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In 2012, funding for the Ukrainian army will be record low


For the first time in stories next year, an independent Ukraine plans to allocate less than a percent of GDP to the army. This was stated by Deputy Director of the Department of Armament and Military Equipment of the Ministry of Defense Sergey Brull. Although to maintain a normal level of defense it is worth spending on the Armed Forces at least two percent of gross domestic product.

According to official data, this year the state will allocate about 1,7 billion dollars to the Ukrainian army. This is half the minimum requirement, experts state. If you convert army spending to a percentage of GDP, this year it is about one percent. And next year - 0,84 percent, said Deputy Director of the Department of armament and military equipment of the Ministry of Defense Sergey Brull.

“It was not possible to find a compromise between defense needs and state resources. You can draw castles in the air, determine priorities, but if there is not enough funding and an appropriate attitude of the state to the future of the Armed Forces, 2015 or 2017 will not cover the sky or sea space, ”the deputy director of the Department of Arms and Military Equipment of the Ministry of Defense says .

Money for food and communal, not for combat training

The current funding is enough for the Ukrainian army only to live in the barracks. Almost 90 percent of all funds go to food, utility bills and cash support for personnel. And the cost of upgrading weapons is miserable. As a result, most aircraft are idle in hangars, and 40 percent tanks and the guns are not ready for battle.

In most other countries, army financing is much better and this allows them to rearm and engage in full-fledged combat training, says military expert Valentin Badrak.

“There are certain imbalances. Not 25 percent goes to combat training, as is customary in world practice, and not 25 percent of the budget goes to re-equip the Armed Forces. Thus, the army cannot develop harmoniously, ”the expert states.

Savings are possible, but priorities can not be avoided.

It is possible to spend these small funds more economically on the army, notes military expert Sergiy Zgurets. In particular, what is the point of calling more than 26 thousands of young men, if a significant portion of them almost do not engage in combat training? You can save in other aspects of military life.

“We are talking about maintaining garrisons, towns, guarding territories that have no effect on combat training, etc. That is, even when we talk about the need to increase defense spending, on the one hand, this is correct. But we must look at how these expenses are then distributed during the service. In each component there are a lot of details that allow us to perceive statements about priorities and other things in a different way, ”the expert believes.

In general, military experts in Ukraine agree that the current budget of the army cannot be used optimally. And it is worth reviewing priorities in the state as a whole in support of the armed forces.

Insufficient funding is one of the main reasons for the massive dismissal of officers in Ukraine. This notice the military. In 2009, more than two and a half thousand officers left the Armed Forces, last year more than two thousand.

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  1. VMK34
    VMK34 20 May 2011 09: 56
    For a year of service in the airmobile troops (VDV), we jumped ... 1 time! What kind of army can you talk about ?! Of the officers - through one or a drunk or a stupid person And these are paratroopers, the elite !!! In order to learn something, we had to beg: "Show this, and show this." During the shooting, which did not happen so often, drunken officers used to take the AKSs and give them to shoot ... who knows. Got that fucking hundred rounds and the hell that shot. It's a shame!
    1. Vladimir
      Vladimir 20 May 2011 11: 00
      You write about the Ukrainian army, excuse me?
      1. VMK34
        VMK34 21 May 2011 14: 03
        In Ukrainian
  2. datur
    datur 20 May 2011 11: 29
    and we have money dofiga but what's the point? only sawing and sawing-stools.
  3. Leonid
    Leonid 20 May 2011 17: 08
    I don’t know in what outback the first respondent served, but this is definitely neither Nikolaev nor Zhytomyr. And in Novomoskovsk I did not have to be. I jumped once in a year! Yes, it's just fine. In the second half of the 90s, cadets could not jump; there was no kerosene. BMDs learned to drive from the fence to the fence. The solarium was also on the zeros. They couldn’t shoot either with Makarov or AKS there were no cartridges for them in Ukraine. Yes, there are also problems now, but these are not the ones. They went to the fields once a year, and now combat training according to plan. Yes, the salary is small and there is nowhere to live. So it always has been. Of course, this is not an army like NATO and especially not Soviet, but there is progress. Small but there. And weapons are purchased in separate articles of the Cabinet of Ministers.
    And landing for the first time in 5-7 years received new parachutes.
    1. VMK34
      VMK34 21 May 2011 14: 13
      Dear Leonid, I served in 2009-2010. at 95 OAEMBr (Zhytomyr). Now my comrade serves there, the story is the same. Most likely you simply do not fully own information about the state of affairs in the army.
    APASUS 21 May 2011 09: 30
    Unfortunately Ukraine is copying from Russia all its worst qualities !!!!
  5. datur
    datur 24 May 2011 18: 15
    and we have money dofiga but what's the point? only sawing and sawing-stools.