tragedy! We give birth to a psychological illness in people, called an “exaggerated level of pretense.” These people will never go to work as janitors, carpenters ... ”.

Let me remind you that German Gref is not only the Minister of Economy, who for 8 years failed to create any tangible economy in the country in the most fat years of the middle of 2000, but also the author of the “economic strategy” of 2000 of the year that Russia should catch up with Portugal this year, a country that the European Union recently allocates? 78 billion to emergency aid.

Also recall that the transition to universal higher education is the trend of the last 30 years in the leading countries of the world. Japan even marked the deadline for such input - 2016 year. This is not surprising, since in the modern world the meaning of higher education is not only the production of specialists, but also the cultivation of an individual who is capable of participating productively in creating social wealth, that is, building an economy.

At the few modern Russian productions, workers today already have not just a higher education, but two different higher ones! This is the essence of the next decades economy. And the president of the state bank, which was created to be the largest investor in the future of the country, to declare the need to launch the opposite trend means disqualification, inconsistency between the head and position.

However, the “our national tragedy” revealed by Hermann Oskarovich is not at all his personal whim or kink. Before us is the basic thesis of neoliberal fundamentalism as the most arrogant religious sect.

If the former minister of economics and economist can somehow perk up and interpret it ornately (they say that a person takes care of debit with a loan, he is worried), then we also have a unique evidence of exactly the same position of the Russian education minister himself.

6 years ago, 4 March 2005, the permanent Minister of Education of Russia A.A. Fursenko reported to President V.V. Putin is talking about the same “catastrophe” with “superfluous” higher education: “We believe that one of our tasks is to show that in general, success in life is not necessarily associated exclusively with obtaining higher education ... (Prestige of higher education) will rise, because everyone should get what he needs. It is not necessary that, as someone says with pride, the driver had a higher education. It may not always be necessary for the driver to have a higher education, but it is necessary that he just drive the car well. ”

Like this. Gref and next to what is called, did not stand.

Moreover, it is not the economist Gref, but the founder Fursenko who has the “honor” to articulate clearly in our day, right before the Russian president in Novo-Ogaryovo, what was posted on the still-preserved gate of the Nazi concentration camp Buchenwald, “Jedem das Seine” that is, in German, “To each is his own.”

Listen, feel into it, think about this simple and ingenious maxim of Andrei Alexandrovich Fursenko: “Because everyone must get what he needs”!

Exactly: to each - his own. Jedem das seine.

Here we recall not only, for example, the half-million population of those who “worked hard” for Russia and now live on “earned” in London, but also more than frank reasoning of another RF Minister of Education - V.M. Filippova. He was a minister to Fursenko and, in fact, together with then-prime minister Kasyanov and under pressure from Yaroslav Kuzminov and Co., launched the current “modernization” with its USE, curved standards, “money follow student”, etc., destructive for Russian intelligence and economy events.

In an interview with the newspaper “Century” 12 years ago, he, too, literally shouted about redundancy in higher education: “In 70's ... everyone said that we needed engineers. The most powerful polytechnic institutes appeared. Byword became engineers with 120-ruble wages. Now it is fashion for economists and lawyers: “Economists will work, and lawyers will judge them.” We are waiting for a huge overproduction of labor in these areas. This should not be. I think that one should think not about what is fashionable, but about what will be needed in 10 years. It is necessary to understand that material production is primary, and therefore it is necessary to get a profession related to material production. For a person, it’s not the fact of education that is important, but having a good job and a good salary ... Therefore, in our country in the next decade people will be very necessary, I stress, not with higher education, but graduates of vocational schools are highly skilled workers. ”

The key point is that the primacy of material production and the need to go to the workers are told by those who, of course, will not let their own children be close to these industries.

In the same interview, Filippov gladly talks about his children: “Daughter ... last year entered the University of Peoples' Friendship, where I had been rector before ... for economics ... My son graduated from this department ... My son has degrees as an economist and a lawyer and two diplomas of translator ”... The beauty of the real situation consists in this: the minister, who is worried about the overproduction of economists and lawyers, the frightening fashion for them, sent his children to lawyers economists.

But from the doctrine of superfluous excess higher education it is also necessary to conclude that there are a huge number of superfluous people and, ultimately, an extra country.

Victor Danilov-Danilyan, Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources of the Russian Federation in Gaidar’s government, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 10 years ago clearly formulated this law of a miserable Greek economy: “Raw materials economy assumes concentration of labor and other resources only where exploitable natural objects are located or one more step in enterprises that provide raw materials for something. And the rest of the population in the raw materials economy is not necessary. And the less it will be, the better for the raw materials economy, the less taxes will be torn from it, because the social costs of the state will be less. From this point of view, we can say that the raw materials economy is interested in depopulation. ”

Hence, the most important task today: to avoid a “reduction” of the country, population, education, health care and a social state. To do this, it is necessary to oppose to the doctrine of death and degradation the ideology of the development of the country and the construction of a development society through the implementation of seven creative revolutions and about a hundred development projects of the country.

The national tragedy, of course, is not a huge percentage of those receiving higher education, but German Gref himself and all those who promote the sectarianism of cannibal neoliberal fundamentalism — no matter where they come from: The Right Cause or the equally antisocial United Russia.

And higher education is not only impossible to reduce, but, on the contrary, it is necessary to determine in the first lines of the Law “On Education” that the most important task of our country is to create a system of universal higher education by the middle of the beginning decade.

Country Development Project "General Higher Education" should be a priority for the Ministry of Education.

If, of course, the educational department does not want to continue to remain Minmrak.
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