Black May, or tanks - to the West!

Black May, or tanks - to the West!Russian Holocaust

2 May in the South-East of Ukraine (Novorossiya) events occurred that will have irreversible consequences. The formal outline is as follows:

Odessa. The Right Sector and supporters of the junta armed themselves, organized themselves and attacked the supporters of federalization (Anti-Maidan on the Kulikovo Field). As a result, the junta’s opponents in numbers and weapons were barricaded in the House of Trade Unions and burned alive there. 46 people (and according to other information much more, more 100) among which were pregnant women, children, burned alive or broke, jumping out of the windows. Those who miraculously escaped were killed on the ground by representatives of the Right Sector. Thus, the junta showed the true nature of its rule: those who came on the wave of terror, are going to make terror against dissidents with their routine daily practice. In this case, the "Right Sector" this time used weapon and Molotov cocktails are not against representatives of the Yanukovych regime (as on the Maidan), but against civil activists who disagree with their position. People were killed only because they are Russians, for Russia, or even simply want federalization. Almost all those killed in the House of Trade Unions were residents of Odessa. Neo-Nazis cynically exterminated, tortured and finished off the citizens of Ukraine. Chilling blood shots of people burned alive, peaceful, unarmed, fleeing from the brutal crowd, led by the militants of the Right Sector, went around all Russian media and the Internet. They speak for themselves. The reaction of the supporters of the junta and the West, who blamed the burning of the people on the victims themselves, as well as on Putin, is well known. Those who saw the bodies, the deceased pregnant woman, the couple of young people who embraced before their death, the corpses of unarmed people torn by insurgents, can hardly forget it. An even more terrible feeling remains from reading the analysis of Ukrainian Nazis and ordinary Ukrainians who are on the side of the junta. It has become fashionable among Ukrainians to call these burnt corpses of their own compatriots “chicken legs” or “smoked hundred”. Obviously, we are beyond the world to which we are accustomed, and those representations that prevailed before 2 May. Even those who slept before are no longer sleepy.

In Odessa, there was a holocaust. The Greek word "holocaust" means "burnt offering", that is, the sacrificial burning on the altar of the whole sacrifice. We see evidence of the real Russian-Ukrainian Holocaust in the photographs. And the horror covers what the followers of Bandera and Shukhevych, who participated in the Holocaust of Jews and Slavs on Hitler’s side, are doing. And the money for this gives the creator of the Holocaust memorial in Dnepropetrovsk Jewish Nazi Igor Kolomoisky. But now it is not a Jewish genocide, but a Russian. Russian people were burned alive with the money of a Jewish oligarch of Kolomoisky by the hands of Ukrainian neo-Nazis. May 2 - Russian Holocaust Day.

Donetsk region. New attacks by terrorist units on Kramatorsk and Slavyansk claimed dozens of lives. And again civilians of these cities died at the hands of terrorists for the most part. Kolomoisky, one of the main instigators and sponsors of mass terror against the inhabitants of Novorossia, sharply increased the stakes for mercenaries and militants of the Right Sector. Separate units of the Ukrainian Armed Forces took part in the attacks on Slavyansk (episodically), but since there are no laws in the country now, each commander executes orders either on the basis of how he assesses the situation, or depending on what was promised or received material compensation.

In parallel, attempts were made to assault Mariupol, controlled by the Donetsk People's Republic. And again - civilian casualties and civil society activists.

How does the West react? This is another terrible (and unexpected for many) surprise. All Western media, without exception, are completely on the side of the junta and the neo-Nazi militants of the Right Sector. No one in the West sees burnt corpses, murdered children and old men, raped women, torn by the Nazis unarmed citizens. Putin is to blame for everything and for everyone in the West, and any "successes" of the bloody terrorists of the Right Sector are perceived as a "victory of democracy." All the victims (if they are still mentioned) turn into armed Russian mercenaries; and all the executioners and murderers are heroes defending the freedom of Ukraine from Russian aggression. All the attempts of Moscow to draw attention to the planned and methodically carried out genocide in the South-East of Ukraine are simply ignored by the West. The information policy of the Ukrainian media is identical to that of the Western media.

Ukrainian trap

How to qualify what is happening? How could the Ukrainians themselves reach such an atrocity and organized mass genocide (for the time being) of their citizens? And why is the West not only turning a blind eye to it, but also actively supporting the junta and even justifying ritual slaughters by shifting the blame either to the victims themselves, or to Russia and Putin? What is it?

The coup in Kiev in March was aimed at finally separating Ukraine from Russia. Putin made a number of unpardonable moves in the eyes of the West in the matter of liberation from its influence and assertion of Russia's sovereignty. The Eurasian Union, the decision on the creation of which will be signed on May 29, is a serious bid for multipolarity and a significant limitation of US influence on a global scale. And in other matters, Putin clearly emerged from the hypnosis of the West and the national sixth column of atlantist agents of influence and began to act in the interests of Russia. Washington decided to respond to this - and Ukraine became the field for the next color revolution. As in Libya, Syria and Iraq, and before that in Yugoslavia and Kosovo, the bloody civil war, genocide and chaos were originally planned by the West. That is why Washington and Brussels do not respond to atrocities and bloody crimes, and, on the contrary, encourage the junta to act more actively and cruelly. As soon as Kiev begins to fluctuate, the American neo-Nazi puppets from the "Right Sector" and their Jewish sponsors begin hard blackmail of the Rada. The West needs blood, terror, civil war. This is a way to draw Russia into bloody chaos and gradually transfer actions to its territory. It is significant that before dismantling the regimes of Libya and Syria, the main opponents of the United States and Israel in the Arab world, the United States conducted network operations to overthrow the Ben Ali regimes loyal to the West in Tunisia and Mubarak in Egypt. So, they set in motion the Arab masses through those countries where their influence was stronger, and they could act freely. And from there the civil war spread to more closed and more hostile countries. Exactly the same scenario is played out in Ukraine. Ukraine and under Yanukovych and, especially, before him were transparent and open to Western experts on color revolutions. And the neo-Nazis of the “Right Sector” performed a function strictly identical to the Salafis and Wahhabis in the Islamic world: they are needed to radicalize the situation and put it into a regime of violent power confrontation, terror and bloodshed. The "Right Sector" is not a misunderstanding or kurtosis. This is what Washington made a major bet in the bloody chaos. Without fanatic killers who hate Russia and the Russians, this operation would not have taken place.

The West needs to draw Russia into a war with Ukraine. And he in every possible way leads to this. But the West is not profitable especially to support Ukraine in this war. On the contrary, the West puts on its complete defeat and destruction from Russia. This is precisely what cynical operations such as the Russian Holocaust in Odessa serve. For such initiatives is Washington and Brussels. Responsibility for them lies with the United States and NATO. They need the virtual presence of Russians in Ukraine today to become real. And then "the atrocities of the Russian occupiers" will sign in every way. Ukraine will turn into a sacrifice of “Russian imperialism”. The whole territory of Ukraine will become the field of occupation, bloody civil war and partisan actions. As a result, under pressure from the West, and from sanctions, according to American strategists, Russia itself will falter, and war, blood and collapse will spread to its territory. Moreover, already in Moscow and major cities of Russia there is a fifth column of US supporters on the street and, even more dangerous, the sixth column inside the political regime itself (in Putin’s inner circle, in the Government, in the political, economic and even military elite).

Hence, the Russian Holocaust in Odessa and the murders in the Donetsk region are not accidents, but part of a well-thought-out plan. The West believes that by doing so he is luring Russia into a Ukrainian trap. One can imagine the expression on the face of Putin, examining the shots of a pregnant woman from Odessa, strangled by the militants of the Right Sector. What does he feel when he sees the mangled, charred corpses of innocent residents of Odessa from the House of Trade Unions, when reports about the cynicism of Kiev politicians and supporters of the junta mock the victims? .. And this is a calculation.

At the same time, it is important that Kiev never begins a full-fledged military operation, which would irreversibly this time provoke the introduction of Russian troops to the East, and then the South of Ukraine. There may be several reasons: either the junta understands that in a direct conflict with Russia it will irreversibly lose and lose everything, or, which would be more subtle, seeks to provoke a Russian military invasion by the forces of punitive and murderers of the Right Sector and Kolomoisky mercenaries. To burn people alive in Odessa is morally intolerable for all sane people, and especially for Russians who have just justified their reunification with the Crimea, specifically by preventing genocide (like the earlier liberation of South Ossetia and Abkhazia). But this is not the beginning of a military operation. Goal: to make Russia start first.

This is the plan of the Ukrainian trap and, alas, it is being implemented before our eyes in the most monstrous way.

Putin understands all this clearly, and therefore Moscow froze after May 2. There is a readiness to respond to the start of hostilities against Slavyansk, Kramatorsk and other cities of Donbass in Moscow. But what happened on May 2 - with all the nightmare of these events - is still balancing on the brink. The tension of this balance is unbearable, neither moral, nor psychological, nor historical points of view. Some time ago, Putin made a definite decision to fight for Ukraine to the end, and under no circumstances to abandon the South and East. This decision is irreversible. But now it remains to precisely select the right moment. Now or ... Or still not now. A little bit later ... Understanding this, American strategists playing the Ukrainian junta and neo-Nazi militants as pawns are also systematically and systematically testing Putin: what do you say when you look at the heartbreaking photos of innocent people burnt alive by supporters of Bandera and Shukhevych? Will the unborn child of a strangled woman bother you in dreams, Vladimir Vladimirovich? - Washington’s strategists and their networks ridicule not only Ukraine, but also the Russian elite mock with diabolical cynicism. Putin has no right to make a mistake. The next move should be made by Moscow, but this will happen at that unique moment, which should lead to victory. This is where we are now, after black May 2, when the bodies of the victims of the bloody Nazi murderers are not yet interred and not inveterate.

What to do?

From my point of view, the next scenario of actions will be optimal now.

First: Moscow must finally realize the full depth and irreversibility of the break with the West. This means that the existence of a fifth column in Russia itself is more incompatible with life, peace and order in society itself. And the presence of the sixth column, which is the agents of US influence, formally loyal to Putin, in a critical situation, blocks all radical decisions and their execution. Now Putin needs to fully realize what he himself has repeatedly proclaimed: The West is our enemy, and he decided to give us the last mortal combat. After this battle, either Washington prolongs its hegemony for some time, or this hegemony comes to an end. In the first case, Russia will disappear, in the second - the unipolar American-centric global liberal world will collapse. Higher rates just do not happen. But even if Putin does not intend, does not want and cannot go to the end, Washington intends, wants and thinks he can. So he will go. Regardless of whether we accept the challenge now, draw or evade, the West has already launched a war against us. And the burned bodies of the people who died in Odessa are our losses, these are the heroes who gave their lives for Novorossia and, in the end, for Russia. These are our martyrs, these are the saints of the great war of the continents. And their number will multiply. So decided the West. And his plan, apparently, is this: to kill, to kill, to kill. Burn, cut, shoot, rape, cripple, choke. Until Russia turns out to be in what the West considers "Ukrainian trap". If Putin firmly understands that any delay will only multiply the victims, and that the West is going to the end, the whole picture will be clearer to him. Then a blow to the fifth column, with its complete liquidation, and the expelling of the sixth column to the periphery (in place of the fifth) is a necessary (albeit preliminary) condition for further action. After all, Washington’s stake is that high-ranking Russian officials who keep their capital in the West, under the influence of sanctions and under the threat of losing the stolen money (which is hundreds of billions of dollars) at some point, will simply overthrow Putin. The sixth column consists of liberals and corrupt officials in the highest echelons of power (sometimes these roles coincide). And if Washington decided to act according to the toughest scenario, then a conspiracy and revolt of the sixth column will necessarily follow. Putin relies on the people, on the security forces, on the patriots. But he is separated from them by a stratum of the sixth column, engaged in systematic sabotage of any of his decisions (including personnel), any of his initiatives, any of his actions, if they are aimed at confrontation with the West. To think of Russia as the center of a war with American hegemony in the acute phase is new to the Kremlin. From this, Putin previously wanted to leave in every possible way. Now he is pinned to the wall. He did not start it, but he cannot accept the challenge.

Second: on the basis of the first paragraph, the question of the time of the introduction of troops. If the West decided in any case to provoke Russia and fight to the end, then delaying the introduction of Russian troops will not lead to the expected convenient point. Moreover, the delay in this will sow panic in the ranks of the pro-Russian forces in the South-East, instill confidence in the junta, and from this its actions will be more and more aggressive and bloody. If Moscow tolerates the Russian Holocaust in Odessa, the neo-Nazis and hirelings of Kolomoisky will repeat the scenario on an enlarged scale, either in the same place in Odessa or in another city. Then Putin will be forced to respond, but time will be lost. And even if Putin enters the troops only after Kiev launches a full-fledged military operation (and this will surely happen after the so-called “elections”, although it is possible that this has happened before), for the West this will be equivalent to introducing them now. Washington does not recognize the legitimacy of any coercive actions on the part of Russia and no arguments and arguments of Moscow. I mean no at all. They do not see the people burned alive and will not see how they do not see the hundreds of thousands of people who died during the American invasion of Iraq. That which does not correspond to American interests does not exist - this is the first rule of the American information war, and no scale of atrocities and atrocities will abolish it. Thus, if you enter the troops, now. There is nothing to wait. And if you do not send troops, then it will mean a betrayal of Russia and her death. It is Russia that is not only Novorossia, but Russia as such. Not having received a rebuff in the Southeast, driven by the American masters, the units of the Ukrainian neo-Nazis will turn to the Crimea and to Russia itself. Then the Russian troops will still have to enter, but we will lose the starting position. If Washington throws us an existential challenge, we have no other way but to respond to it.

Let them think that this is a “Ukrainian trap”, but this may be the moment of the great revival of Russia. Trap - for brainless and weak animals. For a strong great nation endowed with a mission, this can become something completely different. Russian caterpillars tanks turn this simple device into a crumpled piece of iron. But the tanks must go to the end.

Third: South-East of Ukraine now knows three models of resistance.

1) Donetsk-Lugansk way. Here, the forces of self-defense seize weapons and create an independent political reality. Yes, and they are dying. But they die with weapons in their hands. They are fighting for the Republic, for Novorossia, for Russia. They bear losses and stand on posts. But they can protect themselves. And here the laws of war come into force. After Odessa, Donetsk-Lugansk subjects simply need to conduct a serious sweep of all supporters of the junta and the wavering bureaucrats - active accomplices of the Slavic genocide, they are personally the blood of innocent victims. The internment of the junta's accomplices, their isolation and exchange for resistance leaders captured by neo-Nazis is a logical and necessary step. Further, according to the plan, unblocking of borders, taking control of airports and transport routes, creating a full-fledged army of the Southeast. The answer will follow, but it will follow anyway. Now everything is clear: they are going to kill Russians. Everything. And this is one answer: either armed resistance and protection of life, or submissive following to the slaughterhouse. Sheep surrender, people fight.

2) Odessa / Kharkov. 2 May in Odessa and a few days before the shooting of Kernes in Kharkov show that the phase of peaceful confrontation in Odessa and Kharkov has been completed. No matter how many people go to protest rallies against the junta, it is important - whether Self-Defense detachments are created and armed, control the RSA and whether they take over the RSA. In Odessa, before being burned alive by neo-Nazis, the anti-Maidan activists hesitated whether to break the doors in the House of Trade Unions or not, because if the attacks had not taken place, they were naively law-abiding right before their terrible and heroic death — the police would have considered this to be "unlawful action ". Odessa, like Kharkov, still believes in the illusion of the law. And here is the price of reckoning for this illusion: Russian genocide, fifty or even hundreds of people killed, torn to pieces or burned alive. Yes, in the crowd Bandera beasts were weapons. The opponents of the junta did not have it. I can say one thing: very badly, that was not. They do not give weapons, take weapons if it is about people's lives. Too much respect for the law in extreme situations is not just a mistake, it is suicide and a crime. For Kharkov, the same is true. It may be objected: we would go to the assault, but what if Moscow does not support us? In Donetsk and Lugansk, they did not wait for Moscow. And now they have the opportunity not only to defend themselves (albeit with casualties), but also to attack, to give neo-Nazi filth a rebuff. They make sacrifices, including among peaceful people, but they join the ranks of bastards and mercenaries sent to the next world. It is cruel, but it is war. Under current conditions, there is only one choice: either war or the massacre of defenseless people. The difference is that in battle there is a chance to win and survive, there is no slaughter. Odessa and Kharkov, get up to the full height or the junta and Kolomoisky with their mercenaries will burn you alive. No law, no rules, no power. There is a pure death in the face of Bandera punishers and there you are, the people, the people, Russians, Ukrainians, residents of Odessa and Kharkov. And there is only one support: you yourself. Well, well: suppose Russia does not intervene at all (this will not happen, but put a mental experiment) - are you really ready to live in a regime where the Right Sector is in power, calling the innocent victims of the House of Trade Unions "grilled chicken"? And this pregnant woman ... and these young, burnt, charred lovers, lying in an embrace ... "Smoked hundred" ... Trouble has come to your house, your pain is our pain, but Moscow does not see you as a "fifth column". You are free people, if you take the path of resistance, we help. But it is necessary, first of all, to you. And here the one who is bolder, more courageous, smarter, stronger and more resolute will win. It is absurd after what happened on May 2 to call for "stopping civil war." She is in full swing, and it remains only to win.

3) Kherson, Nikolaev, Zaporozhye and especially Dnepropetrovsk as models. Here the balance of power is not as obvious as in Donetsk, Lugansk, Kharkov and Odessa. But there is resistance, and it is significant. I think that the time has come to create full-fledged partisan units. In this case, clearly all the resistance forces will be in an illegal position. But sporadic attacks and special operations in these areas will weaken the junta and force it to spray its efforts. Dnepropetrovsk is especially important - the patrimony of the neo-Nazi Jew Kolomoisky and the stronghold of the entire Ukrainian oligarchy. There is also the headquarters of the "Right Sector". Killers and punishers are concentrated there. But a huge number of residents of the Dnipropetrovsk region reject the junta. Therefore, here the partisan scenario takes on special significance. Active partisan activities in Dnepropetrovsk and actions capable of causing maximum harm to Kolomoisky and his structures will provide an invaluable service to the entire Resistance. It is clear that the time for peaceful protests, pickets, tent cities in Ukraine is gone. Now they say machines, Molotov cocktails, bullets and explosives. Protecting ordinary activists, the residents of these areas should form an armed underground resistance.

4) Transcarpathian model. The most difficult will be Transcarpathia, where the majority of Rusyns and Hungarians, and, of course, the junta has no support among the population. But the geographical position does not allow for external support. Is that, you can hope for a corridor with Hungary, which takes quite sane position in relation to the junta. The forces to seize power in Transcarpathia from the Resistance, as I understand it, will suffice. Long hold - hardly. But we must understand that ethnic minorities of Rusyn and Hungarians will definitely become the objects of genocide. The Russian Holocaust in Odessa may well be repeated, and, alas, if this is allowed to happen, in Uzhgorod and other cities of the region. Sooner or later. To this must be prepared. And although now all attention is focused on the South-East, this zone is the next one in the overall inevitable process of the disintegration of Ukraine, which cannot only be stopped, but also slowed down.

Fourth: it is important that the Russians in Russia join the battle of the Southwest for their freedom. Yes, the West reproaches Moscow for allegedly operating Russian forces in the East and South. Moscow replies that this is not so. And this is indeed not the case. Alas. All the same, no one in the West listens to Moscow, they only say what is in line with their ideas and interests. And the empty fears of Moscow (supported by the sixth column) only provoke more and more victims. It is necessary to go to Ukraine - to everyone who is not indifferent to the fate of Russia itself, to whom our history is dear, who feels Russian. But in this situation, only well-trained men with combat experience are needed there. The time of civic activists, journalists and just sympathizers has passed. The civil war is in full swing. And in this war warriors are needed.

In this case, it is not necessary to wait for a call from the Russian authorities. He will not follow. We must listen to the voice of your Russian heart, your conscience. We must make our way to Ukraine, who can. And navigate on the spot. The West and Ukrainian neo-Nazis declared war on Russians. They burned people alive, they kill our men, women, old people, children, unborn Russian babies. In our history, alas, we have repeatedly passed it. And the victories were given to us sometimes not at a simple price. But we always won. We will win now. But no one will bring victory to us from the outside.

Patriotism is thought and action. You love Russia - die for Russia, kill for Russia. Afraid - well, then. The matter of your conscience. This is our war. After the black 2 of May, this should be obvious to everyone. Those who were burned alive in Odessa are not “they.” This is us. These are our brothers, sisters, mothers, children, fathers. And their murderers are free to get ready to kill again and again. I do not know who can stand it ... Demolish ... Silence ... God is like that, however, the judge ... There are people like that at all times ...

Tangalashki: TV demons uprising

One of the bloggers correctly noted: if you don’t know what hell is, turn on 2 in May on the official entertainment channels of Russian television and put their images on the mangled bodies of the victims of the House of Trade Unions. The physiognomies of Baskov or Kirkorov, and indeed of almost the entire telebomond of Russia - Urgant, Tsekalo, etc. - generally incompatible with the Russian idea of ​​decent behavior, correct appearance, gestures, actions and words. Something in all this is surprisingly reminiscent of Kiev, its oligarchic mendacious channels, promiscuity trying to imitate the provincial degenerates of the West. The one who fills the Russian TV and who makes it are real criminals before morality, spirit, history, identity of Russia. There is nothing Russian at all, not the slightest hint of solidarity, honor, compassion, sacrifice, purity, piety, chastity. This is a dance of demons, tangalashek (according to Paisiy Svyatogorts), a shameless demonstration of degeneration and a deep moral decline. It is absolutely not fun and not funny. It really is terrifying. With such a culture, with such a level of entertainment programs, with such mugs, with such programs and hosts, we will not revive Russia, mobilize, or awaken. Before our eyes, dozens of people were burned alive, the Nazis were burned, cruelly, cynically, finished off the wounded, killed the Russians. And no tact to make a correction to the program. Not the slightest moral movement. Who are the Russian telemagnates? Sometimes it seems that they are no different from their Ukrainian colleagues, who are commissioned by cynical oligarchs - Porosen, Kolomoisky and Akhmetov. Yes, Putin has put political broadcasting under direct control, and it is very high quality, almost flawless. But everything else? After all, the context is very important. When, against the background of complete degeneration, serious and mournful faces of announcers appear, talking about politics, war, victims, deaths, they are perceived very strangely - as if some kind of cynical and particularly cruel TV show continues.

The same is true of culture and education. Even the sixth column is atrocious here, but the fifth, frank Russophobia is quite in the spirit of Euromaidan and the Right Sector. In Russia, anti-Russian culture prevails. In Russia, education is built in the anti-Russian vein. And what do we want from the South-East of Ukraine? They see in us and love in us an ideal Russia. That Russia, which, of course, is, but under a bushel, in the depths. On TV, everyone sees and rages another Russia, Russia liberal degenerates, Russia tele-demons.

The contrast between the May 2 tragedy in Odessa and Kramatorsk, and Mariupol, and the line of entertainment Russian television broadcasting is a sentence. This is just a betrayal. This is the moral end for those who are responsible for this - on TV itself and in the state. With this attitude, we will not go far. We will lose what is still left in us from ourselves.

To the west!

The previous week we lived terrible days. Bloody holidays. All who doubted saw the true face of the junta and its terrorist punitive detachments. All points are placed. There is no longer any place for illusions and hopes that everything will go by itself. Kiev will kill and rub hands whenever it receives information about new and new victims. And whatever we do, the West will be on the side of the murderers. Could it be possible to put an end to all this disgusting story, before it was too late? Yes, it will be very difficult for us if we put an end to the history of Ukrainian neo-Nazism. Yes, we will lose a lot if we now accept the challenge of the West and respond to the genocide - not just the threat of genocide, but the actual, actually accomplished, genocide, with adequate measures. But ... But it will be even harder for us, and we will lose even more if we do not accept the call and do not answer it.

You can, of course, still wait. But I am convinced that there is nothing more to wait. The one who acts faster has even more time to correct mistakes.

Therefore, I think the time has come. To the west!
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    1. +3
      18 May 2014 06: 35
      and what do you want such programs are in many ways beneficial to our government - they distract you from worries, so to speak - after all, the base prevails in a person, unfortunately we are not angels and we often draw demonic
      1. +6
        18 May 2014 06: 56
        After World War II, everything was generally bad. And nothing - porn was not shown in cinemas. Such "culture" is beneficial only to that part of the government that saw us in your grave. Everyone. And to their employers in the West, who have already raised generations of stupid parasites.
        1. +14
          18 May 2014 07: 19
          Give West Culture Day in Russia! wink

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          18 May 2014 20: 15
          where does the power badly taught people that we are the best, that we can do everything and be ahead of the rest - and now that how many men slept with the girl and from whom she has a child
      2. +1
        18 May 2014 22: 38
        Quote: Siberian German
        demonic pulls often

        <Bearded Conchita will come to Russia
        16:40 / 18.05.2014. "Days.Ru"
        Russian promoters have sent an invitation to the Austrian singer Conchite Wurst to visit Moscow. The Eurovision winner may perform in the Russian capital at the end of May>

        "The fifth column" does not wash, it continues its dirty work by rolling. Today is the concert of "Conchita" in Moscow, and tomorrow - "Maidan" on Red Square.
        And why do the Russian federal channels provide their studios to 3,14 times? Have we already legalized the propaganda of "rear-wheel drive" relations?
        1. 0
          19 May 2014 08: 52
          Eurovision did not watch, but it became interesting. I had heard so much about K.V. I think let’s take a look, maybe the song is really good? ... And what happened? Nothing. Nothing at all. Poor song and mediocre voice.
          This "phoenix" will not be reborn from the ashes. There is nothing to be reborn ...
    2. +2
      18 May 2014 06: 44
      I am only for the new rules))) I would have looked with pleasure))
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      18 May 2014 07: 13
      Beautiful picture. Already the heart rejoices.
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        18 May 2014 13: 54
        Quote: Riperbahn
        Nice picture

        This is called natural selection.. Who is a little smart, bounced to the side, got stupid on the edges. Fate!!!
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          18 May 2014 22: 02
          Not there was about Dom2 with the new rules. Removed :(
  2. +19
    18 May 2014 06: 08
    Himself surprised in Odessa such events and on our channels a holiday. As if nothing had happened. Everyone is also grimacing and shaking our pop stars with their boobs. Dance on the bones.
    1. +6
      18 May 2014 11: 31
      I watched TV on May 2 and went nuts! They that - do not know ?! Tangalashki and television dogs !!! It is unlikely that simple indifference. Dancing on the bones, feast during the plague.
    2. +4
      18 May 2014 12: 03
      Quote: Snoop
      Himself surprised in Odessa such events and on our channels a holiday. As if nothing had happened. Everyone is also grimacing and shaking our pop stars with their boobs. Dance on the bones.

      These are the representatives of the so-called 5th column. They will have fun in any situation. Fu, it makes you sick ...
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  4. +12
    18 May 2014 06: 37
    Heavy weapons need urgent help, despite the cries of amers. And they have enough pro fighters themselves, there would be something to fight against simpletons.
    1. +7
      18 May 2014 06: 42
      Can be supplied without a palette)) Remember the movie "The Armory Baron" ... do you think we don't have such dealers? The militia will have enough large-caliber machine guns, RPGs, Needles for the eyes, and the National Guard will not be able to do anything. Well, ammunition for small arms.
  5. +3
    18 May 2014 06: 52
    No need to send troops. They themselves must figure it out and we must help them with weapons, medicines, etc. all available methods. Only secretly.
    1. +17
      18 May 2014 07: 58
      Guys, what are you talking about? Who will figure it out? What kind of "pros" are there? You haven't watched Strelkov's appeal? There is a small bunch of fights. The rest are sitting in the huts ...
      1. +3
        18 May 2014 11: 31
        Although if there is a republic, well, declare mobilization then !?
      2. +2
        18 May 2014 22: 48
        Quote: selbrat
        The rest are sitting on huts ....

        Women took up the machines! Survived!
        The women went to war, and their husbands were sitting in huts or scurrying around around the barricades with mobile phones, filming what was happening on camera.
        It is true that Russia does not take harsh measures. Who to help? Those who hid in the underground? They have a position - you will fight there, while we will eat dumplings with sour cream. Let's see who wins. And then we’ll decide ... X_ren to them! Until they themselves come out with a pitchfork, there will be no sense from our help. Russia will be to blame.
    18 May 2014 06: 56
    in culture, and in education. It’s not even the sixth column, but the fifth, outright Russophobia, quite in the spirit of Euromaidan and “Right Sector”. Anti-Russian culture prevails in Russia. Author Alexander Dugin

    With such a culture, with such a level of entertainment programs, with such faces, with such programs and presenters, we will not revive Russia, we will not mobilize, we will not awaken. Author Alexander Dugin

    Mikhail Bulgakov: "Devastation .... in the heads." They put "liberal" values ​​into the heads of the population.
    Quote: Snoop
    Therefore, I think that the time has come. To the west!

    I agree! It’s high time to begin the purification of the Motherland, and Russophobia fans of Geyropey values ​​- to the West!
  7. +7
    18 May 2014 07: 01
    The author is a thousand times right. But (+) only one article can be put. And what kind of ... genus, which "minusone"? Name yourself!
    1. +4
      18 May 2014 07: 16
      Banderlogs also do not sleep, they can’t do anything, so at least they will be marked by minuses what
  8. +6
    18 May 2014 07: 05
    It is necessary to arm everyone who wants to carry weapons of adequate people, and, as always, only bandits are armed, and civilians are even persecuted for possession of weapons. What resistance is there?
  9. Ivan 63
    18 May 2014 07: 06
    I did not re-read the article, because I know all the ins and outs. I think Putin’s hands are untied.
  10. +8
    18 May 2014 07: 10
    I agree with the author only that we need to restore order in our country as soon as possible. Because the firewood is already folded and just waiting for the light to be brought up. And if you help Ukraine, it’s only unofficially. People, weapons, help in writing laws and building local authority. It makes no sense to introduce an army at all. It is not worth breaking ties with the West either. Nobody has won the defense battle. It is necessary to devote the West to their half of the field, according to their own rules.
  11. +2
    18 May 2014 07: 22
    "... Well, okay: suppose Russia does not intervene at all (this will not happen"
    In vain the author is so categorical, it reminds me to wishful thinking
  12. +6
    18 May 2014 07: 39
    I think the GDP will not spill the time and place when the time comes for the introduction of special subdivisions of special operations! That would immediately end this infection. Well, for now, you need to help the Southeast and this is the priority at the moment.
  13. +3
    18 May 2014 07: 47
    The Donetsk-Lugansk Republic, as a de facto subject, has the right to request humanitarian, technical, and military assistance. Now, when all the combat readiness of the junties is concentrated locally, it is a very convenient moment for inflicting maximum damage. In the Cold War, our people around the world were not present explicitly. There is experience, skills have not been lost. The explicit introduction of Russian troops is already an open war. Almost the 3rd world.
    1. +3
      18 May 2014 07: 55
      can these subjects conduct mobilization in their own right, and not portray violent activity?
  14. +3
    18 May 2014 07: 47
    Putin should proceed from the national interests of the country, if the junta took power, which is really hostile to us, then why not ... I think the Americans would not have allowed the same day to live for the same Yarosh having something like that under his belly.
    1. +1
      18 May 2014 12: 57
      Putin should proceed from the national interests of the country if the junta took power, which is really hostile to us,

      Well, yes, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Georgia, Azerbaijan, etc., all these republics are burning with great "love" for Russia, so what ?!

      1. +4
        18 May 2014 13: 21
        hmm, a weird map, and Turkey and Sweden are almost friends and Belarus is the enemy ...

        Sweden, by the way, openly finances Belarusian oppositionists, maintains a whole staff of anti-Lukashenka bloggers and type of journalists (radio). And the "plush landing" from them flew in, and the camps of the Banedrovites and other "Hitler Youth" from the Baltic states on their territory are still supported and financed.
      2. +3
        18 May 2014 13: 40
        What the hell? What is the conflict with Belarus? And DPRK are our friends? Map - crap! negative
  15. +2
    18 May 2014 07: 53
    Our television is characterized by one expression: A feast during the plague. Amerikosy conceived a great scenario to drag Russia into the war, Crimea bait, the South East is a trap itself. Here we think what to do and how to be, whether or not to enter, directly according to Hamlet it turns out. Here we need a non-standard horse move not expected by the enemy. And this layer between Putin and the people, the sixth column must be removed, but this is the FSB’s business, they know everyone by sight.
    1. +3
      18 May 2014 08: 23
      A horse move, in my opinion, is to start trading for rubles. And without a conversation, if we want to become a normal country again, and not a raw materials appendage, as they see us. It's time to understand that for the West we are nobody, an eyesore. Only the establishment of our rules of the game for our interests can sober up the euro pek. Here is an inadequate move. And they are just waiting for the GDP to enter Ukraine to declare Russia once again an evil empire.
    2. Erg
      18 May 2014 13: 02
      It is very difficult to clean up the country. We have come to the point where it is not possible to think of it. Sex of the country can be planted. Everywhere oligarchs and interests. They don’t understand that we’ll pump our motherland because of these pieces of paper ...
  16. vedross
    18 May 2014 08: 35
    Enough of political correctness! How much can you wag your tail, Russia? Show your Divine Essence! Russia, you always acted openly, remember your glorious ancestors and tell the enemy in the face that he is your enemy, Russia!
    1. 0
      18 May 2014 10: 42
      How much can you wag your tail, Russia? Show your Divine Essence!
      ......... take a bucket, get cold water, get into the bath, say: "HOO !!!!" and pour it on yourself at once !!! .......... it helps sometimes, if the case is not difficult
        18 May 2014 13: 11
        Quote: strannik595
        pour on yourself at once !!!

        Probably an intellectual (in the bath, ha ha)? Better at Baptism in the hole in the head, three times. This is our way. Four years ago, at minus 18, I dived and nothing, healthy.
        1. 0
          18 May 2014 15: 19
          You still have to live to Epiphany. Have you looked out the window for a long time? wink I generally sailed in the Volga in the last days of November, and I regularly dip at Epiphany ... what do I have to do with Intellectual? Or only tagil wintering is engaged? fellow
            19 May 2014 05: 29
            Quote: strannik595
            You still have to live to Epiphany. Have you looked out the window for a long time?

            Live, do not hesitate! What’s the window here? I’m moving around on my own. Before work, of course, in transport, but vice versa, to relieve pressure, it happens and a pawn 3,3 km away.
  17. +1
    18 May 2014 08: 36
    Russia did not recognize Abkhazia and South Ossetia immediately, but only after the 080808 aggression. The recognition of the independence of Donetsk and Lugansk can also be tied to the opposition of the junta. Say the election or the activation of the ATO.
  18. +1
    18 May 2014 08: 57
    I already want to see the invisible and hear what I want!
  19. +10
    18 May 2014 09: 25
    All the same, no one in the West listens to Moscow, they only say what is in line with their ideas and interests. And the empty fears of Moscow (supported by the sixth column) only provoke more and more victims. It’s necessary to go to Ukraine - to everyone who is not indifferent to the fate of Russia itself, to whom our history is dear, who feels Russian. But in this situation, only well-trained men with combat experience are needed there. The time of civic activists, journalists and just sympathizers has passed. The civil war is in full swing. And in this war warriors are needed.
    In this case, it is not necessary to wait for a call from the Russian authorities. He will not follow. We must listen to the voice of your Russian heart, your conscience. We must make our way to Ukraine, who can. And navigate on the spot. The West and Ukrainian neo-Nazis declared war on Russians. They burned people alive, they kill our men, women, old people, children, unborn Russian babies. In our history, alas, we have repeatedly passed it. And the victories were given to us sometimes not at a simple price. But we always won. We will win now. But no one will bring victory to us from the outside.

    Alexander Dugin is a thousand times right. The time has long come for well-trained Russian male patriots, as was the case in Spain, Serbia, and Transnistria. And it’s time for the DPR to take control of the border into their own hands, then it will be better and more help will come, and not only within the framework of the Ministry of Emergencies. Article plus !!!
  20. ilya_82
    18 May 2014 09: 35
    The author forgets that the junta is not viable, that if you shut off oxygen to them, then the hungry people will deal with neo-Nazis themselves when there is nothing to eat to open their eyes. Now 90% of the population is just an amorphous mass. No panic and no tanks.
  21. Platov
    18 May 2014 09: 42
    Establish the supply of reconnaissance of punitive militias and weapons such as sniper rifles, and grenade launchers.
  22. +3
    18 May 2014 09: 46
    But I am convinced that there is nothing more to wait. The one who acts faster has more time even to correct mistakes.

    Therefore, I think the time has come. To the west!

    Dugin is absolutely right. Better to step on your own than sit out on the defensive!
  23. -2
    18 May 2014 09: 52
    Too much respect for the law in extreme situations is not just a mistake, it is suicide and crime.
    Here is the correct wording. How to hammer it to the leaders of Kharkov and Odessa. But Tsaryov generally needs to be driven. Compromiser.
  24. +1
    18 May 2014 10: 34
    Yes, nobody watches these TV channels anymore. Only the old population and population are absolutely zero in relation to politics. Such news are watched only on New Year's Eve. Mannequins are clean. They live on the matrix. Kirkorov and sleep again.
    1. Erg
      18 May 2014 13: 15
      When I was offered to install a plate (150 channels), I almost sat down on ... I have 50 channels and I think that the TV in the house is superfluous. Tired of clowns and "houses". When this whole shop is closed. Well, you can't break us with this bullshit, but after all, youth is like a sponge ...
  25. +1
    18 May 2014 10: 38
    Something needs to be done with Kiev. The greyhound junta has already outlived its time! All the leading slops of Ukraine are under the righteous court of the Russian people !! How much more can you wait for victims to begin retaliation ?! To answer all the attacks of America with unacceptable damage to it !!
  26. +5
    18 May 2014 10: 43
    whoever has ever watched boxing and understands a little about the tactics of fighting in the ring will understand. We are now in different weight categories and not the favorites of the battle. And while there is reconnaissance in battle, we answered neatly but with dignity, but now we went over to the clinch.
    You can argue a lot about what and how we should do in this situation, but all this does not make much sense, because we do not have intelligence data and we do not know global plans. We look at the problem much narrower than the president and his large team We do not know what Vovan and Merkel actually discussed all month, the statements that are shown on TV are only partly props, real things are done behind the scenes. We do not know what Lavrov actually did when he went to the “Latinos”. Moreover, we do not fully know what China is silent about. This is only a small part of the puzzle that Putin is putting together, but I think all this is connected with the Southeast. Besides, there will be no steps until the choice in Ukraine is already 500 percent. Because you need to see who will become president and what processes will be launched on nezalezhnoy. There are now many different scenarios. IMHO, sorry for the southeast, but you still need to endure. But with the opening of the border you need to hurry. But under the guise of humanitarian aid, start supplying boxes of buckwheat and milk.
    1. Arsenal
      18 May 2014 13: 01
      Boxing. never looked ...
      Curious to listen to you ...
  27. +2
    18 May 2014 10: 44
    it is necessary that Donbass and Lugansk have "lost by the junta" tanks with crews, grenade launchers, cannons, and five thousand lost Russian tourists-hunters and mushroom pickers with a full set of weapons and the corresponding equipment. wassat what will hunters and tourists do then?
  28. +5
    18 May 2014 11: 06
    According to the plan of the West, Stalingrad and the Kursk Bulge were also to become a trap for our Fatherland. Maybe really enough to wait?
    1. Andrey82
      18 May 2014 11: 43
      We will sit and help NATO in Afghanistan, while the US is building a missile defense system near our borders and killing Russians in Ukraine with the hands of fascists - we will drown in blood. For decades, we will be connected by bloody conflicts on borders that take all our strength. While we sit in a dead defense and do not start to hit at American bases in Asia, Lat. America through arming rebels in these regions - the United States will be able to lick military and financial wounds and continue to seek the key to Russia. Defense is the path to defeat. Rome could not defeat Carthage until it came to its territory.
      1. Erg
        18 May 2014 13: 22
        I think they are working on it.
        1. Andrey82
          18 May 2014 15: 03
          They work ... but of course. Lavrov recently said that our bases in Lat. America will not be. Now North. America can, without being distracted by its southern borders, calmly close a cordon sanitaire around Russia according to the Anaconda plan and set its neighbors (Georgians, Ukrainian Natsiks) against us. It is clear that there is no talk about someone crushing us. Their goal is to prevent integration processes near our borders and to drag Russia into the maximum possible number of conflicts. So far, they are good at it.
  29. +1
    18 May 2014 11: 53
    "What does not correspond to American interests does not exist - this is the first rule of the American information war, and no scale of atrocities and atrocities will abolish it."
    And vice versa: everything that corresponds to these interests, but nonexistent (remember the pretext for an attack on Iraq) must be invented, inflated to a universal scale and used for the glory of Wall Street money bags.
  30. +2
    18 May 2014 12: 01
    Our TV has long ceased to watch just for this very reason of fooling the population, I agree with many who have expressed that the introduction of troops is not an option yet, but it is necessary to secretly help than we can. The West declared war on us long ago, just now it has crept into a tight, so to speak sticky hands stretching to the neck ((((.
  31. +5
    18 May 2014 12: 35
    Now I watched Strelkov's video message. Shame and disgrace for the Donbas peasants, contrary to their slogans, we can say for sure - DONBAS DRIVES A LOUD !!! They are given a weapon in their hands, but they do not take it ..... Where are all those "brave" miners who threatened to blow up the usekh ??? Sitting under the skirts of the women and under the glass tell what kind of heroes they are ???
    1. +1
      18 May 2014 13: 14
      I recall the lines from the song of the DDT group "Visiting the General"
      ... I am ready to die for our unfortunate Motherland
      But unfortunately there are family and children ...
  32. Erg
    18 May 2014 12: 54
    The author is right. When I looked at Odessa ... There are no words ... I clicked on the channels - and there these clowns are artists ... I think that you are soulless creatures. It was necessary to mourn in the country ... And we ... How ashamed of us ... It seems that we are the same sheep as the miners ...
  33. +2
    18 May 2014 13: 33
    We can’t officially - it means we must quietly:
    1) An ideal platform for training anti-terror groups and saboteurs, for reconnaissance.
    2) It is imperative to help financially and at the same time drive the misinformation that it’s Akhmetov - he’s containing a horseradish cloud of detachments having only about 3,5 billion greenery - WE ARE POOR ????
  34. 0
    18 May 2014 15: 05
    Quote: Erg
    The author is right. When I looked at Odessa ... There are no words ... I clicked on the channels - and there these clowns are artists ... I think that you are soulless creatures. It was necessary to mourn in the country ... And we ... How ashamed of us ... It seems that we are the same sheep as the miners ...
    So the news of Ernst's failed suicide just leaked on May 3. We draw conclusions ourselves.
  35. Manul49
    18 May 2014 15: 06
    Disgusting is not that Shechtman, which means butcher aka butcher, gives this, but that "80 users like it."

"Right Sector" (banned in Russia), "Ukrainian Insurgent Army" (UPA) (banned in Russia), ISIS (banned in Russia), "Jabhat Fatah al-Sham" formerly "Jabhat al-Nusra" (banned in Russia) , Taliban (banned in Russia), Al-Qaeda (banned in Russia), Anti-Corruption Foundation (banned in Russia), Navalny Headquarters (banned in Russia), Facebook (banned in Russia), Instagram (banned in Russia), Meta (banned in Russia), Misanthropic Division (banned in Russia), Azov (banned in Russia), Muslim Brotherhood (banned in Russia), Aum Shinrikyo (banned in Russia), AUE (banned in Russia), UNA-UNSO (banned in Russia), Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People (banned in Russia), Legion “Freedom of Russia” (armed formation, recognized as terrorist in the Russian Federation and banned)

“Non-profit organizations, unregistered public associations or individuals performing the functions of a foreign agent,” as well as media outlets performing the functions of a foreign agent: “Medusa”; "Voice of America"; "Realities"; "Present time"; "Radio Freedom"; Ponomarev; Savitskaya; Markelov; Kamalyagin; Apakhonchich; Makarevich; Dud; Gordon; Zhdanov; Medvedev; Fedorov; "Owl"; "Alliance of Doctors"; "RKK" "Levada Center"; "Memorial"; "Voice"; "Person and law"; "Rain"; "Mediazone"; "Deutsche Welle"; QMS "Caucasian Knot"; "Insider"; "New Newspaper"