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Overseas immigrants

European and American firms will be equally affected by anti-Russian sanctions, and for Moscow, Western policies will be a serious catalyst for the development of an import-substituting base.

Although the efforts of the Russian authorities have somewhat lowered the degree of political tension in the situation around Ukraine, the threat of new, even tougher sanctions from the West remains real. Some countries have already suspended military cooperation with Russia and cooperation in the field of military-technical cooperation (MTC). The military-industrial complex correspondent learned from a veteran of the military-technical cooperation system of our state with foreign partners, Vice Admiral Valentin Vlasov, about the impact of these bans on the activities of the military-industrial complex of the Russian Federation. From 1984 to 1992, Valentin Andreevich headed GKES - the Main Engineering Directorate of the State Economic Cooperation Committee (one of the predecessors of the current Rosoboronexport), which was engaged in the supply of domestic weapons and military equipment abroad.

- Valentin Andreevich, today the possibility of imposing new sanctions against Russia is being discussed in the European Union and the United States. Do you think these bans will affect Rosoboronexport?

- In recent years, the United States has repeatedly introduced various restrictions on the interaction of its enterprises and firms with Rosoboronexport.

So, in August 2006, the US State Department imposed sanctions on Rosoboronexport and the company "Sukhoi". We regarded these bans as an unfriendly act against Russia and an attempt to destabilize the MTC with foreign countries. However, the US sanctions did not cause any complications in the work of Rosoboronexport, since practically no joint MTC projects with this country and its companies were carried out on a bilateral basis or with the participation of third countries.

Then there were attempts by the US Department of State to declare sanctions in January 2007. Then we took it as a manifestation of unfair competition against Rosoboronexport and the Russian Federation as a whole.

Finally, in July, the 2012 US House of Representatives adopted an amendment that prohibited the Pentagon from cooperating with Rosoboronexport. At that time, the execution of the contract between the Russian state mediator and the command of the US ground forces on the additional supply of Mi-12-17 helicopters Mi-NN security forces to Afghanistan was threatened. But contrary to the wishes of US lawmakers, the contract was executed. Let me remind you that the main contract for the 5 helicopter was implemented in the 21 year. Moreover, Rosoboronexport soon concluded with the Pentagon an additional contract for 2012 helicopters, and now all deliveries of the Mi-30В-17 for Afghanistan are carried out in accordance with the schedule.

Overseas immigrants

- The initiators of the sanctions often choose the most vulnerable spots for their attacks. The press has already flashed a message about the possible termination of shipment of components and assemblies for the Russian passenger airliner "Superjet", which on 60 – 70 percent consists of Western components.

- Then (with a grin), the Russian aviation industry will begin to produce even more combat aircraft and more actively sell them to foreign customers, some of whom do not have much respect for the United States and NATO. West need it?

Speaking seriously, such “painful” sanctions will finally force the Russian defense industry complex to really actively engage in scientific and technical developments in areas where we have seriously lagged behind competitors in the last 20 years. Thus, the sanctions will become a serious catalyst and stimulus for the development of our import-substituting base. And for this you will only need to thank the countries of the West.

- Can a specific example?

- Of course. The Achilles heel of our defense-industrial complex is an electronic component base. Almost 70 percent of electronics in the domestic high-tech products - imports. But, firstly, the light did not converge on the western supply and we can use other sources for the acquisition of electronic components. Secondly, if we are still completely “blocked by oxygen”, domestic microelectronics will start developing and producing their own samples more quickly. Although I will not hide, it will be quite difficult to keep up with world leaders, because the electronic component base is almost completely updated within three to five years.

- As you know, the answer to an unfriendly sanction can be adequate (according to the principle “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth”), and it can be asymmetric (if you bite off our finger, you can lose your own hand, or even your head). Which path will be chosen by us?

- We are peaceful people and we prefer a constructive and business negotiation process to tough measures. But if they force us, the initiators of tension need to remember that sanctions are a double-edged sword. Foreign companies that cease deliveries under the concluded contracts will have to not only return the money received from Russia (payment for the ordered components and assemblies), but also pay very substantial penalties. In addition, they will have serious difficulties with the implementation of parts, components and components already manufactured to our order.

If we talk about an asymmetric response, then the largest manufacturers of aircraft in the USA and Europe will have a very hard time without Russian titanium. But I think Western politicians have enough common sense not to bring the situation to an absurdity.

It is necessary to take into account the foreign economic ties that the United States and the European Union maintain with Russia. If the trade turnover between the Russian Federation and the United States total 40 billions of dollars, the European Union has something to lose. 400 billions are at stake here. As they say, feel the difference ...

Let's remember one more thing that few people think about. If the Russian defense industry can’t produce any military equipment for our foreign partners in connection with the announcement of sanctions, first of all, this could have a negative effect on the customer countries of Russia weapons. But among these countries there are allies of the United States and NATO.

- Recently, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said that Paris may consider the possibility of canceling agreements with the Russian Federation on Mistral-type helicopter carriers. What then?

- In my opinion, this is unlikely. The purchase of helicopter carriers is carried out in the framework of intergovernmental agreements with France. Accordingly, government guarantees were given on both sides. Breaking such agreements will be a sensitive blow to the country's prestige as a reliable partner. And this is a serious loss of reputation. Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin has already explicitly stated that in such a sensitive area as military-technical cooperation, France is beginning to lose confidence in itself as a reliable supplier. And Mr. Fabius himself admitted that the cancellation of the agreements will hit the French side.

“Well, suppose, the French will refuse to supply Mistral ...”

- Recently, France has made significant efforts to develop cooperation with our country in the military-technical field. At the same time, the French invariably met with support from the Russian side, despite the fact that the overall balance in trade was in favor of the French partners. For this reason, France will suffer more damage from breaking ties. Although it should be frankly acknowledged: we greatly value the level of mutual trust that has been shaped bit by bit over the years in this extremely delicate area.

Again, the prospect of considerable financial losses. If the French party terminates the contract, it will have to return the money paid to us in the amount of unfulfilled obligations, and under certain circumstances we may have grounds for demanding the return of all funds already transferred as part of the contract. However, it is possible that the French leadership will have to pay not only with us, but also with their national companies, which will not receive the money they expected in connection with the implementation of this large-scale contract.

- But after all, we will be left without modern amphibious assault ship docking ships ...

- Let me remind you that the contract was concluded on the basis of a tender in which several countries participated. Moreover, during the discussion a number of our specialists preferred other applicants. So, if deemed appropriate, one could return to these proposals or announce a new tender. Yes, and Russian shipbuilders, as is known, declare their readiness to build their own landing ship of a new generation, which would not be inferior to the French Mistral. I will say to those who do not know: the aft part of the Mistral was manufactured in our Baltic plant and delivered to France for docking with the main body. So, as you can see, we have experience. And the creation of the Vikramaditya aircraft carrier in the interests of India even convinced the skeptics that we are capable of tasks of such magnitude.

- Then, what about the statement made by the General Director of the Eurosatori arms exhibition, General Patrick Cola de Frank, that Russia may be banned from participating in this largest international salon, which will be held in Paris from June 16 to 20 this year? It is possible that our country may be declared persona non grata and aviation The Farnborough 2014 exhibition, which will be held in London from July 14 to 20.

- Every year, enterprises of the defense industry of the Russian Federation, including Rosoboronexport, participate in about 20 major international exhibitions. And everywhere, Russia is one of the largest exhibitors, seriously raising the authority and prestige of any, even the largest exhibition venue. There can be no other way. After all, our country ranks second in the world in the export of military products, while dozens of Russian enterprises represent the national defense industry in international arms forums. Quite large areas have already been reserved for our exposition both at Eurosatori-2014 and at Farnborough-2014. It was assumed that there will be exhibited full-scale samples of modern military equipment, which could become an ornament to any, even the most prestigious exhibition. We will calmly experience the absence at one or two exhibitions, but it is almost impossible to find an equivalent replacement for the remaining one and a half or two months, and even at the prices they requested. So in this situation, these sanctions - spitting against the wind.

- After the collapse of the USSR, a significant part of defense industry enterprises remained on the territory of Ukraine. Today, within the framework of the historically established cooperation, we purchase from our neighbor many components for the production of final samples. What if the new authorities in Kiev decide to completely stop the supply of these products?

- This decision will put the Russian defense industry complex in a rather complicated, but quite surmountable situation. Russia ordered in the Ukrainian defense industrial complex various products for about 15 billions of dollars. But in the case of sanctions, our neighbor will not receive these huge funds. For the military-industrial complex of Ukraine, this will turn into a disaster. Neither Europe, nor the United States in particular, needs either Ukrainian helicopter and aircraft engines, nor aircraft of the An family, nor sea propulsion systems. But this is the most profitable and modern products of the Ukrainian defense industry, which for the most part is made for the Russian Federation.

“But the head of Antonov aviation concern, the Hero of Ukraine Dmitry Kiva, who fought for cooperation with our country, and Ukroboronprom, has banned the shipment of military and dual-purpose products to Russia, has already been dismissed.

- In my opinion, these are opportunistic political decisions of the new Kiev authorities, completely devoid of common sense. If the trend for the collapse of the defense industry of Ukraine continues, the price of these actions will be too high for the new Kiev authorities. Tens of thousands of skilled workers and specialists of Ukrainian industrial enterprises will be dismissed. What will they do? They will join the ranks of irreconcilable opponents of the government that made this decision. The consequences, it seems to me, are obvious. The collapse of most industrial enterprises, which at one time were a national pride, is the lot of many countries of the former socialist camp and republics of the USSR. But now a Polish plumber, a Ukrainian nurse, a Bulgarian laborer, a Moldovan nurse, etc., etc., are classic “national professions” in Western Europe.

And if we are talking about the current capabilities of the leading enterprises of Ukraine, let's recall a recent example. The Soviet-built aircraft carrier Varyag built by the whole country in Soviet times on 80 – 90, which went to Ukraine after the division of the military property of the USSR, was never brought to mind by the shipbuilders of Nikolayev. In 1998, it was sold to China for the price of scrap metal for ... cutting "on needles". Now it is a full-fledged combat-training aircraft carrier "Liaoning" as part of the Chinese Navy.

- Valentin Andreevich, you have for a long time managed the Chief Engineering Directorate (SMI) of the USSR State Committee for Foreign Economic Relations. Tell me, were there examples of effective international sanctions at that time that would disrupt the fulfillment of obligations under the state institution of supply of goods and equipment to our foreign partners?

- I do not remember such cases. Known restrictions on the acquisition by the Soviet Union of key foreign defense technologies were successfully overcome. The same can be said about the equipment for the production of new weapon systems. One way or another, but we still solved these problems. The introduction of prohibitions restricting the activities of a self-sufficient state, usually causes the mobilization of intellectual, industrial and financial resources throughout the country, aimed at overcoming these sanctions. Especially when it comes to ensuring national defense. Examples from stories there is: the Soviet Union, China, North Korea, South Africa, finally Iran. These or other international sanctions were imposed against them at various times, some of which continue to operate to this day. But in the military-technical respect, these countries are developing, relying on their own forces and resources of their allies. So, by and large, any sanctions are a tool to strengthen the defense industry potential of the country against which they are declared.
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  1. psychologist
    psychologist 17 May 2014 14: 49
    the time will come and Russia will impose sanctions against the whole world !!
    1. andrewvlg
      andrewvlg 17 May 2014 15: 26
      Are you proposing to "get into the skin" of the United States and tyrannize the rest?
      I think Russia has more important things to do, and it is not worth stopping to the level of "I'll show you Kuzka's mother!"
    2. AleksUkr
      AleksUkr 17 May 2014 15: 26
      Quote: psychologist
      the time will come and Russia will impose sanctions against the whole world !!

      What's the point? They will not be so comfortable without Russia anyway.
      Already even Merkel announced the need to continue cooperation with Russia (15.05.2014/XNUMX/XNUMX)
      Meanwhile: Not all Germans support the position of official Berlin and the European Union on the Ukrainian crisis. One could be convinced of this during the rally of the Christian Democratic Union - a party whose leader is German Chancellor Angela Merkel - in Berlin.

      During this event, opponents of EU policies staged an action in support of Russia, RIA Novosti reports. About a hundred activists who were holding placards with the words "Stop the Nazis in Ukraine", "There is no war against Russia" and "Stop the anti-Russian press campaign," booed Merkel.

      After the incident, the German Chancellor gave an interview to Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, in which she pointed out the need for close cooperation with Russia. At the same time, she noted that such a partnership requires at least “a minimum of common values ​​transformed into a specific policy”. However, according to Merkel, at the moment, in terms of values, Russia “has placed other accents.”
    3. sled beach
      sled beach 17 May 2014 16: 31
      Speaking of children! Today in "World of Tanks", apparently children, admired the fact that it turns out that Chinese copies of tanks of Soviet originals are better! (In the game they are really better) But children take everything at face value and in the absence of another statement, Perhaps there will be a stereotype that even the Chinese copy our technology better than we do! Later, we are concerned about why our people do not respect their final goods so much and the whole economy is a raw material appendage. NOBODY is to blame for what is happening except us. We allow
      1. Boa kaa
        Boa kaa 18 May 2014 00: 34
        Quote: Sanya Beach
        Speaking of children! But children perceive everything at face value

        You're right. It is in childhood that everything is laid
    4. The comment was deleted.
    5. Andrey Yuryevich
      Andrey Yuryevich 17 May 2014 17: 49
      Western policy will become a serious catalyst for the development of import-substituting base request why is it getting late? smart people have been talking about this for several years, but only realized when it was hot.
    6. 17 May 2014 17: 54
      Quote: psychologist
      the time will come and Russia will impose sanctions against the whole world !!

      The song from "The Return of the Bremen Town Musicians" immediately came to mind from your commentary, from a concert on the square in front of the palace. For the sake of brevity, I will give only the first lines: "The whole world is in our hands ..."
    7. 1812 1945
      1812 1945 17 May 2014 18: 04
      Quote: psychologist
      the time will come and Russia will impose sanctions against the whole world !!

      If they continue to engage in "self-harm" and for their own good. The article is optimistic, and if we stop the destructive privatization that Dimon is talking about, nationalize the already plundered and partially ditched "defense industry", then the optimism is fully justified ...
      1. Armata
        Armata 17 May 2014 22: 28
        Quote: 1812 1945
        If they continue to engage in "self-harm" and for their own good. The article is optimistic, and if we stop the destructive privatization that Dimon is talking about, nationalize the already plundered and partially ditched "defense industry", then the optimism is fully justified ...
        Interesting. And who then will drag the defense without an infusion of private capital? To date, more than 80% of enterprises are sold in private hands. Workshops are rented to sons, godparents, etc. Earnings in the defense industry are somewhere less by 10-15% compared to private traders. Answer who will work for a salary in 30000 if a private trader pays about 50000 rubles?
  2. psychologist
    psychologist 17 May 2014 14: 50
    it will look like world peace !! I'm all for it!! wink
  3. Yellow white
    Yellow white 17 May 2014 14: 52
    Let them introduce themselves .. in and out .. wonderful out !!!
    I think we need to sell to our side less (MIC), and buy from adversaries, our brains and hands are the best in the world, proven many times and confirmed!
  4. mig31
    mig31 17 May 2014 14: 56
    And winter is just around the corner ...
    1. Silkway0026
      Silkway0026 17 May 2014 16: 49
      "The winter is coming!" ©
  5. surovts.valery
    surovts.valery 17 May 2014 15: 03
    And recently, Canada yapping with sanctions said it was ready to create a joint venture with Russia to catch crab in the Barents Sea. Greed takes its all the same.
    1. Riperbahn
      Riperbahn 17 May 2014 15: 21
      Let Canada catch Baffin in her sea. We do not need these andons in the north.
    2. silberwolf88
      silberwolf88 17 May 2014 15: 39
      Money does not smell ... Money and financial interests - the religion of which they worship.
  6. Giant thought
    Giant thought 17 May 2014 15: 03
    Overseas and Gayropeyskie decided that they can do what they want. But there are people who want to make big money, and when they get in the way, they simply remove the obstacles in their business path, and without stopping either in methods or in means.
  7. A1L9E4K9S
    A1L9E4K9S 17 May 2014 15: 12
    The West thinks that if you introduce sanctions of all categories that they have outlined, Russia will fall apart and ask for mercy, to hell with their teeth. The Union lived under sanctions for seventy years and produced everything themselves, If it weren't for the CIA agent Humpbacked, who forcibly ruined the country, until now would live normally. Let them impose their sanctions, but thoughtfulness and science will revive, and will reach the level that a great power should have.
  8. Slavich
    Slavich 17 May 2014 15: 17
    Europe, like a non-commissioned officer's wife, "whipped itself out." Maybe they are all masochists there?
  9. The comment was deleted.
  10. mamont5
    mamont5 17 May 2014 15: 28
    All right. Zadolbali these sanctions. There will be problems - we will solve.
  11. 17 May 2014 15: 40
    yes don't give a shit about sanctions laughing
    1. Andrey from Tver
      Andrey from Tver 17 May 2014 15: 56
      I also know how smile
  12. Russian jacket
    Russian jacket 17 May 2014 15: 42
    It's already boring to look at these sanctions ... Our gay European comrades have no sense of humor and self-criticism ... In a word, When Durki crying
  13. Magic archer
    Magic archer 17 May 2014 15: 43
    We will wait for winter. And we will periodically shut off the vent! And see what our European "friends" tell us about the sanctions wink
    1. sgazeev
      sgazeev 17 May 2014 18: 01
      1944 year. Western Ukraine. The T-34 is specifically stuck in a ravine. Naturally, I could not get out. At night, the Germans, realizing that the crew had left, drove the T-4 and hooked the “thirty-four” with a cable. After a series of selected German mats, they pulled out a tank. And he took, and went to his trenches. The Germans, frightened, back up, and the T-34 sneezing contemptuously at the engine, pulled himself up and pulled them along. In tandem, mortars begin to beat, but to no avail. The Panzer commander tried to get out through the upper hatch, but got a splinter in his head and calmed down, with his brains outstretched.

      As a result, ours returned themselves, dragged 4 prisoners and a trophy on a rope. drinks
      1. not main
        not main 18 May 2014 01: 39
        Quote: sgazeev
        At night, the Germans estimated that the crew had left

        This is what kind of could have thought that our tankers could leave a serviceable tank with ammunition! it must be a complete id.iot!
  14. VNP1958PVN
    VNP1958PVN 17 May 2014 15: 58
    Thank you, though they care about the modernization of our production! Industry is on the wheel!
    1. vsoltan
      vsoltan 17 May 2014 17: 05
      The introduction of prohibitions restricting the activities of a self-sufficient state, usually causes the mobilization of intellectual, industrial and financial resources of the whole country, aimed at overcoming these sanctions. Especially when it comes to ensuring national defense.

      With this phrase - it says everything.
  15. upasika1918
    upasika1918 17 May 2014 16: 10
    We are waiting, we will not wait.
  16. kodxnumx
    kodxnumx 17 May 2014 16: 31
    I think in a couple of years we will thank these sanctions against the military-industrial complex, this is a real chance to realize that we lost after the collapse and restore it to a higher level, as it always was in our direction!
  17. MolGro
    MolGro 17 May 2014 16: 40
    Western culture in Moscow - kill an egg become an artist!

    What is the main moral motive for uniting the United States? ... All the activity of the spirit is directed only in one direction - to material welfare, which is why it appears in that colossal brilliant form, like nowhere else in Europe, it grew not by the day, but by the hour, like a hero in a fairy tale. But what brought this development to humanity, what enriched the thought, which side of the spirit did it develop?

    Nothing brought, except machines and goods, except mechanical inventions, except material improvements. Art, science, philosophy - not the lot of North America, it is not in its part.
  18. sled beach
    sled beach 17 May 2014 16: 53
    We are still twitching and barking our teeth because we were brought up in the Soviets in feelings of love for the motherland and otchizne. It will take 25 years and modern youth that are brought up on Western values, Western advertisements, voluntarily, according to the greatness of the "Russian" soul, will give Russia to the "have-nots"
  19. Theton.
    Theton. 17 May 2014 17: 01
    Art, science, philosophy, all that was so rich in the culture of the indigenous peoples of North America.
    1. 17 May 2014 18: 01
      Quote: Theton.
      The culture of the indigenous peoples of North America was rich.

      The Indians did not try, unlike the Anglo-Saxons, to swallow a larger piece than they climb into the throat, did not force nature, lived with it in harmony. They didn’t shoot buffalo for fun, they didn’t drive other nations on the reservation.
  20. Hope1960
    Hope1960 17 May 2014 17: 17
    The Naglo-Saxons have always hated Russia: God is with us, truth, justice. For this they hate us fiercely! Half the world is watered with Russian blood. And everywhere, where by the will of fate our schools, hospitals, libraries, temples appeared! And where are the naglo-Saxons - concentration camps, prisons, banks, so that our wealth can be exported. But amazing Russia only works as a single organism when it stands on the edge !!! "It will pass this too!" We will exhale everything !!!
  21. doc62
    doc62 17 May 2014 17: 54
    as long as we live them x .. but not a broken Russia
  22. sgazeev
    sgazeev 17 May 2014 17: 56
    In fact, it would be nice for the West and the Samurai to recall the intervention in 1918 on the disintegrated Russian Empire. And what they got in the end is a good kick.
  23. Akvadra
    Akvadra 17 May 2014 18: 04
    Under the most severe sanctions and prohibitions, we lived before perestroika. They lived quite well. Then almost all the bans were lifted. Life has become better ?! Finally, they introduce it again! Life is getting better !
  24. northern
    northern 17 May 2014 18: 07
    We are all paradoxical in essence. We sleep for a long time, harness for a long time ... But when we kick, we immediately become faster and stronger. Sanctions against our economy? Thank you, Western partners, we will strengthen import substitution. Sanctions against the oligarchs? Ok, and thank you for fighting your corruption with your hands. Threaten our integrity militarily? Ok, it was high time to rearm and reorganize our army, we were reminded in time, we’ll do it.

    And all this in one line - "we are impressed and we are getting stronger" :-)
  25. 17 May 2014 18: 20
    The United States does not have its own language, nor does it have a thousand-year history, traditions, culture in the normal sense, and not Pepsi and jeans! They have an inferiority complex and have developed, which is why they strive to devastate and destroy everything, to rewrite history! laughing And a strong Russia, whether it be the USSR, the Russian Empire or modern Russia, is like a bone in their throat! yes
  26. sssr
    sssr 17 May 2014 18: 37
    To defeat, our ancestors united and they did it after a three hundred year yoke. Maybe today we need to unite all the Slavs, and then this Anglo-Saxon devil is not afraid of us. He will wash himself with his blood. And the real thing is that they are very afraid of this and are trying to prevent it. R.S.Proletarian of all Slavs unite!
  27. Manul49
    Manul49 17 May 2014 22: 38
    The United States does not have its own language, nor does it have a thousand-year history, traditions, culture in the normal sense, and not Pepsi and jeans! They have an inferiority complex and have developed, which is why they strive to devastate and destroy everything, to rewrite history! laughing And a strong Russia, whether it be the USSR, the Russian Empire or modern Russia, is like a bone in their throat! yes

    Jeans, by the way, from the French. the city of Lyon. There for the first time they made a jeans - fabric for work clothes.
  28. Barboskin
    Barboskin 17 May 2014 22: 51
    I’ll tell a story from my life. It was not long ago. At one time when they bought a car, in the traffic police registered it for his wife. So a little quarrel with her she said give the keys and documents, to hell with you and not the car. That says such sanctions against you. Okay, take it. She does not have a driver’s license, without me the car is standing. Two days later he says, I’m lifting sanctions, take me to my mother. I am in denial. In general, she did not go anywhere that day; instead, she ran to the store twice for a beer. As a result, when they went to bed at night, she broke me (though she sweated in the literal sense of the word), I agreed to lift the sanctions.
    1. northern
      northern 17 May 2014 23: 22
      storyteller you, captain Barboskin
      1. Slavich
        Slavich 17 May 2014 23: 57
        Comrade so sincerely, you are immediately a storyteller. Maybe he himself believes in this or hopes.
  29. Boa kaa
    Boa kaa 18 May 2014 01: 44
    Overseas immigrants

    If the Yankees didn’t slip their dick, they wouldn’t hurt!